News of the Week (April 16th, 2017)


News of the Week for April 16th, 2017


Gun Rights


Gorsuch Will Have Immediate Effect On Gun Rights, Religious Liberty Cases
Justice Neil Gorsuch’s installation on the Supreme Court will likely have a dispositive effect on several high-profile cases, which could set a rightward tack for a bench that has listed to the left over the past year.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Swamp Diving: The EPA’s Secret Human Experiment Regime
The authors have written numerous essays since 2010 for American Thinker on California’s Environmental Protection Agency (Cal EPA)’s and the U.S. EPA’s scientific misconduct related to air pollution human effects science, and more recently on the discovery that the U.S. EPA was sponsoring and paying for illegal and unethical experiments exposing human subjects, even children, to small particle air pollution at high levels. Small particles originate from natural and man-made sources, such as dust, smoke, and engine and industrial emissions. The U.S. EPA claims that small particles are toxic and lethal and cause cancer.

Earth First! Direct Action Manual
Islam isn’t the only potential source of terrorism in the USA. Although enviromoonbats are centuries behind Islamic terrorists and too juvenile to catch up any time soon, they share crucial traits. Both are characterized by a pathologically narrow-minded devotion to their cause and a lack of significant moral constraints. Neither have much to lose, usually being total losers already. Eco-warriors who love the earth but aren’t so fond of their fellow humans and want to do something about it are referred to the Direct Action Manual published by Earth First!

China rejects North Korean coal shipments, buying American instead
What do you do with a problem like Korea?



Government in Healthcare


What You Need To Know About “Invisible High Risk Pools” The GOP Is Considering
Thursday’s amendment doesn’t resemble the model cited by pool proponents, undermines federalism, relies on price controls, and requires far more taxpayer funding.

Understanding the Health Care Mess
For more than 20 years, Americans have been pondering What To Do About Health Care. Everyone seems to agree on the major problems

Trump may halt insurer payments to force Democrats to table on healthcare
U.S. President Donald Trump told The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday that he might consider withholding billions of dollars of Obamacare payments to health insurers to force Democrats back to the negotiating table on healthcare.

Hawaii Bill Would Force Pro-Life Clinics To Advertise Abortions
As Congress threatens to take federal funds away from Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry cracks down on pregnancy help centers in Hawaii.


War & Terror


China “deploys 150,000 troops to deal with possible North Korean refugees over fears Trump may strike Kim Jong-un following missile attack on Syria”
Trump’s Syria strike Friday was widely interpreted as a warning to North Korea

A Menu of Imperfect Strategic Options for South Korea
South Korea currently faces a North Korea racing toward becoming a serious nuclear weapons state and the risk of being caught in conflicts between the United States, China and Japan. Added to this mix, South Korea is a heavily trade-dependent economy, meaning that the country’s economic prospects rely heavily on international market forces, which limit South Korea’s ability to meaningfully respond to economic downturn. The rise of Donald Trump in the United States and the fall of Park Geun-hye in South Korea compound the uncertainty.

Westminster Terror Killer Was Public Contact Point for Extremist UK Mosque, Friend of Suicide Bomber
The Sunday Times has revealed that last month’s Westminster terror killer, who murdered five and injured another forty-nine more victims, was a senior official at a known extremist hub, the Luton Islamic Centre.

Westminster Terror Killer Was Public Contact Point for Extremist UK Mosque, Friend of Suicide Bomber
The Sunday Times has revealed that last month’s Westminster terror killer, who murdered five and injured another forty-nine more victims, was a senior official at a known extremist hub, the Luton Islamic Centre.

China and the Binary Choice
Late last week, President Trump met with Xi Jinping, the Chinese head of state and (more importantly) the head of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. The two men no doubt discussed many issues, but the elephants in the room were the conflict in strategic visions between China and the United States, and the military facts on the ground that are empowering China’s regional strategy.

Something is up in the Trump White House on North Korea
During the 2016 campaign Donald Trump often observed with mocking amazement that the Obama administration would telegraph its military, diplomatic or negotiating intentions days, weeks, even months in advance. “We’re going into Mosul in four months. We’re going into Mosul in one month….”

The “Secret” Chinese Airstrip Emerging In Maldives
Livefist is privileged to announce that we start a special series today by COLONEL (RETD) VINAYAK BHAT (@RajFortySeven), a veteran military satellite imagery specialist. Each of Bhat’s columns, starting with today’s on Chinese activity in Maldives, will offer an insightful deep-dive on activity by India’s neighbours in the neighbourhood, providing a sharp, visual data-driven and incisive view of the region and how it’s changing.

Response to terrorist truck attack in Sweden? Ban cars and trucks.
“Cars have turned into deadly weapons. They have been easy to steal and then nothing has been able to stop their advance.”

IED Explosions Target German Soccer Team Bus; Note at Scene Claims Islamist Motive
A man known to authorities as an Islamist has been arrested.

The New Multipolar Proliferated World, Where Nobody Knows the Rules
After a slow start, North Korean nuclear weapons engineers seem to making definite progress. The intervals between successive nuclear tests are getting shorter while the yields obtained are becoming more consistent. Incremental improvements are also being achieved in their missile systems.

SEAL team that took out Osama bin Laden joins drills in Korea
The U.S. Navy’s Special Warfare Development Group, better known as the SEAL Team 6, will arrive in South Korea soon for joint military drills and take part in an exercise simulating the removal of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, according to the Ministry of National Defense Monday.

US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan after Green Beret killed
The U.S. military dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday just days after a Green Beret was killed fighting ISIS there, a U.S. defense official confirmed to Fox News.

Why Christians Are Being Slaughtered in Egypt
Palm Sunday, which starts the holy week of Easter — two Christian churches were bombed during mass in Egypt, leaving at least 50 worshippers dead and nearly 130 injured or maimed

Germany: Islamist suspects arrested over bomb attack targeting soccer team
Islamists demand closure of US Airbase in Ramstein, according to the letter found at the blast site

US intelligence intercepted communications between Syrian military and chemical experts
The US military and intelligence community has intercepted communications featuring Syrian military and chemical experts talking about preparations for the sarin attack in Idlib last week, a senior US official tells CNN.

How Trump Can Build a 350-Ship Navy
The president promised to restore America’s strength on the high seas. Here’s how he can actually do it.

Phrase “mother of all bombs” decried as “sexist,” “grotesque”
U.S. forces dropped a 22,000-pound bomb on Islamic State forces in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday. When discussing the strike, Pentagon officials referred to the GBU-43 Massive Ordnance Air Blast weapon, or MOAB, by its nickname, “the mother of all bombs.”

North Korea’s unsuccessful missile launch “may have been thwarted by US cyber attack”
A North Korean missile launch that failed shortly after it was fired may have been thwarted by cyber attacks from the US.

US Conducts Successful Field Test Of New Nuclear Bomb
In a well-timed statement, just as tensions over North Korea’s nuclear program and potential US airstrikes run wild, the NNSA said that in conjunction with the US Air Force, it had completed the first qualification flight test of B61-12 gravity nuclear bomb on March 14 at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada.




Anti-racism protesters segregated themselves by race
The protesters descended upon Claremont McKenna College Thursday night deliberately kept “white accomplices” segregated from other protesters to serve as a “buffer” against the police.

Harvard to erase Puritans from 181-year-old alma mater
The song was already revised in the late 1990s to be more “gender-inclusive.”

“Homeland” Actor: The Real “Guilty Ones” This Season Are White Men, Not Islamic Terrorists
“Homeland” has taken such a sudden turn toward political preaching and progressive tut-tutting that its story and characters barely resemble those of the previous five seasons.

San Francisco Police Department May Sue Pepsi Over Controversial Kendall Jenner Ad
Kendall Jenner’s “social justice” Pepsi ad has already proved a public-relations fiasco. Now, it might also be facing legal trouble.

Wrongfully Expelled Student Hauls Elite College Into Court
The Obama administration’s disdain for the rule of law continues to reverberate. One way is its Title IX madness, which has caught numerous colleges and universities in its web. Among them is Amherst College, which now faces a lawsuit brought by a student who makes a compelling case that he was wrongfully expelled.

UCLA professor smears Trump and Pence as “arrogant Christians in the White House”
On Saturday, University of California, Los Angeles professor Carla Pestana published a piece in the Huffington Post titled “Arrogant Christians in the White House,” taking aim at President Trump and Vice President Pence for their Christian faiths.

Texas student commits suicide after Title IX kangaroo court
If every other egregious example of a male student denied due process after being accused of sexual misconduct gets ignored – this one should not be.

After years of none, Arkansas schedules 7 executions in 10 days
Since 1976 when the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty, 1,448 death-row inmates have been executed. That number is scheduled to jump by seven next week if all of Arkansas’ scheduled executions occur.

At least 4 people shot in apparent murder-suicide San Bernardino elementary school
At least four people were shot in an apparent murder-suicide Monday at an elementary school in San Bernardino, Calif., officials said.

New York Becomes Only State to Offer Free Four-Year College
New York will be the only state in the country to cover four-year public college tuition for residents after the program was included in the budget package approved Sunday night.

Judge shot to death in Chicago, manhunt on for suspect
Chicago police are searching for a gunman who they say shot and killed a Cook County, Illinois, criminal court judge this morning outside his Chicago home on the city’s South Side.

UMich student leaders reject free speech measure, say it puts “people at risk”
A resolution that called for a robust defense of free speech at the University of Michigan has been voted down by its student government.

Gloria Allred Being Probed by State Bar, Ex-Client Says
Civil rights attorney and activist accused of pursuing a deal with CBS while representing a weatherman who accused the network of passing him over for “buxom” colleagues

At Miami college founded by Cubans exiled under communism, officials shut down pro-capitalism club
After granting the pro-capitalism club Turning Point USA tabling rights on campus last fall, administrators at St. Thomas University — founded in 1961 by Augustinians expelled from Cuba by the communist Castro dictatorship — have revoked that permission.

“Liberty Lab” Offers Scholarship, Mentoring Program for Liberty-Minded Filmmakers
Anyone who isn’t a dyed-in-the-wool liberal has been saying this since Obama’s election in 2008. Politics is downstream of culture and if the political landscape has looked like a poop-show as of late one only needs to look at the pop culture landscape to see why.

Sen. Collins says she may run for Maine governor in 2018
The state’s senior U.S. senator says she’s looking at where she can do the most good for citizens.

Sessions: Illegals Who Illegally Re-Enter US Will Be Charged With Felony
“Be forewarned: This is a new era. This is the Trump era.”

University launches bias reporting system, lists 15 different types of offense genres to report
The University of Washington Tacoma is the latest institution to launch a bias incident reporting website, and officials detail no less than 15 different types of offense genres the campus community can report with it.

Chris Matthews: Trump Family Like “The Romanovs” and “We Know What Happened” to Them
Romanovs: murdered by Bolshevik troops during Russian revolution

In Virginia, a Democrat Tacks Left in Race to Capture Governor’s Mansion
Former congressman Tom Perriello aims to broaden base of voters in contest to succeed Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Protesters Make Obscene Gesture at Victims of Communism Memorial
In late March, a group of protesters staged a demonstration at a memorial dedicated to victims of communist regimes by raising their middle fingers toward it.

Where is TN teacher who abducted student love interest a month ago?
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is continuing its investigation into the alleged abduction of a 15-year-old student by her teacher a full month after the two disappeared.

UMD student calls hippie-inspired fashion “deeply offensive”
A student at the University of Maryland is claiming that mainstream fashion makes “a mockery of the hippie movement” because hippies vehemently opposed “consumerism and commercialism.”

Liberal Magazine Calls Cancer a “Hot New Weight Loss Trend”
This has been a terrible PR week for companies.

Multiple People Shot at MARTA Station In Atlanta
MARTA police confirmed at least four gunshot victims at the Westlake MARTA station in Atlanta Thursday afternoon.

GOP Lawmakers Ask AG Sessions for “Fresh Look” at Lois Lerner Case
Two top Republicans involved in crafting tax legislation asked the Department of Justice to take another look at embattled former IRS employee Lois Lerner.

Gov. Kay Ivey “evaluating” earlier special election for Senate seat held by Luther Strange
Gov. Kay Ivey is considering setting a special election for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat that former Gov. Robert Bentley had delayed until late next year.

Gov. Malloy Says He Will Not Run Again
Ending months of speculation, an emotional Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Thursday that he would not seek a third term in office.

Unsuspecting Woman Takes Dog to “Furry” Convention Thinking It’s a Pet Convention
Ever heard of “furries”? If you haven’t, well, let me explain. Furries are people who really aren’t very comfortable in their own skin, so they like to dress up as cartoon character animals and attend conventions and social events with others who feel the same way. This allows them to meet others, socialize, and become friendly. Very friendly. Very very friendly.

Salon: Maxine Waters Should Be Our Next President
Go home, Salon, you’re drunk.

Neo-Nazis Are Tearing Apart the Furry World
A putsch, death threats, sex offenders–just because people dress up like animals doesn’t mean their fights aren’t human.

UC-Davis student gov votes against American flag
The University of California, Davis Student Senate voted last Thursday to strike a bylaw requiring the American flag to be displayed at meetings because “the concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual.”

Here’s a List of Everything Hillary Clinton Is Blaming for Her Election Loss
Hillary Clinton has blamed almost everyone and everything imaginable for her election loss to Donald Trump except herself.

One-Man “Religious Police” Force Spooks Minneapolis
Is this a freakish one-off, or a portent of things to come?

Universities require scholars pledge commitment to diversity
Universities are increasingly relying on “diversity statements” for faculty hiring and promotion, according to a new report from the Oregon Association of Scholars.

Professor: “The English language is sexist”
The English language is sexist, a University of Michigan professor told Iowa State University students Thursday evening during a guest lecture in The Hawkeye State.

Berkeley fears repeat of violence at planned pro-Trump rally
The Berkeley farmers’ market has been open for business every Saturday for 30 years, save the time gale-force winds shut it down. But it will be closed Saturday, as organizers fear the fallout from a second pro-President Trump rally in as many months near the market’s home.

Cornell Lawsuit: Male Student Suicide Attempt After Title IX Investigation
After suicide of male student at UT-Arlington, new lawsuit raises questions about campus “kangaroo courts”

Report: Trump reelection effort raised $13.2 million so far in 2017
President Trump’s reelection campaign has already raised $13.2 million this year, according to federal records filed Friday night and obtained by Politico.

Students taunted, spat upon for questioning transgenderism
A group of students seeking to spark a debate on transgenderism was instead verbally berated, spat upon, and allegedly assaulted at George Washington University.

Department of Ed. Office for Civil Rights pick’s traditional views “raise questions”
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s choice for her department’s Office for Civil Rights chief is being questioned in part because the pick once claimed she faced discrimination for being white.

“Halal” Easter chocolate? Western traditions crucified by political correctness
Whatever happened to the Easter Bunny? I remember back in the day when a chocolate Easter Bunny was a cherished gift but have you seen the sort of chocolate treats that have appeared on supermarket shelves in recent years?

Roman Polanski Compares U.S. Court To Nazis Over Order Denying No Jail Time
“Mr. Polanski was as justified in fleeing this Court’s illegal conduct as he was to flee the Germans who invaded Poland,” starkly proclaims a new filing today by the Oscar winner’s lawyer.


Economy & Taxes


Denver FBI honors youth program partly funded by pot taxes
The Denver FBI honored a youth dropout prevention group Thursday, apparently without realizing it is partially funded with taxes from the marijuana industry.

Rao Tapped to Taper Red Tape
Just hours after Justice Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation as the newest member of the Supreme Court, the White House announced the appointment of George Mason Law Professor Neomi Rao to be the administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, or OIRA.




Violent clashes in Venezuela as demonstrators denounce “dictatorship”
Security forces cracked down on the latest anti-government protests in Venezuela on Saturday, with violent clashes in Caracas.

Migrants are being sold at open slave markets in Libya
Vulnerable refugees from West Africa often arrive in the country with no money and no papers.

Ancient Village Discovered on Canada’s West Coast Predates the Pyramids
Evidence suggests it dates back to the last ice age.

Secularism on the March – Wine Making Monks Blamed for Scotland’s Violent Crime
Since the early 20th century, the monks of Buckfast Abbey have made and sold “tonic wine” which is red wine fortified with ingredients like phosphates, caffeine, and vanillin. Buckfast Tonic Wine or “Bucky” has become very popular and its popularity among violent criminals is being used to attack the Abbey’s tax exempt or charity status.

Religious Liberty Increasingly Under Threat in India Amid Surge of Hindu Nationalism
Last week on April 5, a mob of Hindu vigilantes beat a man to death for transporting cattle in northern India.

At Wilfrid Laurier University, do as the campus thought police dictate, or else
In the last few weeks there has been a lot of news about free speech on university campuses. Typically, one group of students invites a high-profile speaker to give a talk and another group of students agitates until the speaker is shut down.

Venezuela’s Maduro jeered by crowd as unrest grows
Angry Venezuelans threw objects at President Nicolas Maduro during a rally on Tuesday, as protests mount against the unpopular leftist leader amid a brutal economic crisis and what critics say is his lurch into dictatorship.

“A fine collectible…Not intended for children under 14”: Talking Justin Trudeau doll now for sale
Equipped with the ability to deliver canned phrases at the push of a button, the world now has its first talking Justin Trudeau doll. For $129.99 ($14.99 shipping and handling), a tiny plastic version of the the Canadian prime minister is available through the Bradford Exchange, a London, Ont.-based seller of kitsch and collectibles.

Europe On Edge Over Dortmund Bombing
Paul wrote last night about an apparent terrorist attack on a bus that was driving the Borussia Dortmund soccer team to a quarterfinal European Champions League soccer match against Monaco. Three pipe bombs were placed along the bus’s route, loaded with projectiles to kill and maim as many people as possible. The bombs went off, but miraculously no one was killed, and only one Dortmund player was injured.

We rush to condemn Islamophobia. What about anti-Christian attacks?

WHILE we constantly are lectured about Islamophobic violence, despite little evidence of its existence, there is official silence about its flip side: religiously motivated attacks on Christians.

UN Peacekeepers Formed Child Sex Ring in Haiti, Most Went Unpunished
“They’ll look at this as one big joke. As far as the U.N. goes, they came here to protect us, but all they’ve brought is destruction.”

“Bury them alive!”: White South Africans fear for their future as horrific farm attacks escalate
LAST month, British woman Sue Howarth and her husband Robert Lynn were woken at 2am by three men breaking into a window of their remote farm in Dullstroom, a small town in the northeast of South Africa, about 240km from the nearest capital city.

Schools told they should give transgender pupils a cake to celebrate their transition
Schools have been told they should give transgender pupils a cake to celebrate their “transition”, as experts warn that teachers must be trained to deal with an “explosion” of students who no longer identity with their sex.

Death toll mounts among Venezuelan protesters
We may have just dropped the Mother of all Bombs in Afghanistan, but in Caracas, Venezuela the residents are promising the Mother of all Protests this week.

Marine Le Pen’s campaign HQ target of arson attack
Marine Le Pen’s campaign headquarters were targeted in an arson attack, causing minor damage to the building and prompting the Front National candidate to blame leftist groups.

Hong Kong’s New China-Chosen Chief Bodes Poorly For The Island’s Freedom
The first female chief of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam faces a tough road ahead. It has nothing to do with her experiences and ability, but everything to do with how she was selected.

Zimbabwe plans to secure bank loans with cows
Zimbabwe’s bank managers, already strapped for cash for their customers may soon have to worry about where to put cattle if a new law comes into operation which would allow people to use their livestock as collateral.




Newly Released 2016 Election Map Shows Democrats Should Be Worried About Future
The Trump White House hasn’t exactly gotten off to the best start, but it is important to remember how unlikely it was that Trump was even going to win the presidency in 2016.

Planned Parenthood’s Founder Is The Original Alt-Right Supremacist
To combat the alt-right, we must acknowledge its ideological roots: the early eugenics movement and its most prominent advocate—Margaret Sanger.

Heresies or Inexplicable Collective Behaviour
As we watch the so-called migration crisis, we pose to ourselves questions. What’s the sense, what’s the purpose? We are told we need workforce, yet there are millions of unemployed young Europeans; we are told we are paying for the sins of the yesteryear of colonialism, yet drawing people from the Third World, we strip the countries of origin of brains and hands i.e. act as colonialists.

Spain’s colonialism in Gibraltar
Why would you want to annex a territory whose population rejects you? It’s a question that should be asked more often.

How Mitch McConnell Won the Battle to Confirm Gorsuch
The Senate majority leader deserves the most credit for saving Scalia’s seat for a conservative.

Boys Will Keep Winning Girls’ Sports Trophies Until We Are Willing To Re-Assert Sex Distinctions
The assumption in Obergefell that the sexes are interchangeable is affecting laws and regulations that concern sex differences in many other forms.

The New York Times is Promoting Child Abuse
As I’m sure you’ve noticed, transgenderism is the shiny new gender campaign which is being shoved down our throats.

Kansas Republican’s Narrow Win Serves as Warning for GOP
Republican Ron Estes won a seat in Kansas’ 4th District on Tuesday that was vacated when President Donald Trump appointed Rep. Mike Pompeo to serve as director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Cancer Eating Away at College Campuses
The average American has little knowledge of the extent to which our institutions of higher learning have been infected with a spreading cancer.

We need “progressive” restaurants. Give liberals a choice!
Recently my wife went with a friend to a Vegan restaurant. She found it interesting, and enjoyed the experience. She tells me that even the food was good.

A Few Thoughts On Kansas
With the initial returns last night, Democratic candidate James Thompson appeared to be in a position few anticipated: he was leading Republican Ron Estes by twenty points in Sedgwick County (Wichita) and by sixteen points in neighboring Harvey County. It was only after the most rural counties rolled in, and the election day votes too from these larger areas, that Estes zoomed into the lead. Estes would finish the race just shy of a seven point margin, a double-digit decline from President Donald Trump’s performance there just five months back. Here are a few things we’re taking away from last night’s results.

A Doomsday Wave Isn’t Necessary to Flip the House
This tweet made by Nate Silver earlier this morning drew in a lot of eyes, and rightfully so: he applied the underperformance to every district and it yielded a bloodbath. David Freddoso at the Washington Examiner did the same and found a massive 300+ seat majority for the Democrats. It highlights the shift that happened last night well. So will the Democrats gain over a hundred seats next year?

The Deep State and Gramscian/Alinskyite Institutions
Many call the idea that there’s a Deep State a “conspiracy theory”. But is this automatically the case? Don’t we need good reasons as to why it’s so? Is the idea impossible in principle? And doesn’t it all depend on precisely what’s said about the Deep State?

When it comes to the media and dead children, some children are more equal than others
Two British journalists speak bluntly about the fact that our media is forcing us to care more about the enemy’s dead children than about our own.

Dear @EmmaWatson: You Are the “Goodwill Ambassador” for a Rape Culture
Hello, Ms. Watson. Remember when you went to the United Nations and gave that speech about how everybody should be a feminist? April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Ms. Watson,. and the organization for which you are a spokeswoman . . . Well, let’s talk about “awareness”

The California natives are getting politically restless
California elections of 2018 may turn out to be a referendum…on the Democratic Party.

New Data Depicts Global Demographic War Between Old Christians And Young Muslims
Pew Forum data projects Islam will surpass Christianity among adherents’ baby production within 20 years while increasing in conversions as Christian conversions decline.

Republicans Had Better Listen to Georgia Wake-Up Call
Special elections may give voters a chance to express their frustration with Trump and the GOP.

Hey, Kids! Let’s Take A Trip Behind The Veil of Ignorance!
The political philosopher John Rawls is well known for his thought experiment of the “veil of ignorance.” The thought experiment goes something like this: when designing rules for your society, you should be ignorant of what social position you yourself will occupy. So, for example, the veil of ignorance would lead people to refuse slavery, because even though slavery is very convenient for slave-owners, for slaves, not so much, and since behind the veil of ignorance one would not know whether they would be a slave or a slave-owner, they would refuse slavery.

Wellesley student editorial: “Hostility may be warranted” towards those who embrace “hate speech” after reeducation
True story: Wellesley used to be a thought of as a good school with bright students.

The Deconstruction of the West
The greatest threat to the liberal international order comes not from Russia, China, or jihadist terror but from the self-induced deconstruction of Western culture.

Just Keep Saying to Yourself: All Cultures Are Equal
Apparently his “blasphemy” was defending the right of the minority Ahmadi sect which “orthodox” Muslims think is heretical. The Intercept has a good write up on the man. Apparently a couple of his professors warned him of the mob forming and tried to help him get out of the area but he thought he’d done nothing wrong. He had not counted on the difficulty of reasoning with an Islamic Rage Boy gathering out for vengeance.

What Caused Illegal Immigration Of Women And Children To Fall By 93% This Year?
Even without a border wall or extra Border Patrol agents, illegal immigration has plummeted since Donald Trumps inauguration. The change is not a little, it is a lot.

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