News of the Week (March 13th, 2016)


News of the Week for March 13th, 2016


Election 2016


Even Bernie Bros Are Upset With Sanders’ Comment On Poverty
“Just because I’m white doesn’t mean I have everything handed to me.”

Congress Committed to Stopping Obama From Handing Gitmo U.S. Naval Station to Cuba
President Obama is not only expected to close Guantanamo Bay, but rumor has it he is prepared to give our U.S. Naval Station in the region to Cuba.

Backlash Over Caitlyn Jenner’s Cruz Support Proves Leftists Are The Real Bigots
Caitlyn Jenner voices support for Ted Cruz’s vibrant economic policies and love of freedom, so now some trans advocates want to vote Jenner off the island.

North Carolina Republicans worry about down-ballot races with Trump ticket
North Carolina provided one of the few bright spots for Republicans on Election Night 2012, a night that saw several swing states that the GOP hoped to win fall back into Barack Obama’s hands.

Brokered convention proponents are missing the point
Right off the bat I’d like to reiterate that I’m still far from convinced that the GOP nomination process is heading for a brokered convention scenario, no matter how certain it seems to be in the eyes of some of my colleagues. That’s not to say that it can’t or won’t happen, but there is still plenty of running room left for somebody to make it to 1,237 delegates if they pick up a serious head of steam by next week and some of the bigger states down the road fall in line. Still, it’s a possibility on the minds of many, particularly in the #NeverTrump camp, and they appear to be pinning all their hopes and dreams on it.

Are Independents And Democrats Really Behind Donald Trump’s Success So Far?
We’ve had many discussions about the role of independents and cross-over voters in the rise of Donald Trump. There is a not so small group of conservatives who believe the Trump is fueled either in part, or in entirety, by Democrats voting for Trump in open primaries or by previously disengaged independents turning out. According to the Washington Post, neither of those suppositions bears up under analysis.

Newt Gingrich unwittingly highlights another way to stop Donald Trump
There are headlines going around setting up that Newt Gingrich attacked Mitt Romney for his speech against Donald Trump, but his interview on Fox and Friends is raising an important point about the dynamics of a convention which has no first-ballot majority. And even if he didn’t realize this, he’s pointing out another way Trump might yet be stopped.

Idaho pastor shot in the skull after praying with Ted Cruz, manhunt underway for former Marine
On Saturday, pastor Tim Remington put his arm around Ted Cruz and then delivered a rousing invocation at a campaign rally in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

KS Caucus: EVERY Undecided Voter Broke for Cruz
The final March 4 Aggregate Average of the three groups polling the KS Caucus showed Trump (23.95%) leading Cruz (19.43%) with 28% undecided.

RNC Rule 40 may create an absurd undemocratic result, and should be changed
Poorly drafted Rule could place in nomination only a candidate without a majority of delegates, creating a convention deadlock or worse.

Charlie Gasparino: Barring a Change in Polls, Rubio Donors Say He Will Suspend His Campaign Before Florida Primary
Gasparino is a reporter for Fox Business News.

There are already D.C. Republicans saying privately they’ll support Hillary to stop Trump
Normally a story like this would be a five-alarm fire in grassroots conservative media, evidence that the RINO rat bastards in Washington were preparing for the ultimate back-stabbing. This time, though, per the #NeverTrump rallying cry, even some conservatives think the stabbing is justified.

Watch This Vintage Campaign Ad That’s Eerily Similar To 2016
“When the head of the Ku Klux Klan, when all these weird groups come out in favor of the candidate of my party — either they’re not Republicans or I’m not.”

4 Quick Takeaways From Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho, and Hawaii Primaries
Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho, and Hawaii held their primaries yesterday. Donald Trump was expected to win Michigan and Mississippi, and he did. Hillary Clinton was expected to win Michigan and Mississippi, and while she won Mississippi, she lost Michigan. Let’s look at a few quick takeaways of what this all means.

Jeb Bush to meet with Rubio, Cruz and Kasich
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush plans to meet with three of the four remaining Republican presidential candidates today and tomorrow in Miami, according to an aide.

Donald Trump and the Twenty-Four-Year Itch
This morning, I voted in Michigan’s Republican presidential primary, and I returned home to read in Erasmus’ Adages in preparation for tomorrow’s class.

Sanders May Have Won Michigan, But Clinton Won The Delegates
Bernie Sanders pulled off what can only be considered an “epic” win last night in Michigan, defying all predictions and polling. Michigan, my home state, was, against all reason and logic, feeling the Bern.

After criticizing Obama and touting Trump, ESPN strips NFL legend Mike Ditka of analyst role
Just days after calling President Barack Obama the “worst president” ever and admitting he’d “probably vote for [Donald] Trump,” legendary NFL player and coach Mike Ditka was stripped of his analyst role on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown.”

3 Reasons Donald Trump Is A Social Justice Warrior
Donald Trump is the perfect social justice warrior president. In short, he’s a whiner, sissy, and coward.

10 Reasons Americans Are Voting For A Socialist
In many cases, Bernie Sanders may actually be a rational (progressive voter’s) choice.

Here’s The Math On Why Obsessing Over The Florida GOP Primary Makes No Sense
Donald Trump can still be beaten if he wins Florida. But there’s no way to beat him if Republicans sacrifice 259 delegates for a tiny chance at winning Florida.

Brokered GOP Conventions Often Produce A Winning President
Since its first convention in 1856, the Republican Party has had ten presidential elections in which no candidate coming into the convention had a majority of delegates.

How Cruz can win
There’s one huge takeaway from Tuesday’s primaries results: Ted Cruz overperformed in a state where conventional wisdom says he shouldn’t have had a chance, namely Michigan.

Kasich Admits He Did Not File Enough Valid Signatures to Appear on Pennsylvania Ballot
A couple days ago we reported that team Kasich was facing a court challenge to their ballot access in Pennsylvania. Specifically, the plaintiff in the case alleged that Team Kasich failed to file the required 2,000 valid signatures to appear on the ballot in Pennsylvania. The Kasich campaign filed 2,184 signatures, but the plaintiff alleged that well over 184 of those signatures were invalid and/or fraudulent for a whole host of reasons.

Bernie Sanders Praises The Healthcare System Of Communist Terrorists In Nicaragua
Interview with Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders (I-VT) following his trip to Nicaragua in summer 1985. Kindly sub to People’s War for providing CCTV footage

Will Ted Cruz Name Applejack As His Running Mate?
Not only would My Little Pony’s Applejack be the first “vice pony,” she would also be the first female in American history to occupy the vice presidency.

When A Yob Is Not A Boy And Other Stories Of Confusion And Dissension In The V.I. G.O.P.
The Republican consultant from Michigan who advised Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign is trying to get himself elected as a delegate to the 2016 GOP nominating convention, representing the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Marco Rubio Tells Supporters To Vote For John Kasich In Ohio
Ungrateful Response From Kasich Spox

Rubio Encourages Supporters to Vote for John Kasich in Ohio
Everyone working together to stop Trump?

Trump and Affirmative Action
One addendum to David French’s post on the Michelle Fields matter: She was asking Mr. Trump about his stance on affirmative action, and rightly so. Despite his anti-p.c. reputation, Mr. Trump is on record this campaign as saying that he is “fine with affirmative action,” and he criticized Justice Scalia for raising the “mismatch” point at oral argument in the Fisher v. University of Texas case.

GOP May Lose Marco Rubio’s Senate Seat
The Shark Tank Managing Editor and Author of Brown People, Javier Manjarres, recently appeared on The Blaze TV’s “The Dana Show,” discussing how Jeb Bush was meeting with three of the remaining Republican presidential candidates, and whether or not he was going to endorse one of them.. and if so, who?

San Bernardino Assembly race could define what it means to be an Inland Empire Democrat
What happens when a Democratic lawmaker strays from party leaders on a key piece of Gov. Jerry Brown’s policy agenda? One assemblywoman who held back support for a sweeping climate-change bill last year is starting to find out.

The Party Still Decides
POLITICAL parties are mentioned nowhere in the Constitution, and the party nominating process offers few of the protections associated with the ideal of “one man one vote.” Voters in early states have far more influence than voters in later ones. Votes in hard-to-attend caucuses effectively count more than votes in high-turnout primaries. Some primaries are open to party loyalists; others to all comers. The rules that assign convention delegates are byzantine, the delegate selection process is various, and a few states rely on conventions and cut the voters out entirely.

Bernie Sanders promises to “take trucks off the road” if elected
During a recent campaign event, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders shed some light on his plans for the trucking industry.


Obama Scandals


NOAA Radiosonde Data Shows No Warming For 58 Years
In their “hottest year ever” press briefing, NOAA included this graph, which stated that they have a 58 year long radiosonde temperature record. But they only showed the last 37 years in the graph.

State Dept. Warns Employees: “Microaggressions” May Count As Harassment
Following the example set by elite liberal universities, the U.S. State Department has begun cracking down on “microaggressions” in the workplace. According to a newsletter from State Department chief diversity officer John Robinson, employees who commit “microaggressions” may risk violating harassment laws in doing so.

What’s On the Menu for the School Lunch Program?
Several hundred school food managers visited Senate offices this week pushing for floor action on a bipartisan draft child nutrition reauthorization bill that reflects a deal on school meal standards brokered with the White House and a key Senate panel.


Gun Rights


The Guns We Love To Hate (And Hate To Clean)
This may be the champion PITA pistol to strip and clean. Actually, it’s not that tough to strip. It’s the reassembly that’s a bitch…..


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


NOAA Radiosonde Data Shows No Warming For 58 Years
In their “hottest year ever” press briefing, NOAA included this graph, which stated that they have a 58 year long radiosonde temperature record. But they only showed the last 37 years in the graph.

Obama: U.S. responsible for climate change
The U.S. and Canada are responsible to a great degree for causing the Earth’s temperature to rise and spurring climate change, President Obama said Thursday.



Government in Healthcare


“Affordable” care in Minnesota for you – but not for your kids
Entitlement programs in general spend tomorrow’s money on payments today – in essence, picking the pockets of our children and grandchildren for our own benefit. Here in Minnesota, the state takes that more literally.”

Venezuelans Make Taxing Trek to Seek Health Care in Colombia
They gather by the hundreds at border bridges before dawn, in wheelchairs and surgical masks. They clutch X-rays and bundles of medical records they hope will persuade Venezuelan officials to let them join the few allowed to cross into Colombia each day.


War & Terror


Spain: We’ll Invade If Britain Leaves European Union
Spain has warned that it will invade the British territory of Gibraltar if the UK leaves the European Union. According to the Daily Express newspaper Foreign Minister, Jose Manual Garcia-Margallo, said Spain would take control of the territory “the very next day”.

Documents Reveal US Army Indoctrinated Soldiers on Dangers of “White Privilege”
Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained documents from the United States Department of the Army revealing that in April 2015, 400 soldiers in the 67th Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon, Georgia, were subjected to a “white privilege” briefing, including a PowerPoint presentation instructing the attendees: “Our society attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual…”

$725M program Army “killed” found alive, growing
The Army misled Congress and taxpayers when it said it had killed in 2014 a program that embedded social scientists with combat units, according to a congressman, a Defense official and Army documents.

Here’s That Wonderful “White Privilege” Course US Army Soldiers Had to Take
On Wednesday, Judicial Watch unveiled the details of a “white privilege” course that hundreds of U.S. Army soldiers were forced to take in April 2015. The class instructed the soldiers on one of the social justice movement’s pet themes: that American society is “organized according to race,” with the “white and male and heterosexual” citizens given special “privileges.”

America’s Air Supremacy Is Fading Fast
American air supremacy is in a bear market of long-term decline with no end in sight.

Ankara bombing: More than 30 people killed, 125 injured in blast in Turkey, official says
A bomb reinforced with nails and packed into a BMW driven by a man and a woman was used in a suicide bomb attack that killed 34 people and wounded 125 others in central Ankara yesterday, security officials said.




Navy SEALs Let A 6 Year Old With A Rare Genetic Disorder Join Them For A Day Of Training
A 6-year-old got the birthday surprise of a lifetime when he found out he would be a Navy SEAL for a day.

“Diff’rent Strokes” Star Says Nancy Reagan Helped Him Overcome Drug Addiction
Former teen actor, Diff’rent Strokes star Todd Bridges, says First Lady Nancy Reagan gave him advice about drugs that helped him get through the “lowest point” of his life.

Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker Sex Tape Trial Begins
The Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker trial began today in St. Petersburg, Florida. The trial follows Hogan’s decision to sue after the controversial regressive-left blogging network posted Hogan’s private sex tape in 2012 without permission.

Sick Hate Tweets Against Nancy Reagan Expose Left’s Deadly Agenda
The firehose of bile from Twitter users at the death of former First Lady Nancy Reagan on Sunday reveals the success of leftist radicals’ attempts to rewrite the facts of the War on Drugs, the program put into place by Ronald Reagan with the support of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign. That revisionist history is a key component of the current “mass incarceration” movement that is aimed not only at putting dangerous felons back on the street, but also in turning them into both foot soldiers in the revolution and a voting bloc for Democrats.

Convicted Sex Offender Leads Transgender Rights Effort in North Carolina
The homosexual leader of efforts in North Carolina to allow men to use women’s bathrooms is a convicted and registered sex offender, according to documents made available to Breitbart News.

Americans Really Don’t Like Immigration, New Survey Finds
Sixty-one percent say it jeopardizes the nation.

House Republicans to college students: Have you been censored? Let us know. Email us!
House Republicans have called on students nationwide to email them stories of censorship in the wake of a subcommittee hearing on Wednesday at which testimony conveyed that colleges abuse their tax-exempt status as an excuse to restrict free speech.

Hoyer Says Constitution Does Not Compel Senate to Consider Nominee
At his weekly meeting with reporters last week at the nation’s Capitol, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said the Constitution does not require the U.S. Senate to give “advice and consent” on President Barack Obama’s nomination to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Interracial White Privilege is the Left’s Hot New Hate
White privilege, it’s not just for white people anymore.

The Triggering 2016: Date and Timeline
Our freedom of speech is under attack from cultural Marxists who seek to subvert us. Well, as The Addams Family said…”we gladly feast on the flesh of those who seek to subdue us” That is why on March 9th and 10th, to fight political correctness, and to celebrate the return of Lauren Southern’s profile, we shitlords around the world will conduct the annual event known as #TheTriggering on all forms of social media.

Officer in Freddie Gray trial will be forced to testify against fellow police
Some very unexpected news broke in Baltimore today, with Maryland’s highest court finding that Officer William G. Porter will be forced to testify in the upcoming trials of his fellow cops who were involved in the death of Freddie Gray.

Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: “Transabled” people feel like impostors in their fully working bodies
Oh, The Humanities: Part of a series showcasing research at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences this week.

Mizzou’s Melissa Click says “conservative voices” got her fired for supporting black students
The professor who manhandled a student journalist and called for “muscle” to remove him from a public space is calling herself a “scapegoat” in the University of Missouri’s quest to “silence Black students and their allies.”

Attorney General Lynch asks not to be considered for Supreme Court vacancy
U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked not to be considered as a nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia last month, the Justice Department said on Tuesday.

USC student senator faces impeachment for being conservative
Jacob Ellenhorn is the subject of a formal complaint seeking his removal from office for expressing his conservative opinions, such as inviting Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus and filming an event for Campus Reform.

Georgia lawmaker calls on Georgia Tech president to resign
A Georgia legislator who has fiercely defended due process rights for college students accused of sexual assault is calling for the resignation of Georgia Tech’s president. State Rep. Earl Ehrhart, who in January held a hearing on the lack of due process provided by Georgia Tech and other state universities, called on Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson to resign over the concerns.

University of Arizona Campus Crybullies Demand Racial Quotas, Free Tampons
A group of “marginalised” students at the University of Arizona issued a list of demands to the University administration, including instituting race quotas in university hiring and adding trigger warnings in classes.

Como Park High teacher criticized by Black Lives Matter now on paid leave
Last week, Black Lives Matter St. Paul threatened a “shutdown action” at Como Park over the teacher’s social media posts critical of school district support of teachers.

CSULA Students Vote to Fire University President for Letting Shapiro Speak
Two weeks ago, I spoke at California State University at Los Angeles. The president of the university, William Covino, had attempted to cancel the lecture just three days in advance, after weeks of planning and activism by students.

Wounded Warrior Project execs fired
The two top executives of Wounded Warrior Project were fired Thursday by the board of directors.

Puerto Rico Rejects Gay Marriage, SCOTUS Ruling “Doesn’t Apply Here”
Because of Puerto Rico’s ambiguous political status vis-à-vis the United States, a federal judge in Puerto Rico ruled Tuesday that the Supreme Court’s decision to impose gay marriage doesn’t apply on the island, which is a commonwealth with a unique constitutional status.


Economy & Taxes


If Sweden and Germany Became US States, They Would be Among the Poorest States
The battle over the assumed success of European socialism continues. Many European countries like Sweden have gained a reputation as being very wealthy in spite of their highly regulated and taxed economies. From there, many assume that the rest of Europe is more or less similar, even if slightly poorer. But if we look more closely at the data, a very different picture emerges, and we find that the median household in the US is better off (income-wise) than the median household in all but three European countries.

If Sweden and Germany Became US States, They Would be Among the Poorest States
The battle over the assumed success of European socialism continues. Many European countries like Sweden have gained a reputation as being very wealthy in spite of their highly regulated and taxed economies. From there, many assume that the rest of Europe is more or less similar, even if slightly poorer. But if we look more closely at the data, a very different picture emerges, and we find that the median household in the US is better off (income-wise) than the median household in all but three European countries.

Your Boss Wants to Know If You’re Gay
Are you gay? The question isn’t taboo in the workplace anymore, for better or worse.

Luxurious College Apartments, Built on Debt
The lazy rivers. The dining-hall steakhouse. The hot tubs. The dazzling fitness centers. Journalists who cover higher education love these lists of amenities in student housing, and readers love to hate them.

40 Years Later, Prop 13 to be a Main Attraction on 2018 Ballot
On the 40th anniversary of Proposition 13 passing, the iconic property tax measure could very well be a leading issue on the 2018 ballot both with a ballot initiative or two and a prime topic in the gubernatorial campaign.

Fight for $15 Billionaire Won’t Hike Wages Until Feds Make Him
Nick Hanauer breaks silence on report of low wages at family




GERMANY BANS SAUSAGES: Pork banned in cafes and schools to “not offend refugees”
SCHOOLS and canteens in Germany have BANNED pork from their menus over fears of offending Muslim migrants, a top politician has revealed.

Singapore demonstrates what happens when you allow the government to crack down on “xenophobia”
Whether it’s here in the United States or across Europe, immigration has become a flashpoint in policy discussions. Legitimate concerns are expressed over factors ranging from potential competition for jobs or resources to feed the needy, to worries about terrorists crossing borders in the guise of desperate refugees.

Hard right stuns with huge election gains in Frankfurt
The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) stole huge amounts of votes off the established political parties in elections in central Germany, while a small neo-Nazi party won 17 percent in one district.

Finland probes mystery spike in radioactivity
Finnish authorities are investigating a mysterious “highly exceptional” spike in levels of radioactive caesium-137 detected over Helsinki, officials said Tuesday.

How Europe’s most liberal nation gagged its own people on migration attacks: The Swedish conspiracy to hide the truth about the refugee influx
Stockholm railway station isn’t a nice place at nine on a winter evening. Smart young Swedes run to catch trains to the suburbs watched by groups of men in hoodies leaning against pillars in the shadows as they swap plastic bags of cannabis or heroin for wads of krona, the national currency.

City Council Refuses A Garage Permit, This Man Finds A Genius Solution
Sometimes you can’t take a “no” for an answer. Even if it’s a “no” from your local council. Belgian Eric Vekeman couldn’t accept the fact that a garage permit was refused, so he built it anyway.

India: Woman Burned Alive for Marrying Outside of Her Caste
Brothers in India burned their sister alive after she married a man in a different caste (social class) in the nation’s most recent honor killing.

German Finance Minister: Sorry, The Entire Budget Surplus Has Been Earmarked For Immigrants
Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has made it clear in budget negotiations with coalition partners that the 13 billion euro surplus will not be spent on anything except migrants.

Canada Bankrolling More Female Directors to Close Gender Gap
The National Film Board of Canada, the country’s public filmmaker, has promised half the movies it finances will be directed by women.

The War on Women Continues in Progressives’ Paradise
Sweden is renowned as a beacon of gender-equality. In 2015, Sweden also exemplified the European Union’s willingness to open its doors to refugees, taking in an estimated 163,000 to join the Swedish population of about 10 million, which was more than any other EU country per capita.

Socialism Has Created a Humanitarian Disaster in Venezuela
Venezuela’s accelerating economic meltdown is rapidly turning into a full-fledged humanitarian crisis. For too many in that country, the pervasive shortages of food, medicine, electricity, and other basic goods are making everyday life a nightmare. It is Venezuela’s version of the “winter of discontent,” except that it has been brewing for much longer and its unfolding consequences are far more frightening.

In China, the state decides who can come back from the dead
In China, it’s not easy to become a “living Buddha.” First come the years of meditation and discipline. Then comes the bureaucracy.

Refugees NOT Welcome Here: “Radical Queer” Commune Dwellers Oppose Plans To Turn Their Squat Into a Migrant Centre
Pro-refugee activists have protested against the construction of refugee homes on a piece of public land – land on which they happen to squat in a “radical queer trailer park” and run an “anti-discrimination” workshop in.

France: Riots over proposed increase to 35-hour work week
Trouble in Paradise.

Justin Trudeau’s “foolish” China remarks spark anger
“It seems to be that he’s not well-informed,” Asian-Canadian says of Liberal leader

Migrants are being taught about gay sex, how to make love while pregnant and how to find the female G-spot in illustrated manuals distributed in Germany
German government issues graphic illustrations for sex education manual

Turkish First Lady: harem was “school” for women
Turkey’s First Lady has called the harem of Ottoman sultans a “school” preparing women for life, according to local media.

Syrian refugees in Canada got housed in same hotel as VancouFur furry convention and the children loved it
“VancouFur wants to ensure that each and every one of the refugees (and attendees) feels welcome and safe as this is likely to be a major shock to them”

Christian magistrate is sacked after claiming adopted children were better off with a man and a woman as parents than with a gay couple
Magistrate Richard Page, 68, sacked after 15 years at Maidstone court

Government Funded Website Teaches Migrants How To Have Sex… In 13 Different Languages
An explicitly illustrated new website from the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) targeting migrants gives life lessons in sex, including different positions, prostitution, and how to engage in causal sex.

Danish man had a thing for masturbating at Burger King
A 37-year-old man from Mern was given a suspended 14-day jail sentence for masturbating in an area Burger King drive-thru, local media reported on Thursday.

Japan To Feminist UN Committee: “You Do Know That Fictional Characters Aren’t Real, Right?”
You might have missed this bit of news – back in February, the United Nations (in their perpetual state of Having Nothing Better To Do) put together a committee demanding that the Japanese government crack down (among other things) on their video game, manga, and anime industries regarding depictions of sexual violence against women in fiction. Basically, the UN wanted Japan to impose bans on their extremely successful and popular entertainment industry because social justice nuts in the United States get squicky about certain things that, culturally in Japan (for better or worse) are completely acceptable in their entertainment.

German voters’ damning verdict on open-door migration: Angela Merkel is punished in crucial state elections as far-Right party wins big vote with call to stop flow of refugees
Three German regions vote for state legislatures on “Super Sunday”




What Life As A Transgender Woman Taught Me About Progressives
Liberals struggle to reconcile individual life choices with their collective, coercive political agenda.

Melissa Click: One Bad Professor Fired, Thousands More To Go
The University of Missouri has fired communications professor Melissa Click after videos showed her intimidating students during campus protests this school year. It will hardly make a dent.

The Wussification of America
I hate to have to write a “Good Old Days” column, especially since I’ll be entering my late forties here in just a few weeks and anything making me feel even more like an old-timer is to be avoided like a… like a…

“Heterosexuality Is the Structure That Keeps Sexist Oppression in Place”
That quote is from a Portland State University student enrolled in a course (“Gender and Critical Inquiry,” WS301) in the department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. The syllabus of that course shows that the assigned text was Feminist Theory Reader: Local and Global Perspectives (edited by Carole R. McCann and Seung-Kyung Kim, 2002), and the readings included such radical lesbians as Charlotte Bunch, Monique Wittig and Audre Lorde.

My Brilliant (White Male) Professors
Study finds students are more likely to use certain words of praise when describing professors who are men or who are in fields with few female and black scholars.

“Sensitivity” fascists are turning colleges into day-care centers
How will today’s college students function once they leave campus and find the world no giant “safe space” protecting them from things they don’t want to hear?

Democrats Should Worry About Their Own Authoritarianism
Stop the pearl-clutching. The Left is just as likely to embrace illiberalism to get what it wants

“Extremely Rare False Rape Accusations”
In the current climate, where activists have incited a “campus rape epidemic” hysteria, cases like this seem to proliferate. More than 100 male students have sued their universities saying they were falsely accused of sexual assault and denied due process in campus disciplinary tribunals. While research shows that only about 5 percent of rape charges reported to police are false, what about these campus cases, most of which are never reported to law enforcement? The lower threshold of evidence required in campus disciplinary hearings, and the fact that university administrators impose no penalty for false accusations, means that liars like University of Virginia hoaxer Jackie Coakley can get away with inventing crimes that never happened.

Why Are Liberal-Run Institutions Such Hotbeds of Racism and Sexism?
That’s the question Glenn Reynolds likes to ask periodically over at Instapundit. Today we’ll add some data points to the file, starting with the news that the New York Times has settled a discrimination lawsuit.

Is Europe Doomed to Decline?
The Decline and Fall of Europe will be a rich theme for an Edward Gibbon of the future. It will be quite a task to decide what has caused this huge historical consequence.

America’s New Oligarchs – and Silicon Valley’s Shady 1 Percenters
When Steve Jobs died in October 2011, crowds of mourners gathered outside of Apple stores, leaving impromptu memorials to the fallen businessman. Many in Occupy Wall Street, then in full bloom, stopped to mourn the .001 percenter worth $7 billion, who didn’t believe in charity and whose company had more cash in hand than the U.S. Treasury while doing everything in its power to avoid paying taxes.

Something Doesn’t Click Here
A Missouri professor has gotten more than her share of negative pixels this year. I actually decided after my last column on her that I was done writing about her.

#IWD2016 Feminism as Sexual Stalinism
Bogged down writing a long article, I took a break to read a bit of Sheila Jeffreys’ 1990 book Anticlimax: A Feminist Perspective on the Sexual Revolution.

“The Enslavement of Women”
Marriage is slavery, “cruel and inhumane.” This is a fundamental tenet of feminist ideology. No feminist would consent to marriage, because this involves “compulsory” sex. Feminists are against marriage because they are against sex, which “operates to the advantage of the male.”

Tinkering with the definition of “family” leads to family court disasters
I’ve been going back to this story a few times this week and it continues to disturb me. Yahoo News has a report of two families and one innocent child who have been essentially ripped apart through experiments in modern reproductive medicine and a court system which seems to be intractably stuck in the past and unable to deal with the complexities introduced to the definition of the family by modern technology. The entire, heartbreaking tale is too long to excerpt anything meaningful, so allow me to briefly summarize.

Sugar-coated lies? My daughter’s politically correct history textbook
When I was a child, my schools assigned history textbooks that were almost entirely accurate.

Totalitarian Hatemonger @RubyHamad Wonders Why Men Won’t Listen to Her
Being constantly insulted by feminists — “Heterosexuality Is the Structure That Keeps Sexist Oppression in Place” — is something men are expected never to notice. Any man who objects to feminism’s anti-male hate propaganda will be instantly branded a misogynist. This is “Kafkatrapping,” whereby the denial of guilt is cited as proof of guilt.

Defending Boys in a “Girl Power” Age
A few weeks ago, I took my three young children to a stage show called “Wild Kratts Live.” If you’re not already immersed in the bizarre world of children’s television, I understand if this sounds odd, but bear with me. It gets weirder.

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