News of the Week (December 11th, 2016)


News of the Week for December 11th, 2016


Gun Rights


New York State’s Being Sued Over its Stun Gun Ban
New York State is the latest jurisdiction to be sued in federal court on Second Amendment grounds over its stun gun ban.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Obama actions on public lands may be difficult for Trump to undo
President Barack Obama could cement his environmental legacy by taking executive action to designate nearly 4 million acres of Western land as national monuments before leaving office next month.

New technology better than fracking could vastly expand oil reserves
Hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, has revolutionized energy production in the United States and cornered OPEC. That cartel is currently attempting to restrict oil production and raise prices, but it faces the reality that American frackers can rapidly expand output. It’s a nightmare if you are a corrupt petro-dictator of any stripe, communist to jihadist.

Fed judge rules AG Healey must appear in Texas for Exxon deposition
A federal judge has rebuffed an attempt by Attorney General Maura Healey to avoid being questioned in Texas by attorneys for Exxon Mobil, setting the stage for an extraordinarily rare deposition of a sitting AG.

Leonardo DiCaprio Just Met With Donald Trump on Green Jobs
Leonardo DiCaprio and the head of his foundation met Wednesday with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss how jobs centered on preserving the environment can boost the economy.



Government in Healthcare


Federal court halts Obamacare appeal, deals setback to president
A federal appeals court put a key Obamacare case on hold Monday as judges begin to anticipate a President Trump, and move to give his administration the chance to change the Obama administration’s legal strategy on everything from immigration to health care.

VA hospital left body in shower room for 9 hours
Staff at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Florida left the body of a veteran in a shower for nine hours after the veteran died and proper pickup procedures to the morgue weren’t followed.


War & Terror


Return To the First Island Chain
Donald Trump appears to have sent a message to Beijing: the First Island Chain will be held. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines will remain the Westernmost bulwark in the Pacific. The Hill writes: “Donald Trump spoke on the phone with Taiwan President Tsai Ying-wen, a conversation that breaks decades of U.S. protocol and risks a clash with China. … The phone call will almost certainly infuriate Beijing, which sees Taiwan as a breakaway province.”

VA Scandal: 4 Quit After OK Veteran Dies With Maggots in Wound
Four staff at the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs resigned after maggots were found in the wound of a Vietnam veteran who died in October. Another VA staff member insisted that the maggots did not cause his death.

ISIS declares Trump inauguration day “BLOODY FRIDAY”
ISLAMIC STATE has declared the day Donald Trump is inaugurated as US president “Bloody Friday” as it fears a brutal backlash from the new regime.

VMI, Famed Military Academy, Giving Cadets Coloring Books for Stress
To “unwind and relax”

Pentagon Hid Study That Exposed $125 Billion in Waste
More waste in defense.

Risking Beijing’s ire, Vietnam begins dredging on South China Sea reef
Vietnam has begun dredging work on a disputed reef in the South China Sea, satellite imagery shows, the latest move by the Communist state to bolster its claims in the strategic waterway.

Trump Combines Art of the Deal and Art of War
A month after the presidential election, U.S. president-elect Donald Trump has executed his own political “pivot to Asia.”

Inside the Ring: China Upgrades Force Projection Doctrine
Along with a large-scale nuclear and conventional arms buildup, China is upgrading its military doctrine to include guidance focusing on rapid military power projection, according to Pentagon intelligence officials.

The Science Says Putting Women Into Combat Endangers National Security
The question we must ask now is: “Will the presence of a woman in combat negatively affect an infantry unit?” This is the only question that matters in this debate.

The 2 Largest Land Armies in Europe Tiptoe to the Edge of War and Back
A planned missile test over the Black Sea spurs a Kremlin threat to shoot down the missiles and possibly target the launch sites.

Bomb kills 25 at Egypt’s main Coptic Christian cathedral
Sunday morning Mass was drawing to a close at the chapel next to St. Mark’s Cathedral, the seat of Egypt’s ancient Coptic Orthodox Church, when Magdy Ramzy said there suddenly was a “shattering explosion like nothing I had ever heard before.”

A New American Grand Strategy
The world is awash in change. The international order, so painstakingly put together by the greatest generation coming home from mankind’s bloodiest conflict, is under increasing stress. It was created with elements we take for granted: the United Nations, NATO, the Marshall Plan, Bretton Woods and more. The constructed order reflected the wisdom of those who recognized no nation lived as an island and we needed new ways to deal with challenges that for better or worse impacted all nations. Like it or not, today we are part of this larger world and must carry out our part. We cannot wait for problems to arrive here or it will be too late; rather we must remain strongly engaged in this complex world.

Twin bombing outside Istanbul soccer stadium kills 29, wounds 166
Two bombs exploded less than a minute apart, killing 29 people and wounding 166 outside a soccer stadium in Istanbul on Saturday night, in a co-ordinated attack on police shortly after a match between two of Turkey’s top teams.




Trump taps Ben Carson for HUD secretary
Dr. Ben Carson will be nominated as the next secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Trump transition team announced Monday.

University’s “Whiteness Forum” takes “critical look at whiteness”
Students at Cal State San Marcos on Thursday hosted a “Whiteness Forum” as part of a communications class they are enrolled in, setting up more than a dozen displays that highlighted what they contend is how white privilege has oppressed people of color in a variety of ways.

Virginia Tech students testify to 50 different microaggressions that offend them
Be careful what you say at Virginia Tech. Chances are, it could be a microaggression.

Latest Progressive effort: Draft Obama as House Speaker in 2018
There is a new petition on asking Obama to become House Speaker in 2018. Not only is it almost charming in its lack of awareness, it is also a reminder that the Left never gives in or gives up. When the personal and the political are the same, when even brushing your teeth is a political act, you’re going to be committed to political activity 24/7.

New Audio: Ellison Claimed Jews “Mobilized” By Israel To “Do Its Bidding In America”
Minnesota Rep. and DNC chair frontrunner Keith Ellison promoted an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory in a 2010 speech to a mostly Muslim audience, newly released audio reveals.

Nevada Automatic Voter Registration Initiative (2018)
The Nevada Automatic Voter Registration Initiative may appear on the November 6, 2018, ballot in Nevada as an indirect initiated state statute.

What the Taiwan Call Means Walter Russell Mead
The most important lesson, for both foreign leaders and domestic foreign policy analysts, is that the Obama era in American foreign policy has come to an end.

Issa gets into heated exchange with CNN anchor over illegal voting
Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) got into a heated exchange with a CNN anchor on Monday over the number of illegal votes cast in the U.S.

Democrats to give Trump Cabinet picks the Garland treatment
Delay tactics could sap momentum from the president’s first 100 days. “What goes around comes around,” one lawmaker says.

Biden says, “I’m going to run in 2020”
Twenty-seven days after Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, Vice President Joe Biden told reporters he would make his third bid for the highest office in the land four years from now.

House GOP prepares an answer for “sanctuary universities”
I said this during a discussion of “sanctuary universities” over the weekend. I said it back in November when the University of California was preparing their legal defense for the proposal.

After the Government Seized $11K From Him, He Fought Back. Now, He’s Getting His Money Back.
The federal government agreed to return $11,000, plus interest payments, it seized from a young man traveling to Florida nearly three years ago under laws that allow law enforcement to take property if it suspects it’s tied to a crime.

Obama Administration Not Finished Yet With Executive Actions, Regulations
On Monday, President Barack Obama issued his fifth executive order since the Nov. 8 election. In this case, it was to create a National Invasive Species Council to compile a report by 2020 on how to prevent such species from affecting climate change, food safety, and even military readiness.

Keith Ellison 2010: Israel “has mobilized its Diaspora in America to do its bidding”
Ellison’s dual loyalty charge against American Jews fits a pattern.

Ohio State Student: Left is More Scared of Trump Than ISIS
“After the election, my professors went crazy”

Allen West Is Going Back To Washington, D.C.?
The Allen West Army may soon have their hopes and dreams realized of seeing former Congressman Allen West go back to Washington,D.C.

White Professor Calls All White People To Mass Suicide Over Slavery
Dr. (and I use that title lightly) Adam Kotsko, a professor at Shimer College in Chicago, Illinois, thinks that all white people have been “complicit” in slavery, and should therefore “commit mass suicide” as reparation.

Jill Stein Uses Leftover Recount Money to Fund Folk Rock EP
After announcing a fundraiser for recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Green Party candidate Jill Stein raised over $6.5 million dollars. While this covers both recount costs and legal fees pertaining to the recounts, Stein has announced that all leftover funds will go toward funding her band’s EP.

Student journalists face administrative backlash
Student journalists at college and university newspapers are facing consequences for reporting on concerns that show their schools in a negative light, according to a report from the American Association of University Professors.

Voter Fraud In Michigan Favored Clinton – NOT Trump
Optical ballot scanners in Michigan that malfunctioned on election night and may have counted votes twice were situated in heavily Democratic areas, meaning that any vote fraud in the state actually favored Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.

Half Of Detroit Could Be Ineligible For Election Recount Due To Discrepancies
Over half of Detroit’s 662 voting precincts may be ineligible for the ongoing Michigan recount, since the number of ballots in precinct poll books do not match those from voting machine printout reports.

House rejects GOP rep’s push for vote on impeaching IRS head
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Tuesday moved to force a floor vote on a resolution to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, but the House rejected the push, voting to refer it to committee.

Reeling Democrats confront brutal 2018 Senate map
A filibuster-proof majority isn’t out of the question if things break right for the GOP.

Caesarean births “affecting human evolution”
The regular use of Caesarean sections is having an impact on human evolution, say scientists.

The Supreme Court – out of the redistricting thicket?
Today the Supreme Court heard oral argument in two redistricting cases, one challenging state legislative districts in Virginia and the other congressional districts in North Carolina. Both cases challenge choices made by redistricting state legislators in response to the prevailing interpretation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. “The claim made by [lawyers purporting to represent] black voters in both states,” the Associated Press reports, “is that Republicans created districts with more reliably Democratic black voters than necessary to elect their preferred candidates, making neighboring districts whiter and more Republican.”

Web giants to cooperate on removal of extremist content
Web giants YouTube , Facebook , Twitter and Microsoft will step up efforts to remove extremist content from their websites by creating a common database.

Black Workers’ Suit Accuses Job Agency of Favoring Hispanic Applicants
A group of African-American workers filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday against a nationwide job placement agency and several of its clients, accusing them of discriminating against black applicants by favoring Hispanic applicants.

Among black men, a spark of support for Donald Trump
Donald Trump won a tiny fraction of the black vote, but his economic message resonates among some black working-class men.

Obama family travel, vacations, cross $85 million mark
The first family has spent over $10 million a year on travel and vacations, and the still growing bill has crossed over $85 million in eight years, according to a watchdog group.

Buzzfeed: White People Are A “Plague To The Planet”
Buzzfeed published a listicle Monday containing insulting and racist messages towards white people.

2017 Inductees Into Hall of Heavy Metal History Announced
Fun fact: I am a committed headbanger.

McCrory concedes in North Carolina, will meet with Trump
North Carolina governor Pat McCrory has conceded defeat in that state’s governor’s race. The margin of defeat was razor thin — about 4,000 votes out of 4.2 million cast – and McCrory raised questions about voter fraud, especially in Democrat-leaning Durham County.

John Kasich to faithless electors: Don’t vote for me for president
Kasich was the one person specifically named in Christopher Suprun’s op-ed last night as a possible alternative for members of the electoral college. Realistically, though, he’s the only alternative.

Sanctuary campus supporters willing to ignore other laws
Students at George Washington University, site of a recent walkout to demand a “sanctuary campus” to protect illegal immigrant students, say they favor defiance of other federal laws, too.

GOP bill would strip funding from schools that ban the flag
In response to Hampshire College’s controversial removal of the American flag, 54 House Republicans have introduced a bill that would strip federal funding from flag-banning schools.

Duke explores stiffer penalties for “bias and hate” offenses
Duke University has formed a committee to advise another committee that is working to implement recommendations issued by still another committee for addressing “bias and hate issues.”

This Filmmaking Couple Doesn’t Want to Be Punished for Not Promoting Same-Sex Marriage
A Minnesota couple is suing state officials to allow their film production company to celebrate marriage as a man-woman union without being forced, against their biblical beliefs, to promote same-sex marriage.

Mike Pence: “Buckle Up” for Trump’s First 100 Days
Vice President-elect Mike Pence asserted Tuesday night that the Trump administration will have an aggressive first 100 days in office that includes rebuilding the military, repealing Obamacare, and naming a justice to the Supreme Court.

Conservative Group, Liberal Bloggers Trade Shots Over Elon Musk’s Taxpayer Subsidies
A conservative advocacy group has a special name for liberal bloggers who have rushed in to defend the business practices of Elon Musk, the multibillionaire co-founder of taxpayer-funded renewable energy and space technology companies. It calls them “stoogers.”

Major VOTER FRAUD Uncovered in Key Battleground State Nevada
Serious voter fraud has been identified in Nevada, but not the kind Jill Stein was hoping for…

Sofía Vergara sued by her own embryos
The battle over Sofia Vergara’s embryos took an extraordinary turn Tuesday – when a right-to-live lawsuit was filed on behalf of the fertilized eggs against their mom.

The Secret is Out: Scientists Figured Out How Tardigrades Became Immune to Radiation
Japanese researchers have discovered the secret to one of the tardigrade’s most impressive abilities. Tardigrades are immune to high levels of radiation and it’s all because of a protein. It turns out, human biology may be capable of developing it, too.

Trump taps Oklahoma attorney general to lead EPA
President-elect Donald Trump plans to nominate Scott Pruitt, the Republican attorney general of Oklahoma and a frequent legal adversary to President Obama, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), according to multiple reports.

Trump chooses former WWE exec McMahon for small business
President-elect Donald Trump is adding former wrestling executive Linda McMahon to his Cabinet as leader of the Small Business Administration.

UMD prez “offends” students by making sanctuary pledge in Spanish
University of Maryland President Wallace Loh inadvertently outraged liberal students by using Spanish while pledging to protect illegal immigrant students, a move deemed “offensive” to UMD’s immigrant population.

University of Illinois leaders: It’s racial profiling to question black student about stolen phone
“Sanctuary campus” demand could “jeopardize our institution”

Ohio students protest Milo Yiannopoulos visit by “Growing a Garden of Love”
Gay conservative provocateur chides university for tolerating him

Washington Whispers: Pat McCrory About to be Picked as Trump’s
In New York, D.C. and Raleigh, whispers circulate today after outgoing conservative Governor Pat McCrory met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower Wednesday. The tight lips in public say we don’t know what the two met about, but a little bird tells the Insider that it was indeed about an appointment.

Georgia’s secretary of state: DHS tried to breach our firewall
Georgia’s secretary of state has claimed the Department of Homeland Security tried to breach his office’s firewall and has issued a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson asking for an explanation.

Obama is rushing to Trump-proof the White House
Since Election Day, President Barack Obama has appointed 56 people to boards, commissions and offices in the hopes that they remain in those posts for years to come.

“Once in a lifetime find”: Dinosaur tail discovered trapped in amber
The tail of a 99-million-year-old dinosaur has been found entombed in amber, an unprecedented discovery that has blown away scientists.

Electoral College lawsuit gets a Monday hearing
A lawsuit by two Democratic members of the Electoral College working to block Donald Trump’s election will head to federal court in Colorado on Monday.

History course attributes GOP affirmative action stance to racism
An American history course at Millersville University teaches that Republicans opposed affirmative action in the 1990’s “chiefly” because they considered it “discrimination against white people.”

Law prof: “sanctuary campuses” not legal structures
In 2012, President Obama signed DACA into law using an executive order, granting those who arrived in the United States illegally as children deferment from deportation, along with the ability to obtain work permits.

Rep. Speier wants to add sexual misconduct notations to college transcripts
California congresswoman Jackie Speier has proposed legislation that would add a mark to a student’s transcript in cases where the student was accused of sexual misconduct or rape. The goal of the bill is to prevent students from transferring to another school after a sexual assault without the other school knowing about it.

Terry McAuliffe says his pet chicken named Hillary died right before election
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said Thursday his family’s pet chicken named Hillary died right before the election.

Sitcom Rebels Against Microaggressions
The worm is turning. Even network sitcoms have begun to rebel against our senseless repression under political correctness. On ABC’s Last Man Standing, Tim Allen’s character Mike Baxter is preparing a speech that he has been invited to deliver at his daughter’s graduation when he becomes ensnared in microaggressions

Common Core Is Failing High Schoolers in Math
New test results place American high schoolers well below their global contemporaries in mathematical literacy. The Program for International Assessment 2015 scores, released Tuesday, confirm a downward trend that appears to track the rocky implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

House Unanimously Passes Bill to Protect FBI Whistleblowers
It’s about time these people received proper protection.

Mike Rowe Questions Campus Culture and the Higher Ed Bubble
“We ought to have permission to have a conversation on a return on our investment too”

Trump to pick Rep. McMorris Rodgers for Interior secretary
President-elect Donald Trump is expected to name Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) to lead the Interior Department, according to reports.

Leftist Students Shouted “F*ck You B*itch” at the Gay Director of a Pro-Trans Movie, Boys Don’t Cry
Reed College dean chides students for heckling, interrupting speaker Kimberly Peirce

EMU “targets” athletes, veterans for “manhood” workshops
A Michigan college has been awarded more than $100,000 to teach its male students, particularly athletes, fraternity members, and military veterans, about how “traditional masculinity contributes to sexual assault.”

CSUF donor enrages students by suggesting they get jobs
California State University, Fullerton students took to Twitter this past week to attack one of the school’s alumni donors for his conservative views.

New Research Debunks The Claim That Your Beliefs Can Kill Gay People
Reducing another’s life by 12 years by failing to agree with his or her sexual desires is no small charge. But is it legit? New research says no.

Union Threatens to Sue College Student for Recording Professor’s Anti-Trump Rant
It all started when Orange Coast College Professor Olga Perez Stable Cox decided to use her podium to go on a bigoted anti-Trump tirade.

DC’s Transgender Cop Poster Child Turns Out To Be A Pervert
A transgender police officer in Washington, D.C., who has repeatedly been praised as a community role model has also quietly been reprimanded for improper sexually-tinged antics with underage police interns.

Jury foreman in Michael Slager trial: “I believe that justice shall come forth”
The foreman of the jury hearing the murder trial of former North Charleston Police officer Michael Slager says he believes race was not a factor in the jury’s failure to meet a decision.

That time the White House invented an entirely new ethnic minority group
Have you finally sorted out all of the various racial groups around the country and the social justice concerns which are being raised these days? You might think you have but I’m guessing you missed one. You can be excused, of course, because the one I’m thinking of is relatively new. In fact, it was just minted by the Obama administration. Get ready for the Next Big Thing in identity politics because we’re about to be hit by a fresh wave of Mena-Americans.


Economy & Taxes


Big Labor threw tons of cash at Democrats, but workers voted red: report
Big Labor pumped $530 million of workers’ dues into mostly Democratic Party groups and liberal causes over a four-year period – with dismal results, according to a new analysis.

What You Need to Know About Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Plan
Elaine Chao, Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of transportation, has a big job in front of her if confirmed by the Senate: Rehabbing America’s aging infrastructure is clearly a Trump priority.

SEIU Texas Declares Bankruptcy After Losing Millions to Company
Union seeks relief after a Texas court ordered it pay janitors $7.8 million for smear campaign

Carrier plans to use the money from deal with Trump to purchase robots that will replace workers
It was a seemingly victorious moment for President-elect Donald Trump when he was able to announce that before even taking office, he had reached a “deal” with the company Carrier to keep their Indiana plant instead of shipping it to Mexico.




Italy PM Renzi says he will resign following referendum defeat
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said he would resign following a stinging defeat on Sunday in a referendum over his proposals for constitutional reform.

Daughter of top EU official raped and murdered in Germany – Afghan migrant admits killing
AN Afghan migrant has admitted the rape and murder of a medical student, who also worked voluntarily at a refugee centre.

London Man Arrested for Mock Pokemon Cards Criticizing Islamic Terrorism
A man in London has been arrested on hate crime charges after he plastered the London Underground with faux Pokemon cards that criticize Islamic terrorism and politicians who allegedly allow terrorism to thrive.

Japanese leader to visit Pearl Harbor
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit Pearl Harbor later this month, the White House announced early Monday, becoming the first Japanese leader to visit the site of the attack.

Two movies China desperately wants to hide
This week, two extraordinary Canadian films – one a chilling documentary, the other a riveting drama based on its findings – were released for sale on iTunes. Directed by Leon Lee, the films illuminate what may be the most depraved of all systematic human-rights atrocities in the world today: China’s industrial-scale harvesting of vital organs from prisoners of conscience, to be transplanted into patients paying exorbitant fees for a heart, kidney, or liver made available on demand.

Cops given cash to probe “important” new lead that Maddie was snatched by people trafficking gang
Detectives following tip off that tot was snatched by child trafficking group in what senior cops admit is final attempt at finding her

North Korea banning train travel until February, report says
Transportation continues to be compromised after a flood earlier this year.

Political Hay
Relax, Liberals: The Third Reich Isn’t on the Way

Iranian is almost stabbed to death in Dutch migrant centre after fellow asylum seekers “discovered he was GAY”
Asylum seeker was stabbed at centre in Bellingwolde, in northern Holland

The Copyright Computer says NO
The European Commission says Internet hosts should pre-censor everything we upload to the Internet for copyright violations. The UK agrees.

“I AM A WOMAN OF MY WORD” Actress who offered to perform sex act on everyone who voted “No” in Italian referendum launches tour of cities to make good on promise
Stunning Paola Saulino has posted dates for a tour of Italian cities throughout January

Brexit Architect: “Crybabies” Protesting Referendum Outcome Won’t Block EU Departure
Predicts court will rule that Parliament need not authorize break with continent

Greece refuses to extradite officers back to Turkey
A Greek court has rejected the extradition of three Turkish military officers wanted by their homeland over alleged involvement in July’s failed coup, a judicial source said.

American abroad: Europeans mocked Bush, but they’re downright scared of Trump
During the George W. Bush administration, Americans abroad were advised to affix Canadian-flag patches to their backpacks or adopt a British accent to avoid the locals’ disgust with our elected leader. The warnings stuck with me, and as I packed my bags for a trip to Europe last month, I steeled myself for sneers about America’s incoming president. I went as far as to type, “I didn’t vote for him, and he didn’t even win the popular vote” into Google Translate.

Brit Parliament votes on Brexit, possibly starting a three month clock
If you’re reading about a Brexit vote today you might be a little confused. Didn’t they already settle that? Well… sort of.

Unprecedented: French To Ban Pro-Life Websites
The French Senate adopted a bill that will make it a crime to post pro-life information on the internet on Wednesday.

The Other Israel
Israel, through no fault of its own, is a pariah nation almost completely surrounded by larger nations that do not even recognize the existence of the State of Israel. Iran routinely refers to Israel as the “Little Satan,” and European nations typically take overtly anti-Israeli policies to curry favor with Islam. Yet Israel is not alone in being disparaged for no reason other than that it is small and its enemies are large.

Geert Wilders is convicted of saying unpopular things
We’re still not finished talking about Brexit, but next slogan to gain international attention may be “Nexit” given what’s going on in the Netherlands these days.

Citizens in Guatemala Are Including Trump in Their Annual Pre-Christmas Celebration
They really don’t like Donald Trump.

“Really British” shop selling UK memorabilia accused of racism
The owner of a shop in north London named “Really British” has hit back at claims that his store, which stocks “quintessentially British items,” is racist.

Spain’s Ceuta enclave stormed by migrants
At least 400 people have broken through the border fence between Morocco and the enclave of Ceuta, which is part of Spain.

The town where even immigrants are fed up with migration
Failing schools, filthy streets and benefit fraud

Venezuela orders store owners to create a Merry Christmas even if it breaks them
Here in the United States we generally take Black Friday sales, white sales and other Christmas season discounts for granted. Hey… who doesn’t like to save a few bucks? (Even if you risk getting trampled to death at Target.) Not so in Venezuela, though. If you’re going to find a sale there it needs to be approved by the socialist government. But this year the shoppers in that nation are being treated to the opposite effect. Shop owners aren’t in any position to cut their prices in honor of the holidays, but President Nicolas Maduro is in no mood to hear any complaining in the midst of a popular uprising. He’s mandates Christmas sales and some business owners are preparing to head into bankruptcy because of it.

The Dutch Death Spiral
From Paradise to Bolshevik Thought Police

Nine year old girl in Uppsala beaten for not wearing veil
A nine year old girl in Uppsala has been beaten by her mother because she refused to wear a veil, according to what she told the police. The nydömda mother now wants home his girl taken into care by social services.

EU wants to ban rifles reservists – “They do not understand the Finnish system”
The European Commission is trying to get the ban Finland reserviläiskivääreille. The ban would destroy estimates that severely Finnish national defense.




Guess What Swarthmore College Will Teach Your Children for $63,550 a Year?
Tuition at Swarthmore College is $49,104, room and board is $14,446, and what does this elite private school teach its students?

Cuomo Capitalism
High taxes have chased private companies away from upstate New York and enabled corruption.

Trump is FDR with the fireside tweet
Democrats think caring means a government program. Trump thinks caring is getting to keep your job, just as he promised.

China: Central Planning Stymied By Reality
since 2010 and that trend will continue. This is mostly about how the decades of development are over.

The Machiavellian Trump?
What is Trump up to?

Trump’s Taiwan call wasn’t a blunder. It was brilliant.
Relax. Breathe. Donald Trump’s phone call with the president of Taiwan wasn’t a blunder by an inexperienced president-elect unschooled in the niceties of cross-straits diplomacy. It was a deliberate move – and a brilliant one at that.

Hillary Clinton blew the most winnable election in modern American history. And it’s her own fault.
It’s been nearly a month since Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to an opponent that every knowledgeable political operative, strategist, and analyst considered the weakest major party candidate in modern American history. The time has come for Democrats to start taking responsibility for the loss.

Preet Bharara holds the fate of NYC – and de Blasio – in his hands
He must think we’re stupid. If he gets away with it, we are.

The Real Goal Of Sexbots And Artificial Reproduction Is Making Women Obsolete
All of these marvelous advancements in femme-engineering can only mean one thing: it’s time to admit that the planned obsolescence of the female on Earth is nearly complete.

California Democratic Super-majority Challenges Trump
Big red line now runs across the Sierras!

UCLA Feminist Identifies as Heterosexual, Blames “White Feminism” for Trump
A feminist student at the University of California at Los Angeles has admitted she is heterosexual. Sophomore Graciela Barada confessed her heterosexuality in Fem (“UCLA’s Feminist Newsmagazine Since 1973”), in a Nov. 17 column about the recent presidential election, entitled “Dear White Liberal Friends, Family, and Peers.”

The simplicity of the lunatic left.
The progressive left likes to use simple terms for simple solutions to simple problems. So the reason that there are few women CEOs is due to “oppression!” and the solution to this problem is “diversity!” It’s a nice game to play because it automatically leads its proponents into thinking that they are not just morally superior but intellectually superior as well. After all, if you are able to identify all problems and offer easy solutions in a simple manner then you must be really smart.

California Prepares Its Final Blunder
Incensed by Hillary Clinton’s second unsuccessful presidential bid, California secession advocates are riled up and ready to go.

Suppose It is a Black Swan?
The election of Donald Trump rather than starting the process of healing seems to have widened divisions. Relationships are ending. People’s writings are ‘disappeared’ without the victims of censorship even being aware they are targets of powerful efforts to shut them down. Tech giants are actually developing a blacklist technology and working with government to identify what and who should be banned from social media.

Will Democrats take Trump’s bait on federal workers?: Christian Schneider
Conservatives often win elections because of the hysterical, overblown reaction their common-sense plans receive from the left.

Donald Trump Is Ideologically Gutting The Republican Party
The worst part of Donald Trump’s economic interventions is that he’s getting other Republicans to throw out the party’s free-market ideology.

How Donald Trump Can Put an End to Sanctuary Cities
Just a few weeks ago, President-elect Donald Trump said, “Cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars.”

“This Is Why We Need Feminism”: @RoseMcShane Loves Male Tears
Hannah Rose McShane is a senior in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) program at Georgia State University in Atlanta and, not coincidentally, Hannah Rose McShane is also a radical feminist who hates men, denouncing males as “trash” and perpetrators of “oppression.” Ms. McShane expresses her delight in the “male tears” of “cishet white boys,” whom she resents for even daring to look at her. On her Instagram account, she boasts of “giving every guy looking at me a death glare.”

Russian “Meddling” In Election: Most Overblown Story Ever?
It is certainly the most overblown story in a long time. The casual reader of newspaper headlines might well believe that the Russian government hacked into voting machines, or something of the sort, to influence the presidential election. But that is not the case.

If you blinked, you may have missed Julián Castro’s rising star
With Hillary loss, Castro has gone from the everywhere man to the nowhere man.

Dear Evil Space Princess
Don’t even ask, but some of you have decided to send me questions. I find them amusing, so I will answer them.

Troy Leavitt on GamerGate and the Religion of Identity Politics
Game developer Troy Leavitt recently released a video on YouTube called GamerGate – Thoughts of a Game Developer. It’s very good, and I recommend you watch it.

Her Fascinating Thighs
Because you crave more feminist poetry and Ms Desireé Dallagiacomo feels the need to share.

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