News of the Week (January 28th, 2024)


News of the Week for January 28th, 2024

Election 2024


Here We Go Again
In the 2022 off-year election, nearly everyone expected Republicans to make big gains in Washington. But they didn’t: Democrats held the Senate and Republicans eked out a bare House majority. Meanwhile, gains in state elections were muted. In Minnesota, where I live, GOP hopes were dashed as the Democrats held the House, took the Senate, and won all the constitutional offices from the governor on down.

Audio recording reveals the moment that senior Republican figure tried to bribe Kari Lake not to run for Senate
An audio recording obtained by reveals the extraordinary moment when what appears to be Arizona’s top Republican official tried to bribe populist firebrand Kari Lake not to run in the state’s Senate race.

Can Trump Heal the Republican Rift?
The results of New Hampshire’s primary proved only marginally less definitive than Donald Trump and his allies apparently hoped. The former president defeated Nikki Haley handily, but Trump’s eleven-point margin of victory failed to satisfy the former president. If we can glean anything from Trump’s graceless, gratuitous goading of his all-but vanquished opponent in a post-vote speech in which he complained carelessly of Haley’s refusal to concede her defeat (she did, explicitly, and congratulated Trump on his victory), he is overcome with insecurity. He should be.

Biden wins UAW endorsement as he makes pitch to blue-collar workers
The United Auto Workers granted President Joe Biden its long-awaited endorsement for reelection Wednesday as he makes the case that he’s delivered for working people.

Teachers Want Union to Rescind Biden Endorsement Until He ‘Secures Permanent Ceasefire’ in Gaza
To the shock of no one, the educators never mention why Israel launched a military operation in Gaza.

Arizona GOP Chair Resigns After Audio Appears to Show Him Bribing Kari Lake Not to Run for Senate
DeWitt claimed Lake “released a selectively edited” recording of a conversation they had ten months ago. He also said it was “taken out of context.”

Nothing Mattered Except Trump
The Republican primary is no great mystery waiting to be solved. Although it will be easy to cast doubt and judgment on the campaigns that failed to be competitive, I don’t think any of the specifics mattered. Nothing has substantially revised the conclusion Philip Klein came to months ago: It’s the indictments, stupid.

Will Trump Make a New Pledge on Judges?
One of the most effective things that Donald Trump did to secure the nomination and the support of social conservatives in 2016 was to draw up a list of names and pledge to stick to it when selecting Supreme Court nominees.



Dobbs Decision


Thousands rally at anti-abortion demonstration in Texas
Thousands marched Saturday in an anti-abortion rally in Texas, demanding providers of the procedure “stay away” from the conservative US state.

Gun Rights


Woman Uses Gun to Defend Herself, 3 Kids From Armed Intruder
A lot of people figure that since most of us will never actually have to use a gun in self-defense, there’s absolutely no point in any of us having a gun for self-defense.

Gun Bills Advance In New Mexico
We all know how the governor of New Mexico feels about guns. We also know that Democrats in the state are likely to try and enable her.

Massachusetts Senate Unveils Sweeping Gun Control Bill
The only bits of good news about the “SAFER Act” that I can find is that the gun control bill introduced by the Massachusetts Senate on Thursday does not include a live-fire training mandate in order to obtain a gun license, nor does it impose a lengthy list of new “gun-free zones” in the state. But while S2572 may have a slightly narrower focus than its House counterpart (nicknamed the Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act by the Gun Owners Action League), it’s still aimed mostly at lawful gun owners instead of the real perpetrators of most violent crime in the state.


Hide the Decline

Environment &“Green Energy”


They Are Coming For Your Coffee Now
Swiss banker and World Economic Forum “agenda contributor”, Hubert Keller, is coming for your coffee. You know why. The climate agenda.

World Health Organization Comes After Agriculture
While some globalist moonbats target nonessentials like coffee, others cut to the chase. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an actual communist and head of the UN’s World Health Organization, declares that our “food systems” offend the climate

They Banned Plastic Bags and Increased Plastic Usage by 300%
Have you heard of the law of unintended consequences?

British Scientist Admits Climate Change Committee’s ‘Net Zero’ Goals Based on Insufficient Data
Meanwhile, it appears that US is “quiet quitting” net zero as oil production surges.

Biden’s EPA Planning to Ban Methylene Chloride, an Industry-Essential Chemical
Business organizations assert that the EPA’s impact analysis did not include the detrimental effects on the national economy, which appear to be enormous and highly destructive.

The ‘Feminist Climate Justice’ Framework
United Nations agencies have been busy. Between initially denying Hamas’s mutilation of Israeli women and allegedly employing 12 Hamas terrorists, you’d think U.N. proxies wouldn’t have time to submit policy goals such as the — checks notes — Feminist Climate Justice framework.



Government in Healthcare


Canada Contemplates Offering Euthanasia To 12-Year Old Children
“Canada is only weeks away from legalizing assisted suicide for Canadians whose only underlying condition is mental illness. There are reports that assisted death is already being offered to Canadians who are suicidal.”

Dutch Doctors to Help People Commit Suicide by Self-Starvation
The euthanasia movement not only promotes lethal injection and assisted suicide but what is known in the death crowd’s parlance as VSED, which stands for “voluntary stop eating and drinking.” Because starving and dehydrating oneself produces agony, VSED usually requires a doctor’s palliative assistance to ameliorate what would be otherwise unbearable suffering that would lead the despairing person to give up the attempt.

War & Terror


North Korean Missiles Face Reality Check in Putin’s Battles
Burning through his stockpiles as the war in Ukraine nears the two-year mark, Russian President Vladimir Putin has turned to Kim to provide short-range ballistic missiles and more than 1 million rounds of artillery. The North Korean missiles sent so far are similar in size and flight dynamics to Russia’s Iskander series, weapons experts have said.

Kim Jong-un & Putin vow to form ‘New World Order’ in chilling warning to West as tyrants ramp up united front against US
It comes as tensions on the Korean Peninsula are at their highest point in years

Russia ‘thinks the US wouldn’t dare respond to nuclear attack’
The Kremlin has been threatening to use its warheads since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, and now a British think tank believes recent military setbacks could push it to move away from conventional weaponry

US and UK Carry Out Another Joint Strike Against the Houthis
This is the second time that the US and UK have launched a joint strike against the Houthis in Yemen. Politico describes it as a large-scale strike.

State Department responds to Putin on Alaska: ‘Certainly he’s not getting it back’
The State Department on Monday brushed off reports of Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering his government to look into the nation’s former “real estate” abroad, saying Alaska would be staying in American hands.

Pentagon Makes It Official: U.S. Industrial Decline Is Undermining National Defense
Earlier this month the Department of Defense released its first-ever National Defense Industrial Strategy, setting forth a framework for revitalizing the sinews of American economic strength most critical to military preparedness.

Does Putin Want Alaska Back?
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a curious decree relating to Moscow’s historic real estate holdings that suggests that Putin is looking at “regaining” territory that was once under Russian control or part of the old Russian empire.

End the War and Return All Hostages Now, Demand … Gazans?
This may be a first signal that the Gazans have had enough of Hamas — and that Hamas can’t hide it with threats any longer. A crowd of mostly Palestinian women and children protested outside the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in central Gaza, in a town roughly halfway between Gaza City and the embattled Khan Younis.

Yemen’s Houthis claim to have ‘targeted British oil tanker’ in the Red Sea in retaliation to UK strikes amid Gaza conflict – as fears mount that Israel’s war with Hamas could spread
Yemeni armed forces target oil tanker Marlin Luanda, claiming it is ‘British’. Commodities firm Trafigura confirms fire on board is being tackled by the crew. The ship flies under the flag of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific.




How North Carolina’s Elected Officials Impact Higher Ed
Responsibility for higher-ed governance is broadly shared—and important to understand.

A Little Language Education, Trying to Emerge from the Mad Max of Congress
Foreign language instruction in the U.S. may not be dying, but it’s taken some real kicks in the shins in recent years. West Virginia University recently decided to dissolve its Department of World Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; the school is keeping its Spanish and Chinese classes but eliminating majors in those subjects.

NYC man urinating on car slashes throat of passerby who told him to stop
A man urinating on a parked car in Manhattan slashed the throat of a passerby who told him to stop, leaving the victim clinging to life, police said Monday.

Oakland Losing Its Only In-N-Out Restaurant Due to Crime
“…our top priority must be the safety and wellbeing of our Customers and Associates – we cannot ask them to visit or work in an unsafe environment.”

New GAO Report: Foreign Developers Own 40 Million Acres of U.S. Land Near Military Bases
US government officials failed to keep tabs on developers from China, Russia, Iran, and other American adversaries, who were allowed to purchase acreage near areas vital to nation’ security.

Threatening legal action, YAF forces UW–La Crosse to remove mandated DEI statements
YAF partnered with two legal groups to challenge a policy that required conservative students forming a chapter to sign a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) statement.

Florida Lawmaker Withdrawing Bill Making Citizens Pay for Trump’s Legal Bills
DeSantis saying he would veto the bill caused a total meltdown on social media.

Senate GOP fears drop in Trump enthusiasm, energy
GOP senators say there is less enthusiasm for former President Trump among Republican-leaning voters compared to 2016, a drop in voter energy that was apparent when only 15 percent of Iowa’s registered Republicans showed up for Monday’s caucuses.

Oklahoma Bill Would Ban Sending Sexy Selfies Unless You’re Married
It could also outlaw any sort of sexualized image, play, or performance, pornographic or not.

CEO of California High Speed Rail Project Is Stepping Down
The CEO who has been running the high speed rail project in California since 2018 announced last week that he was stepping down.

Scenes from the Chevron Oral Arguments
My column today looks at the challenges to the rule of Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council (1984) in two cases, Loper-Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo and Relentless, Inc. v. Department of Commerce, both of which were argued before the Supreme Court on Wednesday. Below, I’ll walk in detail through the highlights from the arguments.

How Chevron May Fall
The Supreme Court majority seems likely to overturn the Chevron doctrine, but it may do so more modestly than conservatives hope.

Fox News Polling Data Reveals Large Percentage of New Hampshire Republicans WON’T Vote for Trump
Fox News voter analysis looked at 1,800 voters in the New Hampshire Republican Primary and found that over one-third of them said they would NEVER vote for former President Donald Trump.

Federal Judge Rules DEI/CRT Trainings and Policies Can Violate Federal Law
Somewhat surprisingly, Obama appointee Wendy Beetlestone holds that “constant drumbeat” of anti-white DEI/CRT rhetoric can create a “hostile work environment” in violation of federal law

Only Candidates of Color Need Apply?
In higher ed, the fight against a racial spoils system continues.

Blatant Discrimination to Achieve ‘Diversity’ Continues
Last year, the Supreme Court held that racial preferences in student admissions were illegal, but what about preferences for faculty diversity? Doing that has been illegal since the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The Court never made a “diversity” exception such as it did (foolishly) in Bakke, opening the door to admission preferences.

Mandatory Race Hate at University of Wisconsin
Not since the fall of the Third Reich has a society so aggressively imposed an ideology based on race hate

Kari Lake and Jeff DeWit set the Arizona GOP on self-destruct mode
Opinion: Lake releases a secret recording she sat on for 10 months and takes down state GOP chair Jeff DeWit. So much for the party righting itself.

Alabama executes a man with nitrogen gas, the first time the new method has been used
Alabama executed a convicted murderer with nitrogen gas Thursday, putting him to death with a first-of-its-kind method that once again placed the U.S. at the forefront of the debate over capital punishment. The state said the method would be humane, but critics called it cruel and experimental.

The U.S. just sold its helium stockpile. Here’s why the medical world is worried.
MRI machines need thousands of liters of liquid helium to function. Health care workers say they can’t afford any disruptions to the helium supply chain.

Man Instructed To Pose As ‘Transgender’ Allegedly Raped Female Inmate At Rikers Island, Lawsuit Reads
A male inmate who was reportedly instructed to identify as “transgender” by prison officials allegedly raped a female inmate at a New York City correctional facility on Rikers Island, according to a new lawsuit.

Cradle to Cocoon: California Tracking Students for, Um, Well, Maybe,…
C2C hoovers up information from every corner of the state educational system

‘Cartoon of a city’: Oakland wine bar burglarized. Then owner gets the bill
It only took minutes for two men in ski masks to break through the door of a famed wine bar in Oakland over the weekend, ransacking the restaurant and taking money before they fled the scene.

Shocking! Totalitarian Policies From California Lawmakers This Week
California’s going Full Commie

Minimum-Wage Workers Should Suffer Threats at Gunpoint for the Good of Their Community, Says the Left
For the first time in its 75-year history, In-N-Out Burger is closing one of its locations. In-N-Out recently announced that its only location in Oakland, California will be closing because of “ongoing issues with crime.”

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Criminalizing journalism, spooking gun buyers, and fashioning the destiny of the community.

Anti-democratic strategies abound in Nevada GOP caucus
The Nevada GOP’s private presidential nominating parties, also known as the Republican presidential caucuses, are a sham designed to sow confusion and rig the process for a single candidate.


Economy & Taxes


Boeing 737 Max 9 Fiasco Will ‘Hurt The Entire’ US Economy, Aviation Expert Warns: ‘I Think Is Totally Incompetent’
The recent Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) 737 Max 9 fiasco could have a significant impact on the entire U.S. economy, according to aviation expert Mike Boyd.




‘Anti-European’ populists on track for big gains in EU elections, says report
France, Poland and Austria among nine countries where radical rightwing parties predicted to finish first

Religious Liberty Is Threatened in the West
Should you be able to quote the Bible? This used to be a silly question to ask in the Western world. Sure, Christianity the most persecuted religion in the world, but in what was once known as “Christendom,” it would be absurd to ask this question.

International Court of Justice Has Deemed Zionism a Form of Genocide
On November 10, 1975, the United Nations declared, “Zionism is a form of racism.”

Venezuela’s Dictator Rigs the Next Election (Is Violence the Only Path Forward?)
The second to worst worst thing that can happen to a civil society is civil war. The only thing worse than that is what Venezuela is living with right now, a dictatorship in which there is no hope of democratic change or equal justice. In Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela his voice is the only one that matters. It has been that way since he took over as the hand-picked successor to communist blowhard Hugo Chavez in 2013.




The View from Outside the MAGA Bubble
On balance, most Americans dislike Trump more than they dislike his opposition.

Trump’s Gaffes and Slurring This Weekend Should Be Leading Every Newscast — Why Aren’t They?
Former President Donald Trump looks more likely than ever before to secure the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election. But on the same weekend he effectively sealed up his bid, he threw off a series of gaffes, slurred words, and bizarre analogies that are deserving of media coverage. Apart from some outliers, they are largely being ignored.

We Don’t Have to Pretend the Voters Are Always Right
If you argue that Republican primary voters are making a terrible mistake in renominating Donald Trump for president, you are immediately met with two arguments. One is that any criticism of the choice of Trump is somehow condescending, patronizing, an insult to Trump’s supporters, or a sign that you “don’t get it.” A slightly more sophisticated version of this argument is that the primary voters are right by definition, because anybody who would lose the primary could not win a general election.

How Many Republicans Want ‘Pure, Uncut Trumpism’?
“The GOP Wants Pure, Uncut Trumpism as Haley’s Path Forward Narrows,” declares the headline on Molly Ball’s article in today’s Wall Street Journal.

‘Her penis’ – the most Orwellian phrase of our age
Nothing better captures the moral derangement of our times than this two-word lie.

‘Hawk,’ ‘Warmonger,’ ‘Globalist’
As I have said for almost two years now, I don’t think “hawk” and “dove” work very well in the Ukraine situation. Consider: Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine, committing mass murder, mass rape, mass deportation, etc. Russia seeks to wipe out Ukraine. The Ukrainians are trying to hold on to their country, their independence, their freedom — their right to exist.

The International Court of Justice Isn’t a Thing
Others here will undoubtedly weigh in more substantively on the case against Israel that was heard by The International Court of Justice this week, but, before they do, I just wanted to remind everyone that The International Court of Justice is not actually a thing. It’s a fiction, a parody, a forgery. Courts consider law, and there is no law here to speak of — at least not in the way that we’d conceive of law in the United States and other useful places. In the coverage of this case, I keep seeing familiar words: “standing,” “ruling,” etc. None of them mean anything. For a court to be a court, it must be able to enforce its rulings. The International Court of Justice cannot. Those opinions, by their very nature, are just that: opinions. They are advisory, theoretical, abstract. Israel has not consented to be bound by them, either directly or indirectly, and, as a result, they carry about as much practical consequence as a panel debate on MSNBC. There is, no doubt, a certain propaganda value to whatever results the body produces, but there is no legal value whatsoever. Those reading about the judgment ought to proceed accordingly.

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