Quick Takes – Psychic Murder; Psychic War; Psychic Miasma

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Ill thoughts take form and the bane of Progressives doth arise!

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Apparently harshing the vibe of a hippie is nothing to the now established “fact” that doubleplusungood thoughts can and will kill

“Yes, you heard that right. Being gay in an unwelcoming community takes 12 years off your life! This study was heralded broadly by the press with no critical analysis provided for the reader. Not one mainstream journalist stopped to consider, much less challenge, the sweeping grandeur of this claim. It was used as a blunt object to condemn anyone not keen on the mainstreaming of homosexuality.

“Quite blunt it was. Reducing another’s life by 12 years by failing to agree with his or her sexual desires is no small charge. But is it legit?”

     In reality, No. In academic fantasy land, OTOH…

     The Left raises brave warriors of Social Justice!

“Publicly funded University of Central Florida has a ‘leftist fight club’ that teaches progressives how to fight Republicans. This club, Knights for Socialism, is the only one like its kind that actually advocates violence

     Even if one isn’t involved in some socially tranformative issue of Social Justice doesn’t mean one won’t be punished for dissent.

“The judgement against [Wyoming judge Ruth] Neely raises questions about how citizens should handle enforcement of laws they believe are unjust. Where does this leave law enforcement officials who don’t agree with immigration laws, for example, or military members like chaplains who refer members of other religions to another chaplain instead of including them in their own religious rites? Is there a difference between expecting a pro-life firefighter to save an abortion clinic and not let it burn down, and expecting a judge to perform a same-sex marriage?

“Neely’s job as magistrate isn’t over emergency or life and death matters, where the time to find a worker without objections becomes a loss of life or property. The court, in placing her job on an equal field with police officers, doctors, and firefighters, lacks common sense and reasonableness. Neely hasn’t proposed harsher punishments for gay lawbreakers, or asked for them to not be married at all by other available public officials, but she has professed that she, personally, can’t perform a hypothetical wedding.

“‘Wyoming law does not require any judge or magistrate to perform any particular marriage, and couples seeking to be married have no right to insist on a particular official as the officiant of their wedding,’ Justice Keith Kautz noted in the dissent that Justice Michael Davis joined.

“Americans have to examine what careers are open to those with religious beliefs and what aren’t, and barring people from jobs they do fairly and are well-qualified for leaves us fewer conscientious and qualified workers. It also heightens the growing imbalances between faithful Christians and secular American citizens with growing preferences for the latter based solely on religious beliefs.”


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