News of the Week (November 10th, 2019)


News of the Week for Nov. 10th, 2019


Gun Rights


Pregnant Florida mom uses AR-15 to kill home intruder
A pregnant woman is credited with saving the lives of her husband and daughter after she used an AR-15 to fatally gun down a home intruder, a report said.

New Zealand’s Gun Confiscation Shaping Up To Be Massive Failure
New Zealand’s gun grab, instituted in the wake of the Christchurch massacre, isn’t going so great. In fact, with less than two months to go before the government-imposed deadline, fewer than 20% of the estimated number of banned firearms have been handed over.

Unconstitutional “Red Flag” Laws Won’t Make Us Safer
While the desire to do something to prevent mass shootings is admirable, these laws are certain to do more harm than good.

SCOTUS to consider taking on Sandy Hook lawsuit
The breaking SCOTUS news isn’t related to any of the cases the court is currently hearing or preparing to rule on, but one where they’re simply considering taking the case. And it’s potentially a huge one for Second Amendment supporters. The court has agreed to consider hearing the appeal in Remington Arms Co. v. Soto, which deals with the lawsuit brought against the firearms manufacturer by relatives of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of 2012. At issue here is the federally mandated protection of such manufacturers from nuisance lawsuits.

Virginia Election Fallout: Gov. Northam “Working On” Assault Weapon Confiscation
Northam: “That’s something I’m working [on] with our secretary of public safety”


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Trump formally pulls out of landmark Paris climate agreement
President Trump on Monday began the yearlong process of withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate accord.

Staying in Paris Agreement Would Have Cost Families $20K
The U.S. just took a new, major step to leaving the Paris Agreement, a climate change deal between several countries. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “Today the United States began the process to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Per the terms of the Agreement, the United States submitted formal notification of its withdrawal to the United Nations. The withdrawal will take effect one year from delivery of the notification.”

Little Sister Is Watching: Scowling Greta Coming to a Kitchen Near You
Imagine you’ve strolled into your office break room to enjoy some lunch, you open a cabinet to grab a paper napkin, reach in, and — egads! — see the visage of that 16-year-old emotionally troubled climate crusader, Greta Thunberg, scowling at you from behind the plastic spoons.

Students call to OUTLAW fossil fuels…but would they give up their own cars?
Students took to the streets of Downtown L.A. for a climate strike last Friday.

11,000 Scientists? Just Kidding
Earlier this week, the world’s news media reported breathlessly that 11,000 scientists had issued a report contending that the Earth faces a “climate emergency.” NBC News, to cite just one example, described a “study” produced by an “international consortium of more than 11,000 scientists.”

Greta Thunberg, teen climate activist, is getting a huge mural in downtown San Francisco
The Bay Area has many murals, with images of everyone from Robin Williams to Nipsey Hussle gracing its buildings.

Asthmatics: The latest “climate crisis” sinners
The virtue signalling insanity continues!



Government in Healthcare


Medicare-for-All Fiction Seems to Be Hurting Warren
Axios is reporting this morning that, according to NewsWhip data, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren has faced scrutiny on social media after announcing her Medicare for All plan – in particular for falsely claiming that her policy won’t require raising taxes on the middle class to finance it.

The Rosenhan Study Was Bunk
As Hilaire Belloc stated in an essay buried deep in 1941’s The Silence of the Sea, “Statistics are the triumph of the quantitative method, and the quantitative method is the victory of sterility and death.” One wonders just how many “deaths” have been caused by junk social science and bungled statistics.

NHS waiting list hits another record high: 4.4million people are now waiting for routine operations as the figure is the worst ever for a third month in a row
Record numbers of patients are waiting months for routine operations


War & Terror


Portland Antifa member sentenced to six years for beating a man with a baton
Gage Halupowski is a 24-year-old Antifa goon who joined a rally in Portland back in June. During the rally, Halupowski struck Adam Kelly over the back of the head with a metal baton. Kelly wound up in the hospital where he received 25 staples to close the wound to his scalp.

How Did the US Navy Get So Powerful? – Evolution from the 13 Colonies to WWII
Trace the evolution of the US Navy to see how it got so powerful.

Will war return to the Solomons?
Reports that China seeks a permanent lease of the island of Tulagi in the Solomons is enough to induce chills in any student of history, as much as it would puzzle most of the world.

Surveillance kit slinger accused of slapping ‘Made in America’ on Chinese gear, selling it to the US government
But sure, it’s Huawei that’s the big security threat

US Military Duped Into Buying Chinese Cameras Rife With Flaws
According to the Justice Department, New York-based Aventura Technologies has been concealing that its network-connected camera products were made in China while raking in millions through lucrative contracts with the US military and government agencies.

Trend in gang crime bombings rock Sweden
Sweden, often held up as a safe and peaceful utopia, has experienced an unprecedented wave of bombings this year as criminal gangs increasingly use explosives to settle scores.




A Racially “Woke” Agenda Is Now Hardwired in Public Schools
Many college professors and administrators are eager to turn their students into ideological clones of themselves in hopes of ensuring that the U.S. will have the kind of governmentally controlled, collectivistic society they desire.

Major NYT poll of six battleground states: Trump leads Warren, within just a few points of Biden
A useful corrective to the national head-to-head polls that show him routinely trailing every member of the Democratic top tier, sometimes by garish margins. Fox News, of all outlets, dropped one on him this weekend showing him 12 points behind Biden(!) and five points behind Warren, a margin that’s still considerably wider than Hillary’s edge over Trump on Election Day 2016.

I Crunched The Data. The Violence “Epidemic” Against Transgender People Is A Myth
Continuing the narrative of fighting hatred and bigotry will do nothing more than needlessly scare trans people about the wrong things. It won’t save lives.

Black conservative removed from meeting over Justin Trudeau blackface costume
A Colorado State University student government leader, who is black, was removed from a recent meeting over his blackface costume.

People Are Trying to “Cancel” Comedian Hannibal Buress For Opposing Rent Control…Seriously
The progressive Left continues to eat their own. Hannibal Buress is a comedian and actor who has in recent years seen a sharp rise in his popularity (Spiderman:Homecoming; Bojack Horseman; Tag; Broad City). Like most celebrities (I guess we’ll call him that even though he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who welcomes such a label) Buress leans politically left and isn’t shy about expressing it. He’s an admitted member of the Yang Gang and like most people these days keeps up with the progressing presidential campaign on Twitter.

Microsoft archived “Superman” on its Project Silica glass storage medium
The 1978 film will last for centuries thanks to the resilient discs.

We Finally Know What Happened When Voyager 2 Reached Interstellar Space
A few big takeaways from the craft’s incredible journey.

How an abortion rights law ended up bankrolling anti-abortion forces in CA
California lawmakers knew the reproductive FACT Act had constitutional issues, but passed it anyway. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned it, legal penalties have been a windfall for attorneys fighting abortion here and nationally.

ABC Anchor Amy Robach, on Hot Mic, Claims She Had Jeffrey Epstein Story Three Years Ago But Network Killed It
Say what you want about James O’Keefe, but he gets stories nobody else does. He exposes truths a lot of people would prefer to keep hidden. And this one is a doozy.

Student’s graded assignment littered with anti-conservative rhetoric, accusations of racism
A NCSU student provided Campus Reform with graded assignments in which a TA wrote that conservativism has “white supremacacist traits.”

Hot Mic Catches Reporter Discussing How ABC News Allegedly Killed Epstein Story Three Years Ago
“…first of all, I was told “Who’s Jeffrey Epstein. No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.”

Why Are Democrats Using the Word “Latinx”?
Some unpleasant news for progressives consumed by the ever-evolving demands of properly administering their identity-politics agenda: A new study conducted by the progressive firm ThinkNow Research has found that a whopping 98 percent of Latinos in the U.S. prefer to describe themselves with terms other than “Latinx.”

James O’Keefe Activates “Deadman Switch” Before Release of Epstein Cover-Up Footage
Suggests he has received threats from “very powerful people.”

Never Trump? Number who say there’s nothing Trump could do to get them to approve of his performance reaches new high
I’m surprised to find a Trump-friendly paper like the New York Post trumpeting a different bit of data from this new Monmouth poll, namely, the share of Americans who say there’s nothing Trump could do to get them to disapprove of him. Those are the hardcore Trumpers, the people who really would have his back if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue. Sixty-two percent of those who approve of the president’s performance say they’re with him all the way, impervious to changing. That’s a number you’d expect to see highlighted in anti-Trump media, to emphasize the cultish devotion of his most loyal fans, not in the Murdoch-owned Post.

2019 Election Results: Governor’s Races, Sanctuary Cities, Mayor Pete’s Successor, and More
Voters across the country went to the polls on Tuesday, handing Democrats some key victories but also electing the first black Republican attorney general in Kentucky. Voters also addressed a broad swath of issues from Airbnb to sanctuary cities.

‘Even on My Worst Days, I’M KILLING IT,’ Prominent Abortionist’s Plaque Reads
A prominent abortionist who argued before the Supreme Court twice once kept on his desk a placard reading, “Even on my worst days, I’M KILLING IT.”

Student gov DENIES conservative group recognition in secret, closed door meeting
After a student government vote to approve a conservative group was sent into a secretive executive session, an opposing group has had their rights as an official student organization suspended.

LGBT leader paid sex abuse victim not to testify, Oregon authorities say
Terry Bean, a leading investor, LGBT advocate and political fundraiser, has been arrested in Oregon following allegations that he and his lawyer unlawfully paid $200,000 to prevent court testimony from a man who accused Bean and his ex-boyfriend of sexually abusing him at the age of 15.

Los Angeles ADAs Endorse Incumbent Jackie Lacey over San Francisco DA Gascón
“Lacey has a proven 8-year track record”; Gascón’s emphasis on aiding criminals over crime victims a deal breaker

The Trump-era realignment is a death sentence for the GOP
Gov. Matt Bevin’s loss should send a message to embattled Republicans in Trump Country: President Trump is not going to save you if you’re drowning.

Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid
Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce that he is entering the race for his old U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, two Republicans with direct knowledge of his plans said Wednesday.

7-year-old at center of transgender custody battle opts to attend school as a boy
James Younger, the 7-year-old at the center of the transgender custody battle, has decided to attend school as a boy.

Newly Elected Virginia Senator Had Been Jailed for Having Sex with Teenager
In 2014, Joe Morrissey, then a 57-year-old delegate to the Virginia General Assembly, plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and was sentenced to 12 months in jail (with six months suspended) because of a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old office assistant at his law firm.

Popular Title IX training techniques “are at odds with the available science,” Iowa State researchers find
Why are they “accepted best practice”? Pressure from Obama administration

Columbia professor who fled communism resigns, says university is becoming communist
Pressured to admit transgender student

Affirmative action in education is losing – again – at the ballot box in Washington state
“Reject” campaign vastly outspent on advocacy

“All You Americans Are Fired” – Blacks First?
The quote above is taken from an EEOC case cited in a study prepared by public-policy analyst (and NR contributor) Jason Richwine for the Center for Immigration Studies.

Bloomberg filing to run for president in Alabama…
Why Alabama? The reason is simple. This Friday is Alabama’s deadline file, so anyone who is seriously considering a run for president has to file by this Friday for the primary.

There’s Big Money in Democratic Socialist Pronoun Buttons
Great news, everyone. You can get your Karl Marx “Sharing Is Caring” sweatshirt for just $45, a Democratic Socialists for America dress for just under $50, a Democratic Socialists of America canvas print for $48, and Democratic Socialists of America leggings for just under $44. A Socialist party flag will cost you about $40 on Ebay, the Democratic Socialist premium T-shirts will set you back a bit more than $30.

Keep Bioethics out of Elementary and High Schools
Bioethicist Jacob M. Appel wants the bioethics movement to educate your children about the policy and personal conundrums that involve medical care and health public policy. He claims that “most of us give little thought” to issues that may arise, such as end-of-life care and prenatal screening. Then, when an issue arises, people are unprepared to make wise and informed decisions.

Orangutan granted “personhood” settles into new Florida home
A 33-year-old orangutan granted legal personhood by a judge in Argentina is settling into her new surroundings at the Center for Great Apes in central Florida.

Christian pastors, activists mocked in drag queen fundraiser for Planned Parenthood
Pastors and Christian activists known for protesting Planned Parenthood and Drag Queen Story Hour events were ridiculed and mocked at a fundraiser for the abortion giant.

GOP Didn’t Run Anyone Against Democrat Who Went to Jail for Sex with Teenager
The Republican Party did not run a candidate against a Democrat in Virginia who served time in prison for having sex with his secretary when she was 17 years of age.

Berkeley “instructor”: “Rural Americans” are “bad people”
A graduate student at the University of California-Berkeley took to twitter on Wednesday to express his disdain for rural Americans and those who aren’t “pro-city.”

Iowa State professor reported to administration for allowing students to say only women have abortions
Transgender activists use Iowa State climate reporting system to remake university

Harvard hosts “Anal Sex 101,” “Oral Sex 101” and “fatphobia” workshops
Annual, student-led Sex Week tradition returns to Ivy League institution

Foreign prime minister demands slavery reparations from Harvard
Says reparation is compensation, not a gift

Mapping the end of incest and dawn of individualism
If you’re from a Western society, chances are you value individuality, independence, analytical thinking, and an openness to strangers and new ideas.

Amazon Accused of ‘Promoting Pedophilia’ by Selling ‘Daddy’s Little Sl*t’ T-Shirts
Retail giant Amazon has come under fire for selling children’s t-shirts with “Daddy’s Little Sl*t” printed on them, and other inappropriate products for babies and toddlers with similarly disturbing phrases. Yashir Ali, a contributor to New York Magazine and HuffPost, shared the listing on Twitter Friday, calling for its swift removal. “Posting here in hopes it’ll expedite removal from Amazon,” he wrote.

Socialism All About Inclusivity and Kindness, These Students Say
The word “socialism” has left behind its past of breadlines and beatings and has come to mean something like “kindness” for some students at Georgetown University, The Daily Signal found in campus interviews.

Hugo Chavez’s trusted advisor gets ready to run the San Francisco District Attorney’s office
The above headline sounds like hyperbole, some crazed right-winger exaggerating things, right?

Ole Miss employees go rogue, ‘unilaterally’ cancel conservative speaker event
Two employees at the University of Mississippi on Thursday abruptly cancelled the venue a conservative lecture scheduled to take place on Nov. 13.

UAlaska CANCELS class for ‘Power and Privilege Symposium’
The University of Alaska Southeast announced “Classes Cancelled” for its “Power and Privilege Symposium”

DNS-over-HTTPS will eventually roll out in all major browsers, despite ISP opposition
DoH support is already present in all major browsers. Users just have to enable it and configure it.

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Unfit grandparents, hours at the DMV, a Cheerleading Constitution.

DOJ finally identifies the “constitutional defects” in DACA
The Attorney General’s argument, along the lines of our Cato amicus brief, sounds in the non-delegation and major question doctrine.


Economy & Taxes


A Couple of Lefty Law Professors . . .
. . . offer a pretty good explanation of why Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax is unconstitutional.




Yazidi woman who was held as a sex slave by ISIS calls for all of the captured jihadists to be tried like the Nazis were at Nuremberg
Nobel Peace Prize winner says jihadists should be given Nuremberg-style trials

Upheavals in Lebanon and Iraq Throw a Monkey Wrench Into Iran’s Strategic Designs
In Lebanon and Iraq, governments dominated by Iran-friendly Shiite Muslims have been forced to resign while in Syria and Yemen, Iranian power is ebbing.

China is reportedly sending men to sleep in the same beds as Uighur Muslim women while their husbands are in prison camps
China’s Communist Party is waging a hardline campaign against the Uighur ethnic minority, which has seen more than 1 million people detained in prison camps.

Germany Readies Further Restrictions On Guns And Speech
In an attempt to crack down on “far-right” and Neo-Nazi violence, including the assassination of a local politician a few weeks ago, German members of Parliament are expected to approve more restrictive gun control measures as well as legislation requiring social media networks to report content removed by the sites to law enforcement.

China Stages Towns For Visiting Journalists And Diplomats, Using Stand-Ins With Prepared Answers To Questions, Report Says
Information regarding China’s internment camps has begun leaking out of the country in recent months. From rape and torture to imprisonment for criticism, stories of the horrors of the communist nation’s treatment of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities has made international headlines.

How to Serve Man
In 1921, the Lenin-led Soviet Union faced one of the worst famines in history. A new book details its horrors and the American effort to combat cannibalism

One Million Cannibal Ants Trapped in Soviet Nuclear Bunker Have Escaped
A “colony” of up to one million cannibal ants trapped in a nuclear bunker for years have escaped, scientists in Poland have said.

Canadians Across All Regions Feel Country More Divided than Ever
Election Outcome Increases Support for Separation in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Separatist sentiment in Alberta, Saskatchewan at “historic” highs: Ipsos poll
The uneasy feeling that the country is more divided now is simmering across Canada, especially in Alberta and Saskatchewan, according to a new Ipsos poll.

Suspect arrested in Mexico massacre of Americans
At first, the massacre of nine Americans – six of them children – looked like a horrible case of mistaken targeting by drug cartels in Mexico. Now that one suspect has been arrested, CNN reports that this likely wasn’t a case of mistaken identity after all. The attack may have been part of an ongoing feud between the families and the cartels

Quebec denies French citizen’s immigration application because chapter of thesis was in English
Immigration Ministry said she ‘couldn’t demonstrate’ knowledge of French

Thorium superconductivity: Scientists discover new high-temperature superconductor
A group of scientists led by Artem Oganov of Skoltech and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and Ivan Troyan of the Institute of Crystallography of RAS has succeeded in synthesizing thorium decahydride (ThH10), a new superconducting material with the very high critical temperature of 161 kelvins. The results of their study, supported by a Russian Science Foundation grant, were published in the journal Materials Today.

Cancel Culture Comes For Hernán Cortés in Mexico
On the 500th anniversary of Hernán Cortés’ meeting with Montezuma II, the conquistador deserves a reconsideration, not cancellation.

TOO MUCH WEED: Government has over 30 times more marijuana than it’s able to sell
Canada has a marijuana problem, but it’s not the one you might think. It’s quite the opposite: Canada is sitting on massive stashes of uncompleted inventory that many analysts believe could cause massive price crashes in the industry.

Statue of ancient god of child sacrifice put on display in Rome
A reconstruction of a pagan idol who demanded child sacrifice was stationed at the entrance of Rome’s Colosseum as part of a secular historical exhibition.

British Newspaper Editor Wants to Ban Clapping to Protect People With Anxiety
Oh. My God. Does it get any more pathetic than this? Ellen C. Scott, editor of the British version of the Metro newspaper, appeared on “Good Morning Britain” yesterday… to tell her fellow Brits that they have to stop clapping in theaters.

Bolivia: Protesters cut off mayor’s hair, cover her in red paint and drag her through the streets
Crowds marched on town hall following rumours demonstrators had died, local media says

Italian Auschwitz Survivor Needs Police Protection Since She Gets Over 200 Threats a Day
“Every time prominent Jews are at the center of media attention in Italy, they get subjected to online anti-Semitic abuse.”

Early Rome featured a surprising amount of genetic diversity
During its long history, Rome has been shaped by a tremendous amount of genetic diversity. It was, new research suggests, one of the earliest urban melting pots.

Mr. Machiavelli Headed For Big Win in Britain
Prime Minister Johnson Emerges as a Clown, Schemer, and Bold Gambler

Bolivian president announces resignation amid protests
Bolivian President Evo Morales announced his resignation in a televised address on Sunday following weeks of protests in the country and demands from military leaders for him to step down.




No, Ted Cruz Is Not an Anti-Science Bigot for Opposing Trans ‘Treatments’ For 7-Year-Old Boy
Last week, more than 2,000 people signed a petition condemning Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for daring to oppose the effective chemical castration of James Younger, a 7-year-old Texas boy whose mother says he is a girl. Cruz said no 7-year-old has the maturity to choose experimental treatments with lifelong consequences. The petitioners told Cruz that his statement on the issue “betrays your office, your responsibilities and all sense of decency.” They also insisted the senator was denying clear scientific evidence in favor of pumping the boy’s body with experimental hormone treatments.

Helping Mother Starve to Death a “Sacrament”
The Washington Post published an irresponsible puff piece that effectively grants moral permission to elderly people to commit suicide by self-starvation – known in euthanasia parlance as VSED (“voluntary stop eating and drinking”) – and quasi-teaches them how to do it.

“Not Necessarily for Englishmen but by Englishmen”
A piece on the home page on the importance of the American cultural nation, in the context of a discussion of civic nationalism

How Libertarianism Makes People Susceptible To Huge Government
In the end, the freedom to abandon family, faith, and community is the freedom to be insecure, insignificant, and alone before the Leviathan of government.

Without Free Speech, All Speech Becomes Government Speech
There is no such thing as government regulated free speech.

Last Night Wasn’t Great for Republicans
Making the click-through worthwhile: Tallying the score from another election night that disappointed Republicans, how the GOP traded working-class whites for suburbanites in 2016 and continues to live with the consequences of that trade, an ABC News anchor blurts out the shocking truth about the network’s coverage of Jeffrey Epstein, and network news divisions once again are revealed as seas of sexually predatory sharks.

The Court Moves Right
But judges have a lot of unlearning to do.

A village can’t replace two parents
Hillary Clinton said, “It takes a village” to raise a child. Look at children referred to Clark County Juvenile Justice Services, however, and it’s clear a village can’t replace two parents.

Which candidates will cost the Dems Florida in 2020?
I realize we get tired of hearing this warning every four years, but in the end, the 2020 presidential race may once again come down to who carries Florida. The state has one of the larger chunks of electoral college votes and the balance of power there between Republicans and Democrats always seem to teeter on a knife edge. One person who’s been in the game there long enough to know a thing or two is Democratic former Senator Bill Nelson. With three terms in the Senate representing the Sunshine State, he’s been through plenty of elections and probably has a grasp of how his voters feel.

Conscience Rights Are the Bedrock of All Liberty
David writes about the way in which conscience rights are covered in the press — specifically, about the way in which they are forced into ignominious quotation marks or attached to disparaging qualifiers such as “so-called.” As he observes, the reflexive view within the media is that anyone talking about their “conscience” must be a “bigot” or a “misogynist” who is engaged in an “elaborate scheme.”

Won’t Somebody Think of the Kittens?
President Trump should veto the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, which, having been passed unanimously by both the House and Senate, will land imminently on his desk. The bill is flagrantly unconstitutional, and the fact that it deals with a sensitive and emotive topic does not change that.

The So-Called Media’s War on Religious Freedom
Not long after federal court in Manhattan blocked an HHS rule allowing doctors to refuse to perform abortions, assisted suicides, and other procedures for religious reasons, reporters began engaging in deft-defying acts of rhetorical deception.

Californians Can’t Take Responsibility
There are two stories out of California that define why the state is in a slide and needs to refresh before more residents say Hasta La Vista.

Sacramento’s latest reckless law will give lighter sentences to 10,000 repeat felons
Jerry Dewayne Williams, if popular folklore is to be believed, should be coming up for parole soon.

Science Fiction Purges its Problematic Past
Since 1991, the James Tiptree Junior Award has been given annually to a work of “science fiction or fantasy that expands or explores our understanding of gender.” The award was founded by two women science fiction writers, Pat Murphy and Karen Jay Fowler. From next year, it will be called the Otherwise Award.

Title VII Disparate Impact Liability Makes Almost Everything Presumptively Illegal … It Gives the Federal Bureaucracy Extraordinary Discretionary Power. But What Does It Do to the Rule of Law? And Who Benefits?
In Griggs v. Duke Power Co. (1971), the Supreme Court held that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 went far beyond prohibiting intentional discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. According to the Court, it also presumptively outlawed job actions that have a “disparate impact,” regardless of whether the employer had an intent to discriminate.

Title VII Disparate Impact … by ThePoliticalHat on Scribd

It’s Not Republicans Who Are Reluctant to Accept Political Outcomes They Don’t Like
“Can Republicans relearn how to accept political outcomes they don’t like?” What in holy hell is the Washington Post’s Paul Waldman talking about? According to the piece, Matt Bevin’s (completely legal) request to re-canvass the Kentucky election portends an unwillingness by the GOP to accept the results the democratic process. Talk about projection.

Only Kirk Could Go to Qo’nos
Speaking about the White House immigration proposal being crafted by Jared Kushner, an administration official said this week that President Trump “could be the Nixon going to China figure. He could be the one to deliver this.”

How States Like Virginia Go Blue
Column: Education, immigration, and densification

The Fall of the Wall, 30 Years Later
The fall of the Berlin Wall on this day 30 years ago was the most spectacular moment of the end of the Cold War, but in fact only represented the mid-point in the “last sad chapter” of this bizarre story, as Ronald Reagan once put it. The occasion of remembering the last day of the Wall is a fitting time to recall the broader sweep of events that surrounded it.

Competition forces capitalists to come up with better and cheaper products.
A Beginner’s Guide to Central Planning

Religious-Freedom Voters Will Vote Trump
The late Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy wrote, “Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion all have a double aspect – freedom of thought and freedom of action.” To which one should be able to add, freedom of inaction – meaning that absent a compelling state interest, people should not be forced to violate their own religious beliefs through compelled behavior.

No, the U.S. does not need European-style hate speech laws
When tyrants seek to control a people, they make sure none can vocalize their opposition. In Europe, freedom of expression is eroding before our eyes.

Reflections on the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
A happy occasion – but also one with lessons that remain urgent today.

Transgenderism vs. Freedom of Expression
Feminists – and the rest of us – are realizing that trans activists don’t have women’s best interests in mind.

We Hear You: “Education Is Too Important to Leave to Professionals”
Excellent article by Fred Lucas about the education failures of the Great Society (“Why LBJ’s Great Society Gets a Failing Grade in Improving Education”). Here are a few comments about education, some of which may seem obvious.

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