Quick Takes – Whiteness as a Disease, Logic & Reason is Racist, and How Vote Fraud is the New Social Justice

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Logic + Being White + The Integrity of the Vote = Raaaaaaacism!!1!

     That the race-obsessed Progressives have long held a death-grip in education via their “long march through the institutions,” but the utter hate and insanity of the educational establishment is rarely shown to the public at large.  One of those occasions, though, was the “National White Privilege Conference“:

“‘Teaching is a political act, and you can’t choose to be neutral. You are either a pawn used to perpetuate a system of oppression or you are fighting against it,’ [former high school English teacher Kim] Radersma said during the session. ‘And if you think you are neutral, you are a pawn.’

“She said educators need to challenge the system, otherwise they are giving in to white supremacy. Radersma also argued the first step is realizing that all white people are carrying the signs of oppression.

“‘Being a white person who does anti-racist work is like being an alcoholic. I will never be recovered by my alcoholism, to use the metaphor,” Radersma said. ‘I have to everyday wake up and acknowledge that I am so deeply imbedded with racist thoughts and notions and actions in my body that I have to choose everyday to do anti-racist work and think in an anti-racist way.'”

     The purported goals of “tolerance,” “racial equality,” and “diversity” are, and always have been, lies used to gain control.  It is clear that these lunatics consider the “enemy” to be an inferior, if not outright evil, group that must be dealt with in order for the non-racially diseased to be free.

     Is that insane?  Ja Wohl!

     What could be more racist than logic and reason?  Apparently such sillyness have been tossed aside for the eminently more sensible “discussion of concepts like “nigga authenticity” and performed hip-hop and spoken-word poetry”:

     It is enough to make one pine for the sober and serious debates found in Youtube comments:

     Now, what could be more racist and evil than expecting a fair and honest vote?

“Why did Democrats applaud the loathsome community organizer Melowese Richardson, a freshly released, unrepentant voter fraud felon, at a recent “voting rights” rally in Ohio?

“Because, like Richardson, they believe they are entitled to vote more than once against a system they see as unjust.  Some serial voters do what they do in order to exact revenge against a society they feel did them or their ancestors wrong.  Richardson is far from alone.  Double-voting is distressingly common.

“Many leftists have contempt for the electoral process because they don’t believe in the electoral system as it is constituted in capitalist America.  To them, elections are already a fraud – an instrument of the rich, or as Saul Alinsky prefers to call them, the Haves.  If the electoral system doesn’t serve “the people,” but is only an instrument of the Haves, then election fraud is justified as the path to a future that will serve the Have-Nots, as David Horowitz has explained.”

     All is fair when it comes to getting honkey crackers, it would seem.


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