Four Legs BIPOC; Two Legs White?

     “Social Justice” has advanced in all its systemic privilege and systemic power to outright say that the mere existence of Whites as students who contribute to a schools “total whiteness” score is inherently bad and that denying students admission because they are White is a laudable “justice” goal. The veritable Christopher Rufo yet again shows this “Animal Farm” thinking:

     BIPOC:White::Four Legs Good:Two Legs Bad

     Aside from the fact that the law in the United States (and the rest of the Anglo-sphere) is based on Common Law that was developed by…Whites so White they were literally Anglo-Saxons, the idea that that legal inheritance can be improved or harmed by the mere color of a law student’s skin is and ought to be repugnant not just morally but to the very essence of the law.

     And they will destroy anything and everything, including academic integrity, in order eliminate “excess whiteness”.

     When “justice” becomes qualified by the word “racial” or “social”, it isn’t.

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