Gun Confiscation in New York City

     A reported gun confiscation notice requiring the “immediate surrender” or removal of newly illegal guns by order of New York City has surfaced.

     The guns listed in the notice are clearly in violation of the city’s Administrative Code.  It is uncertain how wide-spread or vigorously enforced new gun laws in New York are or will be.  Additional reporting of such notices will be necessary to determine that.

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One Response to Gun Confiscation in New York City

  1. avatar Angry Voter says:

    Statists want citizens to be helpless so that they will cry out for a more powerful government but it’s the government that created the problems.

    It’s what Hitler did. It’s what Stalin did. It’s what Franco did. It’s what Mussolini did. History is full of it – even the Shoguns disarmed the farmers before turning them into serfs.

    Don’t fall for it.

    Gang members won’t turn it their weapons.

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