On the Las Vegas Massacre

     As has been plastered all over the news and social media, over fifty people were killed, and over five hundred injured (as of posting) in Las Vegas when gunman opened rapid fire from the Mandalay Bay casino on the Route 91 Harvest festival.

     I wasn’t at this particular music festival, but I’ve been to ones where there were even more advantageous places to shoot.

     Honestly, there are so many ways to attack a music festival like that. I’ve heard reports that the shooter had an aviation license, so a plane crash would have potentially done more damage. There are others, but I won’t try openly speculating so as not to inspire anyone.

     This story is new and there are plenty of facts that we don’t know yet, and invariably plenty of “facts” that will end up to not be true.

     Here is some early reporting from Legal Insurrection, Bookworm, and the veritable R. Stacy McCain.

     The /r/guns subreddit is a good source for informed speculation, and elsewhere the unusual circumstances (abet from early reporting) have been noted.

     Also related, the plenty of Leftists are giddy over the shooting, and Hillary beclowns herself yet again.



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