The GOP Must Go Full Brazilian: No Bush

     In 1988, Geroge H. W. Bush promised “No New Taxes”… and was rewarded with the first complete take-over of both the Presidency and Congress since the ’70’s.  His son, George W. Bush, led the ground work to a Democratic domination not seen since the ’70’s with Barack Obama leading a filibuster proof Senate majority and the House.

     It there any doubt that the conservative base of the GOP might be wary of a third Bush?  If Jeb Bush’s speech at CPAC was any indicator, he has a steep climb before he can claim a unified from the right:

     It is clear that the best thing for both conservatism and the Republican party to dissever themselves from the Bush legacy.

     To whit: They must go full Brazilian — No Bush!

     A little mood music:

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