Fly This Flag or Burn This Flag?

     In the Ruthuglican H8 state of Utah, a condominium community association has fined a  homeowner for daring to fly a flag of unity and justice!

     Why isn’t the ACLU standing up to defend the flying of this flag?  Why, this flag is under attack… with the courts even saying such H8ful thing like it’s totes OK to burn this flag!  H8 Crime!!1!  H8 Crime!!1!

     Could you imagine the Gay Rainbow Pride flag being burned with impunity, while people who fly it get punished for flying it?

     Of course not, because that would not happen in this day and age.  Burning that flag would be seen as “fighting words” and a H8 crime, with anyone who did the deed being forever shunned by society.  In contrast, anyone who had a problem with the flag being flown would be similarly pilloried and shunned.

     But this situation does exist… with the American flag:

“Homeowners in Murray say they are being fined by their home owner’s association for flying the American Flag.

“Chestnut Place is a condominium community consisting of about 60 homeowners. Up until last week, those living in the community say they were free to fly their flags without regulation or restriction, but recently that changed.

“‘After the last board meeting, we were leaving and two members of the board and a resident said they were tired of looking at the flag,’ said Jo Ann Dugay, who is one of the five board members on the Home Owners Association. ‘They said “is this flag row?” And that something needed to be done about it.'”

     Not everyone is willing to put up with this:

“‘I have a legal right to fly my American Flag, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it,’ yelled a frustrated Worthen.”

     Just think, if this were the Rainbow H8 flag, this would be a national issue…

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