News of the Week (October 14th, 2018)


News of the Week for Oct. 14th, 2018


Election 2018


California Admits DMV Error Added Noncitizens to Voter Rolls
An error at California’s Department of Motor Vehicles caused more than a thousand people, including some who were not U.S. citizens, to be incorrectly registered to vote, state officials said Monday.

Project Veritas Catches Phil Bredesen’s Staffers Admitting Fake Kavanaugh Support, Calling Voters ‘Ignorant’
James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action has caught Tennessee Democratic candidate Phil Bredesen’s campaign staffers admitting on tape that the supposedly moderate politician is actually pulling a political ruse over Tennessee voters by claiming to support President Trump’s agenda as well as lying about his would-be vote for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had he been in senate.

Oregon GOP files ethics complaint against Gov. Kate Brown after Project Veritas sting
Republicans allege governor used public funds to benefit campaign

Democrat AZ Senate Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Caught on Tape Bashing Arizona
“mocks Arizonans as ‘Crazy’ and calls Arizona the ‘crazy’ state”


Gun Rights


California Can Now Grab Your Guns Without Due Process
“The notion that certain Americans are pre-emptively guilty of wrongdoing, whether there’s any corroborating evidence to back up an accusation or not, isn’t reserved for conservatives who happen to be in contention for a Supreme Court seat. In the hierarchy of progressive values, due process is a bottom dweller.”

Traveling with Firearms: Tips for the Interstate Concealed Carrier
For the responsible handgun toter, taking a vacation or otherwise traveling from state to state with firearms can involve a little more advance planning and research than vacations do for those who travel unarmed.

He held an unloaded gun off-campus. His school didn’t like it
Another student complained, apparently without evidence, about possible “violent intentions”


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


The U.S. Coal Export Boom To Asia
There are many, many falsehoods out there about coal. The biggest, of course, is that “coal is dead,” an organized effort to scare away potential investors of the world’s most vital source of electricity. Indeed, the reality is quite different than what some insist that you believe. In fact, coal is still the main source of power in a leading 18 U.S. states, and still supplies almost 30% of American power. ” Does that sound like an energy source that is….”dead?”



Government in Healthcare


How America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer Almost Got Away With Murder
He had numerous witnesses, with evidence literally piled up in the hallways, stored in freezers and refrigerators. How could all of this go unnoticed for decades?

On a Slippery Slope, Canadian Hospital Unveils Physician-Assisted Suicide Plan for “Sick Kids”
Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children recently unveiled a plan for how to terminate the lives of terminally ill kids—with or without parental consent.

CVS Is Buying One Of The Largest Health Insurance Companies In A Deal That Could Change Health Care In The US
Pharmacy giant CVS has the potential to disrupt the health care market after antitrust officials gave CVS the go-ahead Wednesday to buy health insurance company Aetna, author and health care consultant Rita Numerof told The Daily Caller News Foundation.


War & Terror


Portland protesters block traffic, threaten drivers
Over the weekend protesters in Portland, including masked Antifa members, held a march to protest the police shooting of Patrick K. Kimmons. Portland resident and columnist Andy Ngo posted this video of protesters directing traffic Saturday and shouting at anyone who dared to disagree with them

Darwinian Terrorist: Feds Arrest N.Y. Man in Election Day Suicide Bomb Plot
Paul Rosenfeld of Tappan, N.Y., worked as a house painter and was a sort of amateur political philosopher and, also, a would-be bomber.




Prof Who Called for GOP Senators’ “Deaths” Admits to “Doxxing” Her Haters’ Addresses, Phone Numbers
The Georgetown University professor who called for the “miserable deaths” of GOP senators admitted Thursday to PJ Media that she runs a “doxxing” blog where she posts the names, phone numbers, and addresses of people who send her rude emails.

Three Academics And Seven Hoax Papers Expose The Western Academy’s Deep Corruption
In an ideal world, this should be the death knell for academic feminism, race and gender studies, and other such activist departments. Their funding should dry out.

Rand Paul on political climate: ‘I really worry that someone is going to be killed’
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Tuesday said lawmakers should tamp down their political rhetoric, warning that otherwise it could lead to violence.

Special-ed teacher resigns after call to kill Justice Kavanaugh: ‘Take one for the team’
A special education teacher in Minnesota may soon receive some “special” attention by federal law enforcement officials after calling for the killing of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

University to host “Decolonizing Education” event
Program to teach about “unpacking inequality”

Fraternities at Penn can be fined $500 for “insensitive messages”
The Interfraternity Council at the University of Pennsylvania can fine fraternities up to $500 for “citizenship violations” that amount to “discrimination or hate against another group,” according to guidelines spelled out in its bylaws.

Nikki Haley Resigns As UN Ambassador, Says She’s Not Running In 2020
Nikki Haley has announced she will be stepping down from her role as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during a sit-down with President Trump.

Google Exec. Responds to Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation: ‘Abolish the Senate’
On Friday, when Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced her support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, ensuring that he would receive the votes required for confirmation, a Google executive tweeted an ominous message about America’s system of government. He also joined an effort to bribe a U.S. senator.

Human resources study shows a stunning unintended backlash to the “Me Too” movement
A study shows that there are stunning consequences to the “Me Too” movement against sexual harassment that the proponents probably didn’t foresee and definitely will not support.

Judge reverses decision that changed result of Nevada election
A Clark County judge on Tuesday rescinded his decision to throw an Assembly candidate off the ballot, reversing a controversial ruling that could have set a dangerous precedent for overturning the will of voters.

The Good Censor – GOOGLE LEAK
A leaked Google briefing in which the company admits a “shift towards censorship” in Silicon Valley.

Mom Claims 5-Year-Old Assaulted at School By Trans Classmate…But She’s Treated Like the Bad Guy
When we imagine our children being put in harm’s way by irresponsible bathroom policies that accommodate the desires of a few and ignore the safety of many, we tend to focus our attention on adult bathrooms.

Question 5 would undermine election integrity
Ballot Question 5 would automatically add noncitizens to Nevada’s voter rolls. That’s not speculation. It’s in the text of the initiative.

How Bloomberg Embeds Green Warriors in Blue-State Governments
A New York University School of Law program funded by billionaire Michael Bloomberg is placing lawyers in the offices of Democratic state attorneys general and paying them to prosecute energy companies and challenge Trump administration policies on energy and the environment.

LA Ignores Piles of Trash and Rats That Could Be Causing Typhus Outbreak
“It’s disgusting and it’s unacceptable,”

What it’s like living on the dirtiest street in San Francisco
Monday the NY Times published a story titled “Life on the Dirtiest Block in San Francisco.” The Times identified the block by asking the city which street had received the most calls reporting filth. The answer was Hyde street in the Tenderloin district. There have been 2,227 complaints about a section of Hyde Street over the past decade.

Rand Paul Reveals Media Hid Key Detail About GOP Baseball Attacker
Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul revealed on Wednesday that the media largely ignored a key detail from the attempted mass murder of Republican lawmakers last year at a baseball field in Virginia.

Cocaine Mitch: “Only one side was happy to play host to this toxic, fringe behavior”
Here’s Mitch McConnell turning one of the progressive left’s favorite argument, that both sides aren’t equally problematic, on its head. You’ve probably heard some version of this over the years. It usually goes like this: Sure there is bad behavior on both sides but the problem isn’t equally distributed. One side is far worse than the other, they say. This argument is often used to suggest the media should stop striving for balance and start calling out the real villains (always the GOP).

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is slammed for casting himself as dark-skinned African-American folklore legend John Henry in his upcoming Netflix film
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson announced on Tuesday that he would be playing the titular hero in the Netflix film ‘John Henry and the Statesman’

San Francisco school board president drops Pledge of Allegiance
The San Francisco school board’s new president broke with protocol Tuesday night by deciding to skip the Pledge of Allegiance before a meeting, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Baltimore police to recognize Catholic Church-issued ID cards for immigrants
The Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore will issue identity cards to undocumented immigrants and other vulnerable people that the Baltimore Police Department has agreed to recognize — a program activists hope will make people more willing to cooperate with law enforcement.

“Don’t Tell the Parents”: Official Advice for Teachers of “Trans Children”
How can we help “transgender school children” (i.e., school children with gender dysphoria)? The necessarily frank answer is by keeping them away from the overreaching, uncompromising assertions made by the most vocal – though by no means most representative – trans activists.

Leftist threatens to rape a Conservative woman on camera
Kaitlin Bennett was interviewing liberal protesters at a rally for President Trump in Pennsylvania when one of them said that he could throw her to the ground and rape her because that’s his right. The women around this man immediately jumped to his defense. So much for believing women.

College speaker suggests American colonization was ‘illegal’
Fort Lewis College alumnus Ken Walker suggested that the colonization of America was illegal during a presentation at the school’s “Real History of the Americas” event.


Economy & Taxes


China’s Economy Isn’t What It’s Cracked Up to Be
China is a rising economic power that will threaten the United States’ place as the world’s biggest economy.

Workers of the world unite to strike against … AFL-CIO?
Imagine an employer giving a unionized workforce an ultimatum for concessions, and then imposing cuts when the local union balked. Progressives would rush to the barricades, led by Big Labor’s top officials. But what happens when the employer is the AFL-CIO, as the Washington Post reports? Richard Trumka’s attempt to quash a contract dispute blew up in his face yesterday.

Employees on the Las Vegas strip fear being replaced by robots
Robots are taking over, but not the evil kind. These robots can get you a mixed drink or do your bidding for you.




UK: Heartbroken mother found hanged after son took his own life following false rape accusation
Karin Cheshire, 55, was found hanged at her family home in Southampton, Hampshire on July 18. The heartbroken mother-of-two took her life after her son Jay Cheshire, 17, died by asphyxiation as a result of hanging following a withdrawn rape allegation.

“Trump of Brazil” Wins First Round in Presidential Election, But Doesn’t Avoid Runoff
Can a Jair Bolsonaro presidency bring prosperity to the world’s eighth largest economy?

China Uighurs: Xinjiang legalises ‘reeducation’ camps
China’s western Xinjiang region has written “vocational training centres” for Muslim Uighurs into law amid growing international concern over large-scale disappearances there.

UK High Court Rules That Declining to Bake “Gay Cake” Isn’t Discrimination
The highest court in the United Kingdom has ruled that a Christian bakery’s refusal to make a cake supporting same-sex marriage does not constitute discrimination.

October 10, 732 – the clash of civilizations at the Battle of Tours
A victorious line of march had been prolonged above a thousand miles from the rock of Gibraltar to the banks of the Loire. The repetition of an equal space would have carried the Saracens to the confines of Poland and the Highlands of Scotland; the Rhine is not more impassable than the Nile or Euphrates, and the Arabian fleet might have sailed without a naval combat into the mouth of the Thames.

U.S. says Venezuela involved in opposition politician’s death
The White House on Wednesday condemned the death of an opposition politician in Venezuela and accused President Nicolas Maduro’s government of involvement in the death.

Cash-strapped Venezuela sets new wages for oil workers as protests simmer
Venezuela on Wednesday increased wages for workers at state energy company PDVSA after employees staged small protests to decry meager salaries amid the OPEC nation’s economic meltdown.

Scientists Attempt to Clone Mice From Poop
In a new study published in Scientific Reports, scientists from the University of Yamanashi in Japan decribed their attempts to clone mice from feces. As you can imagine, the process was a little messy.

Rector of Edinburgh University Smeared as “Transphobic” for Retweeting Women’s Event
“Content Warning: Transphobia.” So begins a news report from Edinburgh University’s student paper, The Student.




Goodbye, Columbus Day
Even though it remains a national holiday, many cities no longer celebrate Columbus Day. They celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead. What’s behind the switch? Contrary to what you might think, it’s not about paying homage to America’s original inhabitants. Steven Crowder, host of Louder with Crowder, explains.

When Western Civilization Retracts Instead of Expanding
Today we celebrate (or liberals pointedly refuse to celebrate) Christopher Columbus because of the key role he played in the expansion of Western Civilization. Civilizations expand when they are at the peak of their health. When they become sick, they contract – which is happening now, due to the possibly terminal illness inflicted by leftist ideology.

What Does It Mean To Take The Gloves Off?
When the Left is already screaming at people in public and doxxing them and staking out their homes, what does it look like for them to fight all the harder?

How Democrats Overreached on Kavanaugh
Saying that a given political party has overreached is perhaps one of the most tired forms of political commentary. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be true, and it’s arguable that Democratic overreaching in the judiciary wars paved the way for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Ignored History: Columbus Sought to End Islamic Tyranny
When President Benjamin Harrison issued his “Proclamation 335 — 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of America by Columbus,” on July 21, 1892, he emphasized how the great discoverer pioneered “progress and enlightenment,” reflected four centuries later in America’s system of universal education.

Bernie Calls For New World Order That Promotes Shared Prosperity & Solidarity Over State Sovereignty
Senator Bernie Sanders called for a new world order that promotes shared prosperity and solidarity over state sovereignty during a foreign policy speech at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

Grievance Studies and Reputational Leaches
At a time when we are inundated with accusations of just about everyone being some form of an ist or a phobe, we have also seen the proliferation of all sorts of victim studies departments at various universities. For example, one count has found over 900 departments of women’s studies worldwide. It’s not hard to see a connection there.

Democrats: The Constitution Is Unconstitutional!
A major theme on the Left these days is that any institution with elements other than pure, one-man-one-vote democracy is illegitimate. That would include, among others, the Electoral College and the Senate.

Political Correctness, and Other White Elitist Fads
I’ve seen several people observe that the anti-Kavanaugh protests of the last few weeks in Washington were demographically embarrassing for the race-conscious left. I recall seeing one comment that the composition of the protests was “whiter than a suburban country club.”

The World Has Gone Certifiably Crazy
Some days the absurd news just piles up so fast that there almost isn’t room for any fake news. Though tuning in to CNN for 10 minutes will cure you of this thought.

Coming Out as … MOGAI? The Weird and Dangerous World of Queer Feminism
The University of Western Washington in Bellingham offers a minor in Queer Studies, and one of the core classes in that program is Queer Literature (ENG227), taught by “Queer intersectional feminist” Professor Kelly Magee.

What “Gosnell” Media Censors Don’t Want You To See Is A True-Crime Drama About Abortion
This film isn’t only a movie to see if you’re ardently pro-life. This is a movie for anyone interested in crime, in justice, in health care, and in reform.

The Black Men Who Identify with Brett Kavanaugh Understand the Stakes
A response to Jemele Hill

Arielle Scarcella: Gay People Are “F–king Terrified” to Criticize Trans Ideology
Arielle Scarcella has 550,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, which makes her one of the most popular lesbian YouTubers. Some of her videos have more viewers than the average program at CNN (but let’s be honest, CNN is barely more popular than the Hallmark Channel). Her popularity is the only reason Ms. Scarcella has been able to survive telling the truth about transgender activists, who have harassed her viciously for months because of her criticism of their bizarre ideology.

Party of Science™ Update: Democrats Now Actively Consorting With Satan
Earlier this month we reported (“Democrats Desperate to Stop Kavanaugh Nomination Resort to … Witchcraft,” Oct. 4) that anti-Trump pagans were conjuring Dark Powers in their doomed effort to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from becoming the 114th justice of the Supreme Court.

On Our Allegedly Right-Wing Court
I’m enjoying the current spate of articles from liberals bemoaning the power of the Supreme Court and urging its delegitimization. We’ll see how long it lasts. But some of the expressions of this fashionable sentiment have not been especially well-considered.

The Backlash Against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Has Chilling Echoes to the Nuremberg Laws of Nazi Germany
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will play folk hero John Henry in an upcoming Netflix movie. Until the recent backlash, I was unaware that Johnson is only half black; his mother is Samoan.

Which Witch Will Be The Witch To Bewitch Brett Kavanaugh?
Facebook blocked 800 sites yesterday because they had politically conservative bent, but this site is fine. For those of you who have nothing to do Saturday night 10/20, Catland Books which claims it Brooklyn’s premiere occult bookshop & spiritual community space is hosting a ritual to hex Brett Kavanaugh (Brooklyn has more than one occult bookshop & spiritual community space? Ah fuggedaboutit)

The Norman Conquest was a disaster for England. We should celebrate Naseby, not Hastings
The Norman Conquest was a cataclysm for the English people. After 1066, the country was clenched in a mailed fist. Castles, until then a rarity, sprang up everywhere. Many still stand, handsome and crenelated, their geographical situation advertising their grim purpose. For these were not defences against a foreign foe, but instruments of internal repression, from whose arrow-slits new proprietors peered out at a beaten people.

Eden ruined by Italian
One of the most enduring myths is that of the noble savage. This is the theory that civilization corrupts, that it causes humanity to go wrong and that in a primitive state, all is in equality and peace. Rousseau is the most well-known proponent of this idea, although he develops it in a different direction than most today. Rousseau argued that over time, divisions and troubles developed as people gained sophistication, and as a result civilization with its laws and social contract (I give up some small things to gain better things as a whole) develops.

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