News of the Week (July 16th, 2017)


News of the Week for July 16th, 2017


Gun Rights


Should It Be Legal To Carry Swords In Public?
Later this year, it will become legal in Texas to carry swords in public. Should the rest of the country follow suit?

Thought Police Target Free-Thinking UK Police Commissioner
The city council in the United Kingdom port city of Plymouth gave their finest impression of George Orwell’s Thinkpol this week, when the council formally admonished Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez for her off-the cuff comments to a BBC Radio program following the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. According to reports, Hernandez’s mere suggestion that an armed citizenry might be capable of providing some protection against terrorist violence proved too much for the council to tolerate.

Open carry for knives, spears and … swords?
All too often I run across a story which reminds me that I’m not nearly as well informed about subjects of interest here as I thought I was and today was no exception. This is a Second Amendment story… sort of, I guess, and it comes from Texas. Starting in roughly six weeks, Texans will be able to openly carry knives of pretty much any size, spears and even swords. The reason I felt a bit out of touch on this one was that I’d assumed that if carrying a sword was going to already be legal anywhere it would have to be Texas. But apparently not.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Campus police told students to stop touting the benefits of fossil fuels on campus
A lawsuit has been filed against Macomb Community College after its campus police tried to stop a group of students from handing out information touting the benefits of fossil fuels.

Dadaist Science
Look under the hood on climate change “science” and what you see isn’t pretty.

California Requires Solar Panels on All Homes and Windmills on All Farms
As you are aware, Governor Jerry Brown has stated that California will go its own way during the Trump Administration. One of the biggest issues that Brown and his allies in the state legislature have focused on is climate change. They have decided to take matters in their own hands and make California a totally renewable energy state.



Government in Healthcare


No, America Doesn’t Have The Highest Maternal Mortality Rate In The Developed World
The U.S. medical community defines maternal mortality differently than the WHO, and keeps better records for the women in its care than other countries do.

Oregon’s full-tilt mandate for abortion-on-demand insurance coverage, public funding almost complete
Oregon’s legislature wants to cement the state’s status as the most abortion-friendly in the US – and its governor is champing at the bit to finalize it. Last week, lawmakers passed a bill that would require insurers to pay 100% of all abortion-on-demand costs no matter how late-term they may be, and regardless of motive.

Abortion Fanatics Don’t Want Choice, They Want Fewer Babies
“Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children.” That’s the advice The Guardian gave readers in an article that was tweeted out enthusiastically by abortion advocates such as Cosmopolitan magazine’s senior political writer Jill Filipovic.

Medi-Cal is a microcosm of what’s wrong with government managed health insurance
As we continue to debate the potential replacement of Obamacare and, in particular, the impact any pending changes may have on either Medicare or Medicaid, it’s important to recall some of the shortcomings of the existing system. This is particularly true when we look at the increased number of people who have been put on the Medicaid rolls under Obamacare.

Union pushing single payer in California is angering its allies
Earlier this month I wrote about the California Nurse’s Association (CNA) push for single payer in the state. When the bill, known as SB562, was shelved by Speaker Anthony Rendon because of a) excessive costs and b) no plan to pay for it, the union accused him of stabbing them in the back. Rendon received death threats and Democrats in the California Assembly united to demand single payer proponents stop acting like bullies.

Infanticide Advocacy Published by NYT
The New York Times can be counted on to publish columns and articles subversive of the sanctity/equality of human life, traditional morality, and human exceptionalism.

Here’s What’s Changed in the Senate GOP’s Revamped Health Care Bill
A little something for everyone

Oregon’s New Abortion Law Proves The Left Doesn’t Care About Consent
Ironically, the radical left don’t think they need your consent to bill you for a procedure you may find morally repugnant.

Here Are 5 Backroom Deals Inside The Latest Senate Health-Care Bill
Another health-care bill, another pack of senators holding the nation hostage until they get special treatment.


War & Terror


Nimitz Carrier Strike Group begins Malabar 2017
Sailors and Marines assigned to the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group, the Indian Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) commenced the Malabar in-port portions in Chennai, India, July 9.

China’s Intelligence Networks in United States Include 25,000 Spies
Dissident reveals up to 18,000 Americans recruited as Chinese agents

Terrifying look inside life for children in Islamic State
“Deflowered slave for sale, age 13,” one ad in an online jihadi marketplace reads. “Body: slim, tall. Price: $9,000.”

Long-standing China-India Border Dispute Deepens
Military stand-off along the China-India border “most serious confrontation in more than 30 years,” Chinese media reports

Trump Gives Important Military Backing to Taiwan
While much of the focus of President Donald Trump’s G-20 summit had to do with Europe, his trip could have big implications for Asia as well.

Why Is Russia Aiming Missiles at China?
The placement of Iskander-M Brigades in Russia’s Eastern Military District reflects continued uneasiness about China.

USNS Lewis B. Puller expeditionary sea base deploys for first time
The USNS Lewis B. Puller has deployed from Val Air Station Norfolk, marking the first operational cruise of the expeditionary sea base as it joins its supporting role in the U.S. Fifth Fleet.

ISIS to Jihadists: “Kidnap the Children” of Western Non-Muslims
The Islamic State told followers to kidnap children of non-believers in a lengthy instructional article on seizing Westerners’ wealth and possessions, illustrating the kidnapping directive with a picture of church choir boys.




U. Oklahoma “Native” controversy showcases academia’s inconsistent position on race
The academy, especially the progressive academy, just cannot stay consistent on its philosophy regarding race.

West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey Will Run for Senate in 2018
Patrick Morrisey, West Virginia’s state attorney general, will announce that he’s running for U.S. Senate in 2018, hoping to take on Democratic incumbent Joe Manchin. The race, in a state that President Trump won last year with almost 69 percent of the vote, represents one of the Republicans’ best chances for a pickup in next year’s midterm elections.

Pearce to run for governor of New Mexico
Rep. Steve Pearce, a Republican who has represented New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District for over 12 years, will announce his campaign for governor today.

Factions Within California’s Democrats Have Turned Against Each Other
“We should argue with one another … It should not devolve into something where it could tear the party apart.”

Cracked Article on “Frauds Stealing Native American Culture” Leaves Someone Out
An astounding omission.

Las Vegas councilman to challenge Kihuen for Congress
Fresh off an overwhelming municipal election win, Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros Anthony is jumping into the race for one of Nevada’s congressional seats.

Amish Man Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for Improper FDA Labeling Chief
Samuel Girod of Bath County, KY, is an Amish farmer who sold homemade herbal remedies. The FDA saw to it he would spend the next six years in federal prison.

Freshmen study “power and privilege” at social justice “academy”
Suffolk University in Boston offers new first-year students an “extended transition program” after orientation where they can learn about “social justice” and “power and privilege.”

Minority-only recruitment programs draw scholarly criticism
Reed College in Oregon is offering an “all-inclusive, all-expenses paid” trip for high school students from “historically underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds.”

Government stops blocking Christian geologist from studying Grand Canyon to settle lawsuit
Critic says he’s not pursuing “valid science”

Oh my: It was Jared Kushner’s legal team who “discovered” Trump Jr’s emails
The emails were discovered in recent weeks by Mr. Kushner’s legal team as it reviewed documents, and the team amended his clearance forms to disclose it, according to people briefed on the developments, who like others declined to be identified because of the sensitive political and legal issues involved.

Kid Rock confirms Michigan Senate run
Musician Kid Rock has announced his bid for the U.S. Senate in Michigan.

Mother Arrested for Letting 10-Year-Old Shop Alone at Lego Store
The child visited one store in the mall while the mother visited another.

Seattle Councilman: Cleaning Poop Off Sidewalks Is Racist
A Seattle, Wash., councilman implied that a new effort to clean excrement off the side walk outside the local courthouse could be racist Tuesday.

University to hire professor who can teach Shakespeare through social justice lens
The wit and wisdom found within the works of William Shakespeare may soon be taught through the lenses of social justice and identity politics at one public university in Northern California.

Left-wing Indoctrination in the Schools: It’s Worse Than You Think
Edina High School in suburban Minneapolis was long regarded as one of the country’s top secondary schools. In recent years, its national ratings and its local reputation have slipped, perhaps in part because teachers are spending time promoting a left-wing agenda and bullying conservative students rather than teaching the subjects they are paid to teach.

Evergreen Student: “I’ve been told I’m not allowed to speak because I’m white”
“This behavior has actually been encouraged”

Seventh grader, far ahead of her class, punished for taking too many courses
In a compelling piece for the Washington City Paper, D.C. high school teacher Rob Barnett has confessed his anguish at passing students who haven’t mastered the content of his math courses and described his radical solution.

DeVos sets stage to rewrite Obama-era sexual assault guidance
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Thursday blasted President Obama’s sexual assault policy for failing to foster an environment of safety and fairness on college campuses.

Students can now minor in “sexual health” at public university
Graduate students at the University of Minnesota will now have the chance to focus their studies on “the birds and the bees” as part of the university’s public health curriculum.

Pomona College was aware of anti-white, anti-heterosexual tweets before hiring LGBT director
College hired LGBT director in spite of publicly bigoted Internet history

Independent Commissions Gerrymander Just as Much as State Legislators
Independent redistricting commissions may not be as politically-neutral as theorized, says new study

Colleges Pay Diversity Officers More Than Professors, Staff
Top public universities pay administrators with jobs related to diversity initiatives an average of $175,088 per year, substantially more than other professors and faculty members, according to a Campus Reform investigation Wednesday.


Economy & Taxes


Michigan Labor Union Blames Goats for Taking Their Jobs
Goats, doing the job unions won’t do

Shortage Of Foreign Labor Forces Maine Businesses To Hire Local Workers
Businesses in Bar Harbor, Maine are turning to locals to make up for a shortage of foreign guest workers that normally fill summer jobs in the bustling seaside resort town.




Huge crowd rallies in Istanbul against Turkey’s post-coup crackdown
Turkey’s main opposition leader told a huge protest rally on Sunday that the country was living under dictatorship and pledged to keep challenging the crackdown launched by the authorities after last year’s failed military coup.

Italian police raid self-proclaimed “fascist beach club” run for guests nostalgic for Benito Mussolini
Thousands of Italians nostalgic for Benito Mussolini’s dictatorship this summer are lounging on a self-proclaimed “fascist beach club.”

Arab Refugees Shocked By “Crazy” G20 Rioters Destroying Their Own Country
“They are crazy … They have such a beautiful country and they’re destroying it.”

The Terrifying Way Sweden Is Killing Itself
I could be writing every week about Sweden. Every day. Every hour. For reasons that will be analyzed by historians for a long, long time – provided the Western world doesn’t become so thoroughly Islamized that the possibility of objective historical scrutiny is utterly obliterated – the Swedes have chosen a path of cultural and societal suicide that puts all other countries in the shade.

In Venezuela, even the toothpaste must be rationed
As triple-digit inflation rolls on in Venezuela the situation gets noticeably worse by the month. Yesterday the Washington Post published a story pointing out that even brushing your teeth twice a day is now a luxury many Venezuelans can no longer afford

Microsoft’s Calibri font is at the center of a political scandal
#Fontgate could topple Pakistan’s Prime Minister.

Burning Books in Sweden
Every so often, somebody in authority will say something that perfectly sums up the mentality behind the ongoing suicide of the West. Today’s example: a 2005 press conference at which Lise Bergh, a Swedish integration official, was asked if Swedish culture was worth preserving. “Well,” Bergh answered, “what is Swedish culture? I think I’ve answered the question.”

It Never Existed, Lindström
Swedes burn books to sanitize the historical record…

When Yazidi Leaders Speak
The Yazidis of the Middle East have been persecuted for centuries. But who are they?

Venezuelans go to the polls Sunday in what could be a turning point for the beleaguered nation
Let’s lay this out with bullet points as there is a lot of background information here

China is still overruling any semblance of democracy in Hong Kong
Insert your own Guns and Roses joke here, but you’re still going to be waiting a long time for Chinese democracy. And sadly, it will likely be about the same amount of time for Hong Kong because that city-state is still firmly under their control. It’s a fact that was proven yet again this month as Beijing stepped in to overrule the results of several local elections held last fall, giving the boot to pro-democracy legislators who had been elected in their districts but will not be seated in office. Of course, China doesn’t do these things directly. They use their own agents who are in place inside of Hong Kong’s government




A Post-Warsaw Trump Principle?
Americans, Poles and nations of Europe value freedom and sovereignty.

Are the Social Sciences Undergoing a Purity Spiral?
A couple of years ago, six social scientists published a paper describing a disquieting occurrence in academic psychology: the loss of almost all its political diversity.

Here’s Why So Many Republicans View America’s Colleges And Universities Negatively
Many of them have seen or experienced the detrimental results of campus protests, a growing PC culture, and catastrophic student debt.

So Los Angeles is actually going to host the Olympics, eh?
The International Olympic Committee has made (or as good as made) their final decisions about upcoming Summer Olympic Games and the “lucky” cities which will get to host them in 2024 and 2028.

The Third Law of SJW: VidCon 2017 and Anita Sarkeesian’s Paranoid Projection
Anita Sarkeesian (@femfreq on Twitter) is a feminist who made herself notorious by her attempts to destroy the videogame industry with dubious charges of sexism, and who has since made a career of victimhood, claiming to be a target of criminal harassment.

How to further ruin Hollywood with the Bechdel Test (a rant)
This week I learned about something which has been around since the 80s without my ever having heard of it. (And believe me, I could have gone the rest of my life quite happily remaining in that blissfully ignorant state.) It’s called The Bechdel Test, named after a lesbian cartoonist who lives in Italy… Alison Bechdel.

Electric Car Talk
My post on the problem of subsidies for electric cars here the other day prompted a vigorous discussion in the comment thread, much of it about things I didn’t say.

It All Comes Back to Hungary: Soros, Cultural Marxism, Lukacs and Bela Kun
The spurious claim that it is anti-Semitic to criticize Soros, or that Hungarian officials are wrongly scapegoating Soros, is reminiscent of how Communists (and their liberal stooges) in the 1950s claimed that so-called “McCarthyism” was inspired by anti-Semitism simply because certain high-profile cases (e.g., Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) involved Communist Jews.

Do We Need More Tolerance, Or Do We Just Need Less Narcissism?
A lot of this intolerance is of a special narcissistic Aren’t My Poops Lovely and Well-Formed? variety.

David Brooks and the language of privilege
We are ruining America, notes dour New York Times columnist David Brooks, suddenly and considerably alarmed by a standard feature of American life, if not human nature—the tendency of the privileged and powerful to guard jealously every advantage they have been handed or earned. Brooks takes up his pen to offer a stinging rebuke: Members of the college-educated class, he writes, “have become amazingly good at making sure their children retain their privileged status. They have also become devastatingly good at making sure the children of other classes have limited chances to join their ranks.”

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