Blogroll Cleanup 2018

     Just doing a little end-of-year cleaning out the Blogroll by removing defunct blogs. If one of these blogs comes back or has moved to a different URL, let me know and I’ll add them back in.

AmericaOverrun, Devine Inner Bitchin’, Far Beyond the Beltway, Gears and Gridirons, Jammie Wearing Fool, Nevada Conservative, Damn Dirty RINO, The Virtue of Patient Knowledge, WriteOnNevada.

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One Response to Blogroll Cleanup 2018

  1. avatar Anon says:

    Indian medical student kicked out of college by racist white professors for questioning their SJW beliefs

    Kieran Ravi Bhattacharya was a medical student at the University of Virginia and he has been kicked out after having questioned his white college professor’s SJW beliefs.

    Here is the audio of the lecture where he questioned his professor’s SJW beliefs:

    He speaks from 28:45 to 34:00

    Here is the audio of the suspension hearing:

    Here is a picture of the people who were at the suspension hearing:

    Notice how 14 out of the 16 people at that suspension hearing are white people. If this is not an act of racism against a sincere indian medical student, then I don’t know what is. Look at their smug arrogant faces as they kick him out for DARING to question their SJW beliefs.

    His twitter handle is kieranravib if you want to ask him questions or set up an interview with him