News of the Week (October 8th, 2017)


News of the Week for Oct. 8th, 2017


Gun Rights


Gunman who shot dead FIFTY people and injured 406 when he opened fire on a packed Vegas music festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel before committing suicide
At least 50 people have been killed and more than 406 injured after a shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hillary Clinton Politicizes Las Vegas Shooting: ‘Stand Up to the NRA’
On Monday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton politicized the deaths of over 58 people in Las Vegas, Nevada, late Sunday night (PST). She explicitly targeted the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Based on the Early Reports, the Las Vegas Shooting Is Very, Very Strange
Before I begin, let me clearly state two things. First, as I note in the title of this post, my observations are based on early reports, and early reports are often wrong. Second, do not read this post as implying any sort of conspiracy theory of any kind. I’m merely noting the facts as we currently understand them — and how they differ from recent mass shootings.

He Drank from His Beer, and Flipped Off the Shooter
Our old friend Brendan Bordelon notes this amazing moment from a harrowing CNN video of people screaming and diving for cover during the shooting. A man takes a sip from his beer, and then flips off the shooter.

CBS Legal Executive: Las Vegas Victims Had it Coming for Being “Republican Gun Toters”
Sunday’s Las Vegas shooting has so far left over 50 dead and more than 500 injured, marking this as the most deadly shooting in modern history. However, according to a CBS legal executive, these victims had it coming.

After the Las Vegas Tragedy, Trump Is Ready to Talk About Gun Laws
Given the media love President Trump got for dealing with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, who would be shocked if he was equally accommodating with talk of new gun laws, especially in light of Sunday’s Las Vegas horror?

Is the President committed to the Second Amendment? We’ll know soon enough.
Yesterday I pointed out that a number of high profile Democrats (including some who may have a 2020 bid in mind) didn’t even wait for all the wounded in Las Vegas to finish triage before ginning up the calls for more gun control laws. If the past has taught us anything, that story won’t be winding down any time soon and the President won’t be able to avoid getting involved.

Mass shootings and the left’s culture of dissidence
Left-wing cultural influences, not guns, are responsible for mass shootings.

Here we go: Feinstein files bill banning “bump-fire stocks” and trigger cranks
Republicans are already lining up behind the idea

They Survived the Las Vegas Shooting. But They Don’t Want More Gun Control
Last Easter, Brian Fraser went to a Walmart and spent $200 to buy every nerf gun in the store for an all-out-family-nerf battle. He was an avid hunter and fisherman who passed on his love of the outdoors to his four children. So it wasn’t unusual that when he went to the Route 91 Harvest Festival music festival on the Las Vegas Strip, he wore a T-shirt that said “I call shotgun,” emblazoned with a picture of a shotgun on it.

Why the gun is civilization
Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force. Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, that’s it.

The Civilization of Guns
A well-armed society is a polite society.

Truck Control, It Only Happens Here and Other Gun Control Myths
4 mass shooting myths exposed.

Don’t Tell the Left: More Guns Means Fewer Homicides
Another mass shooting this week. Prayers and emotion from President Trump. Attempts to understand means and motives by those trying to make sense of such tragedy and loss. And as predictable as sunrise and sunset, politicization of tragedy by the left.

The Bump Stock Debate Illustrates Two Competing Models of Political Strategy
The debate over bump stocks is an excellent illustration of two competing models of political strategy. Here’s why, and which one seems to be winning.

While Jimmy Kimmel Cries, a Los Angeles Street Artist Lampoons
Since Jimmy Kimmel has decided to do double duty as both late night comedian/talk show host and weepy conscience of the left, he’s been begging to be lampooned.

6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Coming To Your Side On Gun Control
There are several reasons Second Amendment advocates aren’t running to your side of the argument, and it might not be the ones you think.

An Open Rant Aimed at Those Who Would Repeal the Second Amendment
Talk is cheap, but persuading Americans to surrender their rights will be expensive, difficult, and time-consuming.

VIDEO: UNLV prof blames Las Vegas massacre on Trump
Just days after the horrific massacre in Las Vegas, and just 5 miles away from the scene, a University of Nevada-Las Vegas professor told her class that President Trump is to blame.

Las Vegas mass shooting could create push for gun regulation legislation
Just as the Sandy Hook school shooting prompted efforts to regulate gun policies in Nevada in 2013, the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Oct. 1 will likely result in a new push when the Legislature convenes in 2019.

The Myth of the White Mass Murderer
Every time a mass shooting occurs–either carried out or attempted–there is one of two outcomes. If the perpetrator is non-white, then it disappears from view. If the perpetrator is white, then it is used to indicted whites as being more violent than any other group.

Feinstein Is Asked What Law Could Have Prevented Vegas Shooting. Her Response Is Quite Candid.
Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) said on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday that she’s “not sure” that any law could have prevented the massacre in Las Vegas that claimed the lives of at least 58 Americans.

The Australia Gun Control Fallacy
When someone says the United States ought to adopt Australia’s gun laws, he is really saying that gun control is worth risking violent insurrection.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Organic Food Leads To Surge In Manure Methane Emissions
The realization that livestock like cows are ruminants – and produce a lot of methane while chewing – was a real boon to vegetarian activists because they got to say curbing meat would mean less global warming.

The Incestuous Nature of the IPCC Reports
In a thought-provoking and reasoned commentary that asks the question, “Is climate change controversy good for science?” Craig Idso examines a comparison between the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Non-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) Reports.



Government in Healthcare


Indiana Judge Forbids Treating Aborted Babies Like Human Beings
Pro-abortion politics, which are at all times and by necessity the politics of simple barbarity, have in recent years become proactively spiteful as well. A recent example is southern Indiana’s district court, which recently struck down a pro-life law that state’s legislature had passed.

How Much Worse Can It Get For NHS? Chief Inspector Says “Not Fit For 21st Century”
The bad news just keeps coming out of England with respect to the state of the National Health Service (NHS) and its rapidly eroding quality of care. Most recently, Professor Ted Baker– the new chief hospital inspector– declared it was “not fit for the 21st century.”

Trump Administration Reverses Obama-Era Policies on Religious Freedom
The Trump administration came out strongly in defense of religious freedom Friday, with new legal guidance and a move to reverse one of the most controversial Obamacare mandates.

Bobby Jindal As HHS Chief Is Trump’s Best Chance At Obamacare Repeal
Jindal has the health policy chops to undermine and roll back much of Obamacare—using the vast administrative powers the law gives HHS.


War & Terror


China’s Secret Military Plan: Invade Taiwan by 2020
Book based on internal documents says Beijing’s invasion plan would trigger U.S.-China conflict

Trump Expected to Declare Iran in Breach of Nuclear Deal
Inability to monitor Iranian work on nuclear explosives could be end of accord

Sheriff: Las Vegas Shooter Paddock May Have Been “RADICALIZED”
Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo gave a press conference Tuesday and responded to questions whether Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had been “radicalized.”

Antifa allegedly stalking Berkeley College Republicans; bathroom message: “Kill all BCRS”
Head of militant leftist group: The Republicans are attacking us

Las Vegas PD Releases Footage from First Responder Body Cams During Shooting
During Sunday’s atrocity that saw a shooter from the Mandalay Bay Hotel’s 32nd floor take the lives of 59 people and injure hundreds more, the bravery of first responders was on full display.

More odd things about Las Vegas shooting
I hope the investigators make their findings public quickly, and not wait months for a final report.

Las Vegas Strip shooter targeted aviation fuel tanks, source says
Las Vegas Strip mass murderer Stephen Paddock used his Mandalay Bay hotel room to fire bullets at jet fuel tanks Sunday night, a knowledgeable source told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Las Vegas shooter booked rooms facing Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago in August
Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock booked rooms in a Chicago hotel facing the Lollapalooza music festival in August, a law enforcement official told USA TODAY on Thursday.

Stephen Paddock planned to escape after Las Vegas shooting, officials say
His motive is still unclear, and officials are considering whether he had help from anyone

Communist West Point Grad Was Reported In 2015 For Anti-American Posts
The Army officer who outed himself as a radical Marxist had been reported back in 2015 for publishing inappropriate and outright anti-American views online, according to a scathing report obtained by The Daily Caller.

China Has Secret Plans to Invade Taiwan by 2020
Does Beijing really mean to invade? Could it invade?

Militant public school teacher took students to Antifa protests, lied about absences, records show
Court documents show that the California public school teacher arrested last week at the University of California, Berkeley, on suspicion of battery and resisting arrest has since 2009 racked up a list of fire-worthy offenses, including recruiting students to participate in protests facilitated by the militant left-wing group, By Any Means Necessary, and transporting students to protests without permission in her personal vehicle.




The FBI’s Latest Report Suggests The “Ferguson Effect” Is Real
At first glance, the number seems like an error – as if an FBI statistician had accidentally transposed some digits in the bureau’s annual report on crime released earlier this week.

Transgender Social Contagion Reminds School Counselor of Salem in 1692
We have previously discussed the “social contagion” by which so-called “rapid onset” transgenderism appears to be spreading among young people. And it is obvious that the education system is part of the problem. The feminist blog 4th Wave Now, which has become a clearinghouse for women concerned about this issue, recently got this comment.

Conservatives coalescing behind Marsha Blackburn in race for Bob Corker’s Tennessee Senate seat
Influential conservatives in Washington are coalescing behind Rep. Marsha Blackburn, as Republicans jockey to succeed Sen. Bob Corker in deep red Tennessee.

Bill that would make abortions illegal after 20 weeks gets Trump’s backing
A House bill banning abortions after 20 weeks on Monday received the official backing of the Trump administration.

San Juan Mayor: Puerto Rican Statehood Like ‘a Slave Becoming a Slave Owner’
San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz gained national media attention after attacking President Donald Trump, sparking a war of words between Trump and yet another Cruz. The San Juan mayor has made some very dubious remarks in the recent past that have nothing to do with Trump, however.

Could StarTram Revolutionize Space Travel?
While stuck in traffic in 1961, James Powell, a young researcher at Brookhaven National Laboratory came up with the idea of using powerful magnets to lift and propel massive passenger-carrying cars. Over the next seven years, he and his colleague Gordon Danby spent their spare time piecing together a concept. They obtained a patent for the breakthrough in 1968. Powell and Danby’s magnetic levitation, or maglev, technology must have seemed like magic back then, but it is now being used to move large trains at speeds up to 375 miles per hour!

Inability to smell peppermint linked to dementia, study says
Mental confusion, sleeplessness and mood swings are all symptoms of dementia. Now scientists are linking the inability to smell peppermint to the disease as well in a new study.

Scientists have found a way to create drug molecules from carbon monoxide
Scientists from RUDN University in collaboration with Russian and foreign colleagues have studied reductive amination reactions. The new reactions and catalytic systems on their basis will find a use in organic synthesis and also will boost the production of medicinal substances and agrochemicals in the future. The study was published in the Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry journal.

Sebelius: Harry Reid pushed me into “unusual” Menendez meeting in corruption trial
Hail, hail, the Democratic gang’s all here. Robert Menendez’ corruption trial heard from former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who testified to getting pulled into an “unusual” meeting on a topic that she purposefully had avoided until the conversation at the center of her recollections. As the New York Times’ Nick Corasanti reports, Sebelius told the jury that she knew that Senator Menendez had been agitating for action on behalf of his friend and political benefactor, Dr. Salomon Melgen, to end his billing dispute with Medicare.

Online mob targets students for flying “Roman standard” flag: “May be a Nazi”
Students demand they cease and desist

Berkeley Students Attempt To Protest Exam, Tell Professor To “Check His Privilege”
University of California, Berkeley students recently protested their midterm exam, demanding a take-home essay instead.

Black Lives Matter Students Shut Down the ACLU’s Campus Free Speech Event Because ‘Liberalism Is White Supremacy’
“The revolution will not uphold the Constitution.”

Las Vegas Strip shooter prescribed anti-anxiety drug in June
Stephen Paddock, who killed at least 58 people and wounded hundreds more in Las Vegas on Sunday with high-powered rifles, was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug in June that can lead to aggressive behavior, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has learned.

Chess player banned by Iran for not wearing a hijab switches to US
A chess player banned from the Iranian national women’s team for attending an international competition without wearing an Islamic headscarf has joined the US team.

Amherst course puzzles over how women become conservative
Amherst College is offering a course this semester exploring why “some women become right-wing leaders” while others “fight for the rights of women.”

“Wanted” posters at UCLA shame faculty members who ousted pro-free speech professor
Keith Fink may no longer teach at UCLA, but frustrations over his termination still linger on the public university’s campus.

“High-Risk Sex Offender” Using Transgender Identity to Pursue Teens?
Another setback for the Transgender Victimhood Narrative

Lawyer For IT Aide Says Dem Congressmen To Blame For Falsified Spending Records
House Democrats ordered the systematic falsification of records showing how they spend their taxpayer-provided office budgets, according to lawyers for two former House information technology (IT) aides.

U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn announces run for U.S. Senate
U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., is entering the 2018 U.S. Senate race to replace retiring Sen. Bob Corker, ending a week’s worth of speculation and immediately catapulting her to front-runner status as others consider launching their own bids.

Milo Yiannopoulos Sang “America the Beautiful” While Neo-Nazis Heil Saluted Him…
Claiming that Breitbart has walked a fine line between being a media outlet for the alt-Right and being outright racists, Buzzfeed has released a set of emails and videos that challenge the website’s ethos. One of those released is the video you can see here, which depicts Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay anti-PC firebrand formerly of Breitbart, singing ‘America the Beautiful,’ as neo-Nazis salute him in a heil-like fashion. These neo-Nazi alt-Righters, like Richard Spencer, have become infamous for causing bigoted events like Charlottesville to occur. The videoed incident happened in April, 2016, at a karaoke bar in Dallas, Texas.

Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Gave $10,000 To Manhattan DA After He Declined To File Sexual Assault Charges
Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer delivered $10,000 to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. in 2015, in the months after Vance’s office decided not to prosecute Weinstein over sexual assault allegations, according to an International Business Times review of campaign finance documents. That contribution from attorney David Boies – who previously headlined a fundraiser for Vance – was a fraction of the more than $182,000 that Boies, his son and his law partners have delivered to the Democrat during his political career.

Columbia PhD student bemoans ‘asexual microaggressions’
According to Aasha Foster, “asexual microaggressions” include being told asexuality “isn’t real,” facing concerns that they will “live out [their] life alone,” and being told that ‘asexual discrimination’ doesn’t exist.”

Justice Department confirms Harvard affirmative action probe
The Justice Department has formally launched an investigation into whether Harvard University uses discriminatory policies when admitting new students.

Profs: ‘white male privilege’ to blame for STEM gender gap
Two Seattle Pacific University physics professors argue that it is necessary to redefine our approach to science in order to combat “white male privilege,” which they believe is the primary reason that few women enter STEM fields.

Profs brag of tricking students into social justice classes
Two Canadian professors have developed an approach they call “Trojan horse pedagogy” to peddle social justice to otherwise unassuming students.

New California law allows sex offenders to be removed from registry
Ninety percent of California sex offenders will no longer be required to register with law enforcement for life under a bill that Gov. Jerry Brown signed Friday.

ICE Warns California of More Raids After Sanctuary State Law Signed
“ICE will have no choice but to conduct at-large arrests”

Intentionally Risking HIV Transmission Now Misdemeanor in CA
Leave it to California to grow ever more radical and accepting of dysfunctional and anti-social behavior.

Albion College president allegedly defended assault of white student due to her “privilege”
Two witnesses say President Mauri Ditzler justified violence against a young woman due to her “privilege”

Turkish president admits he’s holding Americans hostage
Plenty of us have been saying this for almost a year now or at least suspected it strongly. The Tyrant of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has been taking and holding American citizens prisoner since last winter, supposedly on charges of being conspirators (or at least sympathizers) in the failed coup attempt in Turkey last summer.


Economy & Taxes


Hurricanes Harvey, Irma lift U.S. factory activity index to 13-year high
A measure of U.S. manufacturing activity surged to a near 13-1/2-year high in September as disruptions to the supply chains caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma resulted in factories taking longer to deliver goods and boosted raw material prices.

House passes budget, paving way for tax reform
The House passed its 2018 budget resolution Thursday in a party-line vote that represents a step toward its goal of sending tax-reform legislation to President Trump.




Norwegian Army Chief: Europe Must Destroy Islam in Order to Survive
“We must be ready to fight with words, actions, and if necessary, weapons to preserve the country and the values we have in common.”

“Grandpa has four wives”: Pro-polygamy children’s book published in “progressive paradise” Sweden
Do you think that only Somali girls will be taught it? Why, that would be racist. Every Swedish girl must now be taught it, too.

EU Silent Over Spain’s Crackdown on Catalonia Independence Vote
Separatism in Catalonia sign of deeper malaise within Europe

Irish scientists discover method to produce electricity from tears
A team of scientists at University of Limerick has discovered that applying pressure to a protein found in egg whites and tears can generate electricity. The researchers from the Bernal Institute observed that crystals of lysozyme, a model protein that is abundant in egg whites of birds as well as in the tears, saliva and milk of mammals can generate electricity when pressed. Their report was published on October 2 in the journal, Applied Physics Letters.

A Pyrrhic Victory in Catalonia Sean Keeley
To judge by the Catalan government’s account, Sunday’s referendum on independence from Spain was an unequivocal triumph for the separatist cause. On Sunday night, regional authorities claimed that 2.3 million residents had turned out for the unsanctioned referendum, with over 90% favoring independence. And though the national government did its best to disrupt the vote—with security forces confiscating ballot boxes, shutting down polling stations and engaging in sometimes violent clashes with voters—those heavy-handed tactics seemed to backfire, generating international goodwill for the secessionists’ cause and criticism of the Spanish government for suppressing the vote.

The Thorniest of Brexit Issues: The Northern Ireland Border
The Democratic Unionist Party, which keeps U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May in power, vowed to resist any effort to create new checks within the U.K. after Britain exits the European Union.

Booze-lover erects a Jack Daniel’s flag outside his house… only for his neighbour to mistake it for an ISIS banner
Bloke’s whiskey tribute was meant to be a joke but he was accused of being a terror sympathiser in a letter from ‘concerned neighbours’ in Zurich, Switzerland

Catalan referendum: Region’s independence ‘in matter of days’
Catalonia will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days, the leader of the autonomous region has told the BBC.

The Bells of Barcelona Toll for Europe
President Trump got bad advice about the secession crisis in Catalonia. When Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy visited the White House last week, he said that Spain’s northeastern region would be “foolish to secede.” On the contrary, the gutsy Catalans are the world’s poster-boy for populism. Their independence movement is a real revolution. America shouldn’t meddle in Spain’s internal affairs, to be sure, but we ought to recognize a kindred political movement when we see it. Ultimately, the Catalan independence movement is a response to Europe’s demographic cataclysm.

Are Britain’s Conservatives Dead?
A year ago-even six months ago-Britain’s Conservative Party was riding high.

Catalonia: What The Media’s Not Telling You
The world, and especially the EU was shocked at the brutality the Spanish government used in an attempt to suppress a referendum on the independence of Catalonia. The paramilitary Guardia Civil was particularly brutal as they invaded polling places. Over 800 people were reported injured as well as a dozen of so Guardia.

Catalonia moves to declare independence from Spain on Monday
Catalonia will move on Monday to declare independence from Spain after holding a banned referendum, pushing the European Union nation toward a rupture that threatens the foundations of its young democracy.

Incredible footage shows ultimate Grand Theft Auto showdown as shirtless armed fugitives open fire on busy motorway
The crazed men run wild into traffic, waving their weapons at drivers and firing shots as officers approach before one man bounces off the bonnet of an oncoming vehicle

Austria’s Right-Wing Party Sees Polling Surge Days Before the Election
Freedom Party’s electoral success to further boost popular nationalist movements across Europe

Muslim Headscarves Dominate Student Parade in Xanthi, northern Greece
For the first time in Modern Greek history, all students in a parade in Xanthi were wearing Muslim headscarves.

Archbishop of Canterbury Admits ‘I Am Copping Out’ When Asked ‘Is Gay Sex Sinful?’
In an interview with GQ earlier this week, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby dodged the question of whether gay sex is sinful. He admitted to acting like a politician and to “copping out” on the answer, despite the fact that most Anglicans in the global church agree that gay sex is wrong, as it has been consistently condemned by the Bible and church tradition.

Gunman attacks Saudi security forces at gate of Jeddah royal palace
Two Saudi guards were shot dead and three others injured on Saturday morning after a man drove up to the gate of the royal palace in Jeddah and began shooting, the interior ministry said in a statement carried by state news.




Stand For Freedom
In 1996, at the end of the legislative session that year, I received a briefing on the electricity deregulation bill. I was being told that the bill would lead the state to a free market based power system. As I listened, I couldn’t see that outcome, but I knew so little about electricity distribution, and even less about free market principles. I knew I preferred free markets over government, taxation, and regulation, but I couldn’t articulate the principles, or how they should apply in that situation. I decided to study up.

Why Are So Many Republicans So Stupid About Patents?
It boggles the mind how monstrously dumb the Republican Party can be. They ain’t called “The Stupid Party” for nothing.

Everything on television is policed by politically correct dwarves
Only one story is allowed: woman good, ethnic minority man good, white man evil

Putting Homicide in Perspective vs. the Media’s “Atrocity Narrative” Propaganda
More than 16,000 Americans died by homicide in 2016, according to the FBI, and this was a significant increase from the previous year.

Some thoughts about Stephen Paddock and the Las Vegas massacre
Since Stephen Paddock killed 59 people and injured 500 more, his motive is still a mystery. Progressives want gun control through. Let’s talk about that.

First, They Came for the Biologists
The postmodernist left on campus is intolerant not only of opposing views, but of science itself.

California Democrats Schooled On Definition of ‘Hate Speech’ At Hearing
There is a rumor going around the California State Capitol that the Legislature is about to vote on a ban of humor in the state, because every time someone laughs at something funny, it is apparently at the expense of someone else’s feelings.

The Burden of Freedom
A day after the Las Vegas massacre, Slate tweeted out a scathing story about how conservative media was covering the incident, characterizing that coverage as such

The Sovereignty Theme in Trump’s Foreign Policy
President Trump’s United Nations address stressed the importance of sovereignty as a principle in international affairs. Because some are unsure about what a sovereignty-focused foreign policy would look like, John Fonte explains and expands on Trump’s U.N address here.

Woman Who Thought She Was a Man on Transgender Treatment: ‘It’s Not a Cure at All’
Transgenderism has gained steam and tremendous popularity in recent years, and the stigma of people switching from one gender to another has greatly diminished, if in fact it hasn’t gone the opposite way. A growing number of transgender people who took hormones and surgery to identify as the opposite gender are expressing regret and returning to their birth gender. Their stories are particularly harrowing.

The Madness of Saint Woodrow: Or, What If the United States Had Stayed out of the Great War?
On April 2, 1917, Woodrow Wilson rose before a joint session of Congress to make the case for a declaration of war on Germany.

A Theory on Las Vegas
I may be the only person in the ‘pundit’ world who can put what we know about the Las Vegas shooter in perspective because I’ve dealt with something similar before. My personal take, at this point, is ‘homicidal psychotic break, rationale currently unknown, possible pharmacological.’

Shapiro Fiercely SHREDS Kimmel’s Gun Control Rant
On Tuesday, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro absolutely tore apart Jimmy Kimmel’s emotion-laden monologue on Monday night in which a tearful Kimmel ripped the GOP for not enacting harsher gun control laws as well as those who responded to the Las Vegas massacre by praying rather than pressing for harsher gun control laws. Kimmel’s monologue got wide media play from the gun control-obsessed MSM; Shapiro simplly rolled the tape of Kimmel and paused intermittently to fiercely decimate Kimmel’s rant. In the end, Shapiro returned to one of his key perspectives; that judgments based on feelings rather than facts and reason are a recipe for disaster.

“Discovery” Is Star Trek In A Mirror, Darkly
Previous Star Trek series had a problem with overly utopian idealism. Now the problem is that they’ve beaten all of it out of the franchise.

Munchausen Moms: @LizFraserRM, Feminism and Gender Dysphoria
What is causing the epidemic of sexual confusion among young people? Because I’ve been researching radical feminism for more than three years, I am deeply familiar with the feminist opposition to the transgender cult, and have frequently cited blogs like 4th Wave Now, which are critical of this phenomenon.

The Republican Senate Edge
A look at all three classes shows the difficulties for Democrats in winning a majority in a polarized era

How the state steals seniors’ rights and calls it ‘compassion’
We like to think that America is a nation of rights, of equal treatment under the law, a nation that respects the dignity of every individual citizen, regardless of race, color, or creed. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights enshrined these attitudes into law, and we venerate them and tell ourselves that ours is a noble and compassionate country.

Why Conservative College Kids Should Be a Protected Class
When I was a sophomore at Barnard College, a women’s college in NYC under the Columbia University umbrella, I applied to become a columnist with the Columbia Daily Spectator. During the interview, the editors asked me what I hoped to write about. As the first person in my family to graduate from high school, I knew how to play this card. “Social inequality and labor issues,” I said, invoking the spirit of Columbia’s longstanding social justice tradition. Needless to say, I got the position.

Free College Has a Price, as the UK Has Proven
Listen up, Bernie Sanders. Your suggestion of free public college could be disastrous for the very people you want to help. Just look across the pond to the UK. It didn’t work so well there.

The Truth About Columbus
Is this the last time we can celebrate Columbus Day?

How Nevada provides a disincentive for experienced teachers and other employees to continue working
Once again the folks at the Nevada Policy Research Institute have put out a jeremiad lamenting the state’s self-defeating, tax-draining, counter-productive public employee retirement system.

The view from 2042
Additional youth marriage equality reforms set to pass parliament

Screeching Truth To Power
Further to this video of the hat-stealing, drunk-driving, threat-making racist and Angry Studies devotee Edith Macias, Jennifer Kabbany has more

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