News of the Week for Nov. 4th, 2012


News of the Week for Nov. 4th, 2012


Women: Sen. Bob Menendez paid us for sex in the Dominican Republic
Two women from the Dominican Republic told The Daily Caller that Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez paid them for sex earlier this year.

New Jersey to deploy military trucks to serve as polling places
New Jersey will deploy military trucks to serve as polling places on Election Day in storm-battered communities, the state secretary of the state announced Thursday during a visit to this flood-ravaged town. The state is also extending the deadline on mail-in ballots.

Republican National Committee alleges voting machine troubles in Nevada, other swing states
Secretary of State Ross Miller called claims of voter machine irregularities in Nevada by the Republican National Committee “irresponsible and unfortunate” on Thursday.

James Baker: “Not Entirely Unlikely That We Might Have A Recount”
“There are three or four states today, Bret, that require a recount if the result is within a certain number of percentage points. And so it’s not in — not entirely unlikely that we might have a recount in a — in two or three of those states. And that could then trigger what happened in 2000,” former Secretary of State James Baker said about the possibility of a recount.

AFL-CIO mailer warns Oregon voters: We know your voting history

New Jersey Allows Voting By Email And Fax For Hurricane Victims

Wow. Registered voters in New Jersey displaced by Hurricane Sandy will be permitted to vote by fax or email in the upcoming election.

Former SEIU organizer: I was ‘required’ to do ‘political work’
In a case that could have wide-ranging implications for the political future of the Service Employees International Union, a former SEIU organizer told a right-to-work group and a best-selling author recently that the union forced him and other workers to volunteer their time for Democratic political campaigns.

Rahm Emanuel to 4th Grader: ‘After The Election, I’ll Tell You Some Funny Stories’ About Obama
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who formerly served as President Barack Obama’s White House chief of staff, promised a Florida fourth-grader interviewing him that “after the election”–but not before–he would tell him some funny stories about President Obama.

Wasserman Schultz Involved in Police Altercation Outside Voting Precinct
A group of sign-waving campaign ralliers comprised of both Democrat and Republican supporters outside an Aventura, Florida polling location witnessed Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz get involved in a heated altercation with an Aventura policeman after she apparently took issue with his request to not engage in campaign activities in the street which were holding up oncoming traffic.

Iowa warns international observers of arrest
Iowa has joined Texas in warning international election observers of possible criminal prosecution if they violate state laws and get near polling places on Election Day.

Joe Biden: “Are You Indian?” Man: “American!”
Awkward exchange on the campaign trail in Florida.

Obama campaign sign in L.A. modeled after Fascist Mussolini portrait

Gay Left-Wing Radio Host Advises Gay Romney Supporter to Commit Suicide, Says He Should Not Be Allowed to Vote
Our reader Tim in MT shared this video with us that he had made after catching Michelangelo Signorile on SiriusXM radio yesterday.

The Dependency Agenda

South Carolina “Welcomes” International Election Observers From Belarus
Texas and Iowa have told international election observers they aren’t welcome. State laws prohibit the observers from entering the polls and Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott has made it plain they will be arrested if they violate state law.

Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”

6 Green Lies Threatening to Starve You
It started with the gas in your car. Now the green police are coming after the food in your fridge.

PETA wants sign to memorialize fish killed in crash
An Irvine resident representing the group requests that the city place the sign recognizing the suffering of hundreds of saltwater bass that died at the spot.



Government in Healthcare

Obamacare exempts millions–prisoners, illegals, welfare recipients
In just 14 months, Americans will be required to prove that they have federally “qualified” health insurance or face an Obamacare tax of $695 to $2,085. That is unless you are in prison, below the poverty line, or are an undocumented immigrant, according to the anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform.

New Obamacare Tax Form Mandates Americans Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS
Here’s why the IRS will require Americans to disclose their personal health ID information starting in 2014

War & Terror

Obama unworthy commander-in-chief
U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three other Americans died in a well-planned military assault on their diplomatic mission in Benghazi seven weeks ago, the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. So why are details surfacing, piecemeal, only now?


Staten Island resident confronts Sen. Chuck Schumer: “We Are Gonna Die!”

Staten Island Sandy victims: We’re being ignored

Reid says he can’t work with Romney
Five days before the election, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has ruled out trying to work with Mitt Romney should he win next week.

This is no way to get us up & running
Generators should give power to people — not marathon

Girls of 13 given birth control jab at school without parents’ knowledge
Schoolgirls as young as 13 are being given contraceptive injections and implants during lunch-breaks without their parents’ knowledge.

New Fast and Furious Report

Landmark Federal Forfeiture Case Will Go to Trial: Caswell Family Will Prove Innocence in Court to Save Family Motel

& Taxes

Greek coalition allies snub PM’s appeal on austerity
Democratic Left reiterates to vote against labour reforms
PASOK chides PM for announcing end of talks
PM urges coalition allies to avoid Greek chaos

Santelli Rips Apart ‘Connected’ Corzine

New ADP Count Slashes Job Creation for September
ADP’s new calculations put the monthly job creation at just 88,200, down from the 162,000 the firm originally reported earlier this month.


The Saudis are bulldozing Islam’s heritage. Why the silence from the Muslim world?
Imagine that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem – the traditional site of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus – has been taken over by Cromwellian Puritans. The new owners of the shrine plan to send bulldozers in, replacing the old church with a monstrous building resembling a concrete spaceship. This is so pilgrims can pray without being distracted by “superstitious” icons. Also, the Old City will be buried under hotels that make Vegas look like Venice.

‘Motherly’ Margaret Thatcher cleaned bodyguard’s shoes and tidied their rooms
Former Prime Minister and “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher had a motherly side, cleaning dirt from her bodyguard’s shoes and putting up Christmas decorations to make staff feel at home, her former protection officer has revealed.


Why Liberals Think What They Do
By Victor Davis Hanson

Calvin Coolidge for President
George Will’s column today begins with a wonderful epigram from Calvin Coolidge, which applies in obvious counterpoint to Obama


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