News of the Week (November 5th, 2017)


News of the Week for Nov. 5th, 2017


Gun Rights


Woman With A Gun Scares Off Four Would-Be Burglars
When four men tried to break into a woman’s home in Keithville, Louisiana, last Friday, she grabbed her gun and met them at the back door. The unidentified homeowner told police the four suspects fled when they caught sight of her handgun.

Forget gun control. Los Angeles goes for baseball bat control
Leave it to the City of Angels to stay ahead of the pack in coming up with new and inventive ideas. The City Fathers there are justifiably worried about violence flaring up during the various protests which seem to engulf the left coast every weekend. So what should they do about it? They’ve just made it illegal to go to a demonstration with a baseball bat. Oh, and they added fifteen more things to the list.

Local Armed Citizen Stopped Texas Church Shooting by Firing at Suspect
The hero who stopped the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas today is reportedly a local citizen – not a first responder or police officer – as he used his own firearm to engage and ultimately wound the gunman.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Global Warming Alarmist Sues Scientists, Saying Academic Critiques Of His Work Are “Defamation”
A Stanford professor is suing other scientists for critiquing his work in favor of ‘renewable energy.’ That’s not how science works.

No, Rick Perry Didn’t Say “The Best Way To Prevent Rape Is Oil”
In their rush to smear a Trump cabinet member, the media once again not only exposed their zeal to mislead readers but their breathtaking hypocrisy and shameful lack of compassion.

Oxygen-18 Stability in Foraminifera fossils, implications in paleoclimatology
18O is a rare isotope of oxygen. The ratio of 18O to the normal 16O in foraminifera fossils (“forams”) can be used to estimate paleo-ocean temperatures. Higher values mean lower temperatures. A recent article on (here) led me to Bernard, et al., 2017, which has experimental data that suggest 18O concentrations can be altered in fossils by solid-state diffusion after fossilization. This can corrupt the measurement and the resulting calculated temperature. According to Bernard and colleagues, the 18O concentration alteration is visually imperceptible, so one cannot tell the fossil has been altered by visual inspection. If their results are valid, how will this impact our view of climate history?



Government in Healthcare


Judge Halts California Law Forcing Pro-Lifers to Advertise Abortions
In a major victory for free speech, Riverside County Superior Court Justice Gloria C. Trask ruled late Monday that California must not force pro-life pregnancy medical clinics to promote abortions to their clients.

Marxism: The Key to Health?
The Lancet is a once-respected medical journal that has been taken over by leftists, in a sad illustration of O’Sullivan’s Law. Its contents now alternate between respectable articles on technical medical subjects and leftist propaganda like this article, by the Lancet’s editor in chief, Richard Horton. Horton argues that Marxism represents the best path forward for medicine.

Children who believe they are transgender ‘could have autism’, says controversial expert
Children diagnosed as transgender could be autistic, a controversial psychologist believes.

DisHartening News
(BTW: That’s not a typo – wait for it…)

Shopping Medicare: The Movie
Co-blogger Bob V is trying something new, and we’re pleased as punch to introduce his first video on shopping for Medicare supplements. Pretty timely, too, seeing as how it’s Open Enrollment season.


War & Terror


Left Wing Oakland Radicals Worked With ISIS, New Book Reports
Former Editor in Chief of the New York Times Magazine Edward Klein has a new book that will be released tomorrow October 30th. In All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, Klein reveals an FBI investigation proving coordination between American college campus far left radicals and Islamic terrorists from groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

8 killed as truck plows into pedestrians in downtown NYC terror attack
A man in a pickup truck killed eight people when he drove onto the West Side bike path in lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon – and then shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he got out of the car with fake guns, police sources said.

Terrorist Sayfullo Saipov celebrates deadly Manhattan truck attack while at hospital: “He feels accomplished”
The terrorist truck driver who carved a 14-block path of destruction along a lower Manhattan bike path was celebrating the deadly attack, sources said Wednesday.

The Rise of Jihad in Central Asia
Four recent ISIS terror attacks were carried out by ethnic Uzbeks

Buzzfeed opinion piece: After terror attack, let’s ban cars in cities
After every mass shooting incident, the left immediately calls for more gun control. That knee-jerk response has led some on the right to mockingly ask, after attacks like the one in Manhattan this week, whether we should now ban cars and trucks. Today Buzzfeed posted an opinion piece (by an outside contributor) who takes this line of thought and runs with it. Yes, the author says, we should ban cars and trucks, at least in cities.

Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile over capital
Yemeni rebels on Saturday targeted an airport in Saudi Arabia’s capital with a ballistic missile, according to Yemen’s Houthi-controlled Defense Ministry.

27 dead, 30 injured in Sutherland Springs church shooting, sources say
As-yet unidentified shooter killed by police




CCSD laying groundwork to implement radical transgender policies
The Clark County School District is currently holding private meetings on the implementation of new policies for transgender students. The little we know should concern every parent who thinks biology matters.

Manafort indicted on 12 counts, surrenders to FBI
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is being charged with 12 counts, including conspiracy against the United States, in the first indictment to come from the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller.

“White nuclear family” perpetuates racism, CUNY prof argues
A sociology professor at the City University of New York (CUNY) recently argued in an extensive series of tweets that “the white-nuclear family” perpetuates racism.

Transgender studies prof takes on “so-called truth” and reality of the gender binary
Speaking at Muhlenberg College a dozen days ago, a professor of transgender studies questioned the “nature of truth and reality across the vastness of gender identity.”

Bisexual student criticized radical Islam. Guess what happened next …
Can you be called into a campus administrator’s office and chastised for telling peers that in some countries, gay people are executed in the name of Islam? Apparently, yes, yes you can.

More students, young Americans turn to paganism
As millennials continue to leave traditional Christian religions, interest in Wiccan and pagan practices have seen increased interest in recent years, a trend also spotted among young people and on college campuses.

Plan to Split California into Three States May be on Next Ballot
A sign that not all Californians are represented by Sacramento.

DNC Email: Straight White Men Need Not Apply
The Democratic National Committee is hiring for some new positions in their Technology Team, including Chief Security Officer, IT Systems Administrator, and Product Manager. In the email soliciting job applications, it says that the DNC is looking for a “staff of diverse voices and life experiences.”

Poll: 51% of Democrats want a law requiring people to … call transgenders by their preferred gender pronoun
Remember when I said last week that we should all be rooting for nuclear war? I take it back. We should all be praying for it.

White sociology professor: It’s racist for whites to have mixed-race children
This is your fault, “This Is Us”

Poll: Nearly Half Of Millennials Prefer Socialism To Capitalism
Nearly half of American millennials (44 percent) would rather live in a socialist society than a capitalist one, according to a report from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) which relied on YouGov polling data. Even so, there’s widespread ignorance among millennials about socialism and communism – only 71 percent of the millennials surveyed could properly identify what communism is and many often conflated the two economic systems.

USC ‘diversity toolkit’ takes aim at ‘male gendered pronouns’
A professor at the University of Southern California recently published a “Diversity Toolkit” to help diversity educators fight “male gendered pronouns.”

Congresswoman: Transgender “Medical Condition” Disqualifies Someone from Military Service
Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) said the U.S. military should be able to deny transgender individuals from serving for the same reasons it prohibits people with asthma, flat feet or diabetes from serving.

Trump’s Rebuilding of the US Appeals Courts Continues
A couple of months ago I posted a story titled Despite Chaos Trump Is Reshaping The Federal Judiciary. In it I pointed out that while an unbelievable amount of energy is being focused on Donald Trump’s latest Twitter utterance, virtually no attention is being directed at his very successful campaign to stuff the federal judiciary with young, extremely intelligent and Federalist Society approved jurists.

A Traditional Marriage Student Group Has Been Branded a “Hate Group”
In today’s bitter political climate, there are few labels more intellectually lazy than “hate group.” When you label an entity as a “hate group,” you automatically demonize it and remove from your shoulders any mantle of responsibility to dialogue or engage in civil discourse with this denounced entity.

College Republicans under investigation for ‘thought crime’
The Columbia University student government recently voted to report the school’s College Republicans chapter to the Student Conduct Office for hosting conservative speakers such as Tommy Robinson and Mike Cernovich.

University offers degree in marijuana studies
Northern Michigan University’s Medicinal Plant Chemistry billed as first-of-its-kind

‘Whiteness’ journal mysteriously goes dark after exposure
An academic journal on “white privilege” has apparently stopped publishing articles following a Campus Reform investigation in September.

Columbia tight-lipped as student official suggests conservative events need pre-approval
College Republicans president: The goal is “eradicating” us

Students Offended by Play About How They’re Always Offended
There’s a really hilarious film that came out in the mid-90s called “PCU” – a double entendre acronym for “Port Chester University” and “Politically Correct University” – that is a must-watch for all college-age students if they want to understand the silliness of the social justice crusades they see swirling around them on campus.

New Details About Las Vegas Shooter Emerge
It’s been one month since the deadliest mass shooting in our nation’s modern history.

College Employs “Safe Space Marshals” to Patrol Speeches for Offensive Content
This has got to be one of the most insane things that I’ve ever heard.

LOVE WINS: Cosmo Pushes Incest
“This Is What It-s Like to Fall In Love With Your Brother”

U.S. Embassies Around World Still Refuse to Hang Trump Portrait, Swamp Still in Control
In multiple embassies around the world, particularly those staffed entirely by career Foreign Service officers, no portrait of President Trump or Vice President Pence has been hung. Up until last week, the swamp had an excuse – there was no official portrait and the swamp refused to go to the trouble to find unofficial ones.

Rand Paul assaulted at Kentucky home
Kentucky State Police have arrested a man accused of assaulting Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) at his home in Bowling Green, the senator’s office confirmed on Saturday.

Researchers develop method to completely fool AI image recognition, turn turtles into rifles
Advancements in AI are happening at a breakneck pace, and they have been for some time now, but computers aren’t infallible. Some very interesting new research into AI image recognition has revealed a stunning vulnerability that will make you think twice the next time someone tells you computer algorithms are outpacing human intelligence.

Paul recovering from 5 broken ribs
A senior adviser for Rand Paul says the U.S. senator is recovering from five broken ribs following an assault at his home


‘Multicultural’ office hosts ‘stab a Trumpkin’ display
The Board of Multicultural Student Affairs at Providence College recently invited students to stab a “Trumpkin” as a way of relieving stress, eliciting outrage from conservative students.

LGBT group scraps sexual health fair that excluded pro-lifers
After refusing to let a pro-life group participate in a Sexual Awareness Fair because its viewpoints “do not meet our definition of sex positivity and sexual health awareness,” an LGBT student group has now cancelled the event.

Faculty member condemned for wearing headdress on Halloween – even though she’s Native American
Put this one in your peace pipe and smoke it = a Native American faculty member at the University of New Mexico has been condemned for wearing a headdress on Halloween.

Teacher Sues Public District to Stop it from Giving JW Antifa Activism Records
A Judicial Watch record request has fueled a tense legal drama between a middle school teacher who is a national organizer for a radical leftist group and the public district that employs her. The conflict ensued a few weeks ago when Judicial Watch filed a California Public Records Act (CPRA) request with the Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) to obtain information about the controversial teacher’s violent Antifa activism.

New computers could delete thoughts without your knowledge, experts warn
New human rights laws are required to protect sensitive information in a person’s mind from ‘unauthorised collection, storage, use or even deletion’


Economy & Taxes


Australia’s 100-Year-Old Automobile Industry Just Closed Down
It might have been just another day for workers at the Holden automobile plant near Adelaide, but for the fact that at the end of the shift the aging assembly line produced its last Commodore sedan.

Justice Department threatening to pull all of California’s grant money
Ever since Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the new declaration that all of California would henceforth be a sanctuary state where federal immigration officials would receive no help from local law enforcement in protecting citizens from illegal aliens, they’ve been running into problems. First, the state’s sheriffs began openly protesting the move, with some refusing to comply with the orders. And now, with enough budget woes already plaguing them, the Department of Justice is sounding as if they will make good on their previous promise and begin slashing some of the grant money they’re used to receiving from Washington.

24 House Republicans From Blue States Resist Pressure to Embrace Costly Tax Deduction
Twenty-four Republican lawmakers from high-tax states voted for the House budget resolution last week, despite pressure to oppose it because of the possible elimination of the state and local tax deduction in the GOP’s tax reform bill.

GOP Tax Bill Eliminates Key Deductions, Leaves 401(k) Alone
Will it be enough to persuade the House Republicans from high-taxed states?

Venezuela introduces 100,000 bolivar bill worth $2
The new note unveiled by President Nicolas Maduro is meant to curb out-of-control inflation that has left the country reeling. Just one year ago, a 100 bolivar bill was the largest amount of cash on the market.

Unemployment Hits 17-Year Low, U.S. Keeps Adding Jobs
Natural disasters can’t stop us!

Red debt rising
China faces an economic slowdown as the era of easy borrowing ends

Court: Usenet Provider is Not Liable for Piracy
After several years, the appeals court has reached a final decision in the case between anti-piracy group BREIN and Usenet provider NSE. The court ruled that the Usenet provider is not liable for the copyright infringements of its users. However, it also requires the service in question to offer a fast and “effective” takedown procedure.




Violence erupts in Barcelona as Nazi-saluting fascists chant ‘Viva Franco’ and clash with police during million-strong pro-union protest demanding jailing of Catalan’s deposed president who could face 30 YEARS behind bars
Crowds draped in Spanish flags and singing, “Viva España”, demanded Carles Puigdemont is sent to prison

Turkey: Erdogan’s Stalinist Purge
Perhaps even more objectionable is Turkey’s persecution of novelists who do not even take part in the political debate. They are hated by Erdogan’s Islamist government simply for conveying Western ideas and fighting for freedom of speech.

Catalan leader is said to have fled the country
Over the weekend we discussed what seemed more like the plot for a foreign intrigue novel than actual news out of Europe. Could Carles Puigdemont, the unemployed, former leader of Catalonia, actually make a run for it, leaving Spain to avoid possible jail time? That all depended on how dire the situation at home seemed and whether he might be facing charges which could land him in prison. And where would he go? The only offer on the table seemed to be coming from Belgium.

Calling the Cops in Europe? Don’t Bother
Are there no-go zones in Europe, or aren’t there? Have political control and the power of law enforcement in some urban neighborhoods been tacitly turned over to local Muslim leaders, with even the police taking a hands-off attitude? Across Europe, some politicians, journalists, and police spokespeople continue to deny that such zones exist, although the evidence for their existence becomes increasingly difficult to disavow.

France Is Running Out of Butter for Its Croissants
France’s much-loved croissant au beurre has run up against the forces of global markets.

Protests in Iran
Portions of the Iranian emigree community in the U.S. and France are buzzing about reports of protest activity in Iran. Some are relying on reports from family and friends in Iran; others on various news outlets.

Singer asked whites to move to back of audience, people of color to move to front. Then it got ugly.
Lido Pimienta, a Colombian-Canadian singer, asked white audience members to move to the back of the concert hall and people of color to move to the front during her Halifax Pop Explosion gig at the Marquee Ballroom in Nova Scotia’s capital last month, Billboard reported.

Feminist Sharia? Poll Reveals Surprising Beliefs of Norwegian Muslims
In a recent poll, dubbed the largest and most comprehensive in Norway’s history, 97 percent of the Nordic country’s Muslims said they were fully in favor of equality between the sexes. However, roughly one third of the respondents claimed it was important to follow sharia, leaving analysts puzzled.

Girl, 14, is forced to parade through her village NAKED by Pakistani elders because her brother had an affair
Girl was with her three cousins on her way to fetch water when she was snatched

Maduro to investors: Who’s up for a bailout?
The trouble with socialism, Margaret Thatcher once observed, is that their governments “always run out of other people’s money.” What happens then? Why, they keep asking for other people’s money, of course! Venezuela has teetered on the edge of default for months, but its dictator Nicolas Maduro has a plan to resolve it. The plan is to ask everyone owed money by Venezuela not to worry about getting paid back.

German military study: EU collapse is conceivable
The Western order could fall apart by 2040, according to an internal Bundeswehr report.

Saudi princes among dozens detained in anti-corruption purge
A new Saudi anti-corruption body has detained 11 princes, four sitting ministers and dozens of former ministers, media reports say.

Saudi Arabia ousts ministers, arrests princes and former officials in anti-corruption sting
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has removed a prominent prince who headed the National Guard, replaced the economy minister and announced the creation of a new anti-corruption committee.




Where is the Zola of the Zulu?
Gee, thanks, guys. Your campus craziness has well and truly crossed the Atlantic. Last week, it was reported in the United Kingdom that 100 Cambridge University students had written to the authorities demanding that the English syllabus be “decolonized.”

Discrimination Against White People: It’s Real
As real as the discrimination against black people was under segregation.

George Papadopoulous Is Exhibit A for Why You Never Talk to the Cops
There is a classic video on YouTube of Regent University School of Law Professor James Duane explaining to a class why you have to be a moron to talk to the police. The punchline takes place about half-way through when he invites one of his students, a detective, to give his perspective on talking to the police.

The Manafort indictment
I can think of no one better than Andy McCarthy to evaluate the indictment of Paul Manafort. In McCarthy’s view, the indictment “is much ado about nothing . . . except as a vehicle to squeeze Manafort, which is special counsel Robert Mueller’s objective.”

No Mercy for @KevinSpacey? Welcome to the Sexual Harassment Apocalypse
The forces of Sexual Anarchy unleashed in the 1960s were still raging in the 1980s — indeed, they are still raging to this day – and gay people have never had a monopoly on perversion and decadence.

The Ugly Truth About Sex Reassignment the Transgender Lobby Doesn’t Want You to Know
Sex reassignment is as natural as being born, some in the media tell us. And many Americans are buying it.

Why American Liberal-Arts Colleges Ain’t What They Used to Be
Fifty years ago, a degree from almost any of America’s liberal-arts colleges meant something. It was pretty good evidence that the student had fairly well honed communication skills and had developed an analytical cast of mind. The degree demonstrated trainability and the refinement needed for most work.

What’s the Difference Being a “Witch” and Being a Purveyor of Snake Oil?
Not much, apparently

How Multiculturalism Helps Breed Homegrown Terrorism
People who embrace extremist behavior such as terrorist acts demonstrate convincing evidence of a failure to assimilate into the culture in which they reside.

No, Vox, “Small Government” Does Not Mean White Nationalism
According to a recent article in Vox, conservatives who denounce government overreach aren’t really concerned about burdensome regulations.

The Subversive Way Special K’s New Marketing Campaign Hurts Women
Special K often celebrates female athletes by putting their images on cereal boxes, but its latest marketing campaign highlighting homecoming queen football players doesn’t deserve celebration.

Boise State Prof attacked for article “Transgender Activists Are Seeking to Undermine Parental Rights”
“A petition to fire Mr. Yenor has garnered more than 2,000 signatures.”

Rumors of the GOP’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (The Democrats However…)
There were so many headlines touting the death of the GOP following Donald Trump’s win in 2016 that even the most optimistic conservative got the impression that the Trumper/Never-Trumper disagreement spelled the undoing of Lincoln’s Grand Old Party.

Millennials Are Clueless About Communism. Here’s Why That’s a Problem.
The collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union ended the Cold War, but it didn’t end the ongoing battle of ideas between liberty and collectivism.

Time for an Assyrian Regional Government in Iraq
As can be seen in the region every day, it is not realistic to expect the Assyrians to be quiet and accept their “fate” under the tender mercies of Shiite or Sunni rule.

Socialism Causes Underage Prostitution
Adam Smith said there is a lot of ruin in a country, but Venezuela is getting ridiculous. How much lower can socialism drag that once-prosperous place?

Is Yale Really Elite If Its English Majors Never Read Shakespeare?
Yale’s English department decided it will no longer require English majors to study literary luminaries such as William Shakespeare and John Donne.

Time to relax professional job licensing burden
We have ranted and railed for years about the excessive and job killing professional licensing requirements in Nevada – to no avail.

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