News of the Week (April 30th, 2017)


News of the Week for April 30th, 2017


Gun Rights


College rejects gun club because NRA opposes gun control
Concordia College rejected a student’s NRA-affiliated gun club because advocating for the Second Amendment allegedly conflicts with the school’s institutional support for gun control.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Craziest activist photos from the #marchforscience #sciencemarchdc
Their true colors shine brightly.

On Earth Day, shots fired at building housing leading climate skeptic scientists
FYI, apparently sometime after a March for Science went past our building at UAH, 7 shots were fired and hit the floor John Christy is on. No witnesses. I’m assuming late night Saturday or Sunday.

Former Obama Official Says Bureaucrats Manipulate Climate Stats to Influence Policy
A former member of the Obama administration claims Washington, D.C., often uses “misleading” news releases about climate data to influence public opinion.

US may stay in Paris climate accord, with caveats
Signs are mounting that US President Donald Trump’s administration may stay in the landmark Paris climate change accord of 2015, under pressure from big business and public support for the agreement.

The “green” energy sector relies on your tax dollars
Governments giving millions or even billions to corporations is nothing new. Giving outright grants, awarding “loans” no one really believes will be repaid, even “above-market” payments for goods and services are all decades-old ways of slipping cash to private-sector players.



Government in Healthcare


It’s Almost Impossible to Find Out the Cost of a Medical Procedure. This Company Is Trying to Change That.
For a patient looking to see a doctor for any given medical procedure, costs often vary wildly based on the facility or physician.

UC Davis vending machine sells morning after pill?
Don’t expect to find filling snacks or thirst quenching drinks inside UC Davis’ newest vending machine.

In Health Care, Is Buyer’s Remorse Killing Us?
Is equality the enemy of quality? As America revisits health care, this question matters.

Planned Parenthood’s Organs-For-Lamborghinis Exec Busted Again Trying To Sell Baby Body Parts
The Planned Parenthood executive who in 2015 was caught on tape joking about selling baby organs to get a Lamborghini was once again caught haggling over the price of organs harvested from the bodies of aborted babies.


War & Terror


Entire Senate being called to White House for North Korea briefing
The entire U.S. Senate has been invited to the White House for a briefing Wednesday on the North Korea situation.

Garland terror victim to FBI: Did you sit on your hands while I got shot?
A man shot in the leg during a 2015 terrorist attack is pushing the FBI to explain why one of its agents was at the scene and did nothing, and if the agent was filming the incident for the terrorists as part of his undercover work of trying to infiltrate the group.

Thunder Run to Seoul: Assessing North Korea’s War Plan
For Westerners, North Korea is perennially on and off of the headlines. This year, the confluence of a new US president, the US missile attack in response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and an apparently in-your-face program of missile and nuclear tests on the part of North Korea has returned the world’s last Stalinist state to comment threads and coffee-room speculation. Military professionals obviously follow these events even more closely, and Maj. ML Cavanaugh’s recent thoughtful pieces for MWI serve as an example.

“Protesters” “Storm” into the Heritage Foundation Building
The claim seems to be this is just a “protest;” it’s just that they had to break into the Hertiage building to hold the “protest” in the lobby.

Protesters Storm Heritage Foundation
Protesters demanding a “budget for the people” stormed the offices of the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

Protesters Storm Heritage Foundation
The Daily Caller posted a Facebook live video from the Heritage Foundation where Leftist protesters took over the main lobby and began chanting and shouting in protest of the President and GOP Congress’s proposed budget.

Leftists Protest Trump by Invading Heritage Foundation Office
“Our solution to pollution is the people’s revolution”

North Korean Nukes and the Osirak Precedent
Call it the Osirak Precedent: a preemptive conventional attack on nuclear facilities can delay and possibly destroy a rogue dictatorship’s nuclear weapons program.

Surprise: US sets up anti-missile system in South Korea ahead of election
The US could be playing with fire on the Korean Peninsula with its latest move against the Kim regime — and that means below the 38th Parallel as well as above it. Rather than wait for the May 9th presidential election following the impeachment and removal of Park Geun-hye, US and South Korean security forces installed the THAAD system, apparently making it operational.

German army officer “planned to carry out a terror attack and blame it on refugees after registering himself as an asylum seeker and living a double life for a year”
Lieutenant was arrested on suspicion of disguising himself as Syrian migrant

Russian navy intelligence ship sinks after collision with freighter off Turkish coast
A Russian naval intelligence ship sank Thursday after colliding with a merchant freighter in foggy conditions on the Black Sea near Istanbul, the Turkish coast guard said. All 78 crew members on the Russian vessel were rescued.

Tillerson: “It”s Time For Us To Retake Control’ In Korea
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said “business as usual” with North Korea “is not an option” Thursday, at a special session of the United Nations Security Council.

Montenegro Parliament Votes To Join NATO
Montenegro’s parliament has voted to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, to the consternation of Moscow. The tiny Balkan nations ascension was ratified by the U.S. Congress in March.




Democrats Just Confirmed They Are the Party of Death
Welp, they’ve done it. The Democrats have finally confirmed that they will no longer support pro-life candidates from their party.

SCOTUS Says States Have No Right to Money Taken Based on Overturned Convictions
If making people prove their innocence to get their property back violates due process, what about civil forfeiture?

College must fire white woman because she studies black communities, activists demand
Students threaten to riot

Teens Commandeer BART Train In Violent Takeover Robbery Of Passengers
Passengers on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train were robbed, and in some cases beaten, when dozens of juveniles stormed aboard the train and forced them to give up their property, police said.

Judge declares mistrial in Bundy Ranch standoff case
A federal judge on Monday declared a mistrial in the conspiracy case against six men accused of staging an armed assault against federal authorities who tried to seize rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle from public lands in Bunkerville.

University proposes ideological litmus test for student gov
A Clemson administrator has proposed requiring student government candidates to pass an “intercultural competency” test before being permitted to run for or hold office.

Breakthrough in multiple sclerosis research as scientists discover possible cause of the disease
British scientists have discovered a potential cause for multiple sclerosis, in a major breakthrough that could pave the way for new treatments for the disease.

How “Settled Science” Helped Create A Massive Public Health Crisis
Anyone who thinks it’s enough to rest an argument on “settled science” or a “scientific consensus” ought to read about John Yudkin.

Princeton study warns of robo-racism, sexism
Robots can be just as biased as humans, according to a recent study conducted at Princeton University that uncovered gender and racial bias in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine.

Students demand Pomona rescind offer to prof because she’s white
Students at Pomona College have published a letter demanding that administrators rescind their offer to hire Sociology Professor Alice Goffman because she’s white.

Sen. Cruz Introduces the EL CHAPO Act
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today introduced the Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order (EL CHAPO) Act. The bill would reserve any amounts forfeited to the U.S. Government as a result of the criminal prosecution of “El Chapo” (formally named Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Lorea) and other drug lords for border security assets and the completion of the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Ruling against sanctuary city order lauded in San Fransisco
A federal judge on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump’s attempt to withhold funding from “sanctuary cities” that do not cooperate with U.S. immigration officials, saying the president has no authority to attach new conditions to federal spending.

The anniversary of the LA riots shows that some of us haven’t learned a damn thing
This week marks 25 years since the nation watched Los Angeles effectively go up in flames as a wave of violence and lawlessness shut down portions of the city. There were more than 2,000 injuries along with massive property destruction adding up to the billions. That’s why it’s rather curious that the LA Times chooses to provide something of a sympathetic or even apologist retrospective this week, complete with interviews with “activists” who want the spirit of Rodney King to know that he’s “not forgotten.”

Thousands of educators flock to “White Privilege Conference” in Kansas City
About 2,000 educators, social justice warriors and other activists will descend on Kansas City this weekend for the 18th annual National White Privilege Conference, a three-day discussion about how “white supremacy” ruins the world.

UF prof lowers student’s grade for using the word “man”
A University of Florida student was docked points on a history paper for using the word “man” instead of a gender-neutral alternative such as “humankind.”

Tufts is “systematically” punishing students for speech it claims to permit, says watchdog
Avoid puns

Democrat and liberal students overwhelmingly awarded prestigious, $30K federal scholarship: survey
Few active conservatives awarded Truman scholarships

Mom Sends Her “Gendered” Son, 3, to Ballet Class to Make Him More “Girlish”
One of the biggest perks of living in the USA, besides freedom and apple pie, is not having to pay attention to the columns of Leah McLaren at The Globe and Mail. Apparently her relatively high-profile writings have been victimizing our neighbors up north for years.

Belleview will fly Confederate flag to honor community history
A third flag will join the U.S. and Florida ones on Wednesday at Belleview’s City Hall to honor Confederate History Day

Gophers vs. landowners: In Washington property rights battle, furry rodents win
It would appear to be a David and Goliath fight over property rights, but a furry little rodent is currently whipping the landowners of Thurston County, Washington.

Operation Anarchist: The 4chan Trolls Are Working on a Face Database of Antifa Members
When 4chan users are not busy sharing and discussing anime pornography, they can be some of the most efficient crowdsourcing researchers on the web. The /pol/ board in particular was able to find the exact location of an ISIS camp just by clues in a recruitment video. Their research reportedly led to a successful airstrike on the location.

White, female student “glares” at peers, gets reported as bias incident
Gone are the days when saying something that hurts another’s feelings is a bias incident. Now just looking at someone funny can get you reported to the campus Thought Police.

Professor broke the law by writing book on “sexual paranoia,” students claim
We’ll get you in trouble with the feds

Democrats Pin Hopes On Naked Singing Cowboy
The Democrats are spending millions on all of the special elections that are being held to fill seats vacated by House members who have been appointed to positions in the Trump administration. They see these elections as a way to symbolically repudiate Donald Trump, and they think that by deploying their vast financial resources, they can steal a seat or two that they wouldn’t normally win.

Prof to admit students into geology class based on race
A geology professor at Pomona College is pledging to use racial preferences to decide which students to accept into a class with a strict enrollment cap.

Transgender agitator threatens Berkeley CR with beatdown
A transgender person at the University of California, Berkeley was recently filmed threatening members of the College Republicans who mistakenly referred to him as a man.

Student forced to stop reading Bible before class
A Northern Arizona University student was recently asked to stop reading his Bible prior to the start of one of his classes.

He’s a gay Hispanic who faces constant discrimination on campus – for being Republican
Vincent Wetzel, president of the Orange Coast College Republicans, recently stood before the leaders of his college and declared that as a homosexual Hispanic from a low-income household, he faces discrimination on campus – for being a Republican.

WHAT A MAN! Joss Whedon Mocks Teen Cancer Survivors
This is such a sick and pathetic story.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield joins “The Resistance”
If you haven’t watched it in a while (or ever) Marvel’s Agents of Shield has become a running commentary on the Trump administration, complete with references to Fox News and the progressive meme “she persisted.”

Students Claim Professor Broke Law in Writing Book Critical of Title IX
Professor Laura Kipnis is an unlikely opponent of Title IX. However, the self-described liberal had to fend off two Title IX investigations herself, and is now a vocal critic of the law.

Documents Tie Berkeley Riot Organizers To Pro-Pedophilia Group, NAMBLA
The left-wing activists behind the anti-conservative riots at Berkeley have ties to one of the nation’s most prominent pro-pedophilia organizations.

Wendy’s Twitter account inspires smug anime girl artwork
Wendy’s Twitter account is as savage and as hilarious as ever when it comes to trolling. With the latest high-profile exchange, an artist became inspired to draw up the Wendy’s redhead mascot as a smug anime girl.

Jim DeMint out as head of The Heritage Foundation: Report
Conservative leader Jim DeMint is reportedly out as the head of The Heritage Foundation.

Parents irate after school doesn’t report claim teacher masturbated in class
Parents of students at a Florida middle school are livid after learning a substitute teacher was accused of masturbating during class and they weren’t notified about the incident.

New Biography Says Obama “Considered Gayness”
According to a new biography, former President Barack Obama “considered gayness” in his college years before ultimately deciding on a more “challenging” heterosexual lifestyle.

Vandals tear down flyers for “The Real Sex Week” by pro-life students
Helping student parents, warning about porn’s effects on relationships

Bill Nye In 1996: Chromosomes Determine If You’re A Boy Or Girl
Bill Nye, who has been recently spending time yelling at people that gender is fluid and has nothing to do with DNA, used to tell everyone that science says chromosomes determine if a person is a boy or a girl.

Classroom Indoctrination: Liberal Teacher Models Anti-Trump Patch In Front Of Students
First of all, no matter the intent, this has no place in a classroom.

Immigration Update: Trump Ramps Up Deportations
As I’ve posted in the past, the Trump administration’s combining stepped up enforcement with skillful public information campaigns in Central America have reduced attempts to cross the border with Mexico to near record levels without spending a single dollar on a wall or on more Border Patrol agents. In short, it shows that our current laws are sufficient to make major headway towards border security so long as someone, like Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, has the guts to enforce them.

California Democrats Make Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day Disappear
CAIR-sponsored “Muslim Day at the Capitol” takes its place.


Economy & Taxes


Some Common Sense in California?
Sit down for this man-bites-dog story: California’s government actually made a sensible decision last week.

Dodd-Frank could be driving small banks to consolidate, but protecting big banks from competition
Regulation tends to add to overhead, hurting small businesses, protecting big businesses and spurring consolidation. The Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill tried to deal with the various economies of scale and the differing systemic importance of large and small banks by regulating bigger banks more than smaller banks.

Retailers Filing for Bankruptcy Keep Piling Up, May Set Record in 2017
Online shopping wins out.

Small Business Optimism Spiking Since Election
The Bank of America’s survey of 1,300 small business owners finds a dramatic increase in optimism resulting from the election of President Trump and the Republican Congress.

Small Business Optimism Spiking Since Election
The Bank of America’s survey of 1,300 small business owners finds a dramatic increase in optimism resulting from the election of President Trump and the Republican Congress.




The French, Coming Apart
A social thinker illuminates his country’s populist divide.

Venezuela’s socialist hell
Venezuela cannot wake up from its socialist nightmare.

The Arctic Suicides: It’s Not The Dark That Kills You
It was a Saturday. Pele Kristiansen spent the morning at home, drinking beers and hanging out with his older brother, which wasn’t so unusual. There wasn’t a lot of work in town. A lot of people drank. In the afternoon, they heard someone banging on their door, yelling.

Venezuela Only Has $10 Billion Left in Reserves
Amid all of Venezuela’s problems, the country is running out of time and money.

“Black Is Only For Funerals!” Kazakh President Calls For Ban Against Islamic Attire
Black clothing is only for funerals, says Kazakhstan’s president, who wants a legal ban on certain Islamic clothing — such as body-covering black garments for women and so-called Salafi-style ankle-length pants for men.

Guilty Men
Turkish democracy didn’t die all at once in last week’s referndum; it’s been languishing for years. Why did so many in the West fail to notice?

Documentary Pulls Back The Curtain On Communist China’s Global Soft Power Outposts
The riveting new documentary “In the Name of Confucius” examines China’s controversial practice of planting outposts at more than 1,100 universities and K-12 schools across the world.

Bill Nye Has Had Enough Of Your “Extra Kids”
On his Netflix series, Bill Nye asks, bluntly, “Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?”

Austrian President Tells “Every Women” to Wear Hijab to Fight “Islamophobia”
European feminists out protesting Ivanka Trump in Berlin couldn’t be bothered to react

Commie Homophobia in China
LGBT activists recently got into an uproar about Chinese homophobes

Japan Puts Anime in Zoo and Penguin Adopts a Waifu
Various Japanese zoos have been collaborating with Kemono Friends and hosting special events. It’s been working, as social media has been showing an increase in zoo visits. The Tobu Zoo was hoping to bring otaku and children alike to their exhibits, but they accidentally turned one of their penguins into an otaku…

Cuba jails homeschooling pastor, sentences wife to house arrest for a year
A Cuban judge sentenced a pastor to prison and his wife to house arrest this week for removing their children from the socialist government school system to teach them at home.

Protesters have broken into Macedonia’s parliament building following a vote for a new speaker
Protesters have broken into Macedonia’s parliament building following a vote for a new speaker.

In Hungary, It’s a Duel to the Death between the P.M. and ‘Dr. Evil’
The visible struggle for the soul of Europe may be going on in France, but the real action lies further east, in Hungary, where prime minister Viktor Orban is locked in a struggle with the Hungarian-born George Soros (real name: Gyorgy Schwartz) in a proxy war against the de-Christianization and Islamization (via “migrant” invasion) of Europe. While the countries of Western Europe have largely become non-observant, former Soviet satellite states like Poland and Hungary have not only maintained their faith in Christianity and Western civilization, but are strengthening it.

Austrian president: “All women may be forced to wear the head scarf in solidarity with Muslims”
Far left wing Austrian president suggested that to combat Islamophobia, all women in Austria may have to wear a head scarf in solidarity with those who wear one for religious reasons

Fyre Festival canceled after guests allege “scam”
The Fyre Festival in the Bahamas, billed as a “luxury” event featuring big music acts and celebrity chefs, is now canceled after a chaotic false start, stranding angry visitors who shelled out thousands of dollars to attend.

Manitoba insurance revokes Star Trek fan’s licence plate, says message is offensive
Manitoba Public Insurance asked a Star Trek fan to “surrender” his licence plate after complaints its message – ASIMIL8 – is offensive to indigenous people.

Europe could allow a united Ireland to join EU after Brexit
Leaders expected to discuss statement at weekend summit that if the island reunifies, the north will automatically regain EU membership

“I didn’t feel like myself”: Teenager who transitioned into a man aged 18 reveals why she had ANOTHER sex change to become a female again – and is dating a bloke who was born a woman
A New Zealand woman has spoken about her journey transitioning into a man




What Some Call Privilege I Just Call Good Parenting
Toby Morris’s cartoon does not share the simple truth that Richard and Paula are privileged by having two parents who work hard to create the best opportunities possible for their child.

Here’s What Ronald Reagan Did When College Kids Went Ape At UC-Berkeley
As governor of California, Ronald Reagan had to deal with rioting at UC-Berkeley. He sure didn’t tell police to stand down, like officials have for recent protests of conservative speakers.

Sorry, Joe Biden, But Opposing Kangaroo Courts Does Not Equal Endorsing Campus Rape
No stranger to a softball, former Vice President Joe Biden recently told Teen Vogue that Education “Secretary DeVos is going to really dumb down Title IX enforcement.”

Rachel Maddow Is an Imbecile but If You Can Breathe You Know That
Venezuela is a failed state. It is a prime example of what happens whenever socialism is applied. In a short time span, Venezeuela went from a moderately failed Third World sh**hole with a potential upside to a seething, effervescing cauldron of starvation, shortages, and hyperinflation. It is basically what California would look like if Calexit was successful.

We Must Never Forget That Genocide Begins With Groupthink
This year Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day and Holocaust Remembrance Day coincide on the same day: April 24, 2017. The coincidence is especially noteworthy this year.

5 Nascent Political Trends Georgia’s House Race Highlights For The Nation
While it’s unlikely that Jon Osoff will win the upcoming runoff election, one thing is clear: Democrats won’t make the same voter turnout mistake twice.

Antifa’s Battle Plans
In the wake of their defeat at the Battle of Berkeley, Antifa are struggling to come up with a plan for the next fight that doesn’t involve leaders or hierarchies.

Today’s Posh Victorian Fainting Couches Are Reserved For College Students
Like their pampered and delicate Victorian forbearers, today’s students cannot handle the horrors of everyday life, and are obsessed with self-care.

Refusing To Believe Early Progressives Loved Eugenics Will Not Erase The Horrible Truth
Eugenics was not a fringe theory. It was taught without controversy in colleges and high schools across the country and a consensus of scientists attested to its validity.

Will he or won’t he? Rep. Joaquin Castro still mulling Texas Senate run
Will he hop into a tough race?

It’s Time to Crush Campus Censorship
Congress needs to mandate larger penalties for public universities that indulge the student-radical mob.

Kill the EU
The results from the first round of France’s presidential election are likely to be over-interpreted as a reprieve for the European Union. The pro-Europe candidate Emmanuel Macron won nearly one-fourth of the vote, with the anti-EU Marine Le Pen nipping at his heels. Macron is now the favorite to beat the far-right Le Pen in the run-off, as establishment political actors and institutions are sure to coalesce around the banker and ex-socialist to topple Le Pen and rebuff her promises of a Frexit.

Tommy Robinson confronts another accused UK Muslim rape gang
I headed down to the city of Oxford to confront yet another Muslim gang in court, accused of grooming and raping a number of 12-year-old English girls

Because Sluts Should Be Ashamed
Of the many bad ideas to emerge from feminism, few are as harmful as the attempt to de-stigmatize promiscuity. I say “attempt,” because the stigma will always remain, no matter how much rhetorical ammunition feminists unload at their target. Our basic sense of right and wrong tells us that screwing around – fornication, to use an old-fashioned word – is a bad idea, and is especially harmful to the interests of women.

Is Dietary Science the Most “Unsettled Science” of All?
New research shows salt, once thought to raise blood pressure, actually lowers it.

First They Came for the Nazis
It’s remarkable that the poem “First They Came” begins “first they came for the socialists,” because the socialists came first, and they came for everyone else. They didn’t even come for the Jews first. In fact, an ungodly number of the socialists in Russia at the time of the Revolution were Jews, and the socialists in Russia came for whomever they wanted.

Harvard Professor Accidentally Illustrates How His Kind Has Destroyed The Humanities
Harvard’s James Simpson and likeminded scholars have selectively wielded their theoretical chainsaws to disfigure the humanities into hideous totems of ideology and politics.

Time to Label Antifa a Terror Group
Remember when political fights on university campus meant trigger warnings and safe spaces?

Portlandia: City of the Petty, Bankrupt, Vindictive Left
One of the staples of Portland, Oregon-“Portlandia” to TV viewers- is the annual Rose Festival and it has for several years now featured a kickoff parade akin to the Rose Parade in Pasadena on January 1 every year. But this year’s parade, scheduled for this weekend, has been canceled. The reason: It was going to include-gasp-Republicans! And this is too much for the hardened left, which threatens to shutdown the parade by violent means if it includes Republicans. And the city of Portland has caved.

Federal Land Grabs Have Gotten Out of Control. Why Trump’s Executive Order Is a Positive Sign.
Draining the swamp doesn’t just mean shrinking the size of federal bureaucracies. It means reducing the role of government throughout our society-including its ability to seize land.

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Steyn’s Song of the Week

Everything wrong with that “History of Cultural Appropriation Rap”
Two Jewish guys put out a video telling white people not to take part in “cultural appropriation” – by rapping about it.

Why It’s Impossible For Any Group To Be “Inclusive”
While “total inclusion in the community” may sound good as a fundamental moral principle, running it through the logic machine yields some problematic results.

The Trump Administration May Be Starting to Regret Nikki Haley Pick
We knew the moment Donald Trump picked Nikki Haley to represent America on the international stage that it was an awesome pick. But is Haley, one of the best conservatives our side’s got, really going to mesh well with Trump’s world view?

Why Are Prosecutors Treating US Citizens More Harshly Than Illegals
Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a speech to a law enforcement meeting on Long Island yesterday. The big attention-getter was his vow to break the MS-13 gang : “we are targeting you, and we are coming after you.”

When Democrats lose
Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein both spoke at the White House Correspondents Dinner last night. Time has posted their speeches in case you were otherwise occupied at the time. They had some advice for President Trump.

Why Transgenderism Is Progressive Totem
Feminism is nothing more than a war against nature, and nothing vindicates this notion more than transgenderism.

These Two Videos Reveal Trans Ideology’s Goals: Ending Sex And Normalizing Abuse
Trans ideology is positively sex-hostile, in both senses of that term. This is not what most people binging on the sexual revolution and its aftermath were expecting.

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