News of the Week (October 30th, 2021)


News of the Week for Oct. 30th, 2021


Riots & Revolution


Anarchy Reigns in Portland
Immediately upon taking office, President Joe Biden removed President Donald Trump’s designation of Portland, Oregon, as a jurisdiction in anarchy.


Corona Virus


Wait, How Many Coincidences Does the Natural Spillover Theory Require?
As we contemplate how the COVID-19 pandemic began, let’s add up all of the strange and unusual pieces of information that, in the eyes of the lab leak skeptics, are complete coincidences.

South Africa is trying to reverse engineer Moderna’s vaccine
One of the recurring complaints from the World Health Organization and activists trying to assist underdeveloped nations deals with the slow pace of distribution of COVID vaccines to nations with no ability to produce them for themselves. While tens of millions of doses have been sent to poorer nations by a number of countries (including the United States, China, and Russia) it’s true that more than 90% of the approved doses produced so far have gone to the more economically developed nations. With impatience and even anger toward the major pharmaceutical companies growing in some international groups, the World Health Organization is currently endorsing an unusual effort to allow others to take matters into their own hands. A laboratory has been established in South Africa where scientists are trying to reverse engineer the Moderna vaccine so they can produce it there themselves for the people of the sub-Saharan African nations. But will Moderna have anything to say about this apparent violation of its intellectual property rights?

Double down on double-double: California county shuts down another In-N-Out over vaccination mandate
Is this what a mandate is all about?* “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government,” In-N-Out’s top attorney declared after Contra Costa county officials shut down their Pleasant Hill location. The company refused to check on COVID-19 vaccination records for people eating indoors, even after multiple warnings, and so health officials forced the location to close

Third Chinese city placed under Covic lockdown
China placed a third city under lockdown on Thursday to tackle Covid-19 numbers, with around six million people now under orders to stay home as Beijing chases zero cases before the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Huh: People with natural immunity were five times more likely to be (re)infected than recently vaccinated were
I know, I know. What about that Israeli study from August that showed natural immunity is way, way better than vaccine immunity? What can I tell you. Newsflash: Different studies can produce conflicting results.


Gun Rights


Ohio Panel Passes Constitutional Carry Bill
The Buckeye State is on the way to becoming at least the 22nd to recognize only the Second Amendment is needed to carry a concealed firearm.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Extinction Rebellion blocks traffic in New York City to make demands of President Biden (commuters are not happy)
We’ve seen lots of this type of “protest” in the UK lately but this morning Extinction Rebellion and the Sunrise Movement shut down traffic in parts of New York City including FDR Drive.

Taiwanosaurus Rex: Only you can prevent climate change
The UN has a new spokescreature for demanding action on climate change. This clip is part of a new campaign called “Don’t Choose Extinction” and features a dinosaur borrowed from Jurassic World and a score that sounds like it was borrowed from the Avengers. There’s no time to worry about plagiarism when the world is ending.



Government in Healthcare


Twelve States Sue Biden over Title X Abortion Funding
A coalition of a dozen state attorneys general have sued the Biden administration over a new policy slated to take effect next month, which will allow abortion providers to obtain federal funding under the Title X family-planning program.


War & Terror


Gordon Chang: Joe Biden’s Taiwan Policy Is Now A Total Disaster
“He is just too old and likes to bluff, doesn’t know what he is talking about,” tweeted China Daily’s Chen Weihua on Friday, referring to President Joe Biden.

China just test-fired a massive solid-fueled rocket
China has test fired a huge new solid rocket motor, creating more propulsion options for the country’s growing space activities.

The Fight for Taiwan Could Come Soon
Beijing may think it has an opening to seize the island before the West’s military investments pay off.

Pentagon Official: Afghan ISIS Affiliate Could Attempt International Attacks within Six Months
Colin Kahl, the Defense Department’s undersecretary for policy, told a Senate committee yesterday that Afghanistan’s ISIS affiliate could have the capability to launch terrorist attacks on Western and allied targets within six months. Kahl also testified that it would take “a year or two” for al-Qaeda to once again be able to do the same and that the U.S. thinks the groups “have the intention” to carry out international attacks.

Remember Afghanistan?
One thing about news stories that reflect badly on Democrats: they generally disappear from the news quickly, and without leaving a trace. Like our departure from Afghanistan, an epic failure on the part of the Biden administration that resulted in 13 dead Americans (that we know of), hundreds of Americans still marooned in Afghanistan–assuming they are all still alive–and many thousands of Afghans, mostly unknown, in the U.S. or on the way here.

How Deeply Have the Chinese Communists Penetrated Our Institutions?
Foreign Policy is a liberal publication, but this article by Suzanne Nossel, the CEO of PEN America, a member of Facebook’s oversight board, and a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for international organizations in the Obama administration, is worth reading: “Chinese Censorship Is Going Global.”

In This Nuclear Arms Race, China’s Hypersonic Gliders Are a Wake-Up Call
Too bad we as a species don’t have the luxury of worrying about just one existential threat at a time. We’re already rather busy with one — a pandemic — and about to talk our heads off about another — climate change — at the COP26 convention in Glasgow. Now we’re also reminded of a third, nuclear annihilation.




Judge Rules James O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas” Is “Political Spying”
A federal judge has dealt conservative figure James O’Keefe a legal blow, ruling that his group’s undercover operations against a Democratic consulting firm can fairly be described at an upcoming million-dollar trial as “political spying.”

Chinese American Group Calls On Parents and Students To Opt Out Of “Totalitarian Social Emotional Surveys” In NY Schools
“We know school districts need to extract certain kinds of answers from our kids, to justify their Critical Race Theory (CRT) and associated identity pedagogies. For all these reasons, don’t consent to the surveys!”

Progressive San Francisco Prosecutor Resigns To Join Recall Effort Against Soros-Backed DA Chesa Boudin
“The D.A.’s office now is a sinking ship. . . . It’s like the Titanic, and it’s taking public safety along with it.”

Former DC Mayor alleged to have forced female police cadets to have abortions
Those of you who have been following D.C. politics for a while likely recall the name of Marion Barry. He was infamously one of the most corrupt individuals to rise to political power in a famously corrupt system. He not only became the Mayor of the nation’s capital but managed a second act after having been convicted in a crack bust and sent to prison. This week, in a bit of a blast from the past, we’re learning of even more darkness that took place during his administrations back in the 80s and 90s. Female police officers who were in training as cadets back in the day claim that cadets who got pregnant during their training were informed that they would need to immediately get an abortion or be washed out of the program. At least one was even given the name and address of an abortion provider and told to go “get the situation taken care of.”

The AAUP Comes after the University of North Carolina
The American Association of University Professors purports to represent the interests of the faculty, but, like almost everything related to higher education, it has been taken over completely by the far Left. The AAUP now represents the faculty the way the ACLU upholds civil rights — very selectively.

Novel approach to treating type 2 diabetes shows prolonged normal blood sugar levels after a single one-time procedure
A novel approach to treating type 2 diabetes is being developed at the Technion. The disease, caused by insulin resistance and reduction of cells’ ability to absorb sugar, is characterised by increased blood sugar levels. Its long-term complications include heart disease, strokes, damage to the retina that can result in blindness, kidney failure, and poor blood flow in the limbs that may lead to amputations. It is currently treated by a combination of lifestyle changes, medication, and insulin injections, but ultimately is associated with a 10-year reduction in life expectancy.

Poll shows education is winning issue for Republicans
That’s the view of liberal Washington Post opinion writer James Hohmann. He bases this view on the findings of a survey conducted for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Arbery Case Day 5 Wrap-Up: Only 20% of Pool Conceded Pre-Formed Opinion on Guilt
Only four (20%) of this pool said they had an existing opinion as to guilt or innocence. Last Thursday 45% conceded an existing opinion on guilt.

Medical university hires “Vice President for Humanism, Equity, and Anti-Racism”
A California and Oregon-based medical school has hired its first “Vice President for Humanism, Equity and Anti-Racism” who will begin his new job on November 1.

Middlebury hires counseling director who claims ‘whiteness’ is the cause of ‘psychic suffering’
A liberal arts college in Vermont is hiring a psychologist that blames “whiteness”, among other things, for mental health problems.

“Justice was served today”: Loudoun rapist convicted in bathroom assault
Where does Scott Smith go to get his reputation back? And better yet, where do the Loudoun County Public Schools board members and superintendent go to have theirs stripped from them? A juvenile court convicted the teenager that raped Smith’s daughter after accessing the bathroom with a cross-dressing ruse and touched off a national controversy over free speech and parental rights in education

Loudoun County Forces Parents To Sign NDA-Style Form To View CRT-Inspired Curriculum
Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is requiring parents to sign a form comparable to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to view a portion of the district’s new curriculum inspired by critical race theory, according to documents reviewed by the Daily Caller.

Loudoun County assault victim’s dad wants apology for being called ‘domestic terrorist’
The father of a Loudoun County school student who was sexually assaulted inside a bathroom at Stone Bridge High wants an apology for being called a “domestic terrorist,” his attorney Bill Stanley said.

Memo to Diversicrats: Here’s Some “Equity” for You
Former hospital executive wins a $10 million jury verdict against Novant Health in a reverse discrimination case

Huma Abedin Says Senator Sexually Assaulted Her After D.C. Dinner
Huma Abedin writes in her forthcoming book that a U.S. senator sexually assaulted her in her 20s, kissing her unprompted and forcing his tongue in her mouth as the two conversed in his apartment.

White House Plan for “Gender Equity” Includes Elimination of Cash Bail
“We will work to end cash bail and reform our pretrial system, recognizing the harm these processes cause, particularly for Black women and families”

“Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Us?”: Angry Loudoun County Students Stage Walk Outs Over Sexual Assaults in Their Schools
Every student that participated in today’s walkouts should take their activism directly to the next school board meeting and demand answers and mass resignations.

Arbery Case Day 6 Wrap-Up: Defense Anger at Jury Influencing and New Defense Questions
Fully 65% of jurors had already formed an opinion as to the guilt & 75% of jurors conceded negative feelings towards defendants.

Huh: Republicans who doubt 2022 midterms will be fair are *more* excited to vote next year
Last week Marjorie Taylor Greene released the results of a poll she conducted in her district showing that five percent of Republicans there won’t vote next year if the state doesn’t conduct a forensic audit of the 2020 election. At the same time, WaPo reported that some Trump allies were lobbying the RNC to embrace his “rigged election” message, believing that it would be good for turnout. Rationally, that doesn’t compute; a person who believes their state’s election system is corrupt has less of a reason to cast a ballot, fearing it won’t be counted. In fact, Democrats might owe their Senate majority to that phenomenon playing out in Georgia.

Today’s Beltway whodunit: Which Senator “sexually assaulted” Huma Abedin?
This is no Agatha Christie story, but it’s likely to be a best-seller in Washington DC, at least. Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin has a memoir coming out next week, but the publisher made sure to leak this bombshell allegation to prime the retail pump for Both/And: A Life in Many Words. In it, Abedin accuses an unnamed US senator of forcing his tongue into her mouth in an office meeting that turned, well … gross

Blinken Wants to End Taiwan’s U.N. Exclusion
Secretary of State Antony Blinken called for other countries to support Taiwan’s participation in U.N. agencies, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization and the World Health Organization, in a statement yesterday. “Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the UN system is not a political issue, but a pragmatic one,” said Blinken, citing the country’s “world class?” COVID response and other accomplishments.

Finally — Alumni Groups Enter the Battle against Higher Education’s Degradation
Alumni groups have been mostly quiet in the fight over higher education. They have been MIA as the “progressives” took over their institutions and turned them into training grounds for activists who want to transform America. Maybe, however, that is changing.

Investigation underway after Kentucky high school hosts drag pageant featuring male teens in lingerie giving lap dances to staff
The superintendent said the district “has a tradition of excellence and academics and everything we do, but the incident is being investigated and once the investigation is complete, appropriate action will be taken.”

Midterm meltdown? New poll puts GOP *up* three in generic ballot
Consider the source on this, but also consider that it’s not far off from other polling on next year’s midterms. The NRCC’s battleground poll shows Republicans now leading on the generic congressional ballot, a metric in which they normally trail even while winning significant seats. In fact, the gap in this poll mirrors the same gap found earlier this month in Quinnipiac’s national poll

NYC lawmakers push bill to create an official ‘drag laureate’ for the city: ‘Validate the art form’
America has come a long way in a short time. Forget Drag Queen Story Hour. Don’t give a second thought the Vermont high school’s homecoming game halftime “drag ball” for students and teachers. Now some New York City officials are pushing to create an official “drag laureate” — a government-endorsed man dressed in women’s clothing.

Report: David Perdue might primary Trump nemesis Brian Kemp in Georgia governor’s race
Why the hell would David Perdue want to be the next governor of this state knowing what the current governor of the state has gone through, bearing in mind that Trump is likely to run for president again?

Fairfax mom says Feds came to local school board meeting
When Attorney General Merrick Garland testified before the House Judiciary Committee last week, he told Rep. Jim Jordan that FBI agents will not be attending school board meetings. However, an activist mother in Fairfax, Virginia says the feds did show up at a school board meeting last Thursday, the same day Garland made his statement to Jordan.

Letitia James Is Preparing Announcement on Run for Governor
Letitia James, New York’s attorney general, is preparing to announce as soon as Thursday that she will run for governor, according to six Democratic leaders briefed on her plans.

White male marketing VP at North Carolina hospital wins $10million ‘reverse discrimination’ payout after he was replaced by two women – one of whom is black – as part of diversity and inclusion program
David Duvall was fired by Novant Health in South Carolina in 2018, five days before his fifth work anniversary

A man gave a Nazi salute at a school board meeting to oppose mask rules. Ted Cruz defended it as a form of protest.
In a hearing on Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland over his recent efforts to understand and curb the risk of violence at public school board meetings about coronavirus policies and race-based lessons.

An Excellent Day for Kyle Rittenhouse Defense at Pre-Trial Hearing
We will cover the trial live beginning on November 1.

Arbery Case Day 7 Wrap-Up: Has the Defense Concluded That A Fair Jury Is Impossible?
Fully 70% of today’s prospective jurors announced negative feelings towards the defendants, and 60% had already formed an opinion on their guilt.

The National Association of Scholars Creates the Lysenko Award
Trofim Lysenko was one of the ugly cast of characters who made the Soviet Union the hellhole it was. He was a pseudoscientist who had Stalin’s backing and used it to destroy anyone who dared to disagree with him. A perfect model for today’s “woke” academics who can’t tolerate dissent from their beliefs.

Broward School Takes Elementary Students To Gay Bar
Wilton Manors Elementary School brought students to Rosie’s, a local gay bar, for a field trip, a school board member announced Wednesday.

Ground Zero in Loudoun County
Further to Paul’s post below, there are two new polls out late today showing Youngkin pulling well ahead of Terry McAwful. More to the point, last night NBC Nightly News ran a segment that is very nearly an in-kind campaign contribution to the Youngkin campaign. Since we and others criticize the mainstream media for covering the embarrassingly tiny Netflix “walkout” while not covering the student walkout in Loudoun County, we should note when in fact they do report the story straight

NAACP urges pro athletes to avoid signing with Texas teams due to the state’s ‘dangerous attacks on freedoms’
NAACP president Derrick Johnson urged all pro free agents, in a letter sent to all major players associations on Thursday, to avoid signing with any team in Texas.

About 300 LAX passengers scramble to tarmac after chaos, confusion in terminal
Police say two people were detained after chaos and confusion between passengers at the Los Angeles International Airport briefly grounded all flights at the airport before the tarmac eventually reopened.

Cuban exile told sons he trained Oswald, JFK’s accused assassin, at a secret CIA camp
Almost 40 years after his death following a bar brawl in Key Biscayne, Ricardo Morales, known as “Monkey” — contract CIA worker, anti-Castro militant, counter-intelligence chief for Venezuela, FBI informant and drug dealer — returned to the spotlight Thursday morning when one of his sons made a startling claim on Spanish-language radio

Arbery Case Day 9 Wrap-Up: Majority of Jurors Negative to Defendants from Start
Fully 75% of jurors begin voir dire with negative feeling towards defendants; nearly half already have an opinion as to guilt

AT&T Corp Creates “Race Reeducation” Program Telling White Employees They Are The Problem
“Whiteness is one of the biggest and most long-running scams ever perpetrated”

New Hampshire Becomes Fifth State to Withdraw From NSBA
“NSBA’s recent actions have made our continued membership untenable.”

George Washington asks students about ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes
Students overwhelmingly insisted on being “culturally sensitive” and “politically correct”.

“There Is No Rational Debate”: Loudoun County School Board Chair Trashes Parents
Brenda Sheridan, chair of the Loudoun County Public Schools board, criticized parents protesting the use of critical race theory in schools, claiming “[t]here is no rational debate” on the issue.

So how about that Tucker Carlson “Patriot Purge” trailer, huh?
It really does scan like an Infowars production, right down to the reference to a “false flag” near the end.

“His Claims Are Bananas”
The Wall Street Journal recently printed a letter to the editor from Donald Trump, and good for them; while it is in the best partisan interests of Republicans to give Trump as little attention as possible, the former president and potential future presidential candidate’s views are, by any standard, newsworthy.

Architect Resigns in Protest over UCSB Mega-Dorm
Criticizes Munger Hall as ‘Social and Psychological Experiment’ with Unknown Consequences

How “Let’s Go Brandon” became code for insulting Joe Biden
When Republican Rep. Bill Posey of Florida ended an Oct. 21 House floor speech with a fist pump and the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon!” it may have seemed cryptic and weird to many who were listening. But the phrase was already growing in right-wing circles, and now the seemingly upbeat sentiment — actually a stand-in for swearing at Joe Biden — is everywhere.

Let’s Go, Brandenburg! Parents Have Constitutional Right To (Loudly) Criticize School Boards
The Supreme Court’s jurisprudence on fighting words and true threats makes clear that parents have an indisputable First Amendment right to forcefully condemn school policies they dislike – and to raise their voices while doing so.

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
An e-cigarette switcharoo, drive-thru voting, and the return of the Contracts Clause.


Economy & Taxes


Billionaire Tax Faces Likely Constitutional Challenge
Legal obstacles loom for Democrats’ proposal to tax unrealized capital gains

Taliban-Ruled Afghanistan Faces Massive Food Crisis, UN Warns
“Hunger forces Afghans to sell young daughters into marriage.”

The Rationing Is Already Here
“Excuse me, sir, do you have pomegranate liqueur?” “I don’t have anything! I can’t get anything! I can’t even get bourbon! Everything is running out!”

Boring Regulation Fixes Are the Way Out of the Supply-Chain Crisis
When something causes nationwide problems, it’s tempting to look for a nationwide response. The current supply-chain crisis is indeed causing nationwide problems, and many have looked to the Department of Transportation and other federal authorities for a solution. There don’t seem to be any on offer.

Bond markets are indicating inflation could stick around for a while and that’s bad news for Joe Biden
Let’s just say up front that there continue to be conflicting signals about whether or not inflation is a very short term problem or something that might last a while. Just today, Goldman Sachs released a research note saying inflation resulting from supply-chain issues will continue into next year but will be on a steep decline and should be back around 2% a little over a year from now. But the alternative view, that inflation could be around longer is picking up steam and that could be very bad news for President Biden.

Pelosi upbeat on Biden deal but Manchin pans billionaire tax
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told colleagues Wednesday that Democrats are in “pretty good shape” on President Joe Biden’s sweeping domestic plan, but fresh problems emerged as a pivotal Democrat panned a new billionaires’ tax to help pay for the $1.75 trillion package.

Wyden releases billionaires tax proposal for spending package
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) on Wednesday unveiled his proposal to tax billionaires’ investment gains annually, which could become a key provision in Democrats’ social spending package.

How the Billionaires Income Tax Would Work
Sen. Ron Wyden releases details of plan to impose multibillion-dollar tax bills on people such as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Los Angeles Will Fine Cargo Ships That Can’t Unload
Los Angeles ports will fine cargo ships waiting to unload their goods in an attempt to relieve congestion that is as desperate as it is gobsmackingly stupid.

Economic growth rate slows to 2% on a sharp slowdown in consumer spending
The U.S. economy grew at a 2% annualized pace in the third quarter, its slowest increase since the end of the 2020 recession.

Global Food Prices Set To Soar As The Oil And Gas Crunch Continues
Oil and gas prices have risen dramatically this year as a result of underinvestment and recovering demand.

With 2 Percent GDP Growth, Just How Far Away from a Recession Are We?
Score one for Kevin Hassett. Last Friday at a National Review Institute event, Kevin warned that the third-quarter GDP number was likely to be disappointing and probably worse than the consensus expectation of 3 percent.

Inflation notches a fresh 30-year high as measured by the Fed’s favorite gauge
Headline inflation, including food and energy, rose at a 4.4% annual rate in September, the fastest since 1991.

Supply chain woes worsen following Biden’s intervention
Two weeks ago, Joe Biden announced with fanfare that he was taking steps towards having our main port facilities operate around the clock to alleviate the supply chain snags that are causing so much disruption. Since then, according to the Washington Post, the backlog of ships anchored off the coast of Southern California has increased.




Sudan Army Vows New Government After Staging Latest African Coup
Sudan’s military arrested the prime minister and members of his cabinet before vowing to form a new government, in the latest African coup that threatens to derail the country’s path to democracy after decades of dictatorship.

German IS woman jailed for Yazidi girl’s death in Iraq
A German Muslim convert who joined the Islamic State group in Iraq has been jailed for 10 years in Munich over the killing of a Yazidi girl she and her husband had bought as a slave.

Daughter of Cuban independent journalist arrested and sexually assaulted by Castro police
Cuban independent journalist Ignacio Luis González Vidal says his 23-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by Cuban police when she was arbitrarily arrested in Havana while in line for rationed food.

Brazil Senate committee backs criminal charges against Bolsonaro
A Brazilian Senate commission approved a damning report on Tuesday that recommends criminal charges be brought against President Jair Bolsonaro, including crimes against humanity, for his Covid policies.

Comedian had right to mock disabled teen singer, Canadian court rules
The legal battle had waged for more than a decade and raised questions over satire and the need to protect vulnerable children

Grandson of communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro re-opens luxury apartheid capitalist nightclub
George Orwell’s tyrannical communist pigs in his fable Animal Farm dismissed inequalities in their ostensibly egalitarian society by saying “some animals are more equal than others.”




Why is Biden so unpopular?
Harry Enten, formerly of FiveThirtyEight and now of CNN, takes up the question. He writes: “While the causes of Biden’s decline are numerous (e.g. declining trust of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan), perhaps the biggest one is that Americans believe there are big economic problems and that Biden isn’t focused nearly enough on them.”

The trans assault on freedom
Gender ideology is not about liberation – it is about coercion and control.

‘We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women’
Is a lesbian transphobic if she does not want to have sex with trans women? Some lesbians say they are increasingly being pressured and coerced into accepting trans women as partners – then shunned and even threatened for speaking out. Several have spoken to the BBC, along with trans women who are concerned about the issue too.

Corporate Media’s Silence on the Loudoun Bathroom-Assault Story Is Deafening
If you cryogenically froze any news editor in America in 1996, when NRO launched, only to revive him in the year 2021 to ask his opinion of the newsworthiness of the horrible story of rape in a Loudoun County school bathroom, you would undoubtedly be told that the story should be pursued to the hilt.

You Can’t Say a Man Isn’t a Woman, Because Science Is Bad Now
Oh brother and/or sister

Colleges Teaching Students Not to Think but to Obey
In this Law & Liberty essay, Assumption University professor Geoffrey Vaughan contemplates the absurd COVID restrictions that many of our colleges and universities impose and what effect they have.

California is ruled by regulators answering to no one at all
On January 1, 2021, the California Air Resources Board ended the three-day pass program that allowed out-of-state trucks to operate in the state for a few days each year without meeting the state’s costly requirements for a new or retrofitted diesel engine.

California is ruled by regulators answering to no one at all
On January 1, 2021, the California Air Resources Board ended the three-day pass program that allowed out-of-state trucks to operate in the state for a few days each year without meeting the state’s costly requirements for a new or retrofitted diesel engine.

Government Pre-K Means Government Indoctrination
The brainwashing of three-years-olds is a high price for “free” child care.

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