News of the Week for August 11th, 2013


News of the Week for August 11th, 2013


Obama Scandals


Obama’s Sloppy History Problem
Whatever the opposite of a charm offensive is, President Obama is on it.

Gun Rights


Virginia Sees Gun Sales Climb, Gun Crime Fall
When firearms sales in the Old Dominion rose by 16 percent from 2011 to 2012, gun crime dropped 5 percent, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Colorado Recalls Make History
Bloomberg-Biden toadies are learning something about voter rejection.

Gun Crimes Plummet Even As Gun Sales Rise
A majority of Americans say they think gun crime has increased over the past 20 years, even though it has actually fallen dramatically, a recent Pew Research Center survey shows. The infographic below provides a closer look at some recent numbers.

Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”

Denmark gets a dose of global cooling in major newspaper
Major Danish Daily Warns: “Globe May Be On Path To Little Ice Age…Much Colder Winters…Dramatic Consequences”!

Posted on August 9, 2013 by Anthony Watts
Slowly but gradually, Europe is awakening to a green energy crisis, an economic and political debacle that is entirely self-inflicted.



Government in Healthcare


Obamacare versus the Faculty
With the implementation of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) these institutions are giving notification to their part-time faulty that their individual teaching schedules will now be limited to three sections. At the college this will likely result in the cancellation of 20-25% of the class sections in economics, and I would assume other areas will have a similar result. The students are not fully aware of the situation and many will be surprised that their desire to get a college education is now being impacted by the need to avoid the full implementation of the ACA.

North Carolina Congressman Attacked For Trying To Repeal Obamacare
They kept telling us once people learned what Obamacare would do for them, they wouldn’t want to give it up. Maybe that time has finally arrived.

Oregon Denies Chemotherapy To Medicaid Patients With Less Than Two Years To Live
Via Brian Faughnan….Paging Sarah “Death Panel” Palin. Sarah “Death Panel” Palin to the White Courtesy phone.

Healthcare Rationing Oregon Style
Oregon rations healthcare to Medicaid recipients. Terminal cancer patients are denied chemotherapy to extend life–and now the Oregon rationing board wants to go deeper into the weeds.


War & Terror


What The American Orwell State Can and Can’t Secure
We Can Terrorize Our Citizens But Can’t Secure IT Data Or The Border

The Abandoned
Afghan translator of Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer caught in bureaucratic limbo

Know Thine Enemy
Major Hasan is honest about himself; why aren’t we?



Politico Stealth-Deletes Headline Critical of ObamaCare Event
Without noting what change has been made (there is a generic timestamp about an update), what had been a Sunday headline that correctly noted just how catastrophic a pro-ObamaCare event in Centreville, Virginia, had gone, is now a much more positive headline about how the ObamaCare “message war” has gone local.

The founder of Freedom Hosting has been arrested in Ireland and is awaiting extradition to USA.

DNC Received $245,000 in Contributions From Dead People Since 2009

Hang on to your balloons! The helium cliff is nigh.
Earlier this spring, there was a rare bipartisan flurry of activity around something almost every legislator could agree on: Avoiding a sudden lapse in the national supply of helium.

Reproductive Justice for the Transgender Community
If you want to know just how far gone into clinical insanity moonbats have taken their bizarre jihad on behalf of perversion, brace yourself for a blast of Lauren Rankin

ABC newsman who switched genders wants to switch back
‘Amnesia’ awakening

Do Ask Do Tell: Washington’s 2-year colleges will ask students about sexual orientation
Late last year, we noted that the University of Iowa asked about students’ sexual orientations in its application packet.

IRS manual detailed DEA’s use of hidden intel evidence
Details of a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration program that feeds tips to federal agents and then instructs them to alter the investigative trail were published in a manual used by agents of the Internal Revenue Service for two years.

New Chair of San Diego Democrats Said They Looked at Filner’s 30 Year History In Supporting Progressive Issues In Deciding to Give Him a Pass
The Democrat Party admits it. But try getting the media to share this level of candor.

When Elizabeth Warren runs for President
We never have underestimated her… she will have an enthusiastic base behind her.

Democrat Filner’s Latest Accusers Say He Used a Group of Rape Victims as a Dating, Groping Pool
There are seven or eight of these new victims, bringing the total number of Bob Filner’s victims to about 18.

Think Progress: White Economic Supremacy Same As In 1963 Or Something
There’s so much wrong with the post that a book-length response would be more in order. The minority voter suppression myth is trotted out, of course, despite coming off an election where a vulnerable incumbent who had no business winning prevailed because of the turnout of African-American voters. This is something progressives have to cling to in order to keep up their goal of institutionalizing voter fraud.

Millions Of Dollars In Luxury Spending For UCLA Deans Exposed
Center for investigative reporting: Thirteen years ago, the University of California changed its ban on flying business or first class on the university’s dime, adding a special exception for employees with a medical need. What followed at UCLA was an acute outbreak of medical need. Over the past several years, six of 17 academic deans at the Westwood campus routinely have submitted doctors’ notes stating they have a medical need to fly in a class other than economy, costing the university $234,000 more than it would have for coach-class flights, expense records show

Cotton Already Holds Slight Lead Over Pryor
Though he’s only served in Congress for about eight months and just officially announced his candidacy, Arkansans may already be leaning toward supporting Republican Tom Cotton over incumbent Democratic senator Mark Pryor in next year’s election.

USDA Sets Goal to Serve 166 Million Gov’t Subsidized Meals to Kids This Summer
With a record 101 million Americans receiving food aid from the federal government, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) wants more kids to be on the dole for food during the summer months. – See more at:

Census: Non-English Language Use has Tripled
Census bureau data released yesterday shows that the the number of people speaking a language other than English has nearly tripled over the past the decades, out pacing the population growth.

Tech Magnates Bet on Booker and His Future
The conference room in the Mountain View, Calif., headquarters of LinkedIn was packed with the stars of Silicon Valley. Top executives of Facebook, Google and Twitter gathered around a table; the billionaire Sean Parker looked on from a back row. The guest of honor: Cory A. Booker, the mayor of Newark.

Obama Remarks It Was His Birthday Two Days Ago, Crowd Dutifully Responds with Happy Birthday Song
President Obama told the crowd Tuesday at Desert Vista High School it was his birthday two days ago, to which it responded with a jumbled rendition of “Happy Birthday” before he began his speech on homeownership.

Blundering Chinese officials release horrifying pictures of Western execution by lethal injection (only to discover pictures are from fetish site
Pictures show woman injected with liquid and then shaking in pain as dies
Claimed to show a real American execution and ‘expose world’s dark side’
Pictures actually come from a pornographic fetish film

Atheism to Replace Religion by 2041: The Facts
Will religion ever disappear?

Sun Will Flip Its Magnetic Field Soon
In an event that occurs once every 11 years, the magnetic field of the sun will change its polarity in a matter of months, according new observations by NASA-supported observatories.

Cory Booker breaks promise to help woman with raccoon infestation
Newark mayor and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cory Booker failed to follow through on a Twitter promise to help a woman dealing with a raccoon infestation.

The ‘Police State’ Of Delaware Is No Longer Theory
To Serve Their Own Interests and Protect Their Own Arses

Obama administration using housing department in effort to diversify neighborhoods
In a move some claim is tantamount to social engineering, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is imposing a new rule that would allow the feds to track diversity in America’s neighborhoods and then push policies to change those it deems discriminatory.

You Must Let Us Marry on Your Property
Suppose you decide to rent your wedding hall out to couples to hold their weddings but you also hold a religious belief that marriage is the union of a husband and wife. Can you act on your beliefs in the public square? In Iowa, Mennonite owners of a wedding venue (operating since 2002) face an investigation by the Iowa Civil Rights Commission after the owners declined to allow their business to be used for a same-sex marriage ceremony. (The Iowa Supreme Court mandated a redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples in 2009.)

Tea Partiers Explode at Republicans During Town Hall
At a recent town hall meeting in Maryland hosted by Fox News anchor Greta van Susteren, GOP voters ripped Congressman Andy Harris and the GOP for not standing up against government abuses.

German homeschooling family closer to deportation
In February and March we focused on the Romeike homeschooling deportation case, DOJ seeks deportation of family persecuted in Germany for homeschooling

Judge backs the right of creepy Tribeca artist to photograph people through their windows
Keep your shades down, New York.
A Manhattan judge ruled this week that artistic freedom trumps the rights of parents who don’t want their kids secretly photographed through the windows of their homes.

Darrell Issa is winning the Internets
Cats. Mustaches. ‘Merica. Need I say more?

Senator Brian Schatz (D, Hawaii): did you have carnal relations with that sheep?
“…most distasteful in view of the fact that the sheep was under 18 years old.”
No, I never thought that I’d have the opportunity to write that out, either. But apparently this is the world that we live in, now

FBI Ties Chicago Representatives to Zimbabwe Lobbying
Two Democratic lawmakers from Illinois worked to help lift economic sanctions against Zimbabwe after being targeted by an illegal $3.4 million lobbying scheme, according to FBI testimony unsealed in federal court.

College Kids Now More Ignorant Than Eighth Graders Were 100 Years Ago
Now that the federal government has gotten involved in education and money is thrown at it by the $zillions, college kids are much smarter than 8th graders were back in 1912, right? Wrong.


& Taxes


Hunka Hunka Burnin’ DOOM
Trust our government to create an artificial shortage of the second most common element in the entire universe.

Fed may cut bond buying as soon as next month
The U.S. Federal Reserve will probably reduce its massive bond-buying stimulus program later this year, and depending on the economic data could do so as early as next month, a top Fed official who is typically among the most dovish policymakers said on Tuesday.

Now Jeff Bezos gets to experience the joy of dealing with unions
“None of [’s] 90,000 workers are unionized”

Missouri Voters May Get The Right To Vote For Employee Choice
With more than 91% of its workforce union free, Missouri is still one of those states that allow unions to have employees fired from their jobs for refusing to pay union dues. However, that could change.




Gibraltar dispute is a ‘serious concern’, says David Cameron
David Cameron has said he is “seriously concerned” about the escalation of tensions over the border between Spain and Gibraltar.

Mandela’s passing and the looming threat of a race war against South Africa’s whites. As a widow mourns the latest murdered Afrikaner farmer, a chilling dispatch from a nation holding its breath
Roelof du Plessis, 46 shot on his farm outside Pretoria by gang of black intruders
Fears rise that killings are part of a systematic bid to drive white people out of South Africa
President Jacob Zuma known to sing ‘struggle song’ about killing white Afrikaners

Pro-life doctors banned from women’s medical conference
A group of pro-life OB/GYN doctors was unceremoniously banned at the last minute from presenting a panel on abortion at an international conference for women in medicine in South Korea last week.

Pakistani Businessman Faces Death Threats over Giant Moustache
Pakistani businessman Malik Amir Mohammad Khan Afridi has been kidnapped, threatened with death, forcibly displaced and lives apart from his family: all because of his enormous moustache.

If You Build It, They Won’t Come… And In China They Are Now Leaving
When it comes to the programmed, centrally-planned Chinese economy, the academics who pre-determine the daily lives of over one billion citizens and report randomly generated gibberish when they have to validate to the world the success of their macro experiment, go straight and by the textbook. The same theoretical textbook taught in every Keynesian class which says “if you build it, they will come.” Alas, as even the WSJ has discovered, when it comes to China, if you build it, they are no longer coming… and are in fact leaving.

Norway’s Right Turn
A political shift as the country ponders the future of its welfare state

Nova Scotia cyber law turns bullied into bullies
Under Nova Scotia’s new cyberbullying law, I could  be sued for repeatedly rejecting a suitor’s text-message request for a date. I could also be sued for engaging in a heated dispute over e-mail with a friend, tweeting my loathing of a local artist’s latest exhibit, or for helping a friend craft an e-mail to break up with her boyfriend. Pretty much any electronic communication that causes the recipient distress or humiliation could land me in court.

The forgotten war
It’s been five years this week since Putin’s Russia invaded Georgia. And if the lack of references to that anniversary in the major news and media outlets is any indication, then this is indeed the forgotten war.




Obama’s Creeping Authoritarianism
Imposed law replaces checks and balances.

America Confounds Declinists…Again
George Mitchell was the son of a poor Greek goatherd who worked his way through college, graduated top of his class, and became known for his determination and vision.

73 Rules For Running For President As A Republican
Run To Win in 2016

Will Republicans Blow It Again in 2014?
In the past few weeks, the U.S. Senate races of 2014 have started to take shape.

City of Broken Promises
What I would prefer is that you should fix your eyes every day on the greatness of Athens as she really is, and should fall in love with her. When you realize her greatness, then reflect that what made her great was men with a spirit of adventure, men who knew their duty, men who were ashamed to fall below a certain standard. If they ever failed in an enterprise, they made up their minds that at any rate the city should not find their courage lacking to her, and they gave to her the best contribution that they could. — Pericles of Athens

The Anti-Che
Felix Rodriguez, freedom fighter and patriot

The Obama Administration’s War on the Constitution
The more we learn about the antics of our national intelligence apparatus the more we are left with the image of a bunch of smart guys operating with no sense of boundaries or propriety. Rather than being servants to and guardians of the the people they have striven to become our masters.

MAD’s “War on Privacy” Cover
Here’s a sneak peek (emphasis on “sneak”) at the cover of MAD #523!

The Front Man
Conservatives have for years attempted to put our finger upon precisely why Barack Obama strikes us as queer in precisely the way he does. There is an alienness about him, which in the fever swamps is expressed in all that ridiculous Kenyan-Muslim hokum, but his citizen-of-the-world shtick is strictly sophomore year — the great globalist does not even speak a foreign language. Obama has been called many things — radical, socialist — labels that may have him dead to rights at the phylum level but not down at his genus or species. His social circle includes an alarming number of authentic radicals, but the president’s politics are utterly conventional managerial liberalism. His manner is aloof, but he is too plainly a child of the middle class to succumb to the regal pretensions that the Kennedys suffered from, even if his household entourage does resemble the Ringling Bros. Circus as reimagined by Imelda Marcos when it moves about from Kailua Beach to Blue Heron Farm. Not a dictator under the red flag, not a would-be king, President Obama is nonetheless something new to the American experience, and troubling.

One of the best arguments against marriage ever written
This article makes a dandy primer on why men are increasingly opting out of marriage altogether, especially blue-collar men. That probably wasn’t the intent of the article, but it does a splendid job of making the case nonetheless.

The real class war
Somehow Marxist class theory has been written into American politics at the genetic level. It’s easy to understand why politicians, especially the dedicated Big Government types, want us to think this way. We never should have played along. But we did, so now Americans view themselves as a great, shapeless, saintly Middle Class, floating above a shadowy Lower Class from which we have no right to expect anything. Riding atop the system is a faceless, hated Upper Class that is morally obliged to pay for everything our noble, selfless Government wants to do.

At the mercy of political opponents who run social media
We’ve all heard of the problems faced on Twitter with the #TwitterGulag resulting from false claims of harassment and/or spam.

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