British Parliament to Abolish Freedom of the Press

     The British Parliament, with support from all three major parties in Parliament, has decreed that “there will be a new system of press regulation backed by law.”

     The regulations would punish no-participating news sources by exposing them massive civil damages that the government approved press will be free from:

“The politicians proposed a statutory system that would compel newspapers to join. Publications that refuse will face “exemplary” damages in the event of libel. Both plans have been considered by ministers on the Privy Council. Mrs Miller told MPs that the industry proposal has been rejected as unacceptable to politicians.


“The industry was not invited or represented.”

     This will be the first time the press has been so regulated since before the American Revolution!  Perhaps the British should also throw the rascals out in the next Parliamentary election… assuming that anyone is allowed to agree with them…

     A little mood music:

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