News of the Week (May 21st, 2023)


News of the Week for May 21st, 2023



Dobbs Decision


Voters spar over abortion issue: Can’t ‘fight to support complete genocide’ of Black babies in womb
Abipartisan panel of voters addressed key issues motivating them to cast their ballot in the 2024 election cycle – among them crime and artificial intelligence, but one controversial topic ignited a heated exchange between panelists.


Gun Rights


Lombardo vetoes three Democrat-backed gun control bills
Ahead of a press conference from advocates aimed at pressuring Gov. Joe Lombardo to sign a trio of Democrat-proposed gun control measures, the Republican governor vetoed the three bills, sources confirmed Wednesday.


Hide the Decline

Environment &“Green Energy”


DC crime surge inspires DC Attorney General to target gas stoves as dangerous
Washington D.C. has become a crime-ridden hellhole. It has gotten so bad that Members of Congress are getting assaulted, young girls are getting shot in the crossfire, and shootings per weekend are counted in job lots.

Media Ignore Delhi’s Coldest May Since 1901
On May 4, India’s capital of New Delhi recorded the third coldest May morning since 1901. At 16 degree Celsius (60 Fahrenheit), the region’s 32 million residents woke up to a relatively cold morning in what is usually the hottest month of the year.

Liberals Say: Let’s Kill Half the World’s People
The global liberal movement is trying to destroy modern, scientific agriculture. Liberals want organic farming–no intensive nitrogen fertilization–along with an end to animal husbandry and banning of pretty much all effective herbicides and pesticides. All great ideas, if you don’t care about billions of people dying. Just ask anyone in Sri Lanka or the Netherlands.

Entire Global Food Supply at Risk From Disastrous Response to So-Called ‘Nitrogen Crisis’
The full horror of the ‘nitrogen’ war on agriculture is becoming more apparent every day. Food supplies around the world face collapse if the use of nitrogen fertiliser is severely restricted under Net Zero requirements. It is claimed that the fertiliser is warming the Earth and causing the climate to break down, as the by-product nitrous oxide is released into the atmosphere. In fact the entire global food supply is in danger of being trashed for the sake of what recent scientific work notes is almost unmeasurable 0.064°C warming per century.

Biden administration clarifies 1872 Mining Law; says huge Nevada lithium mine can proceed
The Biden administration says it has completed a court-ordered review that should ensure construction continues at a Nevada lithium mine, despite legal challenges brought by conservationists and tribal leaders.

The 3°C Scenario: What’s the economic impact of severe global warming?
Even with an extreme scenario, the world should be richer and more capable in 2050

Liberal Celebrity Chef Exempt From Gas Stove Ban, California City Says
A California city will make an exception to its natural gas ban for world-famous chef José Andrés, after the landlords for the chef’s planned restaurant warned Andrés may pull out over the regulation.

Meeting Climate Goals, the Hard Way
South Africa, the world’s 14th-largest emitter of carbon dioxide, has good news: it is exceeding its goals for reducing CO2 emissions. The bad news is, the reason is that South Africa is so inept it can’t keep its power plants operating.

Not enough resources for EVs to be only cleaner car option, Toyota says
A lack of resources means battery electric vehicles (BEV) cannot be the auto sector’s only answer to climate change, Toyota Motor Corp’s top scientist said Thursday, warning that focusing on BEVs could lead some drivers to hold onto polluting vehicles.

#Sadz: Not all moonlight and unicorn farts anymore in the EU’s Green dreamland
To borrow a phrase from The 5th Dimension’s hit Aquarius, when you “let the sun shine in,” sometimes it warms the cat on the windowsill, charges the solar panels on the roof, and helps the potted palms grow. Other times, its illumination of things you’d rather keep tucked away turns inconvenient, and it winds up scorching all your big plans.

Scientists Urged to Aid ‘Rights of Nature’ in Science
The major science journals are growing increasingly hard left politically. The prestigious journal Science, in particular, has swallowed progressive ideology–including supporting the “nature rights” movement.



Government in Healthcare


WHO Promotes ‘Early Childhood Masturbation’ in Official Sex Ed Guidance
The Public Health™ experts believe that children barely old enough to talk should be indoctrinated to “explore” their “gender identities” as well as instructed on best masturbation practices as part of any standard sex ed curriculum.

Advancing Health Obsequity
Suppression, Subservience, and Stifling of Inquiry

Colby Cosh: The radical character of Canada’s assisted death regime
Many people aren’t consciously radical about assisted suicide, but can imagine themselves considering suicide for reasons of catastrophic life failure


War & Terror


Wagner boss offered to give Ukrainians positions of Russian army in exchange for Bakhmut
There’s lots of evidence that the leader of Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and the Russian military do not get along. Prigozhin has complained for months that the military was sabotaging his efforts to take Bakhmut by failing to deliver ammunition as promised. Last week, after some of his own forces retreated from the city, he claimed the regular military had abandoned their positions surrounding the city and lost five square kilometers of ground in a day.

Belarusian dictator Lukashenko very ill, confirms Russian official
However, Zatulin stressed that “there is nothing supernatural there, it’s not a coronavirus” and “the person has simply fallen ill … and probably needs a rest.”

South Africa’s Military Embraces Russia as Secret Arms Shipment Row Continues
While South Africa’s presidency has denied a U.S. ambassador’s claims that Pretoria transferred weapons to Russia last year, South Africa has not taken great pains to shore up the perception that it is “non-aligned.”

Japan Can’t Pass the Buck Anymore
Ever since World War II ended, Japan has been passing the buck. Sheltered by the postwar U.S. security alliance, Japan provided bases for American forces but kept its own military spending remarkably low for a country of its size and wealth, resisting American urging to share more of the burden.

China Threatens to ‘Smash’ Taiwan Independence in Response to Anticipated $500M U.S. Arms Package
A Chinese People’s Liberation Army spokesman said China would “resolutely smash any form of Taiwan independence,” responding to questions about Washington’s plans to send Taiwan $500 million in weapons in the near future, the Associated Press reported.




California student allegedly called a ‘bigot’ by teachers for refusing to learn about lesbian sex
Glendale High School said it found no evidence of wrongdoing by educators, but is continuing to investigate

Vegan Wokescolds at PETA Team Up With AI to Rewrite the Bible
Once again, the Left is trying to appropriate the Bible for its own political purposes, this time with the help of artificial intelligence.

“Social-Emotional Learning” Is a Dangerous Fad
In North Carolina and elsewhere, the source is university schools of education.

The Left Continues Its Infiltration of the Legal Profession
In many states, the Left has taken control of the legal profession, and one aspect of that is found in mandates that attorneys devote some of their Continuing Legal Education time to, what else, “diversity.”

San Francisco DA will not charge security guard in the death of Banko Brown, plus security video released
Two weeks ago, San Francisco DA Brooke Jenkins announced that she would not bring charges against a Walgreens security guard who had shot a homeless trans man named Banko Brown who’d been shoplifting in the store. However, there was a backlash from Brown’s family and activists which led DA Jenkins to say she would reconsider her decision.

NYC opening migrant centers in public school gyms
Well, this is disturbing. If you are a parent of a kid in the NYC school system be prepared to explain “stranger danger” to your kids once again.

NYC Residents Furious City is Temporarily Housing Migrants at Elementary School Gym
The news comes a day after hotels booted veterans out in order to house migrants.

CDC Reports America’s First Cases of Drug-Resistant Ringworm
The superfungus was first detected in New York City. The new species may start making its way through the homeless population soon.

‘Defund the Police’ movement still alive and well on America’s college campuses
Here are five recent Campus Reform reports showcasing the breadth of America’s anti-cop campus activism.

Texas Children’s Hospital lied about stopping gender care
Last year Texas Children’s Hospital announced that they would stop providing “gender-affirming” care, or in plain English the sterilization and mutilation of children.

Anti-Piracy Outfit Wipes ACE’s ‘Watch Legally’ Page From Google
ACE, the world’s leading anti-piracy coalition, is facing an unexpected setback after Google removed a page that advises ‘pirates’ where they can watch content legally. The removal is the result of an erroneous takedown notice from a competing anti-piracy organization, and was likely triggered by an ACE domain name seizure.

The Offensive Before the Offensive: Ukraine Strikes Behind Russian Lines
Kyiv aims to destroy ammunition, fuel and other supplies as it seeks to starve Russian forces in the field ahead of broader ground campaign

Florida Teacher Says Parents’ Rights Are ‘Gone’ When Your Child is in the Public School System
“those rights are gone when your child is in the public school system because there are students talking about these things”

Sorority members sue after being subjected to leering, foot fetishist transgender ‘sister’ in house
The also alleges that ‘Mr. Smith has, while watching members enter the sorority house, had an erection visible through his leggings.’

Normalizing Polyamory
The New York Times reports that “laws granting rights to people in polyamorous relationships are being recognized in more cities.” Somerville, Mass., for instance, has laws granting domestic-partnership rights to people in polyamorous relationships as well as a ban on discrimination based on “family or relationship structure.”

Supreme Court ruling continues to protect Google, Facebook and Twitter from what users post
The Supreme Court declined to address the legal liability shield that protects tech platforms from being held responsible for their users’ posts, the court said in an unsigned opinion on Thursday.

Supreme Court Rules Andy Warhol’s Image of Prince Breaches Copyright Laws
Closely watched decision addresses whether artist made ‘fair use’ of a photographer’s work

Elena Kagan Takes Shot at Sonia Sotomayor in Unusual SCOTUS Opinion Note: ‘I’ll Take My Chances on Readers’ Good Judgment’
Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan took an unusual shot at her colleague and fellow Democratic appointee Sonia Sotomayor in an opinion released on Thursday morning.

Supreme Court to Rule on Affirmative Action, Student Debt and Internet Companies’ Liability
Justices are set to issue far-reaching opinions in the coming weeks

LA County Sheriff’s Department overrun by gangs
In what seems like a very bad development for Los Angeles County, which already has more than its fair share of crime to deal with, CBS News is reporting that the county’s Sheriff’s Department is infested with gang members. The secretive groups operate under the covers, getting gang tattoos and engaging in damaging behavior. The multiple gangs of deputies have colorful names such as the Banditos and Executioners. Now the office of the County Inspector General has sent out letters to most of the field offices seeking information to help them root out all of the members.

State Department Adds Email Pronouns for All Employees, Mislabeling Officials’ Genders
The State Department has added pronouns for each of its employees to its email system, in the process mislabeling the genders of at least a few officials. The change took place abruptly and without advance notice today, causing some confusion internally, a State Department source told National Review.

California Officials Investigating Loss of 30-Ton Shipment of Explosive Chemicals
Some 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used as both fertilizer and a component in explosives, went missing as it was shipped by rail from Wyoming to California last month, prompting four separate investigations.

A Collegiate Renaissance?
With so many American colleges and universities firmly in the grip of progressives who are determined to use the schools to push their illiberal, divisive notions on students, it’s encouraging to hear about alternatives. In recent years, a number of colleges have been created to give students an old-fashioned, non-ideological education. The best known among them is the University of Austin.

Nashville Coverup Escalates: Tennessee’s Governor Must Cancel Special Session
I was doing my usual Thursday morning stint on Tennessee Star Report radio, when host Michael Patrick Leahy read aloud the latest news from the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) regarding the ongoing controversy concerning the dreadful slayings of six people, three of them 9-year-olds, at the Covenant School that has become something of a national scandal.

Social-Justice Couples Therapy
Ron DeSantis, Elon Musk, and others have used the term “woke mind virus” to cast radical leftism as a communicable brain-eating malady. I had once thought this was a clunky and cartoonish formulation, but now I’m not so sure.

I don’t know whether it is an overstatement to suggest people with “gender dysphoria” have a mental illness, or whether there is a social contagion at work (like the anorexia epidemic among young women a couple decades ago that ultimately faded out to a large extent), but scenes like this state legislator in Nebraska aren’t reassuring that there’s a rational defense of the trans-phenomenon. (Wonder what she will do when told that Trans World Airlines went bankrupt 30 years ago. Probably another screech about capitalism or something.)

Connecticut Passes Bill to Ban ‘Discrimination’ Against ‘Minor Attracted Persons’
On May 9, the Connecticut House of Representatives passed a bill that would effectively expand the definition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation to include “discrimination” against so-called “minor-attracted persons.”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Announces Anti-Shoplifting Plan: Social Services Kiosks in Stores and “Second Chance” Program
Sounds like a plan. A bad plan: “allow non-violent offenders to avoid prosecution or incarceration by meaningfully engaging with services to help address underlying factors that lead to shoplifting.”

California: Person of Color™ Torches College Students, Doesn’t Even Get Probation
This is how Equity works. While the Social Justice-obsessed liberal media manufactures race hoaxes to defame pregnant white women, a California DA has let a Person of Color™ convicted of literally setting students on fire at UC Berkeley skate without prison or even probation.

Bastardizing Beethoven
From Fidelio to The Soldier’s Tale, some of history’s greatest compositions are being co-opted as social-justice propaganda

Brittney Griner Stands for the National Anthem after Russian Imprisonment
WNBA player Brittney Griner has changed her mind about standing for the national anthem before games. Like some other athletes, she stopped standing for the anthem in 2020 as a form of protest against the U.S. After being imprisoned for ten months in Russia on trumped-up charges of drug smuggling, she’s back on the court in the U.S. and standing for Old Glory.

The Not-So-Petty Tyranny of Local Officials
The United States has been steadily moving away from the freedom of peaceful action that was the norm from the Founding until roughly the 1930s and into a new regime where all kinds of peaceful conduct must first be cleared by government officials. Alexis de Tocqueville warned that it was in this manner that liberty would be lost and he was so right.

New ZIP domains spark debate among cybersecurity experts
Cybersecurity researchers and IT admins have raised concerns over Google’s new ZIP and MOV Internet domains, warning that threat actors could use them for phishing attacks and malware delivery.

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Police baptisms, candy crushing, and reasonable violations of clearly established law.

Justice Mitchell (Alabama): “The New Bar Exam Puts DEI Over Competence.”
Curricular changes are being made now to address the NextGen Bar in 2026.

Sotomayor and Kagan “Go Back To School” Each Other in Warhol v. Goldsmith
Does The Relationship Between Justices Sotomayor and Kagan “Have Much Of A Future”? Or was this just their “Fifteen Minutes” of Flame Wars?


Economy & Taxes


Chicago: Pork Bellies to Flee the Sinking Ship?
Sometimes the golden goose escapes the knife and moves to Florida. Among the tax proposals (increases, not cuts, in case you were wondering) being put forward by Brandon Johnson, Chicago’s new mayor, is one for a financial-transactions tax, at a rate of $1 or $2 for every “securities trading contract”.

Why Wealthy Homebuyers Are Flocking to Puerto Rico
Favorable tax policies, warm weather and a shift to remote work has transformed the island into a full-time destination

15 yrs, $BILLIONS, not a mile of track & running out of money – what am I?
If you answered “California’s high speed rail line to nowhere” you win an evening with Nancy Pelosi!!




Turkey’s longtime president to face down main rival in runoff as uncertainty looms
Conservative Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan faces a runoff with his main rival in two weeks that will decide who leads a country struggling with sky-high inflation and hosting Syrian refugees as it plays a key role in the Middle East and in NATO expansion.

Canada considers banning Fox News
If you say or publish something that the establishment doesn’t approve of in the United States, you can be blocked on some social media platforms. But what would it take to have an entire television news network banned in an entire country? If the country is Canada, you would just need to air a Tucker Carlson commentary segment because they’re discussing doing just that. The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is Canada’s version of the FCC. They received a complaint from an LGBTQ group in April about one of Tucker’s monologues and opened an investigation. The end result may be the removal of Fox News from all cable networks in the country.

The Paradoxical Decline of Female Happiness in Egalitarian Norway
If Simone de Beauvoir fantasized her ideal world, it would look much like Norway today.

One third of Canadians fine with prescribing assisted suicide for homelessness
Roughly the same number told a poll they were fine with approving MAID for someone whose only affliction was poverty

The Real Hungary
Among American conservatives, Hungary is being recognized more and more these days. It seems scarcely a month goes by without some new coterie winding up in Budapest, hobnobbing with the government of prime minister Viktor Orbán. Earlier this month, for example, CPAC held a conference in Budapest. Attendees included 2022 Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, incoming president of the Hungarian Institute of Foreign Affairs Gladden Pappin, and Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts. It is an interestingly elitist and cosmopolitan pastime, especially given that many of the people who make the trip are Americans who describe themselves as populist and nationalist.

Australia asks Twitter how it will mod content without staff, gets ghosted
Now the minister responsible has threatened regulation




I, For One, Welcome Our New Anti-White Racist Asian Academic Overlords
As an American, you are free to hate whoever you want, which means that I can’t stop Professor Sylvia Chong from hating crackers like me.

The Post-Liberal Authoritarians Want You To Forget That Private Companies Have Rights
J.D. Vance and Co. are trying to give themselves permission to wield public power unconstitutionally.

The Anglosphere education system is collapsing
It shouldn’t be a secret that the public education system in the United States is collapsing, although a vast number of people don’t appear to notice that fact. This is a testament to mental inertia. It takes a steady drumbeat of evidence and perhaps the bravery of a few in the MSM to say the quiet part out loud.

Is DEI Training Unconstitutional?
It wouldn’t be if it were imposed by a private party, although there might be other problems with it. But can a government entity require its employees to assent to a series of political propositions, and to take what is effectively a loyalty oath? I don’t think so.

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