Normalizing Euthanasia With A Children’s Activity Book

Death, Rx

     Canada, where poor medical care and lack of hospice has lead to euthanasia being pushed ever increasingly, is now seeing children targeted for indoctrination with the release of a “Medical Assistance in Dying Activity Book” for kids.

“Children are introduced into the medical killing fields by Canadian Virtual Hospice with its Medical Assistance in Dying Activity Book, described as being for children ages 6–12. In it, the child is taught how a person is killed during euthanasia:

“’The three medicines work like this: The first medicine makes the person feel very relaxed and fall asleep. They may yawn or snore or mumble.

“’The second medicine causes a “coma.” A coma looks like sleep but is much deeper than regular sleep. The person will not wake up or be bothered by noise or touch.

“’The third medicine makes the person’s lungs stop breathing and then their heart stops beating. Because of the coma, the person does not notice this happening and it does not hurt. When their heart and lungs stop working, their body dies. It will not start working again. This often happens in just a few minutes, but sometimes (rarely) it can take hours.’

“And if the person asks to die, there is no changing their mind:

“’As much as other people may want to change their mind, the person who is choosing MAiD probably wishes just as strongly that they could change their illness or condition and how it is affecting their life. When someone decides to ask for MAiD, it is usually after thinking very carefully and having very hard feelings for a long time. They may feel that nothing will change their mind because there is nothing that can help their body or their suffering get better.’

“That isn’t true, of course. Palliative care and appropriate emotional and psychological interventions can overcome suicide ideation in the seriously ill and disabled. But those asking for euthanasia are denied this essential hospice service. Moreover, only 15 percent of Canadians have adequate access to palliative care — a true scandal in a country that pushes euthanasia.”

     The full activity book can be read here, or below:

Medical Assistance in Dying… by ThePoliticalHat

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