News of the Week (October 16th, 2022)


News of the Week for Oct. 16th, 2022


Election 2022


Two People Shot Outside GOP Representative Lee Zeldin’s Long Island Home
Two people were shot outside the Long Island home of Representative Lee Zeldin on Sunday while his 16-year-old daughters were home alone, the GOP New York gubernatorial candidate said Sunday.

Democrats’ Last Chance to Change Voters’ Minds on the Economy?
Happy Columbus Day, or as some prefer to call it, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, or as the New York Jets call it, “Victory Monday.” On the menu today: This is likely to be the week before the midterm elections that is most dominated by a focus on the economy and inflation, as the updated Consumer Price Index figures will be released Thursday morning, right before some key debates in Wisconsin and Georgia. We don’t know precisely what the new inflation numbers will be, but we can strongly suspect that they won’t be particularly good. Meanwhile, gas prices continue to creep up, with 13 states averaging over $4 a gallon, and three others close to the $4 mark.

‘They Treat Me Like a Piece of S—’: Raphael Warnock’s Church Pays for His Home. It’s Also Trying To Evict the Poor From Theirs.
Ebenezer Baptist Church owns an apartment building where residents are being served eviction notices for $28.55 in past-due rent

Las Vegas public teachers union won’t make endorsement in Nevada governor’s race
The largest public teachers union in Nevada has declined to make an endorsement in this year’s race for governor.

Rep. Katie Porter’s sweetheart housing deal with UC Irvine
Before she was elected to Congress from California in 2018, Katie Porter was a law professor at UC Irvine. She was paid about $250,000 a year for that job but it also came with another significant perk available only to UCI professors. Porter was given the chance to buy a home in University Hills, a development built by UC Irvine which offers homes at substantially below market prices. In order to live there you have to be a full time professor at the school and even so there’s a long wait list for housing. In fact, Porter was originally offered a job at UCI in 2009 but didn’t accept until a house became available in University Hills

In crucial Nevada, economic woes threaten to shake Democrats’ grip
Karla Pike calls herself liberal and opposed the end of Roe v. Wade. But she blames Democrats for the rising costs now stretching her retirement budget, and she singled out one for criticism: Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto.

Democrat John Fetterman slurs words in first interview since stroke just weeks before Pennsylvania US Senate vote
Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman slurred some words and stuttered in his first one-on-one interview since his near-fatal stroke in May, raising new questions about his health just weeks before Election Day.

Sound the alarm: Republicans have a shot at a congressional district in Oregon
There have to be some sweaty palms over this big battle of the hyphens.

Joe Biden Is Hitting the Campaign Trail… In Colorado, California, and Oregon
I have noted that Joe Biden hasn’t done many events with Democrats running for office in 2022. The West Coast trip that begins today takes him a step closer, as he’s dedicating a national monument in Colorado alongside Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, who is looking pretty comfortable in his bid for reelection. Then he heads to California, where Biden will appear at a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Brentwood. Finally, Biden heads north to Oregon

Herschel Walker’s mom is the latest family member to speak out against his claims
Herschel Walker’s mother is speaking out against a claim that her son has made on the campaign trail. Herschel announced at a campaign event at the University of Georgia in January that he had just found out that he is “40 percent Native American.” He said the information came from his mother.

Republican US Senate candidate’s name not on ballots distributed in Illinois county
Some early voters have already cast their ballots in Schuyler County, Illinois, despite Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Salvi’s name not being listed as a choice. Instead of Salvi’s name, the name of her defeated primary opponent Peggy Hubbard is listed on the ballot as an option. Salvi won the seven-way Republican primary on June 28 by a significant margin.

Purple-and-Blue-State Blues
Republicans are likely to pick up some governorships, but fewer than they once hoped

Johnson vs. Barnes — Backstage in Milwaukee
This past Friday evening, Republican Ron Johnson and Democrat Mandela Barnes took the stage at the PBS station in downtown Milwaukee for a televised debate — their first for Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race. NR’s excellent Washington correspondent John McCormack was to be in attendance, so like the opportunistic pa??s?t?? that I am, I invited myself along to the debate.

Poll: 64 Percent of Americans Blame ‘Woke Politicians’ for Crime Spike
A new Harvard-Harris poll, published earlier this week, has a number of interesting findings about the mood of the American electorate, but one stands out as particularly striking

82% of Portland area voters want more police, The Oregonian/OregonLive’s poll finds
A preference for more policing is highest in Clackamas County, at 90%, while only 82% of Washington County respondents and 76% in Multnomah County back the idea, according to a poll



Dobbs Decision


Student who threw urine on pro-life chapter arrested
A pro-abortion student who threw urine on a Students for Life chapter was reportedly arrested. The incident occurred during SFLA’s ‘Abortion Is Not Right’ tour.


Gun Rights


Canadian law enforcement surveilling American gun show in Montana?
Last month, between September 22 through 25, an annual gun show was held in Great Falls, Montana. Sizable crowds attended the event to check out the various firearms that were for sale. But the gathering was also attended by someone who raised eyebrows among the other attendees. As P. Garner Goldsmith at mrcTV reports, several people noticed someone in a car with Canadian license plates observing the comings and goings of attendees at the show. The man turned out to be a policeman, but not of the American variety. He was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The story was originally broken by Joee Taylor at MontanaRightNow. Taylor reports that local authorities were summoned and when Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter and some of his deputies arrived, the ongoing “operation” was terminated immediately.

Requirement of Serial Numbers on Guns Violates Second Amendment
From U.S. v. Price, decided yesterday by Judge Joseph R. Goodwin (S.D. W. Va.)

Public Housing Complexes May Not Ban Gun Possession by Tenants
So holds the Tennessee Court of Appeals.


Hide the Decline

Environment &“Green Energy”


Britain Faces Possible Winter Blackouts as European Energy Crisis Worsens
The Guardian: “Households could experience a series of three-hour power cuts this winter if Vladimir Putin shuts off gas supplies from Russia and Britain experiences a cold snap.”

The Entirely Predictable Failure of California High-Speed Rail
An article in today’s New York Times gives people on the left permission to say something people on the right have been saying for years: California’s high-speed rail project is an epic boondoggle.

Slow Minds Run Over at High Speed
Well, well, look at what we have here: the New York Times has finally caught up with what every sensible person knew at least ten years ago—California’s high-speed rail project is a joke. “America’s first experiment with high-speed rail has become a multi-billion-dollar nightmare,” the Times says in a long feature today.

“Children’s Climate Trial” in U.S. Set for 2023
The file includes stories about each plaintiff that describes how the climate crisis has impacted them personally.

The Law Society in U.K. Endorses ‘Nature Rights’
The nature-rights movement continues to move from the fringe into decidedly establishment circles, with virtually no push back and a foolish, “It will never happen here,” shrugging of the collective shoulders. Now, the U.K.’s Law Society — the organization that represents solicitors, roughly equivalent to the ABA — has issued a report calling for the establishment of nature and non-human rights.

Just Stop Oil Protestors Throw Soup On Van Gogh’s Sunflowers at London’s National Gallery
Someone educate these morons about petroleum.

Anti-Energy Nihilism Behind Economic Crisis
Is it a coincidence that the people who said Western civilization was unsustainable are making it so?



Government in Healthcare


Beyond the Hippocratic oath
Last month Anthony Gockowski reported for Alpha News on the oath to “promote a culture of anti-racism” taken by incoming University of Minnesota Medical School students at their white-coat ceremony on August 19

Scheduled to Die: The Rise of Canada’s Assisted Suicide Program
What do you do when you discover your son has made an appointment for his death?

Baby ‘killer’ nurse Lucy Letby ‘injected babies with air and insulin’ as she ‘tried multiple times to murder children’
A “POISONER was at work” in a hospital which saw a sudden spike in babies’ death rates, a court was told yesterday. Children’s nurse Lucy Letby allegedly murdered seven tots and attempted to murder ten more over a 12-month period.

Suppression Campaign
The American Medical Association asks the federal government to prosecute critics of radical gender medicine.


War & Terror


NATO to hold nuclear deterrence exercise as Russia rages at Ukraine
An annual NATO exercise focused on nuclear weapons deterrence will take place next week in a regular show of force displayed against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine.

Lukashenko plays with Putin’s fire on Ukraine border — why?
What could Alexander Lukashenko hope to gain by joining Vladimir Putin’s genocide in Ukraine — especially now? Despite owing his office (and likely his continued ability to breathe) to Putin, Lukashenko wisely demurred in February from tying his fate to the invasion when Lukashenko’s help might have contributed to the presumed quick victory of his patron. Even the hint of such cooperation in the war triggered sabotage and threats of rebellion against the teetering dictator in Belarus.

Russian strikes hit German diplomatic office in Kyiv – report
The German embassy in Kyiv was hit by Russian airstrikes on Monday, German media outlet Bild reported. However, the building has not been in use since the war broke out, the foreign ministry said.

Why Is Sex Relevant to the Draft but Not to Women’s Sports?
Having transgender status (being a “transgender woman”) does not exempt men from signing up for the Selective Service. Nor does it require females with transgender status (“transgender men”) to sign up.

90,000 ‘Irrecoverable’ Russian Losses in Ukraine
Russian losses in the eight-month-old Ukraine War could be wildly higher than anything Moscow will admit to — or anything I dared report might be possible.

Deterrence, Ambiguity, and Confusion Regarding Ukraine
As I’ve tried to outline, there is an ambiguity to the war in Ukraine that may lead the world into danger. That ambiguity is NATO’s actual role in the war. At times, Putin has tried to clarify that Ukraine is just a pawn of the Western alliance. That is why he asked for bilateral talks with the United States at one point. This dismisses Ukraine (wrongly) as just a client state of D.C. The ambiguity is something that the Western alliance seems to embrace.

Russia releasing “vintage” tanks to fight in Ukraine
Despite all of his public bluster, is it possible that Vladimir Putin is getting just a bit desperate in his bid to find some sort of path to something he could call a “victory” in Ukraine? One hint could be found in the fact that he twisted Lukashenko’s arm to pull Belarus into the fighting at this late stage of the game. But another indicator of Russia’s military reaching the bottom of the barrel popped up this week. Yesterday, Tyler Rogoway from The War Zone sent out this alert on social media. It seems that Russia is “modernizing” some of their “vintage” T-62 tanks and taking them out of museum status so they can be sent to replace some of the hundreds of armored units that Ukrainian farmers have towed away for their own army to use.

North Korea fires ballistic missile into the sea and sends warplanes near to the border with South Korea as Kim Jong Un responds to ‘provocative action’ from Seoul after its military scrambled fighter jets
The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said warplanes flew to the border tonight. North Korean jets were seen within 12km of the boundary between the nations. South Korean fighter jets were scrambled in response to the unusual incident. It comes amid raised tensions on the peninsula after missile tests in the North.

Elite Iranian troops secretly enter Ukraine frontline to help Putin’s horror blitz
Dozens of specialist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have been sent to train soldiers in Moscow, teaching them how to operate so-called Kamikaze drones as battle rages in Ukraine

‘We’re at War,’ Counterintelligence Expert Warns of China
The CEO of a business warfare and counterintelligence company issued a chilling warning Thursday evening about the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party and called on Americans to change their behavior and attitude toward China’s communist regime.

How Moscow grabs Ukrainian kids and makes them Russians
Olga Lopatkina paced around her basement in circles like a trapped animal. For more than a week, the Ukrainian mother had heard nothing from her six adopted children stranded in Mariupol, and she was going out of her mind with worry.

Swarmed Navy Destroyer Had Its Bridge Illuminated By Mysterious Drones
Reports The War Zone obtained reveal new details about swarming incidents off Southern California in 2019 and many more across the Pacific.

Taiwan Security Bureau: No Need to Destroy TSMC’s Fabs If China Invades
China might get a golden hen that won’t lay golden eggs.

Sweden Won’t Share its Nord Stream Investigation Findings with Russia
Swedish officials have announced that the investigation shows evidence of “gross sabotage”




Gavin McInnes Attempts to Quash Proud Boys’ Post-Jan. 6 ‘Civil War’
When Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes headed to Las Vegas for WestFest, the annual convention of his hard-drinking, street-fighting right-wing men’s group, he thought he knew what to expect.

Leaked Audio: Latino LA City Council Members Martinez, Cedilla, de León Make Racist Remarks, Mock Council Colleagues
With Democrats running everything, they are now attacking each other

Glenn Youngkin Defends Parental Rights School Policy: ‘Children Don’t Belong To The State. They Belong To Families.’
Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin on Sunday defended the parents’ rights policy he instituted in his state.

Morning Consult: Suddenly, no one likes Joe Manchin in WV after deal with Schumer
At one time, Joe Manchin commanded support and respect across the political spectrum in West Virginia. Those days had already begun to ebb in the Mountain State, but Morning Consult’s latest poll shows Manchin’s support draining quickly — and not just among Republicans.

In the Chauvin appeal
Derek Chauvin could not afford an attorney to appeal his convictions in the case of George Floyd. Chauvin’s insurance did not extend to appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court denied him a public defender. Although I thought Chauvin could not have received a fair trial in Hennepin County, it looked like he wouldn’t be able to raise the issue on appeal either.

Supreme Court hears pork industry’s challenge to California animal welfare law
The Supreme Court on Tuesday will hear the pork industry’s challenge to a California animal welfare law that would forbid confining breeding pigs in narrow metal cages for most of their lives.

Recall Gascón Committee Taking L.A. County Registrar to Court, Claiming Petition Signatures Improperly Invalidated
The committee’s assertions were damning of the registrar’s validation process, and it indicated it would “for injunctive relief imminently.?”

4-H ‘Thriving Model’ is grounded in equity, CRT, and Marxism
In the spring of 2013, 4-H launched a nationwide program of youth development called the “Thriving Model,” which appears grounded in equity, Marxism, and tenets of critical race theory.

More fallout from the LA City Council leaked audio of racist remarks
Biden weighs in

The New Bicameralism and Presentment
The executive branch proposes a rule, a district court judge can block it, then one member of the Supreme Court determines if Congress would have approved of that rule.

Scientists grow human brain cells in rats to study diseases
Scientists have transplanted human brain cells into the brains of baby rats, where the cells grew and formed connections.

The Kanye West Tucker Carlson didn’t want his audience to see
Fox News host Tucker Carlson went to great lengths to reinforce for his viewers last week just how levelheaded Ye, the musician born Kanye West, actually was.

Supreme Court justices appear skeptical of California animal welfare law
The Supreme Court justices sounded wary Tuesday of California’s animal welfare law and its protections for breeding pigs, warning it could set off a wave of state laws that put a wide array of restrictions on products moving nationwide.

Protesters Swarm Los Angeles City Council Meeting After Audio Leak of Racist Comments
Nury Martinez said she would take a leave of absence but hasn’t resigned after a recording was released of her racist comments about a colleague’s son

How the dangerous 1994 California Constitution Revision Commission was defanged. Hint: I was a member.
In 1993, California’s Republican Governor Pete Wilson joined with the Democrat-controlled State Assembly and State Senate to form the California Constitution Revision Commission (CCRC). The stated goal was to modernize and improve our bulky California Constitution. The REAL goal (at least the PRIMARY goal) was to gut Prop 13, making it easier for our state and local governments to raise taxes.

Eliminating Parenthood at Puberty
The British National Health Service once advertised on its website that the effects of puberty blockers “are considered to be fully reversible.” Then, after increased scrutiny, they changed this to the admission that “little is known about the long-term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria.”

LA City Council fallout: Nury Martinez resigns from office (What are Cedillo and de Leon waiting for?)
I’m only surprised it took this long. Nury Martinez, who referred to a fellow councilmember’s black son as a “little monkey” last year during a discussion with other council members, has resigned her seat.

The New Masters of the Atelier
Traditionalists should cheer a return to formal art instruction.

Virginia Democrat Wants to Criminalize Parents Who Don’t Affirm Their Child’s Gender
A Democratic delegate in Virginia plans on introducing a bill that would hold parents criminally liable for refusing to treat their children as a different gender from the one they were born into.

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Hauling timber, planting drugs, and barring bologna.

Parents Blast California School Board for Halloween Party Featuring Drag Queen Show
Parents have hired a law firm to submit a public record request about the organization of “Boo Bash” and its connection to the school board.

Mel Gibson to Testify Against Harvey Weinstein in L.A. Trial
Judge bars Weinstein’s defense from challenging him over antisemitic rant.

Astronomers are captivated by brightest flash ever seen
Astronomers have observed the brightest flash of light ever seen, from an event that occurred 2.4 billion light years from Earth and was likely triggered by the formation of a black hole.

Fla. to strip licenses of K-3 teachers who discuss gender identity, sexuality
Florida plans to revoke or suspend the teaching licenses of elementary school educators who teach students about gender identity or sexuality, according to a new rule published by the state’s Department of Education.

How L.A. City Hall became so corrupt: A recent history of bribes, kickbacks, scandal, leaks
The recent leak of a recording that exposed some of Los Angeles’ top officials making abhorrent racist comments, disparaging multiple racial and ethnic groups, has rocked the City of Angels.

At Harvard, the peasants are revolting
Among the most iconic images in the world of collegiate rowing and sculling is the history of the regattas launching from Harvard’s twin boathouses on the banks of the Charles River, with the Newell boathouse being used primarily for the men’s team and Weld Boathouse being for the female athletes. (Wait… isn’t that transphobic or gender-exclusionary or something? How do they know which rowers are women?) But the bottom line is that the legendary boathouses are reserved for the exclusive use of Harvard students or staff, along with visiting competitors and distinguished guests.

A growing wave of targeted police killings
In Bristol, Connecticut this week, two police officers were murdered and a third was wounded by gunfire in what was clearly an ambush after a phony 911 call was received. Thankfully, the wounded police officer, rather than retreating, returned fire and killed the attacker, saving the public the bother of a trial. This would obviously be grim news under any circumstances, but the attack does not appear to be just some random, one-off act by a maniac. Police are being attacked around the United States, often fatally, in numbers that haven’t been seen in many years. According to a report this week from the Associated Press, the number of American police officers being killed in the line of duty is rising at rates that almost certainly can’t be coincidental. Police deaths of this type in 2022 are already up by 14% over last year and by a staggering 45% over the same period in 2020, when riots and violence were filling the streets all through the summer. A deadly and disturbing pattern seems to be emerging, just as police officers have been quitting or taking early retirement in droves.

Muslim Parents in Dearborn, MI Protest at School Board Meetings Over LGBTQ Content
Are progressives going to start calling these Muslims haters and domestic terrorists?

New video shows Roger Stone warning Trump will get his ‘brains beat in’ if he runs for president again
A video shows Roger Stone saying Donald Trump would get his “fucking brains beat in” if he runs for president again.

California drivers can now sport digital license plates on their cars
Say goodbye to that rusty piece of metal. California drivers will now be able to get digital license plates under a new law.


Economy & Taxes


Liz Truss Advances Tax Cuts, Deregulation to Revive UK’s Economy
In her speech last week at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, British Prime Minister Liz Truss made it crystal clear that her economic plan is “about getting the economy growing and rebuilding Britain through reform.”

Wharton School of Business creates DEI and ESG majors
If Wharton School of Business’ decision is any indication, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as well as Environmental, Social and Governance Factors for Business (ESG) are here to stay.

Third-Largest Freight-Rail Union Rejects Deal Biden Celebrated
The BMWED, the third-largest union representing freight-rail workers, announced today that its members have rejected the tentative agreement that President Joe Biden and Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh celebrated last month.

Major Rail Union Rejects Biden-Backed Deal, Reigniting Strike Fears
One of the largest rail unions in the country rejected a Biden administration-brokered deal with railways Monday over concerns regarding working conditions, forcing both sides back to the bargaining table and raising the specter of a potentially devestating strike next month.

High speed rail exists solely for graft
Back when I was president of the Taxpayers League of Minnesota I cut my teeth in state politics fighting the first light rail line in Minneapolis.

Tremors & Storm Warnings
I wrote over the weekend about growing signs of stress in the financial system. This is in the wake of interest rates finally rising after a period in which, on some calculations, they hit four-thousand-year lows (others prefer five thousand years). Agree or not with those calculations, there can be little doubt that interest rates have been at extraordinarily low levels, in no small part due to central-bank intervention. Pricing money “too cheaply” is an invitation to all sorts of trouble, of which malinvestment is just one.

Core US Inflation Rises to 40-Year High, Securing Big Fed Hike
A closely watched measure of US consumer prices rose by more than forecast to a 40-year high in September, pressuring the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates even more aggressively to stamp out persistent inflation. The core consumer price index, which excludes food and energy, increased 6.6% from a year ago, the highest level since 1982, Labor Department data showed Thursday. From a month earlier, the core CPI climbed 0.6% for a second month.

Mortgage Rates Hit 6.92%, the Highest in 20 Years
The rate on a popular type of home loan increased this week to its highest level in 20 years, according to data released Thursday.

Food Prices Up 15.6% Under Biden
The price of food has climbed by 15.57 percent since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

September Inflation Higher Than Expected
The September consumer-price index report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is out today, and it shows inflation at 8.2 percent year-over-year and 0.4 percent month-over-month. That’s a year-over-year decline since August’s 8.3 percent, but a month-over-month increase from August’s 0.1 percent.

Bidenflation grows again: Prices spike upward in September, 8.2% year-on-year
Real wages go negative … again

IMF Warns Argentina of Ad-Hoc FX Rates Amid 100% Inflation
The International Monetary Fund is urging Argentina against unconventional currency measures such as creating multiple exchange rates at a time when inflation is expected to reach 100% by the end of this year.

Time To ‘Rebrand’: Enthusiasm for ESG (Environmental, Social, and ‘Corporate’ Governance) Crashing and Burning
“ESG is mostly a cover for ‘climate change’ and social-justice activism, and as such its real agenda is to divert private capital to politically-favored causes”

Atlanta Fed President Discloses Violations of Financial Transaction Policies
Fed ethics officials uncovered errors after the central bank implemented sweeping personal-investment restrictions this year

Gulp: Retail sales flat in September — unadjusted for inflation
That third-quarter GDP report coming in a couple of weeks looms over the midterms and the Biden administration, and the portents look gloomier and gloomier. Even with gasoline prices descending rapidly in the three-month period, economic activity appears to have declined with them — especially in retail sales.

India Looks to Reduce Its Regulatory Burden
The Indian government is considering a piece of legislation to make the country more business-friendly by decriminalizing some violations of its business laws.

Potential Candy Shortage Haunts This Halloween
Supply chain issues, a global sugar shortage, and inflation combine to make a Halloween dark, full of terror, and devoid of treats.




Dominican Republic Building Wall To Block Haitians Flooding Across Their Border
“The wall will reduce the illegal immigration, drug running, arms trafficking, cattle theft and contraband that plague both nations”

The German Speech Police Come for Memes
“Vee haf vays of making you not talk” -German Police Officer to a Hamburg Memelord, probably

China’s Semiconductor Industrial Policy Failures
One of the premises behind the CHIPS Act and its billions in subsidies for semiconductor firms is that the U.S. must avoid being overtaken by China’s state-directed semiconductor industry.

Monkeys ‘may be evolving into new human-like race’ as study finds primates leaving trees
Climate change and deforestation are driving a new wave of primates into taking the same evolutionary leap that led our distant ancestors on the path to humanity

Ireland Is Full
A few weeks ago, in a country of nearly 5 million people, there were only 716 available rental vacancies. Ireland’s housing shortage is extremely acute. Students at Trinity College began demanding the reinstitution of online instruction because of the lack of accommodations in Dublin.

Turkey introduces jail terms for ‘fake news’
Turkey’s parliament on Thursday approved a tough pre-election law that could see reporters and social media users jailed for up to three years for spreading “fake news”.

India Looks to Reduce Its Regulatory Burden
The Indian government is considering a piece of legislation to make the country more business-friendly by decriminalizing some violations of its business laws.

Beijing Bridge Demonstration Goes Global Ahead of Xi’s Big Meeting
Chinese authorities moved quickly on Thursday to squelch a small demonstration in Beijing criticizing Xi Jinping ahead of a critical Chinese Communist Party meeting, but they failed to do so before news of the protest spread on social media and across the world.




American Conservatism Is Not European
In the pages of National Review more than 60 years ago, Russell Kirk was thinking about the state of conservatism in Italy. Kirk believed that the “failure to present the traditional American arguments for ordered liberty is a contributory cause of the present intellectual ascendancy of Communists and Socialists in Italy.” As a result, the “Italian conservatives . . . have been left isolated and uninformed, and the extensive literature of American conservatism has been made known to Italians only through occasional wild diatribes against it in the radical newspapers and magazines.”

Who Shall Run the Universities?
As the UNC System revises its chancellor search guidelines, a few things to keep in mind . . . .

At the struggle session
Over at the University of Minnesota Medical School, one probably shouldn’t be seen with books such as Arthur Koestler’s novel Darkness at Noon or Fan Shen’s memoir Gang of One: Memoirs of a Red Guard. It might reflect an inclination to think for yourself and other such bourgeois indulgences.

Ye reveals hypocritical desperation of conservatives
Despite declaring that celebrities are false idols in our society in a sometimes jealous response to the Left’s undeniable domination of culture, conservatives are too often desperately hungry to gain any cultural relevance they can.

Columbus and the Meaning of America
Sometime during the mob madness of 2020, I lost count of how many statues had been vandalized, but at least three statues of Christopher Columbus were among the targets of the “social justice” hooligans.

The ‘Revolution’ America Needs Today?
Over the weekend, we published a piece by C. Bradley Thompson, director of the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism, asking, “What Does Fidelity to Our Founding Principles Require Today?” Thompson, who blogs at the Redneck Intellectual and is also the author of American’s Revolutionary Mind, adapted his piece from a speech he gave at the September meeting of the Philadelphia Society. In both, he attempts to answer the question: “What does it mean to be true to the principles of the American Founding?”

Blame and Responsibility
In a post yesterday, I did some walking down Memory Lane — as far back as 1987. Today, I would like to go back to 1984. Because Donald Trump, for one, has reminded me of the speech that Jeane Kirkpatrick gave at the Republican National Convention that year.

American Higher Education Is Getting Lower
According to a newly released global index produced by the Times Higher Education (THE), U.S. predominance among the world’s leading research universities continues to falter as Chinese schools are rising. This news comes on the heels of a paper published last spring that found that the U.S. has fallen behind China as the world leader in the output of “high impact” studies.

The Fatal Flaw of Christian Nationalism
The subject of “Christian nationalism” has again appeared in our political life, establishing residence in the Republican Party. It is nothing new, though, having taken many forms in the past, including Moral Rearmament, Prohibition, Christian Reconstructionism, Moral Majority, and the Christian Coalition.

Where Tulsi Gabbard Belongs
There was a flurry of enthusiasm in various quarters of the right at the announcement by former congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard that she was leaving the Democratic Party, which she characterized as “under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue and stoke anti-white racism. Who actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms that are enshrined in our constitution.”

Another Reminder That Conservatives Should Not Embrace Tulsi
On Tuesday, Tulsi Gabbard bid aloha to the Democratic Party, an organization she referred to as an “elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue and stoke anti-white racism” and “actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms that are enshrined in our constitution.”

The Darkness Does Not Just Fester Over There
There’s a virus spreading through our society. It manifests itself as surging paganism that is deeply detached from reality, science, and true religion.

Stochastic Terrorism – A game of rhetorical asymmetry
The history and function of the increasingly common phrase explained

The Senate Will Get Worse without Ben Sasse
Nate Hochman dissents from Bobby Miller’s defense of soon-to-resign Nebraska senator Ben Sasse. Specifically, Nate criticizes Sasse’s supposed legislative inefficacy, his failure to repeal Obamacare, and, on the whole, his alleged inability to line up his actions in the Senate with what he said about how the body should be improved. I dissent from Nate’s view, and I second Bobby’s. But I would like to do more than merely dissent from Nate’s view. It suffers from some weaknesses that are worth pointing out.

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