Queering Segregation

     A K-12 school in Atlanta, Georgia has declared itself to be a “safe space” for ‘”LGBTQ+” students.

“Pride School Atlanta is the first LGBTQ+ affirming school in the South. Spearheaded by Christian Zsilavets, an openly transgender educator, it will join just a handful of such schools in the U.S. specifically designed as safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth.”

     Of course, straight/”cis-gendered” students are invited to come, just as long as they are “allies” who tout the Politically Correct line.

     Funny how a private company can exclude individuals on the basis of their “gender” or sexuality when said students want to push their beliefs and lifestyles, while bakers, florists, and photographers do not have that luxury?

     But then, “some… are more equal than others”, ain’t they?

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