News of the Week (June 26th, 2016)


News of the Week for June 26th, 2016


Election 2016


Donald Trump, Andrew Jackson, and Tom Cotton
When conservatism has succeeded in America, whether ideologically or politically, it has done so through the fusion of divergent philosophical viewpoints and diverse policy preferences. Ideologically, conservatism began to take off when William F. Buckley and the National Review crowd fused neo-liberalism — belief in free markets and individualism — with communitarian conservatism. Politically, conservatism prospered thanks to Ronald Reagan’s coalition of economic conservatives, social conservatives, and national security hawks (the three-legged stool).

19-year-old man tried to kill Trump at Las Vegas rally, officials say
A federal officer confirmed Monday that the man arrested at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas on Saturday had tried to steal an officer’s gun to kill the presumptive GOP nominee.

Illegal immigrant accused of wanting to kill Trump
The man facing charges for attempting to grab a police officer’s gun so he could allegedly shoot candidate Donald Trump is in the United States illegally.

The Primaries Are Over. Why Haven’t the 2016 Oddities Stopped?
There’s not a lot that supporters of Donald Trump, supporters of Hillary Clinton, and supporters of a bright future for the United States of America agree about. Following my usual policy of fostering comity and mutual understanding, however, I am happy to have isolated one important bit of common ground that partisans of all stripes can agree on: this has been a very odd campaign season.

CNN poll: A lot of Republicans want a different nominee
Via Erick Erickson, 48 percent say “you’re fired” but 51 percent are willing to keep him on the show. The economic/education divide, with Trump strong among working-class whites and weaker among the college-educated, is familia

OUCH: Half of Republicans Want Trump to GTFO
For the uninitiated, GTFO stands for “Get Thee Far Off”, and is an old-fashioned way of telling someone to get out of Dodge. As in, we don’t care for you very much at all, good sir. Vaya con Dios. Which is exactly how 48% of Republicans feel about Donald Trump in a new poll from CNN/ORC International.

Rubio says he will seek Senate re-election, reversing course
Former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio reversed course Wednesday and said he will seek re-election to the Senate, telling Fox News: “I changed my mind.”

“Make America White Again” campaign sign causing controversy
A campaign sign in Polk County is stirring up a lot of controversy.

Trump Performs Well with Rural Populace, Poorly with Females
Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is beating Republican front-runner Donald Trump in Arizona, according to a recent poll conducted by leading behavior research polling company, OH Predictive Insights.

Yes, There Will Be An Independent Candidate For President
The most surprising and topsy-turvy election in modern memory has a long way to go, and at least one more surprise is in waiting. It’s a third-party presidential candidate.

Donald Trump Campaign Tries To Intimidate Rebellious Delegates
Yesterday, I posted on how the Trump campaign has belatedly become concerned over a very real effort to stop Donald Trump’s nomination in his tracks. Now the Trump campaign is reacting with characteristic bluster and lack of substance

Trump NY Delegate Threatens to “WHACK” Any Delegate Who Revolts at GOP Convention
In a near-perfect display of New York Values, at least one Trump delegate is conducting himself more like a member of the mob that an elected representative at the upcoming GOP convention next month.

NC Governor Pat McCrory Faces Off in First Debate of the Campaign Against NC AG Roy Cooper
With issues ranging from teacher pay, to unemployment, to the hot button HB2 “bathroom bill” on the table, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory faced off against Democrat challenger, Attorney General Roy Cooper today in the first debate of the race, hosted by the NC Bar Association in Charlotte, NC – ground zero for the HB 2 controversy.


Obama Scandals


New Rule Requires Doctors To Treat Trans Patients As Their Pretend Sex
The consequences of a doctor’s decision not to treat a patient acting like the opposite sex now range from loss of federal funding to civil lawsuits to potential criminal investigation.


Gun Rights


Seven-Year-Old Little Girl Shows Gersh Kuntzman How To Shoot AR-15
“What is it like to fire an AR-15? It’s horrifying, menacing and very, very loud.” – An adult Pregressive man
“That was pretty good!” – Seven-year-old little girl 🙂

Democrats are holding a sit-in on the House floor
Democrats are holding a sit-in on the floor of the House to demand a vote on their no-fly gun control proposal. Rep. John Lewis led the demonstration by calling Democrats down to the floor and giving a brief speech which concluded, “Now is the time to get in the way. The time to act is now. We will be silent no more.”

BREAKING. House Committee Kills No-Fly-No-Buy Proposal
One of the most idiotic ideas to have emanated from the Obama White House appeared after a jihadi couple killed 14 people and wounded 22 in San Bernardino, CA. The idea was to prohibit the sale of firearms to anyone on either the no-fly list or a terror watch list.

America Is Awash In Guns, And Crime Is At Record Lows
For the average American alive today the odds of being murdered have never been lower — even though Americans possess millions more firearms.

If Orlando Was About Guns, Then “Boston Was About a Pressure Cooker”
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) called it “outrageous” that House Democrats would grab microphones and prevent fellow lawmakers from conducting business in violation of House rules, all to make a point about gun control, which is really beside the point

There Are Now More Bureaucrats With Guns Than U.S. Marines
Report: Non-military federal agencies spend $1.48 billion on guns and ammo since 2006

My Family Fled Communism. Stop Pushing Soviet-Style Gun Control Here.
An armed society is a polite society


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


House Science Panel Turns Up Heat on State AGs Over Ties to Climate Change Activists
House Republicans are pressing efforts to safeguard the First Amendment rights of scientific skeptics who dissent from what they consider the Obama administration’s alarmist position on climate change, according to letters to 17 state attorneys general.

Republican AGs: We’ll prosecute climate alarmists if prof-inspired probes of skeptics continue
In a marvelous case of “turnabout is fair play,” thirteen Republican attorneys general have sent a letter to their Democratic opposites warning them that if they persist with “fraud” probes of climate skeptics, then they’ll respond in kind with their own investigations.



Government in Healthcare


5 Key Health Care Proposals From House Republican Plan
House Republicans released their taskforce report on health care on Wednesday.

The House unveils its Obamacare replacement plan—and have you heard about it?
A few days ago I wrote a post about Paul Ryan and the accomplishments of this GOP Congress under him. Now, a lot of people can’t stand either of those entities—Ryan, or almost all of the Republicans in Congress—and are quite vocal about that.


War & Terror


ISIS slaughters toddler, forces mother to soak hands in her blood
Psychopathic ISIS jihadists beheaded a 4 year-old girl then forced her mother to soak her hands in the victim’s blood in the group’s de fact capital of al-Raqqa, northern Syria.

Details of FBI Watch Lists Revealed Including Number of Americans
On the Senate floor on Monday during the debate on gun control proposals in the aftermath of the Orlando terror attack, not many people paid attention, but the Vice Chairman Senate Intelligence Committee revealed fascinating new details about who is on the Federal Terrorist Watch Lists.

Omar Mateen’s gay lover: Attack was about revenge
We’ve already seen evidence that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was a regular at Pulse nightclub, and at least one patron saying he was there not to case the joint but to pick up men. Now a man who claims to have had a “friends with benefits” arrangement with Mateen says the killer acted not out of religious motives but revenge.




At UNC Chapel Hill, 16 departments have zero registered Republican professors, analysis finds
Professors registered as Democrats outnumber those registered as Republicans by a ratio of roughly 12 to one at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – and in 15 departments zero registered Republican professors can be found – according to educators’ registered party affiliations.

Panic sets in over prospect of losing another conservative SCOTUS justice
While not entirely unexpected, this is what we might refer to as a wake-up call. As reported by the Washington Examiner over the weekend, sources close to conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas say that he’s looking at announcing his retirement after the elections this November.

The Other Campus Free-Speech Problem No One’s Talking About
Christian activists are not trying to shutter secular schools; but some progressive activists are trying to put Christian schools out of business.

Oakland Loses Its 3rd Police Chief in 9 Days Amid Sex Scandal, Racist Texts
So the Oakland police department is going through a pretty bonkers series of scandals right now, with three police chiefs resigning in a little over a week.

New South Carolina Law Requires Students to Learn Founding Documents
We need laws for this to happen now?

Colorado Mother Fights Off Mountain Lion To Save Her Son
A Colorado woman managed to fight off a mountain lion that was attacking her 5-year-old son.

“Epic”: Homeowners’ Response to Government Request for Access to Property Goes Viral
One couple’s tongue-in-cheek reply to a state agency’s request for access to their property has gone viral across social media.

Pitt inclusion guide: correct English is a social construct
The guide says it is merely a suggestion, though “some people are asking you to be considerate of their wishes and sensibilities.”

Protesters kicked off campus for flying Mississippi state flag
Protesters at the University of Southern Mississippi were asked to remove the state flag from their vehicle even though school regulations allow demonstrators to carry the flag on campus.

“Maybe I said yes”: Police report in university rape case shows accuser’s ambivalence
Lynn University denies it blocked accused student from getting lawyer

Professor Investigated for Discussing Conflicting Viewpoints, “The Coddling of The American Mind”
The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) appears to have investigated two professors for asking students to simply consider all sides of the debate over today’s most controversial political and social issues. The investigations were prompted by student complaints made through UNC’s “Bias Response” system, which encourages students to file online reports of any “offensive classroom environment” to administrators, who may then intervene with the theoretically offending faculty.

Does Pluto have an ocean that holds alien life?
Dwarf planet may have liquid water lurking under its icy surface

We finally have the lawsuit that could break one of the worst parts of Title IX
We’ve covered far too many stories of the “campus rape culture” here and the frequent miscarriages of justice ( on both sides) which result when colleges attempt to replace the judicial system when dealing with potential felonies taking place on their property.

UC Irvine College Republicans sanctioned for Milo event, can’t host major events through mid-2017
UC Irvine has revoked the UCI College Republicans’ right to book event space through Student Center and Events Services through the spring 2017 quarter in the wake of a controversial Milo Yiannopoulos visit earlier this month. This essentially means the group cannot host any large gatherings on campus for a year.

UCI attempts to walk back CR suspension following outrage
The University of California, Irvine College Republicans chapter is challenging its administration on the grounds that it exploited a technicality to oust conservative voices from campus.

STUDY: Teen pregnancy shoots up when schools give kids condoms
File this under “not terribly surprising”…

Teacher who led student social justice protest convicted of “corruption of youth”
Former Allentown (Pennsylvania) School District teacher Michael Frassetto, who had led a student walk-out in late September to protest the district’s treatment of minority students, was convicted Monday on three counts for his role in the protest.

Freddie Gray: Sheriff Who Swore Charges Against Officers Says He Never Investigated
Is It Just Me, Or Does It Smell Like Perjury in Here?

Baltimore police officer found not guilty in Freddie Gray’s death
Baltimore police officer Caesar Goodson has been found not guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Freddie Gray.

Obama’s Amnesty Plan Effectively Struck Down
In a 4-4 split vote, the Supreme Court has affirmed the judgment of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld the preliminary injunction issued by federal district court Judge Andrew Hanen in the case brought by Texas and 25 other states challenging the Obama administration’s attempt to give legal status and work authorizations to almost 5 million illegal immigrants.

Supreme Court Upholds Race-Based Discrimination in College Admissions
The Supreme Court issued its disappointing decision in Abigail Fisher’s case on Thursday against the University of Texas at Austin.

San Diego launches free community college program
The free tuition program will also pay for textbooks for the 201 incoming freshmen, which directors of the program estimated to amount to $1,000 annually.

UC Irvine College Republicans vow fight over banishment: “We will not be silenced”
At UC Irvine, being conservative is akin to a hate crime, according to campus leaders. How do I know? Because I’m on the receiving end of it. My beliefs are not only not tolerated on campus, but actively stifled and censored.

Model legislation would restore due process to campus rape investigations
Colleges and universities would have to tell their students in writing that they are presumed innocent when accused of sexual misconduct, under a sweeping model bill offered by a due-process advocacy group.

Freddie Gray: Insight Into to Acquittal
Baltimore Sun editorial board calls for Mosby to reconsider “Freddie Gray” trials

Bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley dies at the age of 89
Legendary and Grammy award-winning bluegrass musician Dr. Ralph Stanley died Thursday evening, his label director Darlene Fowler confirmed. Stanley was 89.

AZ Democrat Is Charged with Food Stamp Fraud. Now Opponents Are Curious About WHERE She Did It
An Arizona Democratic state representative is in big trouble with the law and, it turns out, where she allegedly committed her crimes is of great interest to her political rivals.

New Barnard College curriculum to teach its female students “how to think”
Coming this fall, one of the most prestigious private women’s liberal arts colleges in the nation will launch a “forward-looking” curriculum that reduces their language requirement as it introduces a framework emphasizing social justice themes, among other topics and changes.

Connecticut’s new sex-consent law fails to define “sexual activity”
Kiss your sleeping boyfriend, get expelled

“There will be no mercy for you” A mother’s sobering warning to her four sons before college
An increasing portion of the college experience for men is staying on top of the ever-shifting expectations of behavior toward women, through the curriculum, seminars and campus activism.

UCI reinstates College Republicans, CRs boldly demand apology for discrimination
“We want nothing less than a resolution by the University of California Regents to condemn rampant discrimination against conservative students”

University of Arizona to offer master’s degree in “Transgender Studies”
The University of Arizona hopes to kick off the fall 2017 semester by offering a master’s degree in transgender studies.

Governor to Obama in Food Stamp Fight: “Wake Up and Smell the Energy Drinks”
Maine Gov. Paul LePage may have considered a proposal to prohibit food stamp recipients from using their benefits to buy candy and sodas to be a sweet one, but the Obama administration disagrees.

Maine’s First Lady Gets Job Waiting Tables
“Oh honey, it’s all about the money.”

Interim Mizzou President: Those Who Didn’t Support Race Protests Were “Just Bitter, Angry People”
Last fall, the University of Missouri was rocked by race protests that helped topple the president and chancellor, and sparked a backlash that included drops in enrollment and a retreat by some donors.

Professor raised under communism explains academics’ love of socialism – and why they’re wrong
The difference between ideas and facts is lost on leftist scholars

Ohio University Trustees worry college-level high school courses create inequality
Some members of the Ohio University Board of Trustees say a college credit program for high schoolers creates inequality among students and “could hinder students’ overall education.”


Economy & Taxes


Why Is the Government Trying to Regulate Fashion Blogs?
According to a recent article in The Fashion Law, the Federal Trade Commission is attempting to regulate fashion bloggers by arguing that their online sponsorships run afoul of Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, which prohibits deceptive conduct.




Brexit: Welcome, Britain, To Our Revolution
The issue in the Brexit is the same as the one behind the American Revolution: the consent of the governed.

Belgian Jewish student “gassed” with deodorant by classmates in showers
Mother says 12-year-old son subjected to vicious anti-Semitic bullying at elementary school in Brussels suburb

The food riots in socialist paradise Venezuela are escalating
“During Carnival, we used to throw eggs at each other just to have some fun. Now an egg is like gold.”

Leader of Generation Identity, Austria: “We want to stop what we call the Great Replacement”
Martin Sellner of the Australian chapter of Generation Identity joined me to talk about Europe’s disastrous immigration policies, and why more people like him are fighting back.

Armed Man Shot Dead In Cinema Hostage-Taking
Police say they do not have any information on the assailant’s identity and motives but they do not believe he was a terrorist.

German nudists outraged at new rules ordering them to wear swimwear as refugee shelter arrives on lake
Officials said the rules were for generic public swimming pools and had been applied by mistake

David Cameron resigns: Prime Minister announces he will step down after UK votes for Brexit
“The country requires fresh leadership to take it in that direction”

Nigel Farage calls for 23 June annual bank holiday to celebrate Brexit
Jubilant Nigel Farage has called for June 23 to become a bank holiday in Britain, dubbed “Independence Day”, after the nation voted to quit the EU.

The Brexit contagion: How France, Italy and the Netherlands now want their referendum too
Voters in France, Italy and the Netherlands are demanding their own votes on European Union membership and the euro, as the continent faces a “contagion” of referendums.

From Liz Hurley to Eddie Izzard and Sir Michael Caine to Bob Geldof, the winners and (oh, joy) losers of the EU referendum
Leave voters claimed victory in referendum after ten weeks of bitter rivalry

Brexit boosts “CANZUK” replacement for European Union: Column
Older Americans will remember the demolition of the Pruitt-Igoe housing project in St Louis in 1972. It was built in 1954 with the best of intentions and designed with the expert opinion of social scientists and architects. Despite its good intentions like many other high-rise public housing projects it gradually turned into a nest of crime, dependency and social pathologies. Its demolition stands as a spectacular image of failure in the public mind.

NON! EU slaps down Sturgeon: SNP leader dramatically announces she wants “immediate discussions” to STAY in EU… but she is humiliated as Brussels says “No, that’s not how it works”
Nicola Sturgeon said she wanted to “protect Scotland’s place in the EU”

“Germany needs to make UK come to its senses”
Britain leaving the EU means trouble ahead for Germany – and its hardest task will be convincing the Brits to drop a self-defeating ideology

Germany says “won’t let anyone take Europe from us”
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Saturday that the EU would weather the shock of the British vote to leave the union as he convened crisis talks.

Feminists Win as Australian Man Pleads Guilty in Facebook Harassment Case
Zane Alchin, 25, may go to prison for making rape jokes on Facebook. The Australian man pleaded guilty Monday to “using a carrier service to menace, harass, or cause offence” in a case that began with a hiphop lyric.




The Rise Of Cultural Parasites
Until recently, if an Indian musician felt that the works of Mozart didn’t reflect his culture, he didn’t start a ‘Give the Symphony a Sitar’ hashtag campaign.

California To Vote On Bill That Will Essentially Terminate Religious Schools
Apparently that high wall of separation between church and state should only work one way. Should the religious attempt practice freely in public, that wall must be high and impregnable. If the irreligious decide the religious need to practice a little less in their own spaces, though? Then, what wall?

Why Americans Should Celebrate the Brexit Vote
The momentous victory for the Brexit campaign signals a new era of freedom for the British people.

Social Justice Musical “Come Be PC” perfectly mocks EVERYTHING about leftist SJWs
A new video by YouTuber “Chris Ray Gun” takes the song “Under The Sea” from the Little Mermaid and turns it into a take down of everything social justice warriors believe in.

Why Should Axing Due Process Stop With The Second Amendment?
A list that stops you from boarding a plane today is a list that might deny you a license to drive, speak, or vote tomorrow.

The Failed Heterosexual

The World Has Gone Mad
The rise of transgender mania — for which Bruce “Caitlin” Jenner is the celebrity poster boy/girl — can best be understood as a belated consequence of culture shifts that occurred 40 or 50 years ago, especially in the field of psychology.

Brexit and the End of International Progressive Inevitability
Whose side is history on now?

Campus Conservatives, You Are Not Alone
Conservatives are a minority group on campus, and new networks are arising to support them.

Thank you, America!
For my final broadcast to the nation on the eve of Britain’s Independence Day, the BBC asked me to imagine myself as one of the courtiers to whom Her Majesty had recently asked the question, “In one minute, give three reasons for your opinion on whether my United Kingdom should remain in or leave the European Union.”

Selective dudgeon by environmentalists over use of national monument land
This is why they are called spoilsports.

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