Placemats of Social Justice

     The Special Little Snowflakes who dwell within Harvard are so well educated, that when they go home for Winter Break (formerly Christmas break) to argue Leftist talking points at the Christmas dinner table, Harvard has to spoon feed the whiny Social Justice Warriors talking points… via placemats:

“The Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Harvard University distributed what it is calling ‘Holiday Placemats for Social Justice’ on campus to help freshmen students navigate difficult conversations when they return home for Christmas break.

“The placemat, a copy of which was obtained by Campus Reform, offers students tips for talking to their family members about controversial topics such as ‘Black Murders in the Street,’ ‘House Master Title,’ and ‘Islamophobia/Refugees.’ The placemat, divided into four possible topics of conversation, provides students with a series of sample questions they may encounter when they return home to their families along with an acceptable response to each question.”

     The Associate Director of Communications Rachel Dane went on to confirm this insanity:

“The project came about as we thought together about how we can acknowledge the issues happening nationally and internationally and was intended to provide a framework to help first-year students with potentially difficult conversations during their first visits back home”

     Perhaps Moe Lane gave the best response by suggesting alternative placemat:

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