Is Obama a Dictator?

     Is Obama a dictator?  He has circumvented both the Congress and the Constitution in appropriating funds and trampling on the Bill of Rights.

     But what about Congress… which is supposed to write the law?

     At this point I think we can finally admit that Congress has ceased to be a branch of government.

     At most, they pass enabling acts.

     Obama is a dictator.

     Is there any doubt that if the a Republican wins the Presidency, they won’t have the balls to reverse what Obama did?

     The FCC will harass ISPs and hosting companies to drop or block sites, just like Holder harassed the banks to drop legal business like gun stores.

     But it would be so sweet for a President Walker to pass “right to work” by executive fiat.

     We’ve passed the Rubicon. The best we can hope for is to have our dictator in charge.

     What was intended by the Founding Fathers, was for Congress to pass laws, with the executive limited to doing A, B, and C.

     Now, the executive agencies (some independent of even the President) who are given power to do anything except X, Y, or Z — with the X, Y, or Z so vaguely written that the agency can even do that unless the courts slap them down, and then usually only for a single instance with no other repercussions.

     To put it another way as “rhomboid” commented on the Ace of Spades HQ:

“The Hat is right.

“And I *love* the analogy to the Enabling Acts (blank slate authority given to Hitler as temporary, emergency measures ….. which, um, turned out a bit differently than some anticipated). Sure, it’s over the top, a bit, and technically speaking.

“But you know what? In proper context – that is, the American historical context – that analogy is spot-on, not outlandish at all.

“Lawlessness now defines most of our system. Co-equal branches? Nope. Imperial presidency (like nothing seen since the Civil War, which was, um, a CIVIL WAR, which tends to bring out extreme measures). Judiciary completely unhinged from its constitutional channel, legislating wildly and arrogantly (and about as intelligently as you’d expect for a branch not intended for this role). Congress? Essentially dealt itself out of the system.

“I’ve harped on it before, but the thing about recess appointments, where the Senate eventually won its lawsuit, was stunning and revealing. At no prior time in US history would the president’s party have tolerated such poaching on Senate prerogatives. Which is why such a thing would not even be attempted, not pressed seriously.

“But Senate Dems just sat there, silent, while one of their institutions’ main powers was diluted by bold presidential over-reach.

“Seems like some geeky, obscure thing to most, perhaps. To me, it is/was a chilling, astonishing development. The glue that made our system work has fallen apart. We are now more or less ruled, there is not representative, lawful government.”

     And somewhere in the bowels of hell Elagabalus smiles…

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