News of the Week (November 26th, 2023)


News of the Week for November 26th, 2023



Dobbs Decision


Nevada judge strikes down effort to place abortion rights on 2024 ballot
District Court Judge James Russell said the ballot question was too broad. Reproductive rights groups plan to appeal the ruling to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Gun Rights


Fourth Circuit Declares Maryland’s ‘Handgun Qualification License’ Unconstitutional
A decade ago, Maryland lawmakers imposed a new burden on residents hoping to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear a handgun by creating a “Handgun Qualification License.” Before any would-be gun owner can take possession of a pistol, they must first jump through several state-mandated hoops, from submitting fingerprints as part of a background check investigation to taking a four-hour-long “firearms safety training course” that includes the firing of at least one live round of ammunition. After waiting 30 days or more for approval, the would-be gun owner then has to go through another background check and an arbitrary seven-day waiting period before they can take possession of their pistol, though they must run another bureaucratic gauntlet before they’re actually allowed to carry the sidearm in self-defense.

California can share gun owners’ personal information with researchers, appeals court rules
A state appeals court ruled that California can continue providing personal information of gun owners to researchers to study gun violence, reversing last year’s decision by a lower court judge who said such data sharing violates privacy rights.

Over Half of Americans Own a Gun or Know Someone Who Owns a Gun
I love that people are exercising their natural right to bear arms.

Judge Rules Oregon Gun Control Law Violates the State Constitution
A judge with common sense. I love it.


Hide the Decline

Environment &“Green Energy”


Mann’s Other Nature Trick
In today’s post, I will report on some excellent work on MBH98 by Hampus Soderqvist, who discovered an important but previously unknown Mike’s Nature Trick: Mann’s list of proxies for AD1400 and other early steps was partly incorrect (Nature link now dead – but see NOAA or here). Mann’s AD1400 list included four series that were not actually used (two French tree ring series and two Moroccan tree ring series), while it omitted four series that were actually used. This also applied to his AD1450 and AD1500 steps. Mann also used an AD1650 step that was not reported.



Government in Healthcare


Despite Bans, Disabled Women Are Still Being Sterilized in Europe
Anita cannot speak or comprehend complex information. At 28, she communicates mostly with facial expressions and baby-like sounds. When excited, she washes her hands. When her periods cause cramping and pain, she moans and agitates, unable to understand.

War & Terror


The Era of Total U.S. Submarine Dominance Over China Is Ending
New Chinese submarines and sensors to catch U.S. subs will alter the balance of power

Gaza War Updates: Iran-Backed Houthis Seize British-Owned, Japanese-Operated Cargo Ship Connected To Israeli Businessman
“On board the ship are 25 crew members of different nationalities, including Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Filipinos, and Mexicans.”

Russia Freed ‘Satanic Cult Killer’ From Prison to Slaughter Ukrainians
A Russian man sentenced to 20 years in a maximum security prison for the ritualistic killing of four teenagers got a get-out-of-jail-free card after a stint in the war against Ukraine.

Indo-Pacific trade pillar stumbles, US faces setback in countering China
An anticipated milestone in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), a crucial element of the Biden administration’s strategy to counter China, hit a roadblock as negotiations on the trade pillar faced opposition, jeopardising the broader initiative.

Baltic Sea sabotage: A defender’s dilemma
Gray-zone defense is incredibly tricky, and no Western country has figured out how to punish such aggression, in the space between war and peace.

Russian Actress Killed While Performing in Occupied Donetsk
A Russian actress was killed by Ukrainian shelling while performing in the village of Kumachovo in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Donetsk region on Sunday.

Three Russian security agents in Ukraine poisoned to death with arsenic-laced takeout food: report
Three agents from Russia’s notorious FSB security service have died in Ukraine after eating a takeout meal laced with arsenic and rat poison according to a report.

China Confronts U.S. Warship as Tension Grows Over Flashpoint: “Drove it Away”
China’s military said it had driven a U.S. warship from waters it claims in the South China Sea at the weekend and accused the United States of being the “biggest destroyer” of peace and stability in the region.

Why is the US ramping up production of plutonium ‘pits’ for nuclear weapons?
The Pentagon is concerned about the the US nuclear arsenal’s viability, but critics worry about a renewed arms race




Louisiana GOP Takes Full Control of Statewide Offices
Louisiana is a solid red state, thanks to some Republican victories in statewide elections Saturday. While there wasn’t a lot of attention in the media on Louisiana elections, the state races for attorney, treasurer, and secretary of state were all won by Republicans. That is in addition to the gubernatorial race won by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

‘Young People … Taking an Interest in Peace and Social Justice’
We now have a new synonym for rioters, coined by Maryland Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin, to describe the pro-Hamas mob that attacked the Democratic National Committee headquarters in D.C. last wee

The Way Nevada Will Pick the GOP Presidential Nominee Is a Mess
Dueling caucus and primary confuse voters

One Week After APEC: San Francisco Reverts To Its Old Gross Self In A Matter Of Days
‘San Francisco showed what they could do if they actually cared’

For Election Workers, Fentanyl-Laced Letters Signal a Challenging Year
For the people who run elections at thousands of local offices nationwide, 2024 was never going to be an easy year. But the recent anonymous mailing of powder-filled envelopes to election offices in five states offers new hints of how hard it could be.

Matt Gaetz Faces a Revolt in His Hometown
Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has become a national face of the GOP, but his approval ratings in his home state and district are underwater.

San Diego Resident Dies from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Following a Tick Bite
The disease, spread through the bite of an infected tick that lives primarily on dogs, is in epidemic levels in Northern Mexico.

After Affirmative Action Network
The Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO) maintains the After Affirmative Action (AAA) Network. CEO launched the AAA Network in the wake of the landmark Supreme Court decision in June 2023 banning the use of race in college admissions known as affirmative action.

Why Research Fraud Is Getting Worse
Until we disincentivize number-fudging, academic scientists will continue to cheat.

Bob Vander Plaats Doesn’t Lose
Nothing seems to be going right for DeSantis’s Never Back Down super PAC or the consultant managing it, longtime political operative Jeff Roe. According to NBC News, something approaching a shoving match nearly broke out within the PAC’s ranks amid a heated exchange over how to manage the organization’s dwindling resources. PAC-sponsored ads targeting Nikki Haley had to be withdrawn because they were reportedly “backfiring on DeSantis.” The PAC’s board members are complaining about the “objectionable” way in which funds are being spent and transferred to allied groups, and the donors who previously filled its coffers with $200 million are vocally dissatisfied with the lack of “return” on their investment. One stung contributor expressed utter resignation: “You don’t just keep throwing money at Radio Shack.”

Prof at public college assigned students ‘The Baby Jesus Butt Plug’ as mandatory reading
A professor at the California State University – Long Beach, assigned students a 104-page book entitled “The Baby Jesus Butt Plug” last week as part of the mandatory reading for an upper level comparative world literature course.

Community Colleges and Trade Schools Are Largely Void of Israel-Hamas Protests
TV host Mike Rowe said that eight years ago, he was switching the news channels on his television and saw several college students setting fire to the American flag and dancing around a pile of burning flags. They were telling reporters in interviews they were disgusted with Old Glory and “fearful” of the flag.

Charleston, S.C., elects its first Republican mayor since Reconstruction
The historic South Carolina city of Charleston has elected its first Republican mayor since the Reconstruction Era.

Trump called Iowa evangelicals ‘so-called Christians’ and ‘pieces of shit’, book says
Mockery over ‘Two Corinthians’ slip and endorsement battles in 2016 echo in 2024 race as Republican contenders seek first win

John Fetterman Faces Revolt in Pennsylvania
John Fetterman is facing a backlash in his home state Pennsylvania over his stance on the Israel-Hamas War.

Why eating red meat and dairy could actually prevent cancer
Eating red meat and consuming dairy might aid in cancer prevention, a surprising new study reveals. Researchers found that trans-vaccenic acid (TVA), a fatty acid in beef, lamb, and dairy, enhances the ability of immune cells to combat tumors.

Pro-Palestinian protesters glue their hands to 6th Avenue, disrupting Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Pro-Palestine protesters disrupted the beloved Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday by gluing their hands to the middle of 6th Avenue and covering themselves in fake blood.

‘Fake elector’ probes in 2020 swing states could spell more trouble for Trump
Former President Trump’s four criminal cases have dominated headlines since April, when he became the first president — current or former — to be indicted. But behind the scenes, a handful of state attorneys general are still investigating whether additional charges over efforts to keep him in power after losing the 2020 election could be brought.

Derek Chauvin Stabbed In Federal Prison
“The attack happened at the Federal Correctional Institution, Tucson, a medium-security prison that has been plagued by security lapses and staffing shortages.”

Four of Nine Las Vegas Teens Arrested in the ‘Extremely Disturbing’ Beating Death of Schoolmate, 17, Are Charged as Adults With Murder
A video of the beating, that was used to identify nine of the perpetrators, is ‘void of humanity,’ according to police.

70+ Columbia student groups publish anti-Israel manifesto, demand school reinstate clubs suspended for threats and intimidation
‘The more Columbia attempts to silence us, the louder we will be.’

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Solar panels, bullet fragments, and private rights of action.

What We Now Know About the Rainbow Bridge Explosion
On Wednesday, PJ Media reported on an explosion at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing between the U.S. and Canada, at Niagara Falls. Initial indications suggested a potential terror link, and authorities even explored the possibility of a second vehicle’s involvement. Fox News correspondent Alexis McAdams reported that “High level police sources tell me this is an attempted terrorist attack. Sources say the car was full of explosives. Both men inside dead.”

Candy, man!
Candace is apparently bidding to expand her market while otherwise exposing herself as something of an ignoramus.

Battling the Silicon Valley billionaires: Furious Californians erupt at council meeting against tech titans’ plans to build a 53,000-acre ‘utopian’ city – but are dismissed as ‘small, vocal minority’
Around 200 people packed into a meeting earlier this month to voice their continual opposition to the California Forever project

A doctor tried to renew his passport. Now he’s no longer a citizen.
The Northern Virginia doctor knows at least that much about his situation. He knows he is no longer considered a citizen of the United States — the place where he was born, went to school and has practiced medicine for more than 30 years — and that he also belongs to no other place.


Economy & Taxes


The persistence of Hayek
I was surprised to read what I thought was an exceedingly fair and illuminating review of two new books on Friedrich Hayek in the current (December 7) issue of the New York Review of Books.

Why does Warner Bros. keep canceling finished movies?
The studio’s decision to scrap multiple completed films isn’t sitting well with Hollywood

Inside the booming business of Amish cannabis farmers in Pennsylvania where a green revolution is underway: Growers hope to sell $3M worth of crops to mega firms in California and the Midwest by 2025
Farmers are seeking to capitalize on the newly-legalized market of hemp cultivation, which feeds a CBD industry expected to be worth $16bn by 2025




‘Anarcho-Capitalist’ Javier Milei Elected President in Argentina
In a surprising turn of events, Argentina has elected the libertarian outsider Javier Milei as its new president. The hotly contested presidential run-off saw Milei defeating left-wing candidate Sergio Massa — a consequential shift in the country’s political landscape. Massa brusquely conceded on Sunday night, stating, “Milei is the president elected for the next four years.”

Roman emperor declared transgender by UK museum as pronouns updated ‘in retrospect’
New research from a museum has said that a Roman emperor was transgender. The North Hertfordshire Museum has said it will be “sensitive” to the purported pronoun preferences of the third century AD ruler Elagabalus (also known as Heliogabalus).

Mysterious pneumonia outbreak leaves China’s hospitals ‘overwhelmed with sick children’
Alert issued to global scientists as infection tears through schools in Beijing and Liaoning province

New Evidence: Chinese Rocket And Secret Payload Caused Double Crater on The Moon
Researchers think they’ve finally confirmed the identity of an object that smashed into the Moon on 4 March 2022 – and explained why the piece of space debris left two craters on the lunar surface, rather than one.

Arabic: France’s New Second Language
A newly released study shows, for the first time in French history, that the second most widely spoken language in the country is dialectal Arabic, with an estimated population of between three and four million speakers. The resulting population ratio in favour of people mainly of North African origin is fraught with consequences.

Anti-Immigration Rioting Breaks Out in Dublin After Stabbing Attack on Several Children and Adults
“Authorities said more than 400 officers, including many in riot gear, were deployed to contain the unrest”

A Transgender Emperor and a Racist Plague. Whatever Next?
I have a piece in the Telegraph today about some recent attempts in the United Kingdom to rewrite history to suit identity-obsessed narcissists.

Worm Begins to Turn in Ireland
If ever there was a disconnect between rulers and ruled, it is in leftist-dominated Ireland, whose government has been systematically displacing the native population with a massive influx of welfare colonists, largely from Africa.

King Charles secretly profits off assets of dead Brits using medieval law, scathing report finds
King Charles III has been accused of using ancient feudal laws to nab tens of millions of dollars intended for charity from the deaths of thousands of Brits to upgrade his real estate empire, according to a bombshell report from the Guardian this week.




The January 6 Conspiracy Theories Are Still Dumb
There is no good defense of the Capitol riot — but that hasn’t stopped MAGA partisans from attempting to neutralize one of Trump’s major political weaknesses.

‘America First’? Or ‘America Only’?
I am a strong advocate of America First. Indeed, I believe the citizens of every country should put their country first.

Redefining Impeachment is a Perilous Path for Conservatives
As Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas has carried out the Biden administration’s open borders policy and deliberately produced the worst illegal mass migration in history. Since he took office, he has released three million illegal immigrants directly into the country, a population the size of Arkansas. And while the Border Patrol has been occupied changing diapers and taking names, an additional 1.7 million known got-aways have entered as well – an additional illegal population the size of Hawaii. The impact on schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, working families’ wages, social programs, law enforcement, national security and has been catastrophic.

A Brief History of Settler-Colonialism
So many American civic holidays of my youth seem to be getting the axe these days, in our modern age of woke rejectionism: intolerable public relics of a horridly white, male, colonialist past. (Columbus? Won’t see him no more.) As my colleague Jack Butler cautions, Thanksgiving is seemingly the next to feel the squeeze. Given the light recently shed on the evils of “settler-colonialism” by our younger and more properly educated betters currently out in the streets waving the flag for Hamas, it seems like no American holiday so nakedly based on our settler forebears’ scraping by with the help of people they’d later wholly overawe was going to last long.

Thanksgiving and the Meaning of America
What are you thankful for, this holiday? Personally, I’m thankful for gluten. Our oldest daughter has been on a gluten-free diet for some time, and because she’s visiting us for Thanksgiving — with her husband and two sons, Franco and Luca — my wife bought some gluten-free bread. Not realizing it was gluten-free, I accidentally used this to make a sandwich the other day and, wow. Thank God for gluten. I’d never realized how much I loved gluten, until I didn’t have it.

The real meaning of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is rich in traditions. The turkey. The dressing. The pumpkin pie. The family assembled in prayerful reverence in remembrance of the plight of the early settlers of this country — much of which is complete fiction.

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