News of the Week (June 14th, 2015)


News of the Week for June 14th, 2015


Obama Scandals


Next On the Obama Agenda: Destroying the Marine Corps
Heading for 182,000 Marines by the end of 2017.

DHS Whistleblower Almost Lost Custody of Her Child Due to Retaliation
Taylor Johnson, a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower, testified Thursday that the “retaliation” against her for disclosing gross mismanagement, fraud and waste in a controversial visa program was so bad, she was told she couldn’t “carry or own a personal weapon,” a violation of her 2nd Amendment rights. Worse yet, she almost lost custody of her one-year-old child when a social worker was erroneously told that she had been terminated over a criminal offense.


Gun Rights


An Open Letter to the Folks Who Fact Check Gun Reporting at the Associated Press
This is what happens when people who do not know anything about guns write news stories about guns.

Scott Walker To Remove Waiting Period For Wisconsin Gun Purchases
Republican lawmakers passed a bill to do away with the 48-hour waiting period on gun purchases in Wisconsin, and Gov. Scott Walker is expected to sign it.

Rasmussen: Americans Prefer to Live Around Armed PeopleShare article on Facebook
Late last year, Gallup reported that the “percentage of Americans who believe having a gun in the house makes it a safer place to be (63%) has nearly doubled since 2000, when about one in three agreed with this.”

A Notorious Gun-Grabber May Be Waiting in the Wings as Hillary’s Campaign Implodes
A name is being floated as a possible contender for the Democrat nomination in the event Hillary Clinton’s campaign implodes – and the candidate would be the worst nightmare of the pro-2nd Amendment crowd.

San Francisco’s Hollow Point Ban Endangers Lives: Just Ask The NYPD
Hard left gun control proponents have a habit of passing laws–ostensibly to save lives–which actually do just the opposite. San Francisco’s hollow point ammunition ban is just such a law.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Global Warming: The Theory that Predicts Nothing and Explains Everything
A lot of us having been pointing out one of the big problems with the global warming theory: a long plateau in global temperatures since about 1998. Most significantly, this leveling off was not predicted by the theory, and observed temperatures have been below the lowest end of the range predicted by all of the computerized climate models.



Government in Healthcare


The Sick Man Of Asia – China’s Looming Health Disaster
In 2006, 80 percent of China’s health budget was spent on just 8.5 million government officials.


War & Terror


The stench of weakness confirmed: Russian bomber flights near US airspace doubled last year
Because a beta male/mom jeans President who tells Russia that he’ll have “more flexibility” after the 2012 election invites Putin’s belligerence. Russia’s annexation of Crimea is only the beginning. It’s almost as though Russia and China are now itching for a fight with a weakened U.S.

You May Not Have Noticed It, But Obama Kind of Threw Ukraine under the Bus at the G7Share article on Facebook
President Obama’s major slip at the G7 summit in the Alps yesterday was his admission that he still doesn’t have a “complete strategy” for confronting ISIS in Iraq, but that gaffe shouldn’t overshadow another unfortunate comment the president made, about the situation in Ukraine.

Isis slave markets sell girls for “as little as a pack of cigarettes”, UN envoy says
UN envoy on sexual violence says abducting girls has become a key part of Isis strategy to recruit foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria over the past 18 months

India Army says Myanmar attack just the beginning to get grips on N-E terror
Confirming that it killed at least 20 militants in the night-long operation on Tuesday when two militant camps were simultaneously attacked by troops from 21 Para (Special Forces) inside Myanmar, the Army on Wednesday said it was just the beginning of what could be long-drawn operations to curb terrorism in the North-East region.

Air Strikes or Special Forces: How the Myanmar Operation was Meticulously Planned
Action within 72 hours – that was what the political leadership had suggested to the Army to liquidate the militant camps across Myanmar. And one of the ways considered to achieve it was the use of Sukhoi and MIG 29 fighter jets, top sources told NDTV.

Report: Hack of government employee records discovered by product demo
Security tools vendor found breach, active over a year, at OPM during sales pitch.

We Have Our Cyber Pearl Harbor.
Hackers stole personnel data and Social Security numbers for every federal employee, a government worker union said Thursday, saying that the cyber theft of U.S. employee information was more damaging than the Obama administration has acknowledged.




Another #BlackLivesMatter Cause In The Making: #McKinney, Texas…Update: Violence That Brought Cops, Residents Black And White Backing Police
This is on fire all over social media as we speak, with MSM about to pounce. This video depicts about 7 minutes where a cop seems to be overly physical with teens who don’t appear to be doing much. Whether the cop’s actions are appropriate will have to be determined when examining all the facts.

Jerry Seinfeld: Political Correctness Will Destroy Comedy
Jerry Seinfeld believes political correctness has put comedy on a self-destructive path.

How much SNAP fraud are we going to find?
Apparently it’s government waste, fraud and abuse week here at Hot Air. (Then again, I suppose that’s pretty much every week these days if you’re masochistic enough to keep reading the news.) This time we check in with the the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which was previously referred to as the food stamps program in various versions. Since we’re well into the 21st century now, using actual, paper stamps or other traceable documents is horse and buggy thinking, so recipients are routinely employing Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards for their purchases. Sadly, as you might expect, if there is a way to exploit new technology somebody will come along and figure out how to do just that.

de Blasio: We have a “democracy problem” in America
Big Apple Mayor Bill de Blasio is a busy guy. He’s got more than enough on his plate already, needing to deal with his city’s skyrocketing crime rate, crushing poverty in the areas that the TV cameras don’t cover and a police force which doesn’t much care for him. Still, he took time out of his busy day on Sunday to talk to John Dickerson on Face the Nation. Strangely, he wasn’t there to talk about Gotham, but rather about Hillary Clinton and her recent calls for expanded early voting around the nation.

Federalizing Voting
NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio says the U.S. has a “democracy problem” because States generally define the terms of voting. This is essentially an echo of Hillary Clinton’s recent proposal to pass a federal law requiring automatic voter registration upon reaching age 18, restoring felons’ voting rights, and a mandatory 20-day early voting period.

Here’s the REST OF THE STORY Behind the Police Abuse at the McKinney Pool Party
On Friday McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt was called in to assist at an out of control pool party at a local subdivision.

Video Emerges of Violence at “Innocent Pool Party” in McKinney, Texas
Left media is ablaze with articles condemning the police response to a pool party at a McKinney, Texas, subdivision. Now a video is emerging showing why police were called to the scene to begin with – violence.

5-month-old fetus lived 30 minutes after “abortion pill” delivery
A woman faces a murder charge after the death of her five-and-a-half-month-old fetus she delivered in an abortion attempt.

Freddie Gray Case: Court Rejects Prosecutor’s Gag Order
Because of jurisdictional defects.

McKinney Pool Party Organizer, Tatyana Rhodes, Lawyers Up – Likely Trying To Avoid Civil Liability….
As we have outlined the McKinney Texas June 5th pool party mob at the Craig Ranch sub-division was organized by 20-year-old Tatyana Rhodes, and her mother LaShana Burks.

Free speech again at center of court case involving man’s arrest at selectmen’s meeting
In a case that could have huge implications, Justice James Carroll — for the second time in six months — is considering whether the constitutional right of freedom of speech can or should be limited to permit the orderly proceedings of government business.

Youthful, Energetic Clinton Campaign: “Quilting is like Democracy, it’s a process”
Nothing quite captures the imagination of everyday Americans like quilting Granny Clinton logos. We almost fell asleep just looking at this Twitter feed

Things go from bad to worse for Marilyn Mosby
Marilyn Mosby, the prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case, continues to make news for all the wrong reasons. First, her motion for a gag order in the case was dismissed because she filed it in the wrong court.

Study: San Francisco to Be “Lily White” Enclave in 25 years
San Francisco prides itself on its image as a bastion of diversity and progressive politics. But according to a new study by the San Francisco Foundation, the city’s policies are rapidly ejecting blacks, Latinos and Asians to become a “lily white” island in a heavily diverse region over the next 25 years.

California professors instructed not to say “America is the land of opportunity”
That’s one of several phrases deemed a “microaggression” at faculty leader training sessions initiated by University of California President Janet Napolitano

Staph Bacteria Toxin Causes Type 2 Diabetes In Rabbits
This might explain the higher incidence of insulin resistant diabetes among the obese.

“If you live by the pen, you die by the pen”
Ted Cruz would spend his first day in office trying to undo some of Barack Obama’s biggest achievements via executive order.

Miami School Principal Loses Job for Defending McKinney Cop Online
The principal of North Miami Senior High School, Alberto Iber, lost his job after posting on Facebook about McKinney.

Why sci-fi authors are angry with Tor Books
In the world of sci-fi/fantasy publishing, all anyone can talk about today is this blog post from Tor Books founder Tom Doherty.

Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93
Screen legend famous for roles in Hammer Horror films, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars dies in hospital after suffering heart and respiratory problems

Will Reddit Revolt Against Ellen Pao?
When failed discrimination plaintiff Ellen Pao was appointed CEO of Reddit last January, many predicted that it would herald a new age of censorship on the link-sharing and discussion site. Those predictions appear to have come true, as a number of communities on the site (known as “subreddits”) have just been unilaterally shut down.

Alex Padilla unveils California voting overhaul bill
Bill seeks universal mail ballots, expanded early voting

Feminist Website Bans Use of “Trigger Warnings” Citing “Trigger” as “Triggering”
Everyday Feminism, which “has quickly become one of the most popular feminist digital media sites in the world” according to its website, has banned “trigger warnings” as the warnings themselves could be triggering.

North Carolina Legislature Overrides Governor’s Religious Liberty Veto
Magistrates and clerks who object to same-sex marriage for religious reasons can keep their jobs in North Carolina.

11-Year-Old Boy Played in His Yard. CPS Took Him, Felony Charge for Parents.
An interview with two parents who lost their kids… over nothing.

Calif. bill would require resource centers for illegal immigrants
California lawmakers recently passed a bill that would require nearly 100 state universities and community colleges to establish “Dream Resource Centers” for illegal immigrants on campus.

Here Comes The “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” Rule: How Obama Will Centrally-Plan Your Neighborhood
Because centrally-planning the market and the double seasonally-adjusted economy was not enough, the Obama administration is now set to create a wealth-adjusted community utopia. According to The Hill, the administration is moving forward with regulations designed to help diversify America’s wealthier neighborhoods, such as building affordable housing in more affluent areas.

U-Cal. system: saying America is “land of opportunity” a microaggression
The pamphlet, distributed by the U-Cal. system, lists nearly 50 phrases, questions, and scenarios as offensive.

60% of children rescued from sex trafficking were reportedly in the foster care system
How the Foster Care system is failing our children

NAACP leader and civil rights activist outed as WHITE by her parents who say she’s been pretending to be black for years
Her mother Ruthanne Dolezal revealed Thursday that her daughter is white and began to “disguise herself” in 2006 or 2007

“White Appreciation Day” at Colorado barbecue joint makes colorful statement
The only thing Steve Adams knew about the Rubbin Buttz BBQ is that its Hispanic owners were hosting “White Appreciation Day” on Thursday, but that was enough to persuade him to make the hourlong drive for lunch.

Hillary’s Unlawful Plan to Overrule Voter-ID Laws
Automatic registration at 18, letting felons vote—it’s all part of an unconstitutional progressive dream.

See How Rick Santorum Answered the Question of Accepting Caitlyn Jenner by Bridget Johnson
Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), who’s taking another shot at the White House in 2016, got his shot to answer the Caitlyn Jenner question last night on CNN.

Gay Hotelier Who Hosted Ted Cruz Expelled from Gay Bar
The backlash continues to rage in the gay community over OUT NYC Hotel owners Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass meeting with GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, who is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage.

Best of class? In Dublin, Ohio, 222 grads tie
Roughly 20 percent of all graduating seniors at Dublin’s three high schools were awarded valedictorian status.

Balti-Murder: 16 Year-Old Black Girl Raped, Strangled, Set on Fire by Black Gang Members
It was just a few weeks ago when Black gangs were being praised by clergy and authorities in Baltimore for doing a better job than police of keeping the peace in the wake of the Freddie Gray riots.

Ultimate #Fail Whale: Twitter Forces Out CEO Dick Costolo
Dick Costolo was ousted as Twitter’s CEO on Thurday, after a disastrous year that saw active users stagnate and the company make earnings promises it could never have met.

California College Counselor Advises Students to Be “Less Asian”
In the midst of a heated lawsuit alleging Harvard holds Asian students to a much higher standard during its admissions process, some college admissions counselors in California and elsewhere are coaching Asian American students to appear “less Asian” in an attempt to help them be accepted into the nation’s most elite schools.

Suspects Open Fire Outside Dallas Police Headquarters
Gunmen attacked the police headquarters in downtown Dallas from inside an armored van early Saturday morning, shooting at officers and leaving satchel bags filled with pipe bombs around the building in a brazen overnight assault that led to a standoff that is continuing this morning.

Former “Blue Dog” Rep. Joe Baca goes Republican
Joe Baca, a longtime Democrat who represented San Bernardino County citizens for more than 30 years as a trustee for the San Bernardino Community College District, an assemblyman, state senator and congressman, is now a registered Republican.

U. Oklahoma To Segregate Gay Students Into SEPARATE-BUT-EQUAL Study Lounge
Officials at the University of Oklahoma have announced plans to enhance inclusivity on campus by building a separate-but-equal student lounge which will segregate gay, lesbian and transgender students by themselves.

Cruz, Paul push for ban on indefinite detention of US citizens
Two 2016 presidential competitors have joined forces to get a ban on the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens included in an annual defense policy bill.

Freddie Gray Case: Prosecutors Withhold Evidence as Discovery Looms
90% polled do not believe prosecutors have evidence for most serious charges

#RedditRevolt Rages as Redditors Condemn “Chairman Pao’s” Crackdown
“PAO GET OUT NOW” shouts a post on the first page of the front page of Reddit. It links to a picture of Adolf Hitler with the face of CEO Ellen Pao superimposed upon it. This is now a common sight on Reddit, the influential “Front Page of the Internet”, a website whose users are in full-scale revolt against their administrators.

Allison Hobbs on Rachel Dolezal: Must be Something Psychologically Wrong with Someone Giving up “White Privilege”
On Saturday’s broadcast of “Melissa Harris-Perry” on MSNBC, author Allison Hobbs reacted to the report that head of Spokane’s NAACP Rachel Dolezal has been identifying herself as a black woman, while, according to her birth certificate, she was born to white parents.


Economy & Taxes


Obama’s failed trade agenda leaves wake of winners and losers set for Capitol Hill rematch
The stunning defeat of President Obama’s trade agenda has resulted in an odd mix of winners and losers headed for a rematch next week over an historic proposal that if passed would impact an estimated 40 percent of the global economy.




Turkish ruling party seen losing majority in parliament
In a stunning rebuke of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ambitions to expand his powers, Turkish voters stripped his party of its simple majority in parliament, preliminary election results showed Sunday.

Islamist governing party of President RecepTayyip Erdogan loses majority in Turkish vote
Turkish voters delivered a rebuke on Sunday to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as his party lost its majority in Parliament in a historic election that dealt a blow to his ambition to rewrite Turkey’s Constitution and further bolster his clout.

Something Marvelous Happened at the Turkey Ballot Box Today: Islamists Lose Parliament
Turks went to the polls today in parliamentary elections, and the era of single-party Islamist rule appears to be over.

It Begins… Brazilian School Forces Jewish Students to Identify All Jews Among Them
Brazilian substitute headmaster José Fernando Schlosser has forced all Jewish students and teachers to sign a document to identify all Jews among them. The names will be given to the Solidarity with Palestine Committee.

“A wheelchair can become just a big sex toy”: Toronto to host massive orgy for disabled people
The “Deliciously Disabled” sex night will take place in a theater in the Canadian city. The capacity for the evening is 125 and is open to disabled and able-bodied people.

Spanish police dismantle voodoo-linked sex trafficking ring
Spanish police said Monday they had dismantled a trafficking ring they said used voodoo rituals — including animal sacrifice — to force Nigerian women into prostitution in Spain.

In Sweden, Trouble in Paradise
“Violence is exploding. Jihadist Trojan horses are flowing through the porous border along with the tens of thousands ID-less refugees.”

Belgium defies France as it mints €2.50 coin to mark Battle of Waterloo
Odd denomination released after Paris forces Brussels to scrap thousands of two-euro coins commemorating Napoleon’s final defeat

Sea Shepherd to pay damages to Japanese whalers
Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has agreed to pay damages to Japanese whalers for violating a US court injunction and continuing to disturb their research whaling in the Antarctic Ocean.

Meet the founder of the new Male Human Rights Society
“Men can be and are often victims of real problems”

Ebola Cases Rise Again in West Africa
A steady decline in Ebola cases has stopped and the numbers are ticking up again in Guinea and Sierra Leone, the World Health Organization reported Wednesday.

Controlling the Dialogue
The Human Rights Commission has been a strong defender of the public’s right to the freedom of expression in New Zealand. In 2007, when the Labour Party was planning to introduce their controversial Electoral Finance Bill to restrict free speech in election year, the Commission made a stinging submission to Parliament. They claimed the Bill would have a “chilling” effect on the freedom of expression and they described it as a “dramatic assault” on a fundamental human right. They called for the bill to be withdrawn.

2067: the end of British Christianity
Projections aren’t predictions. But there’s no denying that churches are in deep trouble

Oxford Union passes motion calling itself “institutionally racist”
The Oxford Union has passed a motion stating that it is institutionally racist.

Guardian Accused of “False” Copyright “Bullying” Against Hilarious YouTuber
Britain’s Guardian newspaper stands accused of sending a “false” copyright notice in an attempt to “bully” a popular online “vlogger” after he parodied their politically-correct content.

Belgian GPs “killing patients who have not asked to die”: Report says thousands have been killed despite not asking their doctor
Thousands killed under GP care despite not asking to die, report says

Salzburg brothel offers free sex in tax protest
A licensed brothel in the city of Salzburg has been offering free drinks and free sex in a protest against what its owner says is unfair taxation.

Welcome to post-gender Europe
Some of you have likely experienced a sense of dismay over the rather inexplicable drive to wipe out gender roles and definitions in the United States of late, and we’ve covered more than a few examples here. But on the odd chance that it makes you feel any better, I would submit a report on the current state of affairs in Europe where they are simply leaving us in the dust. Sure, it’s probably not going to be all that shocking, particularly given the nature of some of these socialist leaning paradise destinations, but if nothing else it only goes to show that things could always be worse. Let’s start the tour!




Adulthood – Interrupted
California leads the way again.

When Biases Collide
The media’s liberal bias is compounded by its bias toward trivia

The Progress of Progressivism
In trying to decide for a previous post what version of the Progressive Operating System (POS) we’re currently using (6.0? 8.0?), I just arbitrarily decided to go with 12.0. Oh, now do pipe down; Microsoft Windows is my model here; the acronym POS is a pure coincidence. But in any case I’m sure Progressives will scorn this as “Whole Numberism,” which is defined in the PC Dictionary as a “microaggressive bias against fractions, negative numbers, and irrational numbers.”* (The latter, needless to say, are the favorite kind of numbers for Progressives.)

Rebutting The Anonymous Lickspittle
Let’s be clear, you silly twerp, That your sins are yours alone.

Gays! If You Want to Start Giving Blood, Stop Being Sluts
Britain’s National Health Service is on a drive to recruit more blood donors. Predictably, Twitter is ablaze with whining homosexuals complaining that they can’t donate.

Building the New Dark-Age Mind
America’s descent into the Dark Ages will not end well. It never has in the past.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan and the triumph of deviancy
where are we going? why are we in this handbasket?

How To End the Title Nein Fascism in Five Minutes
By now it is evident even to honest liberals that Title IX is an out of control monster that makes old fashioned political correctness and speech codes look like a John Stuart Mill seminar. The Laura Kipness episode at Northwestern University might prove a tipping point, but I doubt it: between the determination of the will-to-power left, the cravenness of most college administrations (including Northwestern’s feckless president Mort Schapiro—I’ve got a file on him, as this isn’t his first epic failure in academic leadership), and the push from the Alinskyites in the Obama Administration, the Title IX campus brownshirts are likely to roll on.

Sorry, but the Obama Playbook Isn’t Going to Work for Hillary
Almost exactly two months after Hillary Rodham Clinton’s official announcement that she’s running for president, she will give her first “official campaign announcement speech,” on June 13, according to her Twitter account.

Amherst’s Version of Kafka’s “The Trial”
Kafka was born too early to write about Amherst College. At campus hearings on claims of sexual assault, procedures are relentlessly stacked again males and evidence of innocence doesn’t count. Amherst expelled a student for committing rape—despite text messages from the accuser, sent immediately after the alleged assault, (1) telling one student that she had initiated the sexual contact with the student she later accused (her roommate’s boyfriend); (2) inviting another student to her room for a sexual liaison minutes after she was allegedly raped.

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing: Sleeper Presidential Campaign Issue
Last night, on a vote of 229-193, the House passed an amendment to the THUD (Transportation Housing and Urban Development) Bill offered by Arizona Republican Congressman Paul A. Gosar. That amendment prevents the Department of Housing and Urban Development from implementing the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation, issued in preliminary but not yet final form by the Obama administration.

Rapists Everywhere (1-in-5)
St. Mary’s College of California is a private school where annual tuition is $41,380, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Marco Rubio Is The Presumptive Republican Nominee For President In 2016
I realize that’s a bold statement, but it’s based on solid evidence: the sheer volume of flop sweat flooding the offices of the New York Times.

Behind Science Fraud, Chapter 9
Irreproducible Biology Research Costs Put at $28 Billion Per Year

College for all, the Europeans, and path dependency
Remember when Bernie Sanders proposed his College for All Act? I had initially thought of it as so unserious as to not even merit any attention, but it seems relevant in light of the “I defaulted and I’m proud” op-ed from last weekend.

Jurassic World: Will Its Dinosaur Sexism Violate Your Personal Safe Space?
While lumpen folk concern themselves with trivial questions like “Is it any good?”, Britain’s premier mediator of correct thinking – the Guardian – has today asked the only question that really matters: “Is it sexist?”

White People’s History: Slavery, War and Racism Can Be Found In All Cultures And Societies
At the end of last month the NUS hosted its Black Students’ Conference, which was much ridiculed by the right on Twitter for its hatred of white people that frankly made the dislike of men on show at the NUS Women’s Conference look mild and pedestrian in comparison.

Can Gays And Christians Coexist In America? Part 1
To make Christians do as the gay lobby demands would eradicate their religion entirely.

Can Gays And Christians Coexist In America? Part II
Standing against same-sex marriage is not at all like supporting slavery and Jim Crow laws.

Can Gays And Christians Coexist In America? Part III
Here’s why gays and Christians view the same-sex marriage question as an existential struggle.

Can Gays And Christians Coexist In America? Part IV
The gay lobby’s decision to seek a decisive nationwide resolution in the courts on equality-based grounds has encouraged the most divisive possible method of implementing same-sex marriage.

Can Gays And Christians Coexist In America? Part V
How Christians and gay people can reach out to each other without compromising their deepest beliefs.

The Pecking Disorder: Social Justice Warriors Gone Wild
Culture wars over “social justice” have been wreaking havoc in many communities, including universities and science fiction fandom.

If Rachel Dolezal Isn’t Black, How Is Caitlyn Jenner A Woman?
Spokane NAACP president Rachel Dolezal, a professor of Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University, was outed earlier this week by her parents as being white.

When the Insane Are Normal, the Normal Are Insane
The wave of media cheerleading for Bruce Jenner’s splashy debut as Caitlyn Jenner, his new putatively female identity, is one of those moments that has a lot of us of looking around and wondering if the whole world has gone insane.

A Big Slobbery Welcome To My Newest Trans-Black Sister, Rachel Dolezal
Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June. Regular readers of this column will recall that the author bravely came out of the closet as trans-black in April, following years of misery in which my innate blackness felt like a complete mismatch for my white body – or, as I refer to it, my honkyself or crackersona.

Cleveland Tries Out Baltimore Justice, Ignores Facts in Tamir Rice Shooting
Fearing Normal Legal Process Won’t Satisfy Them, Activists Find Bypass

An Interesting Approach To Combat Our Burgeoning Regulatory Leviathan
Charles Murray, Of “The Bell Curve” fame, has written an interesting new book: By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission. Think what you will about his most famous book — this is not the place to rehash that cultural brouhaha — he has some interesting ideas for our current existential crisis.

A Generation of Rachel Dolezals?Share article on Facebook
A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about Rachel Dolezal. Well, the piece doesn’t actually mention Dolezal, but it does explain her. As Christian Adams points out, Dolezal’s case is far from isolated. Other activist leftists have tried to pose as racial minorities.

When Black is White, and Men are Women
So now that NAACP’s Rachel Dolezal has been “outed” as “white,” it makes me wonder: What is “white” anyway? Okay, admittedly, Dolezal doesn’t appear to have any African ancestry in her blood, as her parents say she is of German, Czech, and Swedish ancestry, with a smidgen of Native American in there somewhere.

Fundamental Concepts – Reality
The left has a real problem with reality, and that’s never been more apparent than these past few weeks. Bruce Jenner is a real woman, but a conservative like Michelle Malkin isn’t. Trans-abled is a thing. A white woman, Rachel Dolezal, is revealed to have been pretending to be black for years, teaching African studies and running a local chapter of the NAACP, and a furious argument breaks out amongst the various victimology groups on the left as to whether she’s authentically black or not.

The Left Can’t Handle An Inconvenient Truth
Identity politics is a prized possession in the Left’s arsenal until someone uses certain identities in a way in which the Left disapproves. They initially shout: “Be who you believe you are, and present yourself in the way you want!” Only, they’re lying. They don’t mean be free to be your (chosen) self. They really mean be free to be your (chosen) self only if it’s what they allow at that moment and in line with the narrative they wish to promote. This is why the situation involving Spokane, Washington NAACP President Rachel Dolezal is making the Left so defensive. It shows the hypocrisy of their convenient tolerance.

The case of Rachel Dolezal: strange but not surprising
Our flourishing national conversation about race gains additional fuel. Rachel Dolezal, the “black” president of an NAACP chapter is revealed to be white.

What’s in a name? Liberal guilt, apparently, when the name is Hispanic
It’s spring, so I had a graduation to attend (which was just one of the many reasons I haven’t been able to get any blogging done). It was a very nice graduation, in a pretty suburban setting. The students were shiny and happy. I’d say roughly 70% were some type of white ethnicity (WASP, Jewish, Greek, Russian, etc.), another 15% were Asian, and the remaining 15% were everything else. This is, after all, one of those nice affluent suburbs Obama wants to destroy.

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