News of the Week (February 28th, 2016)


News of the Week for February 28th, 2016


Election 2016


Republicans woo “sagebrush rebels” in Nevada
David Stix wants the government’s hands off his stubble. But he is not fretting over facial hair. The Nevada rancher is bothered about tufts of grass — known to cattlemen as stubble and to his cows as food — which he says heavy-handed bureaucrats are over-regulating.

Newt Gingrich to Fox News: You created Trump
Via Andrew Kirell, a perfect complement to my last post about the feeble Super PAC effort against Trump. It’s not just a matter of him having faced shockingly few outside ads given his standing in the race.

Poll: Democratic voters support socialism, nationalizing major industries
Maybe Newsweek was right and we’re all socialists now. At least that seems to increasingly be the case among Democrats.

Did Bernie Sanders really just win the Hispanic vote in Nevada?
This is not what the results from the Democratic Nevada caucuses were supposed to look like.

Report: Bush PAC Donors Angry as Mike Murphy Walks Away with $14M After Blowing $100M
Mirroring the donor-backlash against Karl Rove after his American Crossroad/Crossroads GPS super PACs raised upwards of $300 million and produced a dismal 2012 success rate, Mike Murphy, the man in charge of the Jeb Bush Right to Rise USA super PAC is now in the crosshairs. Right to Rise’s dismal results became painfully obvious when Bush dropped out of the race Saturday night after only three primary contests.

Can the GOP be reduced, in time, to two?
David French at NRO looks at polling data for upcoming GOP presidential races. He finds the numbers “great for Trump [and] terrible for everyone else.”

Why President Trump Would Be A Bigger Disaster Than Hillary
For conservatives, supporting Trump would mean facilitating their own destruction.

Trump: The Deadpool Of National Politics
We need to understand Donald Trump’s success. If we don’t, we’ll suffer a third wave of frustrated, debilitating confusion.

Rubio takes Ankeny strategy to Minnesota [with quote from John]
Ankeny, Iowa is a suburb of Des Moines. During the Iowa campaign, Marco Rubio reportedly was so focused on Ankeny that rival campaigns joked he was running for town mayor.

Mark Kirk Drops $800,000 on Campaign’s First Ad Buy
Senator Mark Kirk (R-Il.) launched his campaign’s first ad buy of 2016 on Wednesday, hitting Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Il.) on issues of national security.

Will U.S. Conservatives Mount a Third-Party Challenge If Trump Is the Nominee?
Doing so would hobble the billionaire’s ability to take the White House—making it the most potent piece of leverage left to conservatives.

Bernie Supporters’ Hatred Of Work Is Why Trump Supporters Are So Mad
The cultural disconnect about the value of work explains why there’s an open revolt in both parties and the future seems so uncertain.

How Marco Rubio Is Guaranteeing Donald Trump Wins the Nomination
Let me begin this by reiterating that I think we are perhaps past the point of avoiding a Donald Trump nomination absent some singular act of Divine Grace. But, if it is possible to stop Donald Trump, the way that happens is by Rubio getting out of the race, now, and campaigning hard for Cruz.

Know Who Doesn’t Believe Trump is Inevitable? The Voters
The media right now is pushing the narrative that Trump is inevitable, the contest is over, he has won. They have obvious reasons for doing this – they want to convince Republican voters that the contest is over so they can enjoy the ratings that come from the public flogging of a lunatic for several months.

How To Beat Donald Trump In 4 Simple Steps
Beating Donald Trump is a breeze if you just follow these 4 simple steps, all of which were taken directly from Trump’s playbook.

4 Questions Voters Need Donald Trump To Stop Dodging
If the news media won’t ask Donald Trump serious questions, his fellow presidential candidates should.

Scared Donald Trump to Hide Behind Chris Christie’s Skirt
This is how desperate Donald Trump is to change the news cycle. Trump has had Christie’s endorsement in his back pocket the whole time. He could have released this whenever he wanted to. He did it today to try to divert attention from the fact that he got his face stomped in by Rubio in last night’s debate, and that the face stomping is still continuing today. Clearly, he is desperate to remind people that Christie once got the better of Rubio in a debate.

Ted Cruz Fights in Texas, Hoping It Won’t Be His Alamo
Senator Ted Cruz cannot stop talking about the Alamo.

FEC Discovers Thousands of Illegal Bernie Sanders Donations
The Federal Election Commission sent a warning letter to Bernie Sanders’s campaign on Thursday, accusing the Vermont senator of accepting thousands of illegal campaign contributions and threatening legal action unless the money is returned.

Against Too-Little-Too-Late–ism
I want to push back a little against the cynicism and defeatism that I’m seeing this morning in some quarters of the Right. As far as I can tell, it is broadly accepted that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz did what they had to do at last night’s debate, and, moreover, that Trump was rattled by their having done so. And yet, seemingly everywhere, conservatives are whining that it was probably “too little too late.”

Lindsey Graham: If you killed Ted Cruz, no one in Senate would convict you
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said his party has gone “bat—” crazy as he mercilessly mocked the entire 2016 presidential field, even joking that one could get away with murdering Ted Cruz — if it happened in the Senate.

Team Rubio Power Point Illustrates Path To Brokered Convention
As Donald Trump dominates in early states, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’s campaign is reassuring donors, providing a power point presentation that includes a path to victory through a brokered convention.

Christie Endorses Trump
Climber’s gonna climb

Largely unknown third candidate Willie Wilson courts South Carolina Democrats
As a virtual unknown in the 2016 presidential campaign, Chicago businessman and onetime Windy City mayoral candidate Willie Wilson claimed a valuable, if unappreciated, connection to South Carolina voters.

Donald Trump Is “GOP’s Frankenstein Monster,” Strong Enough to Destroy Party
Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institution clutches his pearls over Donald Trump’s “bigotry” and “xenophobia” — then says the Republican Party has been no different, so it cannot deny culpability in his rise.

Did Obama blackmail Christie to endorse Trump
I spoke with a prominent person in Washington just now—a name you’d recognize—who told me he thinks the Obama administration is behind this, with a threat to Christie that he’d be prosecuted for “Bridgegate” unless he endorsed Trump. Maybe so, but I can also see that Christie maybe sees a chance for him to be on the ticket with Trump: the Fathead and Fatso ticket.

“The Chinese Government Almost Blew It”
In Thursday night’s debate, Donald Trump put in a word for Saddam Hussein and Moammar Qaddafi, in a way. He said that, if those two were still in power, “instead of having terrorism all over the place, we’d be — at least they killed terrorists, all right?”

What we don’t know about Super Tuesday
It’s commonplace to declare Donald Trump the front-runner in all or nearly all of the Super Tuesday states. But we don’t really know that. The polling from many of those states is scant, out of date, or nonexistent, making it impossible to say with any certainty who is leading.

Trump Retweets Mussolini As Mexico Fears a “Hitler” Presidency
Over the past two months, America’s political establishment has been forced to come to terms with a rather sobering reality: Donald Trump may be the country’s next president.


Obama Scandals


Obama is looting the Treasury to pay off insurers
The Obama administration will tell any lie and break any law to prevent the president’s signature health-care program from collapsing

HHS: Immigrants with HIV, STDs welcome
The administration has decided to let immigrants with three sexually transmitted diseases known for causing sores or lesions on genitalia to enter the United States, an expansion of a previous decision to let in those with HIV.

In Light of DOJ Malfeasance, EAC Seeks Outside Counsel in Noncitizen-Voting Case
Tuesday night, soon after Judge Richard Leon denied the request by the League of Women Voters and the NAACP for a Temporary Restraining Order, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) asked for help in getting a lawyer who would actually defend it in court, which the Justice Department has so far refused to do.


Gun Rights


MSNBC Tries to Do a Live Report From a Nevada Gun Range. It Does Not Go Well.
An MSNBC reporter attempted to do a live report from a Nevada gun range on Tuesday.

Lexington Facing Semi-Automatic gun Confiscation
Lexington, Massachusetts has a special place in American history as this is the location where the first shot was fired of the Revolutionary War, and now a new revolution is on the cusp of breaking out, only this time it’s tyrannical in nature.

Iowa considers bill allowing children under 14 to handle guns. World explodes.
The Iowa legislature is back in session and they recently sat down to consider a number of new bills concerning gun rights.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Climate Astronauts feat. Climate Fairy
This song was developed and performed for the theatre congress SAVE THE WORLD II in theatre Bonn

Canada Ready to Let MDs Kill Mentally Ill
The term “culture of death” describes a society that accepts suicide and mercy killing as an acceptable response to suffering.



Government in Healthcare


Sweden Is Upgrading to Private Healthcare
When leftists fantasize about Northern Europe, the first thing they think of is the region’s enormous public spending and its overly generous welfare state. However, as with all dreams, the time is coming to wake up. Along with several other social services, Sweden’s iconic “free” healthcare system’s days are numbered.

Former Abortionist Uses Medical Animations To Show What Happens To Baby and Mother During Abortion
Pro-life organization Live Action is showing a video series in which a former abortionist uses medical animations to reveal the harsh reality of abortion for both mother and baby.

Myth of “brain death” exposed in Michigan
“Brain death” sounds so scientific when uttered by a medical authority, an indication that the real life of a patient is over. But it is a judgment call with so little scientific basis that.

Drug industry on edge for Obama action on prices
The pharmaceutical industry is anxiously awaiting a series of regulatory actions from the Obama administration aimed at combating high drug prices.


War & Terror


Swedish 16-year-old “rescued from Isis in Kurdish special forces raid”
Kurdish authorities claim the girl was “misled” by Isis recruiters and travelled to Mosul via Syria willingly. The Swedish foreign ministry has neither confirmed nor denied the report

Dem Congresswoman Says Marine Tattoo Rules Discriminate Against Women
A Democratic congresswoman from Maine is challenging the Marine Corps to change its tattoo policy, arguing that the rules unintentionally discriminate against female recruits.

China Deploys Fighter Jets to Contested Island in South China Sea
China Goes Full Speed Ahead During Obama’s Final Year

Somali President: Attack Killed at Least 180 Kenyan Soldiers
At least 180 Kenyan soldiers were killed in Somalia in an extremist attack on their base in January by al-Shabab, Somalia’s president said, which would represent a historically high battlefield loss for Kenyan forces.




Conservatives: Court nominee must be stopped at all costs
Conservative leaders are sending a blunt message to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: The Supreme Court is more important than your majority.

Game over: Joe Biden says in 1992 that the president shouldn’t name a SCOTUS nominee “once the political season is underway”
In which C-SPAN archivists drop a 20-megaton political warhead directly on Obama and the Democrats. The best part? Biden actually goes a little further than Republicans have gone this month in opposing an election-year replacement for Scalia. Not only doesn’t he want a vacancy filled, not only doesn’t he want the Judiciary Committee to even hold hearings on a nomination, he wants the president to decline making a nomination altogether.

George Washington’s Anti-Slavery Legacy
As he fought to free Americans from foreign tyranny, George Washington also set a quieter example to his countrymen of what it means that “All men are created equal.”

Twitter Kicks out Conservative Author Forever
Author Robert Stacy McCain enters Twitter Star Chamber

Net Neutrality Sparks Telco Interest in Buying Yahoo! Mail
With the FCC’s “Net Neutrality” policy undermining telecommunications companies’ business model, it looks like a bidding war may be spooling up for Yahoo!’s legacy email service.

University President Shuts Down Conservative Journalist’s Speech, Citing “Free Exchange of Ideas”
The president of California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) cancelled a Thursday speech by conservative pundit and Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro, citing the need for the “free exchange of ideas.”

Mark Kirk bails out on #NoHearingsNoVotes
I recently penned an article on the potential risks of the #NoHearingsNoVotes stance by the GOP and what it might cost the party, particularly in terms of tight Senate races this fall.

Vaping Is Not Smoking: Anti-E-Cig Activists Dealt Blow After Judge’s Ruling
A New York judge handed a victory to vapers Feb. 5, declaring vaping is not the same as smoking and e-cigarette use is not necessarily banned in all the same places as smoking.

The National Endowment For The Arts Funds Political Propaganda
Would the federal government ever fund a sculpture promoting the Second Amendment? No. So why does it fund projects promoting open borders?

Marco Rubio Plans to Skip CPAC, Pre-Eminent Conservative Gathering, in 2016
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) plans to snub the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year, and won’t show up at all, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

GOP Judiciary: No hearing on Obama court nominee
Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have come to a consensus decision to not have hearings or a vote on a Supreme Court nominee in 2016.

Republican governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval being considered for Supreme Court
Top Senate Republicans vowed Wednesday to continue blocking President Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court ahead of November’s presidential election, even if Obama chooses the Republican governor of Nevada to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Dismisses Rick Perry Indictment
The state’s highest criminal court has dismissed the remaining indictment against former Gov. Rick Perry related to a 2013 veto threat, likely bringing an end to a legal saga that loomed over his final days in office and dogged his failed run for president.

LGBT Editor For Lib Rag Think Progress: Gays With No Kids Says “Parents Are Not Experts On What’s Best For Their Kids”…
But he is.

A win for due process at Brown University
Surviving a motion to dismiss doesn’t seem like the biggest legal win, but it is when it comes to students accused of sexual assault and federal court judges.

Another Group Therapy Session for Students Following Milo’s University of Michigan Visit
The University of Michigan held a group therapy session for students yesterday to coincide with Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ visit to campus.

Nevada Caucuses: Friends, Neighbors Debate
Friends and neighbors debated the Republican candidates’ pros and cons at the Nevada caucuses at Durango High School on Tuesday evening, with hundreds standing patiently in line to cast their votes and hear from representatives of the different campaigns.

Trump Heading to Trial Over Trump University Fraud Charges
The Republican frontrunner’s legal woes

Michigan’s Gov. Snyder to release emails related to #FlintWaterCrisis
Analysis shows Flint residents paid the highest water rates in America!

Stanford erupts in controversy after student petition calls for mandatory Western Civ classes
The notion of requiring students to take two courses in Western Civilization to earn a diploma is so controversial at Stanford University that a recently launched petition that calls for as much has propelled the school into a heated debate complete with name-calling, intimidation tactics and more.

University of Missouri Curators Vote 4-2 to Fire Melissa Click
I have mixed feelings.

Violence Against Women That @JaclynF and @JessicaValenti Will Never Mention
Feminists are highly selective in terms of what crimes against women they notice. Suppose, for example, that an embittered Ivy League girl wants to get her ex-boyfriend expelled from school.

#FreeStacy: Does @Twitter @Support Child-Porn Defender @AlisonRapp?
Irony much? @AlisonRapp is an advocate of perversion who hates #GamerGate. She is an enthusiastic promoter of Japanese anime videogames that have been criticized as fantasy fodder for pedophiles and, in fact, Ms. Rapp has denounced as “censorship” the criminalization of child pornography.

Ben Shapiro at CSU-LA

A White Hipster Apologized For Vandalizing A Restaurant With “F— You White Hipsters”
It’s been a bumpy week for the white Austin hipster. First they have to go claim their kin after one of them insisted that Austin was the true home of the breakfast taco—which was news to folks in San Antonio, Corpus, the Valley, and other points south. Now they have to acknowledge that the combination of self-loathing and a total lack of self-awareness in their makeup means that a white Austin hipster vandalized a business—owned by two people of color—with the words “F*ck You White Hipsters.”

Survey: Millennials Are Too Lazy to Eat Cereal
It seems millennials are waging a new generational war—and the enemy is Cap’n Crunch. The Washington Post reports the sale of breakfast cereals in the US is down nearly 30% over the past 15 years.

The Great Racial Hoax of Albany
The Great Hoax of Albany started out straightforwardly enough: a dozen violent and racist white students harassed, threatened, tossed N-bombs and attacked three black coeds — hurting them really, really, really badly.

New York to Allow Illegal Immigrants To Become Teachers
On the heels of Democrats pushing new legislation in New York City to allow illegal immigrants to vote, the state Education Department has announced they will allow illegals to attain their teaching certifications.

A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms
There’s no way to make everyone happy about transgender bathrooms and locker rooms. So the priority ought to be finding a way to keep everyone safe.

NY college students who claimed to be victims of racist attack charged
Three black female college students who claimed to be victims of an assault by a group of white men and women have been charged themselves.

Ben Shapiro Torches Cal State L.A. Faculty in “Diversity” Speech
Breitbart News editor Ben Shapiro delivered a speech to the Young America’s Foundation at California State University Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, despite initial efforts by the university to shut down the event.

#FreeStacy: Why Won’t @Jack Make @Twitter Stop Harassing @PaxDickinson?
We know @Delbius — Del Harvey, the Twitter executive who put together the “Trust and Safety Council” — is OK with alleged pedophile Nicholas “Sarah” Nyberg, and with child pornography defenders like Alison Rapp.

ROTC student banned from starting conservative club, university refuses to say why
If Creighton University is “dedicated to the pursuit of truth in all its forms,” as its mission statement says, it is poorly conveying those values with respect to an ROTC student who has tried to start a conservative club this academic year.

Does Transit Save Energy?
This is one of those questions that seems like a no-brainer — a bunch of people are sharing a ride, so they must be saving energy. When asked this question, we all think of a full bus or train of people vs. the number of cars that would have carried the same people.

A brokered convention would be a new ballgame for everyone — and I do mean everyone
A tasty leftover from last night, although of course there’s zero chance of Perry becoming the consensus nominee at a deadlocked convention. For one thing, you’re not going to see a deadlock unless the top two candidates are very close to each other in their delegate totals.

Moonbat Professor Finds Democratic Socialism In The Constitution
The State will provide, Comrades.

Twitter accused of shutting down Hillary critics
Bernie Sanders supporters are saying their Twitter account was “censored and locked down” after they criticized Hillary Clinton.

Fox News Is Corrupt and Unethical
It was never a good idea for conservatives to put all their media eggs in Rupert Murdoch’s basket, and this story about Marco Rubio’s role in the 2013 “Gang of Eight” deal explains why


Economy & Taxes


Yahoo! is! up! for! sale! – so! how! much! will! you! bid!?
We’ll open the bidding with three dollars and a packet of chips

First U.S. Factory OK’d For Cuba
When President Obama travels to Cuba next month — the first visit by a sitting U.S. president in nearly 90 years — it will mark a historic step on the path to normalizing relations with the island nation.

“Silicon Prairie,” America’s new entrepreneurial frontier
Across the Great Plains — even in winter — the new cash crop is high tech.

Laid Off Disney Worker Breaks Down in Tears Before Senate Panel
A Disney IT worker who was laid off and replaced by foreign workers along with hundreds of his colleagues broke down in tears before a Senate panel Thursday while telling his story.

Giving up its U.S. citizenship could save Pfizer $35 billion in taxes
When Pfizer announced its plan last year to merge with Botox-maker Allergan and move its headquarters to Ireland the company said the deal would lower its tax rate to about 17 percent to 18 percent, saving it about $2 billion over three years.

Seattle pushes sweeping new rules for worker schedules, employers cry foul
On the heels of Seattle passing a controversial $15 minimum wage law, the City Council there is now drafting an ordinance that aims to shift power away from employers when it comes to how workers are scheduled and paid.

Tesla’s Sales in China Fall 33%; Green Credits Fall 49%
Tesla’s just-released annual 10-K for 2015 acknowledges that sales in China tanked by 33 percent, and the market value for environmental credits has plunged by 49 percent, since last year.




Death toll from Fiji cyclone hits 18 as aid sent to islands
The death toll from a ferocious cyclone which tore through Fiji over the weekend has risen to 18 as authorities on Monday began to get a grasp on the scale of the disaster and deploy aid to hard-hit outer islands.

Mice to blame for “eating” plans to fix Brussels’ traffic problems
The humble mouse, not municipal laziness, is to blame for extensive delays in repairs of Brussels’ traffic-ridden streets, officials said

Muslims Outnumber Christians in Capital of European Union
Considering what European Union policies have done to Europe, it seems all too apt for its capital to be a hive of Islamic terror and on the road to becoming a majority Muslim city.

Necrophilia and incest should be legal, says Swedish Liberal party youth wing, but are accused of being ‘laughable nitwits’ by party senior
Filed motion to push for legalize sex between consenting

At least 53 Areas in Sweden Controlled by Extremists, Gangs
The widening gaps between immigrants in the suburbs and the rest of society has created both the extreme right and Islamic radicalization.

UK Referendum: Alliance for Brexit Builds Up Across Party Lines
Next 4 months could seal the fate of the European Project

The Rise of the Alpha-Homo: European gay men as the Right’s new heroes
A major transformation of Europe is now in motion.

Police conspired to protect Rotherham child sex abusers
Corrupt police and an influential politician fuelled a culture of impunity that allowed three brothers to “own” the town of Rotherham and abuse children until their crimes were exposed by The Times.

British pupils ordered to “CONVERT TO ISLAM” for bizarre homework assignment
CHILDREN were told to write to their parents explaining why they had converted to Islam as part of a bizarre homework assignment.

German Government Admits They Have Lost 130,000 Migrants
German authorities do not know the whereabouts of 130,000 migrants, the government confessed today. It means that more than one in ten unvetted new arrivals from the Middle East have disappeared, somewhere in Europe.

Venezuela puts off default by shipping tons of gold to Switzerland
Venezuela has been hit hard by the drop in global oil prices, making it difficult for the nation–which imports nearly everything it needs–to provide basic necessities like food and medicine. But the country is making an effort to avoid defaulting on bond payments and dipping heavily into gold reserves to do so.

Hard to find bread in shortage-stricken Venezuela
At a popular east Caracas bakery, customers can buy Spanish olive oil, Italian tomato sauce and even American chocolates. But bread? Forget it.

EU Parliament’s Out-in-Open Voter Fraud
If Britain does indeed vote to leave the European Union in June, it will be in part because the EU loves to lecture sovereign nations while its own institutions are rife with bad behavior

The halal certified Australian Army
Soldiers based at Puckapunyal were told that halal ration packs were on the way. That was about a year ago.

The Chief of Army goes “on the record” over hat badges and halal
The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, has responded to the revelation that the Australian Army has signed off on a requirement for halal rations. You can read his full response here.




#FreeStacy: The Old Regime and the Twitter Revolution
Social media like Twitter allows users to control their own flow of information. But the old regime of gatekeepers is trying to reassert itself.

RIP Twitter
I’m done with Twitter. If you follow me over there, I’ll leave the account open to post blog links back to here and book ads, but other than that I’m not going to use it for any sort of conversation.

The Transgender War Against Human Rights, Science, And Consent
These “bathroom bills” in states like South Dakota show that the LGBT political agenda ultimately degrades human rights, suppresses scientific truths, and ends government by consent.

In Safe Space, Everyone Can Hear You Scream
From my perch on the other side of the world, there doesn’t seem to have been much movement between New Hampshire and South Carolina. On the eve of the vote, it’s Trump holding a near Granite State-sized lead, Cruz and Rubio tussling for second place, Kasich and Bush for fourth, and Ben Carson fading into oblivion. I see Bernie has just pipped Hillary in a Fox News national poll and is closing in in Nevada, but her stiff, joyless it’s-my-turn campaign seems to be holding on in the Palmetto State.

The Hateful Lies of Feminism
Anita Sarkeesian (@FemFreq on Twitter) is a jargon-spewing pseudo-intellectual who made herself obnoxious by using feminist “gender theory” to critique videogames. This proved to be enormously lucrative for Ms. Sarkeesian, who became a heroine in the eyes of every left-wing ax-grinder who, like her, hates the idea of heterosexual white males enjoying themselves without being constantly lectured about what awful racist, sexist homophobes they are.

Taking offense is a kind of conspicuous consumption
Peter Tatchell is not everyone’s cup of tea. Actually, let’s drop this whole understated, litotical British thing: Peter Tatchell is a thundering nuisance. Self-righteous, hectoring and permanently outraged, the gay rights activist has agitated his way through life without ever having much in the way of a proper job. Since leaving Australia for Britain in 1971 to evade the draft, he has drifted from one political campaign to the next, shouting down the patriarchy, the church and Western capitalism in general.

Using @Twitter’s own risk factor analysis to force it to respect viewpoint diversity
As mentioned in an earlier post, many conservatives (including yours truly) are increasingly concerned by Twitter’s lack of respect for viewpoint diversity and silencing of center-right and right of center voices. Of course, as a private company, Twitter is free to engage in any sort of non-invidious discrimination it chooses. As consumers, however, we are free to fight back.

Twitter’s new Trust and Safety Council is an Orwellian nightmare
Remember the early, hopeful days of the Arab Spring? Back then it looked like social media played a key role in helping the people of the Arab countries rise up. And their dictators seemed to agree, trying very hard to ban or block those services.

If Ron Johnson Can Hold the Line on an Obama Nominee, Every GOP Senator Should
If Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson can hold the line against a “living constitution” Supreme Court nominee from President Obama, no other Republican senator has any excuse.

Don’t Quit Twitter
Fight Twitter management behavior, but don’t leave the arena.

What @FemFreq Didn’t Say
In last night’s post about Anita Sarkeesian ( @FemFreq on Twitter), I neglected to point out this: Nowhere in her Monday blog post about “shadowbanning,” etc., does she say whether she is for or against the suppression of anti-feminist dissent on Twitter.

The #FreeStacy Protest Continues
Friends, I am profoundly grateful for all the support my friends have shown in the past few days. Go down the #FreeStacy hashtag on Twitter and RT as much as you can. Here’s the Lonely Conservative:

#FreeStacy: Have You Mentioned @srhbutts Lately? Perhaps You Should
Nicholas Edwin “Sarah” Nyberg was masquerading online as “Sarah Butts” when he/she unwisely attempted to silence a website,, which had supported #GamerGate, by falsely accusing them of hosting child pornography.

Hey @Jack, Twitter is Banning My Friends
A Platform That Serves All Should Be Free of Political Agendas

11 reasons this conservative would never, ever, ever vote for Trump
Though there’s still time to stop him, it’s now looking increasingly likely that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. Some conservatives, such as Erick Erickson and my colleague Tim Carney have outlined reasons why they could never vote for him, so I thought it would be worth spelling out why I couldn’t – even in a general election against Hillary Clinton.

The Damming of the Free Flow of Information
As some of you know by now, after an over eight year presence on Facebook with thousands of followers there alone, I have been declared as persona no grata by the powers that be.

Conservatives are prisoners of Twitter
Conservatives helped build Twitter, now we are trapped by our own success.

University Students Are Helpless Infants
Today I was babysitting my two young grandsons. When they arrived, I had the living room TV tuned to Turner Classic Movies (TCM) which was showing an old Jimmy Cagney gangster flick from the 1930s.

Donald Trump, The Joker and Suckers on Three Card Monte
What is Trump’s role in the Republican Primaries? He plays the Joker from Batman, bringing chaos into order.

How Biden killed John Roberts’s nomination in 1992
In 1992, then-Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Joe Biden launched a preemptive attack on any nominee President George H.W. Bush named to the Supreme Court, warning that if Bush tapped someone, Biden’s committee “should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination … until after the political campaign season is over.”

Transgender: Victims of Societal Prejudice or Dangerous Criminal Perverts?
Davina Ayrton, 34, was known as David Ayrton until 2013, and in 2004, David Ayrton raped a 15-year-old girl in England

The #BlackLivesMatter Shakedown
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has yielded to thug-mob tactics, issuing a statement in support of the dangerous anti-police terrorist movement, #BlackLivesMatter

Donald Trump Promises To Get Rid Of That Turbulent First Amendment
Yesterday in a rally in Texas, Donald Trump promised the cheering crowd that if he is elected that he will gut the First Amendment.

Trump’s Totalitarian Instincts
I’ve long resisted the urge to compare Trump to Hitler because of the Internet axiom that if you bring the Nazis into an argument, you’ve lost.

If Trump Wins the Nomination, the GOP Better Hope for a Third Party Run
Right now, the scuttlebutt in the political media is all about whether conservative groups are making contingency plans to support a conservative third party candidate in the general. The story has been reported in Politico and numerous other outlets and I can tell you for a fact that the discussions are occurring and proceeding forward on a contingency basis.

#FreeStacy: Email to My Samoan Lawyer: Taylor Swift Is Decadent and Depraved
Regular readers know Bert the Samoan Lawyer, an old college buddy of mine who is now one of the leading Asian/Pacific-American attorneys in Alabama.

Feminist Hates White Heterosexual Men
Melissa Fabello (@fyeahmfabello on Twitter) is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University.

Live by the Narrative
I find it bizarre — way beyond astonishing — that no one has done a study into how soaked in narrative our age is, well beyond any other age before us. And how much that narrative is fictional.

It was asked of me why I’m not giving full throated support for Cruz. As I alluded to in the replying comment, I have the benefit of some time to watch how things play out. Super Tuesday, plus a few weekend primaries prior to my state voting on the 15th.

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