News of the Week (November 13th, 2016)


News of the Week for November 13th, 2016


Election 2016


7 Things The Trump Win Means For The Supreme Court
Here are some of the lessons we must take into the political fight for the Supreme Court.

Election wrap-up: Interesting odds and ends from the data
Everyone’s still groggy from the late night so forgive me for essentially just tossing numbers at you here instead of spinning them out into something more coherent.

#NeverTrump was simultaneously the biggest loser and winner last night

We have been promised a speech tomorrow by perhaps the most visible figurehead in the Never Trump movement, John Kasich. I have to wonder what he’s possibly planning to say. Will it be a gracious concession and admission that he may have backed the wrong team or the opening volley of a 2020 bid to unseat a sitting president in the primary? My money is on something which will thread the needle and contain some flavoring of each.

Hillary Could Win Popular Vote, Reviving Dangerous Arguments About Abolishing Electoral College
Amid all the triumphalism about how the polls were wrong, it’s worth pointing out that Hillary Clinton looks to be headed towards winning the popular vote.

Merkel government shocked at Trump victory, calls an “emergency meeting”
Germany’s anti-mass migration party AfD welcomes Trump’s win

Terry McAuliffe’s Pyrrhack Victory
The 9th of November, 2016 has a special flavor for those who live in the shadow of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. The homo bureaucratus infestation is so bad here that Her Majesty beat Trump at the polling station I support by roughly 3:1.

Anti-Trump protesters take to the streets across America
Thousands of protesters chanting, “Trump is Hitler!” stormed up Sixth Avenue en route to Trump Tower on Fifth Wednesday night in one of many demonstrations nationwide against the new president-elect.

Ensuring Electoral Integrity in 2020
Al Franken cast the decisive 60th senate vote passing Obamacare and virtually everyone now agrees that his initial election in 2008 was achieved through judicially assisted electoral fraud; Clinton buddy Terry McAuliffe was almost certainly elected by felons and illegals; and my personal prediction is that historians will eventually agree that Obama lost the 2012 presidential election to Romney by about 2.5% of the legal vote.

Examining the Scorecard
Exit polls show Trump won more than just white males.

Counseling, vigils, safe spaces used to calm college students distressed by Trump victory
Universities across the nation on Wednesday offered safe spaces to students to help them process the anger and grief they felt as a result of Republican Donald Trump winning the presidential election.

Last night’s election could be the beginning of the end for Roe v. Wade
I was thinking this morning about how very different the political landscape is going to be under President Trump from what it would have been under Hillary Clinton. For starters, the current president’s executive actions on immigration are toast. No more DACA and DAPA. The Iran deal is looking shaky and Obamacare is probably in real danger of being repealed for the first time. And the Keystone XL pipeline, which the Obama’s administration killed a year ago, is probably going to get a 2nd look before 2017 is over.

Democrats devastated at state level in 2016 elections
“Basically extinct” in the South.

Exit Polls: Hillary Clinton Defeated by Homophobic White Racist Patriarchy
The online Left has spent the past 24 hours lashing itself into a frothing frenzy of Fear and Loathing such as I haven’t seen in years. You’d have to go back to the Bush/Gore 2000 Florida meltdown to find more rage, paranoia and partisan hatred than we’ve seen since it became apparent Tuesday night that Hillary Clinton was headed to defeat.

GrubHub CEO Attacks Trump, Tells Employees With “Hateful Attitudes” To Resign
Like many CEOs around the country this week, GrubHub’s Matt Maloney reached out to his employees on Wednesday to share his thoughts on the election. But unlike the conciliatory tones struck by Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg, his attempt to rally GrubHub workers was passionately anti-Donald Trump.

“People Have to Die”: Anti-Trump Protester Calls For Violence on CNN
During the massive anti-Donald Trump protests held in California the day after Election Day, one woman CNN spoke to called for violence and death as a means to enact political change.

Trump Won Because Leftist Political Correctness Inspired a Terrifying Backlash
What every liberal who didn’t see this coming needs to understand

Trumping the Elites
The American people said “no” to oligarchy and ruling classes.

Democrats at war: Staffer screams at pro-Clinton DNC leader Donna Brazile for helping Trump take the White House while her DNC pals “plotted against Bernie for their own gain”
Democrats are divided into Clinton elites and Sanders progressives

If 53,667 people had voted differently, Clinton would have keys to the White House
Donald Trump is poised to win this election with 74 more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton, a fairly imposing margin, particularly considering how many pundits had predicted she would win.

Report: Team Trump having trouble finding recruits for natsec positions
Good news, no? If, as populists like to say, experts are really just morons with credentials, we might as well start fresh with a national security bureaucracy that lacks experts.

Okay, GOP. We’ve given you everything. What will you do with it?
As we waited for the 2016 election to finally be over, I recently went back to look at some of the things I’ve written in years past when arguments arose between the GOP establishment, the Tea Party, the Freedom Caucus, the moderates and the rest of the factions which make up the often fractured Republican coalition. I realize I’ve been accused of being too favorable to the party structure on more than one occasion. I was in no hurry to see John Boehner chased out the door and have been more than willing to give Paul Ryan some room to run. For me it’s always boiled down to setting reasonable expectations.

List of Trump’s potential cabinet appointees leaked
Normally a president-elect has to balance two interests in filling a cabinet, patronage for his most loyal political allies and competent oversight for each department. Jared Kushner may be a trusted Trump aide but that doesn’t mean he should head Homeland Security.

A freakout at Oglethorpe
The campus freakouts continue. Here Oglethorpe University President Lawrence Schall bares his deep thoughts on the election of Donald Trump. Message: I am a brave and virtuous man, if I do say so myself – and my views line up with those of newspaper editorial boards around the United States.

Big, Red Wave misses California completely…again
But at least our pot is legal!

GrubHub co-founder warns Trump-supporting employees after election
Business people do foolish things when they get emotional. Foolish, brand-staining, possibly illegal things. The key passage from the CEO’s post-election company-wide email.

OK, Now What?: The Party is Over, Cometh the Hangover
All right, we have him. My reaction to Trump’s victory is barely of interest to me, and so it may be that the world is not waiting in quiet desperation for an account. I have no information on this matter from Ulan Bator or Sulawesi. Insofar as my reaction was that of half of the country, it may be of note.

Hillary Clinton’s Vaunted GOTV Operation May Have Turned Out Trump Voters
A focus on big data over people may have backfired.

Maybe the “irrational” election-related fears of college students aren’t so irrational
The conservative blogosphere is having great fun mocking students at elite colleges who are not simply upset at Donald Trump’s victory, but are also expressing fears of the personal consequences of that victory. While it’s understandable that, say, Muslim students or students who benefited from President Obama’s executive orders on immigration would be concerned about Trump’s policies, why would your average progressive white student from an upper-middle-class background attending an elite college be afraid not simply that Trump will be an awful president, but also that something bad will happen to that student personally? Isn’t this an example of the self-indulgence of millennials, special snowflakes who think the world revolves around them? Isn’t it paranoid and irrational?

Most Voters Expect Trump to be a Terrible President, But Thought Clinton Would Have Been Worse
Guys, this is bleak. We can’t keep doing this to ourselves.

How Jon Stewart And “The Daily Show” Elected Donald Trump
Jon Stewart attacked a show featuring political debate and strengthened the world where cultural elites mock those with whom they disagree. Take a bow.

Ben Sasse Congratulates Trump, Promises to Hold Him Accountable
One of the biggest voices in the Senate who stood in opposition to Donald Trump, Ben Sasse today has released a statement congratulating the President-Elect.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Destroys His Own Party
As Barack Obama rode a blue wave into office, he was backed by 29 Democratic governors, 27 state legislatures, and Democratic majorities in both chambers of Congress. He will leave office with both chambers under Republican control, only 19 Democratic governors left, and only 12 state legislatures. And he hands the keys over to a Republican no one thought would win.

UCI students scare themselves, hold “group cry” after Trump win
Hundreds of students at the University of California, Irvine took to the streets in the middle of the night to protest Trump’s decisive victory in the 2016 Presidential election.

Play Nice? Not Hardly: Trump Advocates Treat NeverTrumpers as Conquered Foes
If you were part of the Never Trump tribe, you probably knew that an actual Trump win would result in some increased trolling from the Trumpidian faithful.

Student says he was attacked for supporting Trump in mock election
A student at Stafford Elementary is recovering Wednesday after being beaten by several of his classmates.

The Blunders of Hillary’s Campaign
“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Hillary Clinton’s Expectations, and Her Ultimate Campaign Missteps
Last year, a prominent group of supporters asked Hillary Clinton to address a prestigious St. Patrick’s Day gathering at the University of Notre Dame, an invitation that previous presidential candidates had jumped on.

Re-Run: Is Trump Our Charles De Gaulle?
A reader directs my attention to something I posted here back in June, which, because I write too much, I had forgotten about. It was one my speculative posts, intended to provoke thought. I don’t think Trump is the equal of De Gaulle in any respect, but willy-nilly Trump may be embodying some Gaullist politics that are largely forgotten now.

How Republicans Could Overcome Filibusters by Senate Democrats
As Democrats strategize on how to stop conservative legislation from making its way to Donald Trump’s desk in the White House, Republicans have a little-known rule in their toolbox that would allow them to pass legislation, including a repeal of Obamacare, with a simple majority.

What the Trump Presidency Means for the Constitution
Following one of the biggest upsets in modern political history, The Heritage Foundation convened a panel of experts Thursday to examine what a Donald Trump presidency will mean for the Constitution and conservatism as a whole.

Will Trump’s Populist Policies Actually Make America Great?
For better or for worse, Trump won the Republican nomination and then the general election. It’s clear that his “Make America Great Again” slogan resonated with the electorate, particularly in Rust Belt areas that helped elect Obama twice. The problem for the president-elect is that a lot of the policy prescriptions he banters about cavalierly won’t help him fulfill that promise.

Gun-Control Advocates Win Three of Four Nationwide Ballot Measures
California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom told the Los Angeles Times the approval of Proposition 63 by voters Tuesday was not only “historic progress to reduce gun violence” but “a repudiation of the National Rifle Association and the gun lobby.”

Democrats Embrace Their Radicalism
The Democratic Party is suffering a nervous breakdown.

Anti-Trump Rioters Attack Car With Woman With Emergency, Also Assault Another Woman
The “protesters” (read: criminal rioters) were stopping people’s cars in Portland. The woman who they stopped said she had an emergency and they refused to let her, deeming it ‘not sufficient’ in their view to let her through. She tried to move ahead and they hit her car with a bat, smashing the windshield. Hundreds surrounded the car, some wanting to bash the car and do who knows what to the woman, while some were trying to stop them.

Sore Winners
Unlike rioting moonbats, even some of the most diehard NeverTrumpers are willing to give Trump a chance to prove us wrong about his fitness, as he did regarding his electability. A united GOP will be more effective at overcoming resistance to the repeal of Obama’s moonbattery. Unfortunately, some of Trump’s less mature and more vindictive acolytes are making unity difficult.

Democrats Surrender to “Fear Itself”
Republicans are celebrating Happy Fun Victory Week with such amusements as video of Democrats saying Donald Trump would never be president. Democrats, meanwhile, are surrendering to despair. Now that the election is over, liberals are just beginning to notice the extent of losses Democrats have suffered at the state level during the Obama Era.

Hillary Finds Her Scapegoat
Hillary Clinton on Saturday cast blame for her surprise election loss on the announcement by the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, days before the election that he had revived the inquiry into her use of a private email server.

Philippines’ President Duterte says his country can enhance relations with the US and congratulates Trump, a month after telling Obama to “go to Hell”
President Rodrigo Duterte hopes to mend relations between two nations

Welcome to the state of Clark
While everyone else’s heads are exploding or imploding over the concept of a president Trump, please allow a bit of parochialism: We should change the name of the state to Clark.

The Good, The Bad, The Schadenfreude
Sorry this is so late. Last night, absolutely convinced we were stuck with the dowager empress for four years, we went out for “a truly American meal” of burgers and (exceptionally, and trust me, I’m paying for it this morning eczema wise) fries. Coming out of the restaurant, (where everyone was watching BASEBALL) I checked my phone and realized that Trump was now favored to win.


Obama Scandals


The IRS Scandal, Day 1282: True The Vote Asks Supreme Court To OK Lawsuits Against Lois Lerner, Former IRS Commissioner For Damages For Violating Their Constitutional Rights
The Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Claremont Institute, Constitutional Jurisprudence Clinic at Chapman Law School, Public Interest Legal Foundation and Cleta Mitchell and other lawyers at Foley & Lardner have filed a cert. petition asking the Supreme Court to review True the Vote’s case against the IRS for the IRS’s illegal targeting of conservative organizations.


Gun Rights


Trump to Support Nationwide Concealed Carry
Leftist heads now exploding like popcorn kernels

Man with gun keeps Portland rioters away from his apartment bldg
Another example of “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Trump CAN end Paris climate agreement participation by the U.S.
The election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States has left reeling the environmental lobbyists and activists and international leaders committed to reducing fossil fuel use to meet the Paris climate agreement. As the Washington Post noted, “Trump comes into office with a plan to toss out most of what President Obama achieved on energy and the environment.”

Newly discovered EPA report says ozone measurements may be way off – cities may be in compliance
Accurate ozone measurements are required by the Clean Air Act, for public health, many jobs and billions of dollars are at stake. Yet since 1999 the EPA has failed to acknowledge erroneous ozone measurements biased upward by mercury vapor and other interferences.



Government in Healthcare


What Happens When We Help Mentally Ill People Kill Themselves
The liberalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide policy to cover the mentally ill is leading us down a dark path—one that offers death instead of hope.

Trump: Maybe we can amend ObamaCare instead of repealing and replacing it
I remember reading somewhere in September, during Trump’s brief “softening” phase on immigration, that one possible explanation for his tentative change of heart on mass deportation is that he tends to repeat whatever the last advice was that was whispered in his ear.


War & Terror


Operation to retake Raqqa begins
ISIS is now under attack in both its Iraqi and Syrian strongholds.

Rumor: Kelly Ayotte for defense secretary
This is … surprising, enough so that I’m guessing it’s something they’re leaking mainly for PR reasons with no intention of actually appointing her. One thing about Trump, though – he likes being unpredictable.

Mass Grave Discovered in Territory Recovered From ISIS




2 GOP Senators Advocate Post-Election Vote on Supreme Court Nominee
Two Republican senators are breaking ranks with GOP leadership over the confirmation of President Barack Obama’s stalled Supreme Court nominee.

It’s finally legal in Georgia to call your kid’s teacher an idiot without getting prosecuted
At some point, Georgia lawmakers were so worried that children might be traumatized by seeing adults fight in front of them that they criminalized

Milo Yiannopoulos to Dress Up in Drag as “Mattress Girl” for His Columbia University Event
Milo has said he plans to dress up as “mattress girl” Emma Sulkowicz when he speaks at Columbia University next week as part of his “Dangerous Faggot” tour.

Although They’re Guilty, Acquiting Ammon Bundy’s Crew Was Right
It took a unique combination of distrust, arrogance, and prosecutorial blunders to lead the Malheur occupiers to get away with their crimes.

Chelsea Clinton being groomed to run for Congress
While some pundits are declaring the Clinton political dynasty dead, sources tell us that it is far from over. Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for the New York seat held by Rep. Nita Lowey.

“I’m So Afraid of Violent Trump That I’m Going to Break Things, Burn Things, and Beat People”
Donald Trump will be the president of the United States in January. It’s still weird to say. Liberals and Leftists are not taking it well, though.


Economy & Taxes


Consumer sentiment hit 91.6 in Nov vs. 89.5 estimate
A measure of consumers’ attitudes rose to its highest level since June this month.




Judge orders chimp to be freed from zoo enclosure after ruling the animal has “non-human rights”
Cecilia, in her 30s, has been kept alone in a concrete enclosure for years at the shabby Mendoza Zoo in Argentina after the death of two of her mates




Transgender Children: Toxic Moms and Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy
Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy is a pattern in which a parent “fabricates, exaggerates, or induces mental or physical health problems” in their child “usually to gain attention or sympathy from others.”

“I Had Felt Out of Place Among Girls for Quite a Few Years at That Point”
You want to see something frightening? Here is a young woman who spent years living a “female-to-male” (FtM) transgender life, who began taking testosterone injections at 20, but over the past two years has “destransitioned.” She explains that she first encountered “FtM” propaganda (to call it what it actually is) on the Internet when she was only 15, and that these online videos and websites from the transgender cult (to call it what it actually is) appealed to her because of her sense of alienation from her female peers. She had felt “out of place among girls,” and this sense of alienation made her vulnerable to the transgender cult propaganda. Many of the effects of hormone “treatment” are irreversible, and in this video you can see her facial hair and her deep croaking voice as the permanent legacy of her former captivity within the transgender cult.

Rolling Stone’s False Rape Story Will End The Magazine
Rolling Stone hopes claiming a “badge of shame” will save them. Not likely.

What’s Worse Than Government Banning Speech? Making You Say Things You Don’t Support
When we refuse to acquiesce in a state policy, we remind the world that not everyone agrees. In compelling speech on these subjects, the state forces that disagreement into the shadows.

Hate, Lies and “Social Justice”
Dishonesty, selfishness and cruelty are the basic principles of the Democrat Party in 2016, although “social justice” is what Democrats call their perverse ideology.

GOP Should Put Nuclear Option On The Table For SCOTUS: Democrats Did
Remember when Hillary Clinton was going to win and gain a majority in the Senate but not have enough of a majority to invoke cloture (60 votes) to move forward with judicial nominees? It wasn’t that long ago. In fact, the vice-presidential nominee, Tim Kaine, brought it up.

Parents: Warn Your Children Not to Apply to George Mason University
George Mason University’s admissions office is staffed by intolerant Democrats who hate anyone who disagrees with them.

Bundy acquittal renews debate over federal land Nov11 by Thomas Mitchell
Apparently the unexpected acquittal in Oregon – on charges of illegally occupying a wildlife refuge to protest the jailing of father and son ranchers over fires that got out of control and burned a few acres of federal public land – has emboldened one of the Bundy brothers to the point of braggadocio.

And So It Begins: The Great Unknown–How Will Donald Trump Govern?
And aside from two issues….I don’t much care (for now).

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