“Ms. Crowley, is your integrity dead?” ♬ ♪

     At this most recent Presidential debate, Gov. Romney came across as an adult who was willing to point out the administration’s bulls**t. Pres. Obama, in contrast, acted like the petulant spoiled child that he is. Ms. Crowley, who “moderated” the debate, more than once practically told Pres. Obama what his response ought to be.

     This prompted the poster “Beserker” over at the AoSHQ to invoke a possibly recognizable tune:

Sister crowley, what went on your head.?
Oh sister crowley, is your integrity dead?
Your performance tonight seemed so tragic,
with your thrill of it all
You pulled your journalist magic,
yeah, you waited on barry’s door

Sister charming, did you think you were pure?
Sister alarming, you’re a media whore.
Cover up things too destructive, to the statists of earth
Concealing the white house’s secrets, and protecting their afterbirth

(enter ripping guitar lead, another verse, finish song , yadda yadda)

     Apologies, of course, to Ozzy…

     To help with the mood, here is the instrumental tune to sing along with, or even invent your own verses!

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