Privilege 101

     The following was presented in a history class.聽 It doesn’t even evoke any history, real or warped by the re-writing of the Left.

     School is no longer about knowledge.聽 It is about fundamentally transforming the way Americans think.

     Our Republic is DOOMED.

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8 Responses to Privilege 101

  1. avatar Nuke it from orbit says:

    Amazing. “If your parents/guardians read to you when you were young…” isn’t privilege, it’s having decent parents.

  2. avatar Nora Black says:

    *raises hand in class* Does a transgendered man take a step forward or backwards?

  3. avatar Cato the Rebel Without a Party says:

    This privilege thing is total bullshit. Most Lefties would call me Mr. Privilege McPrivilegeface just because I work in a lower middle class job, drive a newish car that only has one dent in it, and pass for white. Most of them have also never eaten out of a dumpster, so they can suck it.

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    Congrats on the milestone.

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  6. avatar microcosme says:

    This is totally subjective propaganda (not to mention ridiculous) being presented as factual learning. I hope students will be turned off by it and rebel.

  7. avatar Lurkette says:

    If this was a history class, the teacher needs to refund his/her/its/xer salary, as monies taken under false pretenses. I don’t know how I would teach literature in such an environment.

  8. avatar Leonel Roads says:

    Being poor is an oppression, yes, but this doesn鈥檛 cancel out the fact that you can still benefit from white privilege. 鈥淧rivilege simply means that under the exact same set of circumstances you鈥檙e in, life would be harder without your privilege.

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