News of the Week (September 11th, 2016)


News of the Week for September 11th, 2016


Election 2016


Donald Trump Is Killing Republicans With Minorities
What would it take for Republicans and conservatives to call Donald Trump out either for being racist or intentionally appealing to racists? Honest question.

Cornell Republicans Lose Credentials After Endorsing Gary Johnson
“Mr. Trump should not be the face of American conservatism.”

What’s going on with the Senate races?
It’s Labor day. There’s roughly two months to go before Election day, and while the media has been obsessed with coverage of the presidential election, less attention has been paid to U.S. Senate races.

Presidential Candidate Visits Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters, Assists in Vandalizing Construction Equipment
Some of the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters chained themselves to construction equipment. Again. They also got a visit from Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein who assisted the protesters with some petty vandalism.

The GOP’s Senate majority may be at risk, but it’s hardly a lost cause
Just last month the Democrats were in high spirits, seeing not only an easy glide path to the White House but a definite shot at retaking the Senate majority and perhaps even the House. Focusing on the upper chamber for a moment, The Hill examines just what it would take for the Dems to boot Mitch McConnell out of the Majority Leader’s office. Given the turbulent nature of this election cycle I wouldn’t rule out anything at this point, but there are a few races worth watching.

Goldman Sachs bans donations to Donald Trump
High-ranking employees reportedly banned from giving money to Trump campaign, donations to Clinton still allowed

DOJ reportedly granted immunity to computer expert who deleted Clinton emails
The Department of Justice reportedly gave immunity to a computer expert who deleted Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails during its investigation into her private email server despite being ordered by Congress to keep them.

Votes of Thousands Who Haven’t Proven Citizenship Could “Swing” Kansas Elections
With the presidential election two months away, a Kansas law requiring voters to show proof of citizenship remains in legal limbo.

Will “Basket of Deplorables” become the new “47 Percent”?
Nothing says woman of the people like a political candidate who got filthy rich while serving in the Senate and State Department insulting millions of voters while surrounded by celebrities, right?

I completely underestimated Hillary’s ability to screw up a massive lead
She still leads, but that lead has shrunk dramatically as Trump no longer is the center of attention and the spotlight is on Hillary.

Hillary Clinton “leaves 9/11 ceremony suffering from medical episode”
HILLARY Clinton has been forced to leave a 9/11 commemoration service today suffering from a “medical episode”, according to a law enforcement witness.

Clinton Collapse: Hillary rushed away from 9-11 ceremony
Campaign staff reports she was “overheated” and is now recovering.


Obama Scandals


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte tells Obama not to question him about killings
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned President Barack Obama on Monday not to question him about extrajudicial killings, or “son of a bitch I will swear at you” when they meet in Laos during a regional summit.

Obama Admin: Relying On “Common Sense” Violates Title IX
Defining sexual harassment using “common sense and reason” is a violation of Title IX, the Department of Education declared in a letter released Friday.


Gun Rights


Gun-Wielding Woman Saves Husband From Armed Robbers
A Florida woman saved her husband from armed robbers last week when she pulled her own gun, shooting one intruder and scaring off two others.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


How Climate Feedback is Fubar
Feedback is the most misunderstood topic in climate science and this misunderstanding extends to both sides of the debate. This is disturbing because the theoretical support for substantial warming cause by man’s CO2 emissions depends exclusively on the ability of positive feedback to amplify something small (3.7 W/m2 of forcing from doubling CO2) into something large (a 3C surface temperature rise).



Government in Healthcare


Students Push Social Justice Agenda at Harvard Medical School
“The students drive a lot of the agenda here.”


War & Terror


At Forum, Hillary Forgets Benghazi, Claims “We Did Not Not Lose a Single American” in Libya
Four men have no comment.

The New NATO Outpost in the Adriatic
At less than 200,000 inhabitants, Montenegro’s biggest city does not have the feel of a capital. It’s not only that it’s small — bombed to bits by Allied powers in World War II, the city known for decades thereafter as Titograd seems to sleep. Lonesome markers of a lost past — ivy-covered residential ruins, the call to prayer from a mosque in the Old Town — sit amid platoons of Cold War Yugoslav hardscrabble.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un bans sarcasm
North Korea’s crackpot dictator Kim Jong-un has banned his people from using sarcasm in their everyday conversations in a fresh crackdown on criticism of his leadership.

3 Female Jihadists Tried to Blow Up Notre Dame Cathedral.
When the national debate over Syrian refugees reached fever pitch last year, President Obama mocked Republicans for fearing “widows and orphans.” Within 48 hours, three female jihadis had blown themselves up for the glory of Allah. Well it looks like we almost had another three female radicals attain martyrdom, this time at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.




Changes to the Hugo Awards process
For those of you following the Hugo Awards soap opera for the past couple years, Linda S. did a fabulous thing: she attended all the business meetings at MidWestConII and issued a report. I kind of wanted to go to the business meetings, but of course I didn’t (not a surprise; there’s always something I’d rather do than go to meetings). I hear none of the votes were close enough that my attendance mattered, which is good, as otherwise I would feel guilty for skipping those meetings.

Dragon Awards: the Aftermath and Beyond
I was going to ridicule Lena Dunham today, but screw her! The Dragon Awards have been announced, and they’re fantastic!!!

Good-Bye, Friend: Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016)
A compendium of NP posts linking to Phyllis Schlafly writings

Cal State LA offers segregated housing for black students
“A safe space for Black CSLA students…”

“How To Be a White Ally” posters say all white people are racist
New students at Pomona College were welcomed to campus with posters in their dorms giving instructions on “How to be a (Better) White Ally” and stating that all white people are racist.

Massachusetts Government Can Force Transgender Bathroom Policies On Churches, Guidance Says
Under a Massachusetts civil rights agency’s interpretation of new anti-discrimination law, churches can be forced to let biological males who identify as transgender women use the women’s bathroom.

DePaul launches free speech lecture series after banning conservatives
DePaul University has announced a year-long series of speakers to discuss race and free speech, despite having recently banned two conservative firebrands from campus.

Protesters bum-rush Berkeley College Republicans, try to swipe life-size Trump cutout
Student protesters bum-rushed a Berkeley College Republicans’ tabling event Wednesday and tried to abscond with their life-size Donald Trump cardboard cut out.

Bakery refuses to write “Trump 2016” on cake
A Facebook post shared by a Bossier Parish teen is getting a lot of attention.

America 2016: Southern California Grade School Kids Diagnosed With LEPROSY
A doctor has diagnosed two students at an elementary school in Southern California with leprosy.

A Victory for Science over Scientific Propaganda: A New Report on Sexuality and Gender
The Fall 2016 edition of The New Atlantis: A Journal of Technology and Society consists of a careful analytical review of the scientific literature available across various disciplines on the topic of human sexuality and gender. The authors, Lawrence S. Mayer and Paul R. McHugh, are senior scholars with impeccable credentials and qualifications to undertake a major report such as this. The report takes a careful look at the literature and decides in an informed and straightforward way what the available science does and does not say—or, more precisely, what conclusions current science does or does not justify—about these important aspects of our humanity.

Oregon Bakers’ Legal Battle Continues, as Same-Sex Couple Speaks Out
Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Oregon bakers who refused to make a cake for the wedding of two women, filed new documents Thursday with the Oregon Court of Appeals in response to the same-sex couple’s arguments that the Kleins had no legal right to refuse them service.

U of Iowa creates social justice bachelor’s degree
the University of Iowa has become the first school in the state to add a bachelor’s program in social justice to its list of degrees after its Board of Regents approved the motion Thursday.

The Birmingham Police Department facing backlash over viral picture
Family of baby in picture says child was “exploited”

Newly Discovered Flatworm Is Named After Obama
Introducing Baracktrema obamai

#yOUrbad: Oklahoma U progressives lash out over diversity, otherization and gender pronouns
School got award for promoting diversity, which infuriated the SJWs.

Incoming freshmen get training on “microaggressions”
The only thing I remember from my college orientation was being taught to juggle. For the record, I don’t know how to juggle, but for some reason I remember someone attempting to teach me prior to starting college classes.

Cal State Los Angeles Brings Back “Separate But Equal”
Eight years ago, we were promised a post-racial society. After all, the country had elected its first black president. Clearly, racism was as close to dead as we were going to get it, right?

Vanderbilt U. now completely obsessed with gender pronouns
What did ze say about it?

Mattress store closes “indefinitely” after video for 9/11 “Twin Tower Sale”
Miracle Mattress has announced they are closing a store in San Antonio following the backlash over a 9/11 “Twin Tower sale.”

UW prof: Common Core is “social justice pedagogy,” not education
Common Core remains controversial, but one college professor insists that the program’s devotion to social justice creates a political constituency that will fight to keep it alive.

San Francisco 49ers Give in to Colin Kaepernick, Will Spend $1 Million on Social Justice
Colin Kaepernick’s protests against the national anthem may not be winning him many friends among patriotic Americans, but he has managed to guilt the San Francisco 49ers into a major donation to social justice causes.


Economy & Taxes


Obama Deficit Heads Upward Again
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) just revealed that this year’s federal budget deficit will rise to $590 billion, a depressing 35% increase over last year’s already-high $438 billion:




Merkel’s CDU beaten by anti-immigrant AfD in state election: exit poll
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats fell to third place in a state election on Sunday behind the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) and anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, TV exit polls showed.

Another German music festival. ANOTHER grope attack on women
Essen Original City Party in Germany, September 3: Once again, what are almost certainly Muslim migrants have played the Arab “game” of “Taharrush”, or group sex attacks, against women at a crowded venue of celebration. Pretty much exactly like what they did at the Cologne train station on New Years Eve.

Pro-democracy reformers win big in Hong Kong’s elections
19 of the 35 seats up for grabs in Hong Kong’s legislative election went to pro-democracy candidates who have vowed to continue the fight for autonomy from Beijing and its program of censorship, surveillance, and autocratic authoritarianism.

A potato general? Starved Venezuela appoints 18 czars to handle food distribution
In an effort to contain the increasing scarcity of food and medicine, the government of Venezuela is moving forward with an initiative launched a couple of months ago that many at first took as a joke: the Great Mission of Sovereign Supply, headed by Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was once a KGB spy code-named “Mole,” report claims
Was Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas a Soviet spy in the 1980s?

Déjà Zim: Mugabe Lashes Out
A familiar scene is playing out in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe’s followers, roving bands of unemployed young men who thirst for land, are once again invading and occupying farms. But they are merely pawns in the old man’s game. Land is the board upon which Zimbabwe’s politics are played and Grand Master Mugabe always manages to maneuver his pieces into the right places.

Knives out for NDP leader — but nobody wants his job
According to reports, Tom Mulcair might not return to Parliament as leader of the NDP when it resumes on September 19.

We’ll try BLACK MAGIC: Desperate Venezuelans turn to ritual slaughter to save sick relatives as failing economy leaves hospitals with empty shelves and no medicine
Venezuelans are turning to black magic in an attempt to treat sick relatives




Freedom Isn’t What You Think It Is
Freedom at its core is the ability to do what I ought, not simply what I want.

How A Cakemaker Became An Enemy Of The State
Why the story of Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop matters

Occidental Professor @LisaWade: Heterosexual Men Are Predators
No one has ever accused Professor Lisa Wade of being heterosexual. It’s difficult to imagine why anyone would even suspect her of such a thing, since her entire career has been built on anti-male hatred.

Ruth Ginsburg embarrasses herself again
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, having recently expressed regret for commenting on a matter she shouldn’t have (the candidacy of Donald Trump) is at it again. At an event at Georgetown Law School, Ginsburg complained about the Senate’s inaction on the Merrick Garland nomination.

What happens when society “puts the pussy on a pedestal.”
After over a hundred years of “women’s rights” we are reaching the inevitable endgame of presupposing that one sex has been downtrodden and mistreated by the evil “other” for all time.

When “Liberty” Forces 18 Girls Into a Single-Stall Shower Room
In recent years, a common refrain accompanying nearly every demand for newly invented “rights” has been: “It doesn’t affect you, so you can’t be against it.”

This Disgusting Attempt to Make a Trans Student’s Lewd Behavior Acceptable Goes Too Far
Not long ago I reported on a story where a group of high school girls in Minnesota were brought to tears after their school continuously ignored complaints that a trans student – a boy – who has been given access to the girl’s locker rooms, continuously engaged in lewd behavior around the girls. When the girls attempted to move to different locker rooms, the boy would follow them. Due to this, eleven families have filed a lawsuit against the school district.

“A Mad Scramble for Victim Status”
Christina Hoff Sommers is old enough to remember the 1960s, and must be amused by the absurd protests that erupt whenever she appears on university campuses. Back in the day, when students rioted over the Vietnam War and the governor sent in the National Guard, it was a serious thing. Nowadays? Fat white girls shouting “racist” at a speaker they don’t like – this is difficult to take seriously and yet, because young people themselves take this quite seriously, it requires our attention.

Sex Facts: Robots Don’t Have Babies and There Is No “Teenage Pregnancy Crisis”
In 1999, Maggie Gallagher published “The Age of Unwed Mothers,” in which she conclusively demonstrated that the panic about teenage pregnancy (“kids having kids”) was fundamentally misguided. Contrary to what the media and politicians were telling Americans, teenage motherhood had significantly declined since the 1960s, and what had actually changed about motherhood was the decline of marriage rates for young women. Gallagher showed that the astonishing increase of unwed motherhood — now 40% of U.S. births are to unmarried women – was largely a phenomenon involving women in their early 20s.

Understanding Generation Snowflake: “I Find That Offensive!”
A new book examines the origins of our fragile campus culture.

Governments Around the World Deny Internet Access to Political Opponents
Keeping your enemies offline can cripple their chances of overthrowing you.

Why the Dictionary Definition of Feminism Fails
Definitions depend on usage. For example, anyone is free to stipulate the definition of any word. One could, if one wanted to, define feminism as ‘the doctrine that women are fundamentally inferior to men and should serve them.’ This would certainly create an odd sort of ‘feminist,’ which is the main reason we try not to do that with important words. Definitions are meant to make something clear. Dictionary definitions are meant to make clear how a given word or term is actually used or has been used in a given language.

Bitter man-hater vomits lie after lie to justify her hatred: Amanda Marcotte and the art of ugliness
Feminists in general hate men and have a decided affinity for blaming them for all of women’s poor choices, but few feminists can match the bitter hatred of Amanda Marcotte.

Lying is a form of rape? How many men have you slept with, ladies?
Two articles from Vice have caught my attention today – one about lying as a form of sexual assault, and one about why women routinely lie about the number of men they have sexed up.

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