Literal Human Sacrifice for Gaia

     The environmental movement has been less about science than it has been about an apocalyptic religious notion for half a century more or less.

     Nothing makes that clearer than a true believer sacrificing himself to his god Gaia as in imploration for others to engage in zealous insanity!

“I was not at all pleased by the way that the New York Times’s annual “The Lives they Lived”–obituaries for notables who passed away in 2018 — depicted the death of David Buckel, a radical environmentalist who killed himself by self-immolation to benefit the earth.”


“Near the body, in an otherwise-empty garbage bag inside a shopping cart, officers found an envelope containing a 1,276-word letter, which Buckel had also sent to several newspapers. The letter said that his ‘early death by fossil fuel’ — referring to the gasoline with which he had started the fire — ‘reflects what we are doing to ourselves’ by ignoring climate change. Buckel explained that his privilege had come to outweigh any benefit that he was providing to the earth. ‘After long years of effort,’ he wrote, ‘it may be clear that staying in the world is doing more harm than good. … A lifetime of service may best be preserved by giving a life.'”

     This is just a more “higher class” set of believers who kept up a hoity-toity ignorance to their own more basic superstitious slavery… some more honest than others.

     FFS, “The Golden Bough” was not meant to be a “how-to” guide…

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