News of the Week (December 6th, 2015)


News of the Week for December 6th, 2015


Obama Scandals


Obama’s Top 8 Idiotic Statements in Paris
In February, President Obama took out a selfie stick, winked at himself, and stated, “YOLO, man.” In June, Obama said it was time for him to fulfill his “something that rhymes with bucket list.”

Loretta Lynch Vows to Prosecute Those Who Use “Anti-Muslim” Speech That “Edges Toward Violence”
The day after a horrific shooting spree by a “radicalized” Muslim man and his partner in San Bernardino, California, Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged to a group of Muslim activists that she would take aggressive action against anyone who used “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence.”


Gun Rights


Ulster County (NY) Sheriff: All Licensed Handgun Owners Should Carry Them
“In light of recent events that have occurred in the United States and around the world I want to encourage citizens of Ulster County who are licensed to carry a firearm to please do so,” wrote Sheriff Paul J. Van Blarcum in a Facebook post.

Democratic Rep. Sanchez Decries “Multiautomatic Round Weapons”
California Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez claimed that “multiautomatic round weapons are easily available, even though not in California.”

8 Ways This Facebook Meme Is Wrong About Treating Guns Like Abortions
Share If You Want To Set Your Friends Straight

California Gov. Brown blasts Arizona, Nevada gun laws
In wake of the San Bernardino massacre which left 14 dead earlier this week, California Gov. Jerry Brown went on the attack Saturday slamming neighboring states’ gun laws.

Senate Holds the Line on Second Amendment Rights
On Thursday, December 3, the U.S. Senate took up H.R. 3762, the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act. Despite the seemingly innocuous title, the bill set up a dramatic showdown over Second Amendment rights.

This Noted Conservative is Okay Violating Second, Fifth Amendments
We have some stellar candidates running for president, and it has been wonderful to watch them come into their own on the national stage. Republicans (conservatives in particular) should be proud that we’ve been able to develop such a strong bench to launch a bid to retake the White House. One of the things many of our candidates believe in is the supremacy of the Constitution as the very basis from which our foundation, indeed our very rights as man, are derived.

Nun Under Fire for Photo with Hunted Deer Points out Something Animal Rights Folks Won’t Admit
Sister John Paul Bauer never went hunting as a child. But she learned to shoot while serving in the Navy and took up hunting after returning home to become a Catholic nun and teacher in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


France’s Top Weatherman Hired By Kremlin After Being Fired For Questioning Global Warming
France’s top weatherman has found a new gig after being fired in November for questioning global warming in his new book: he’s working for Russian state-owned media.

NOAA Weather Satellite Breaks Up in Orbit
A U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite retired in 2014 has suffered an apparent breakup, the second time in less than a year that a polar-orbiting weather satellite has generated orbital debris.



Government in Healthcare


While Obama was in Paris, Obamacare had a “Marie Antoinette” moment!
Climate Change Activists To Americans: “Let them eat tofu!”

Euthanize Minors Say Alberta, Canada MDs
The Supreme Court of Canada imposed a radical euthanasia right–lethal injection as well as prescribed poison–on the entire country last year, and opined that the medical colleges (associations) should help establish parameters,such as whether MDs opposed to euthanasia should be forced to be complicit. (Yes!) Now, even before the first sick or disabled adult has been killed, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta has opined that euthanasia and assisted suicide should be open to minors, no age limit.


War & Terror


Police identify 2 suspects in California massacre; terrorism not ruled out
A Southern California county government employee and his wife killed 14 people and wounded 17 others at a San Bernardino office building in a precision assault Wednesday morning before they were killed in a shootout with police in the afternoon.

2 Suspects Named In Shootings That Killed 14, Wounded 17 In San Bernardino
Fourteen people were confirmed killed and 17 more wounded in a mass shooting at a San Bernardino community social services building.

Suspect ID’d in San Bernardino Massacre as Syed Farook
Syed Farook is one of two suspected gunmen who attacked a center for the disabled, killing 14 and injuring more on Wednesday.

Authorities Search Redlands Home Tied To Suspect Syed Farook
Authorities on Wednesday night continued to investigate a Redlands home tied to Syed Farook, a suspect identified in connection with the mass shootings that killed at least 14 people and injured at least 17 people at a social services center in San Bernardino on Wednesday morning.

Authorities Search Redlands Home Tied To Suspect Syed Farook
Authorities on Wednesday night continued to investigate a Redlands home tied to Syed Farook, a suspect identified in connection with the mass shootings that killed at least 14 people and injured at least 17 people at a social services center in San Bernardino on Wednesday morning.

Arpaio calls on 250K armed citizens to stop terrorism and mass shootings
That’s what Sheriff Joe Arpaio is urging nearly a quarter-million Arizona gun owners to do to fight terrorism and mass shooters.

San Bernardino Attackers Left Remote Controlled Bomb at Party
The attackers who killed 14 at a California office party Wednesday left behind a remote-controlled explosive device as they raced away in a black SUV with the bomb controller in their hands, NBC News has learned.

Carter telling military to open all combat jobs to women
Defense Secretary Ash Carter will order the military to open up all combat jobs to women.

Developments in the San Bernardino Shooting
The San Bernardino PD (represented by Chief Jarrod Burguan) FBI (David Bowdich) and County Sheriff’s just held a joint press conference that included a number of breaking developments that will change the way this story develops.

Five New Jersey fifth-graders arrested over plot “to bomb another school’s assembly”
Five New Jersey fifth-graders have been arrested after police discovered they were plotting to bomb another school’s assembly.

The San Bernardino Thing Might Not Be Over
For those of you who don’t know John Guandolo, he’s a former FBI agent and a recognized expert in counterterrorism. Guandolo goes around the country conducting workshops for local law enforcement on how to spot and deal with terrorists.

San Bernardino killers erased digital presence day before the attacks
The Muslim husband and wife behind the mass shooting in San Bernardino began erasing their digital footprint a day in advance of the deadly attack, deleting email accounts, disposing of hard drives and smashing their cellphones, according to law enforcement investigators who are treating the probe as a counterterrorism case.

Pentagon Urging Marines to Join “Lean In” Circles
To “create a safe and confidential place to discuss gender issues”

Russian Bombers Again Circle Guam
Moscow’s latest nuclear saber rattling follows buzzing of USS Reagan

ATF Says Weapons Used in San Bernardino Shooting Were Illegal in California
More information about the San Bernardino massacre is trickling out as federal officials investigate details surrounding the attack on a county employee Christmas party. Many people, including myself, were curious about the firearms used since California has notoriously strict gun regulations.

Garage of San Bernardino Shooters Housed IED Factory
San Bernardino’s police chief painted a picture of a veritable IED factory in the garage of the husband and wife who shot up a county employees’ Christmas party in San Bernardino.

Obama Names Hamas Sympathizer as New ISIS Czar
President Obama has appointed a foreign policy advisor known to be a friend of the terrorist group Hamas to be the administration’s new czar in charge of countering ISIS. The appointee, Robert Malley, has a history of sympathizing with Islamists, which makes the appointment all the more appalling.

The Media Has Swarmed Into the Killers’ House Without Any Official Permission, Compromising the Crime Scene and the Investigation
Apparently CNN, MSNBC, and other outfits simply went inside the apartment and began showing live images of passports and other documents left in the place.

Terrorism, Crime Scene Chaos, and the Latest from San Bernardino
And a press conference that referenced Brittany Spears

Devout Muslims Shoot a Man Seven Times outside a Sydney Gay Sex Club
CCTV has been released which shows a man fleeing for his life after being shot outside a Sydney sex club.

“This is for Syria… blood will be spilled”: Terror comes to London after knifeman threatening revenge for airstrikes slashes man at Tube station and is filmed being Tasered by police as families flee
The man was attacked at Leytonstone Underground station at 7pm

Electric Centrifugal gun could fire 240,000 rounds per minute in bursts of 20 to 40 rounds
A centrifugal gun is a type of rapid-fire projectile accelerator, like a machine gun but operating on a different principle. Centrifugal guns use a rapidly rotating disc to impart energy to the projectiles, replacing gunpowder with centrifugal force.




Craft brewers say new FDA mandate will limit beer selection
Government health nannies are thirsty for a new target, and this time it’s craft beer.

Suspected 19-year-old burglar stuck in Huron home’s chimney dies after residents light fire
Deputies say family had no idea man was stuck for nearly a day

Female firefighter who flunked physical injured 10 days into job
A firefighter who was allowed to graduate the Fire Academy despite failing physical tests has already gone out on medical leave – just 10 days into the job, The Post has learned.

Sheldon Silver, Ex-New York Assembly Speaker, Is Found Guilty on All Counts
Sheldon Silver, an assemblyman who rose from the Lower East Side of Manhattan to become one of New York State’s most powerful politicians, was found guilty on Monday in a federal corruption trial, ending a case that was the capstone of the government’s efforts to expose the seamy culture of influence peddling in Albany.

Mystery swirls around death of Alaska mayor
Authorities in Alaska’s capital city on Tuesday were investigating the mysterious death of Juneau’s new mayor – and trying to tamp down intrigue swirling around the case.

The Insiders: Ill winds blow for the Democrats
In case you needed any confirmation, some recent polling data show just how pessimistic voters are less than a year before the next presidential election. Currently, in the RealClearPolitics polling average, only about 28 percent of Americans think the country is on the right track. President Obama’s approval ratings are in the doldrums, with 51 percent of Americans disapproving of the job he is doing as president.

Trump gets OK to use Twisted Sister song
Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider says he gave Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump permission to use the band’s hit “We’re Not Gonna Take It” on the campaign trail.

Angry Atheists Try to Ban Gideon Bibles in Public Hotel Rooms
The virulently anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is at it once again. What are these atheists so angry about this time?

Have you heard of the Bunny Park shooting?
There Was A Giant Mass Shooting NOBODY’S Talking About, Care To Guess Why?

The “anyone but Cruz” hysteria grows to a crescendo
The latest Q-Polls (which Ed already covered for you) solidified a recent trend which more than a few people had been predicting.

Students At N.Y. School Demand Censorship, Gender-Neutral Pronouns
A group of Hamilton College (New York) students published a list of almost forty demands on Tuesday, which the group insists that the university must begin implementing within 24 hours in order to end “the inevitable tokenization of all marginalized bodies” at the school.

Maryland Deputy AG Reveals Secrets In Hotel Meetings With Undercover O’Keefe Reporter
New undercover video released by the conservative journalism group Project Veritas shows a high-ranking Democratic official with the Maryland attorney general’s office speaking candidly about his strong opposition to gun rights and spilling official secrets during bar and hotel-room meetings with a 21-year-old undercover female reporter.

Texas Secession Effort Surfaces Again
A Texas state Republican Party member is presenting a resolution to Republican Party of Texas officials that could put state secession to a vote by primary voters.

“White Student Union” Facebook Page Prompts Concern
A Facebook page purporting to represent a “union” of white Harvard students surfaced on the social media platform last week, prompting outrage among students who denounced it as racist and an investigation into its origin from University administrators.

Rahm Emanuel gets heated when Cuba travel plans revealed
Rahm Emanuel laid into POLITICO’s Mike Allen on Wednesday when Allen revealed the Chicago mayor’s plans to vacation in Cuba with his family over the holidays, angrily saying, “I really don’t appreciate that.”

Media Minimize Mexico’s Role in Spread of Debilitating Virus Hitting U.S.
Lost in much of the media coverage of new domestic cases of chikungunya, a painful and sometimes debilitating mosquito-borne virus, is that Mexico has been experiencing an alarming rise in infections that could potentially spread across the porous border. And there is already evidence of at least one case arriving from Mexico.

Freddie Gray Trial: Jury Selection Begins Amid Protests
Prospective jurors clearly hear protestors’ chants even as they undergo selection

Inflation: Hamilton College students issue 83 Demands
Might be longest list yet, but real issue is attempt to gain multicultural grip on the campus.

Ted Cruz: Republicans are not “the condom police”
Takes on the supposed “War on Women”

Emboldened by Silver conviction, United States Attorney Preet Bharara to indict Cuomo Jan 2nd
Three sources are confirming that Bharara intends to indict Governor Andrew Cuomo on January 2nd – along with a half dozen associates and former staffers – on public corruption, racketeering, conspiracy, and honest services fraud.

Hollywood Execs Propose “Gender Parity Stamp” to Grade the Level of Female Inclusiveness in Movies
Top Hollywood executives, writers, directors, and actresses convened for a secret meeting in October to propose a detailed plan to combat gender inequality in the entertainment industry.

Lena Dunham Launches Online Store for Feminist Merchandise
After starting the feminist bi-weekly newsletter Lenny Letter earlier this year, Girls star Lena Dunham and her business partner Jenni Konner have officially launched an online store.

New State Department Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton Slept Past Staff Efforts to Set Up Intelligence Briefing
Judicial Watch today released a new batch of emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton connected to the Benghazi attack. Included is an email chain showing that Clinton slept late the Saturday after the Benghazi attack and missed a meeting that her staff had been trying to set up about sensitive intelligence issues, including the Presidential Daily Brief, on a day she was to make a slew of phone calls to foreign leaders.

“Ensure Your Holiday Party Is Not a Christmas Party in Disguise,” University’s Holiday Guide Warns
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Office of Diversity and Inclusion has come up with a list of “best practices” in order to ensure your “inclusive” workplace holiday party is “not a Christmas party in disguise” and that it refrains from being perceived as “endorsing religion generally.”

Google is now after your blood: Patent reveals the firm is planning a “needle-free” way to collect samples using smartwatches
System takes form of a handheld device or wearable in patent designs

Freddie Gray Trial: Prosecution’s Case Looks Weak
Jurors leave court room to inspect police van in which Freddie Gray bumped his head

U. of Kentucky covers mural of settlers “to respond to the pain that it causes”
President Eli Capilouto decided to shroud a controversial mural on campus after a group of students came to him with frustrations late last month.

Research Points To Mental Health Risks Associated With Meatless Diet
Many Americans have turned to a vegetarian diet for many different reasons. Maybe you just think it will make you generally more healthy. Perhaps you want to trim a few pounds. Maybe you want to supplement your already healthy lifestyle.

White Student Union Releases Demands On Behalf Of “Europe@n” Students
The so-called “White Student Union” created at the University of California, Santa Barbara has released a list of demands parodying the aggressive demands made by Black Lives Matter activists around the country.

At Texas’ flagship university, many fear for diversity
Garrett Maples came to the University of Texas from an almost all-white high school north of here in Liberty Hill.

Claims of Intolerance at “Clock Kid’s” School Disputed by Muslim Valedictorian
Critics around the country cried Islamophobia when 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested this year for bringing a homemade clock to school and prompting fears of a bomb.

Former Congressman Unleashes on Attorney General in Rant Against Islam: “Go Ahead and Prosecute Me. I Dare You.”
A former U.S. congressman urged Attorney General Loretta Lynch to arrest him after she warned on Thursday that her office would take a more aggressive approach to those spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric.

NY Times Editorial Flashback: Hitler The Only Voice Who Understands Roosevelt In Europe…
Just saying…

Who Lost Eurasia?
Item 1: The strategic doctrine known as “Eurasianism” calls for the Kremlin to achieve global dominance by uniting a Moscow-headquartered totalitarian “heartland” bloc consisting of Continental Europe, the former Soviet Union, and a revived Persian empire against the “rimland” West.

Eric Trump: My dad’s immigration plan includes amnesty after deportation
Cutting in front of the line

Supreme Court on Verge of Banning Affirmative Action
In the education case of Fisher v. University of Texas, a Supreme Court majority appears ready to strike down affirmative action because “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

How Multiculturalism Took Over Comic Books
Last week Marvel comics announced that it was replacing Bruce Banner (old, white guy) with Amadeus Cho (young, Korean guy) as the Incredible Hulk. This comes on the heels of Marvel recently turning Thor into a woman, Ms. Marvel into a Muslim teenager, and Spider-Man into a kid who’s half African-American and half Puerto Rican but, disappointingly, still male, heterosexual, and cisgendered. As you can see, there is much progress yet to be made.


Economy & Taxes


China’s Renminbi Is Approved by I.M.F. as a Main World Currency
The International Monetary Fund on Monday approved the Chinese renminbi as one of the world’s main central bank reserve currencies, a major acknowledgment of the country’s rising financial and economic heft.

Obama Administration Announces 144 Big Regulations
President Obama is nothing if not predictable. Required by law to release plans for new regulations twice a year, the administration has consistently done so just before major holidays, when few are paying attention.

Britain seeks to halt EU gender quota plan
Britain is holding together a fragile alliance against EU plans to set quotas on gender balance on FTSE boards

Finland is considering giving every citizen €800 a month
Proposals for a national basic income are intended to simplify the social security system and encourage more unemployed people to take on temporary work

38,151,000 Record Number of Men Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Dips To Lowest Level Ever Recorded
Employment situation improves for most in November but not for men




Trending Home At Christmas Christmas German Market Birmingham Black Friday
Mail investigation reveals researcher’s pioneering report was “buried” by council

Prosecutors ban Soros Foundation as “threat to Russian national security”
The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has recognized George Soros’s Open Society Institute and another affiliated organization as undesirable groups, banning Russian citizens and organizations from participation in any of their projects.

“I’m gonna fuck you little Swedish girl” – then went asylum seekers to attack
Today, the verdict against two of the Arab asylum seekers who took part in the acclaimed double rape of Strangnas in August. Both receive prison sentences but one of them avoid deportation because he claims to come from Syria.

Quest to drill into Earth’s mantle restarts
Indian Ocean expedition resumes a six-decade campaign to bore right through the planet’s crust.

Korean County Achieves Its Goal: Less Birth Control, More Babies
Back in the 1970s and ’80s, when the South Korean government was focused on alleviating poverty, Kim Chung-jae and other health officials toured villages to persuade couples to practice birth control.

Turkish court “orders Gollum study” in Erdogan case
A Turkish court has asked experts to assess the character Gollum from The Lord of the Rings in the case of a man on trial for insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish media report.

Germany made secret deal to resettle half a million migrants from Turkey, says Hungarian Prime Minister
EU officials deny “secret deal”, but confirm migrant resettlement plans

Birmingham school headteacher banned pictures of pigs, court hears
Claim comes during employment tribunal over dismissals at primary school linked to alleged infiltration plot by Islamists

Maid from Morocco? No thanks, say Saudi wives
Feel Moroccan women are beautiful and could snatch their husbands

The far right in France is poised for its biggest victory yet
Support for France’s far-right party, the National Front, has been surging following the deadly attacks in Paris on November 13.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen: the new wonder-girl of France’s far-right
The niece of Marine Le Pen won her first election at the age of 22 and trounced a former prime minister, Alain Juppe, in a televised debate

Venus or bust: Wayward Japanese spacecraft hurtles toward destiny
This weekend, the golf cart-sized Japanese spaceship named Akatsuki could become a national hero. Or it could end up a national disgrace.

95% of Child Rape and Molestation Convictions in the UK Were Committed by Muslims
These are the results of an investigation into “Child Grooming” (Child Rape and Molestation) in the UK.

Good News Gaynor!
Some people were happy that Gaynor was kicked out of the Australian Army.

Gay refugees placed in separate accommodation after attacks
Five gay asylum seekers in Amsterdam have been moved to a new location after they were spat on and attacked by other people in their refugee centre, the Parool says on Friday.

Brainy Oxford rugby babes strip for sexy nude calendar before grudge match with Cambridge
BRAINY rugby babes from Oxford University have stripped off ahead of a grudge match with Cambridge at Twickenham – and it’s all for a good cause.

British Left-Wingers Orchestrating Calais Migrant Violence, Police Official Says
People smugglers and left-wing activists are colluding in trying to smuggle migrants across the Channel from northern France to the UK, a French police union official has claimed.

Jeremy Corbyn: Execution of Brit by Jihadi John was “the price we pay for war”
A video of the Labour leader emerges in which he describes the murder of British aid worker Alan Henning as “the price of intervention”

Maoist cult leader guilty of rape, sexually assaulting followers and keeping daughter as slave for 30 years
Aravindan Balakrishnan, who imprisoned his daughter in a commune during a “brutal” campaign of “violence”, convicted of string of sexual offences

Bye, bye, bananas
In the mid 1900s, the most popular banana in the world—a sweet, creamy variety called Gros Michel grown in Latin America—all but disappeared from the planet. At the time, it was the only banana in the world that could be exported. But a fungus, known as Panama Disease, which first appeared in Australia in the late 1800s, changed that after jumping continents. The disease debilitated the plants that bore the fruit. The damage was so great and swift that in a matter of only a few decades the Gros Michel nearly went extinct.




Political Correctness Goes To War on American History
George Orwell once remarked that Stalin’s Soviet Union was a place yesterday’s weather could be changed by decree. America, it seems, is not wholly immune to this totalitarian impulse either. It increasingly manifests itself in political correctness, a phenomenon that is flourishing at elite American universities.

I’m Not Going to Say Student Radicals Are Merely Corrupt Hustlers …
. . . because, obviously, most of them are sincere in their desire to destroy Western civilization as we know it. However, we cannot ignore the way campus “diversity” operates as a shakedown racket

The Feminist Fear Factor
The blogger at Dark Brightness has a post describing the “politicization of phobia” as a Nigerian email scam.

Is @Moloch_God Really Leading #SMOD & Cthulhu In The 2016 Apocalypse Race?
The apocalyptic candidate scene has been roiled by recent news events and polling, with SMOD and Cthulhu suffering brutal, senseless damage to their support.

Why Doesn’t the GOP Elite Give Up on Amnesty?
If the Republican establishment is so panicked about Donald Trump – a wild, proto-fascist egomaniac with his finger on the button, in their telling – you’d think it would do the one thing that would almost certainly stop him

A Modest Proposal for Princeton and Yale
Richard Epstein reviews the sorry record of Woodrow Wilson over at Ricochet, but concludes correctly that it is a stupid idea to start stripping names off of university programs. But if the prissy Princetonians insist on renaming the Woodrow Wilson School for Public Affairs, here’s a modest suggestion: Rename it for Warren Harding!

West Virginia College Divests Its Remaining Conservatives
Losing donors and enrollment, West Liberty University may be a harbinger of things to come for universities that double down on knee-jerk liberalism.

Abolish the Department of Agriculture
I have been writing for months about the Export-Import Bank being one of the worst crony programs in Washington. However, I think the programs under the Department of Agriculture may take the cake. I have written many times about the outrageous sugar program — a racket that protects a politically powerful cartel of domestic sugar-processing companies at the expenses of consumers and taxpayers. Then, there is awful ethanol program. We also have programs like the Dairy Margin Protection Program (DMPP) and the Dairy Market Stabilization program (DMS). DMPP effectively guarantees profits for dairy farmers and DMS is a complicated program meant to drive up milk prices to benefit small-scale dairy farmers.

Flashback: John Brown Raid Blamed on Hateful Abolitionist Rhetoric
Handbills are now appearing in reaction to the Killings at Harpers FerryVirginia some examples

Has the president lost his ability to discharge the powers and duties of office?
Is it now time to invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment?

Don’t expect a brain scan to tell you if you’re “transgender” or not
Since it’s a topic that never seem to fall very far out of the news these days, I was interested to see an analysis at the Washington Post on the subject of “transgender” Americans and how their status has changed under the current administration.

Why Do People Keep Falling for Campus Race Hoaxes?
It’s happened again, this time at Kean University in New Jersey. On November 18, an anonymous Twitter user (@keanuagainstblk) posted a series of tweets that included racist comments and a threat to “shoot any black person i see at kean university.”

Dear @Clementine_Ford …
Never has anyone directly criticized Clementine Ford who was not presumed guilty of “misogyny” or some other such Thought Crime.

It’s Not the Guns, It’s the Evil
These are confusing times, as a generation unfamiliar with the nature of evil senses a gathering storm. It’s easy to blame guns when you don’t understand that the West is engaged in a multi-front struggle for existence with evil.

When “Diversity and Inclusion” Become Exclusion
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville has sent out “best practices” guidelines for Christmas holiday end of year parties, and you have to read it not to believe it. Here’s the whole thing, but here are some highlowlights.

How Liberal Education Became Illiberal
Nowadays, the liberal arts mean nothing. That’s why they’re so destructive.

Subordinating the Constitution to progressive internationalism: From Libya to climate change
In his speech at the global climate change conference in Paris, President Obama made it clear that he would like to reach an international agreement that would mitigate the harmful effects of climate change, with each nation binding itself to targets to reduce carbon emissions. What was missing from his speech (and elsewhere) was an acknowledgement that to be binding on the United States any such agreement would need to be in the form of either an executive agreement that would require the approval of both houses of Congress, or a treaty, which would require a positive vote from two-thirds of the Senate. It’s very unlikely that either of these things would be forthcoming from the Republican-controlled Congress.

The New York Daily News Hates Everything America Stands For
No, I’m not talking about their ludicrous anti-prayer cover; it’s their right to put whatever ridiculous pulp on their cover that they want to sell papers. I’m talking about this absurd piece that treats talking about Jesus at work as a literal capital offense. The story focuses on Nicholas Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew who CNN has already sort of blamed for the Muslim San Bernardino killer’s terrorist rampage that left 14 dead and over a dozen more injured.

Louisiana Republicans deserve the next four years
Aside from stabilizing a bleeding budget with structural changes, the governor-elect wants to pass legislation that has been consistently defeated in the past like raising the minimum wage, an equal pay law for women, expanding Medicaid and increasing the earned income tax credit.

A Blast From The Future
Come closer, children, and spread ears like elephants’.

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