College Demands Respect for Communism

     A purportedly “Christian” college, Samford University, has refused to recognize a chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). Why? Because YAF’s founding document, the Sharon Statement, denounces communism. Obviously, on the modern college campus, this is #ThoughtCrime of the highest order.

“After more questioning by liberal professors for about 20-25 minutes, we were asked to leave the room. We waited for approximately 30 minutes as the faculty senate discussed YAF. Two members of the faculty senate finally came into the room that our executive board and advisor were waiting in and told us that the vote was to deny us the ability to become a student organization. They said if we made some constitutional changes we could be reconsidered next semester but would have to begin the entire process from the start again. We did not budge on changing the constitution because it is literally from the founding document of YAF. They said that we were not being kind to those who had a communist background…”

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     Specifically, the Sharon Statement states:

“That the forces of international Communism are, at present, the greatest single threat to these liberties;

“That the United States should stress victory over, rather than coexistence with, this menace”

     Somehow, these college administrators and academic ninnies think that Communism ceased to be bad once the Cold War ended, specifically asking:

“We are looking for the YAF student group to amend or justify the inflammatory language listed in their Purpose. This is the direct statement from the Sharon Statement that, though likely appropriate in 1960, does not hold the same in 2016”.

     While the Soviet Union did indeed collapse, Communisms domestic fellow-goers are still active, especially in academia at universities such as Samford. Holodomor, The Great Leap Forward, and the Killing Fields do not cease to be horrors perpetuated by an evil ideology just because it’s [INSERT CURRENT YEAR HERE]. Communist China continues to oppress its people. People in Cuba are still suffering under the other Castro. Kim Jong Un is still an insane tyrant.

     The Sharon Statement ranks as one of the most succinct and exemplary statements of not only conservatism, but that which makes America such a paragon amongst nations. No wonder, then, that Communism-loving academics hate it.

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