News of the Week (October 30th, 2016)


News of the Week for October 30th, 2016


Election 2016


Priebus Suggests Possible Reevaluation of GOP Pledge-Breakers
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said the party may revisit its stance that 2016 presidential hopefuls who didn’t support nominee Donald Trump could be punished if they ran again in 2020.

In Ohio, Despair Breeds The Politics Of Ambivalence
In Akron, Ohio, residents grapple with a heroin epidemic, new industries that create too few jobs, and an election that no one wants to talk about.

Liberals Adored Trump When He Was Winning The GOP Primary
Progressives spent the primaries castigating Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and suggesting that Bill Clinton’s conduct toward women was “far worse” than Trump’s.

Clinton Ally McAuliffe Donated $500,000 to Campaign of FBI Official’s Wife
State Senate candidate’s husband helped oversee Clinton email probe

State Dept. aide pleads the Fifth more than 90 times
A former State Department IT aide invoked his Fifth Amendment rights and refused to answer more than 90 questions Monday during the final deposition in a lawsuit over Hillary Clinton’s private emails.

Breitbart coordinated with liberal activist and organizer who disrupted GOP primary campaign events
A liberal activist and organizer coordinated with reporters from the conservative news site Breitbart during the primaries to cover his disruptions of events for candidates such as Sen. Marco Rubio.

RIGGED: Breitbart News Worked Alongside Leftist Activist to Attack Conservatives
Trump propaganda front Breitbart News has never been shy about who they’ve been rooting for this election cycle. However, their credibility as a conservative source took yet another hit this evening with a report put out by Politico on just who they worked closely with to keep real conservatives from making any headway in the race.

Bayh lunched with bank lobbyists on day of ’08 bailout vote
His Senate schedule reveals a series of meetings with financial services reps just as Wall Street was imploding.

Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Involvement
Project Veritas Action has released the third video in a multi-part series that is sending shockwaves through the DNC and the Clinton campaign. The first video explained the dark secrets and the hidden connections and organizations the Clinton campaign uses to incite violence at Trump rallies. The second video exposed a diabolical step-by-step voter fraud strategy discussed by top Democratic operatives and showed one key operative admitting that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years. This latest video takes this investigation even further.

Election 2016: Losing the Lessons, Along with the Votes
This election cycle is not lacking in unsolicited opinions, yet some of us still find ourselves woefully underrepresented in the media and even in the blogs. Most Americans aren’t hyper partisan political junkies that seize on every process story or whisper of a scandal. Most are just people trying to get through their everyday struggles, with the hope that the choices made by the Government won’t cost them their jobs or make their monthly bills go up.

Millennials Offer Hope for SMOD’s Presidential Ambitions
The Sweet Meteor of Death may not prevail in 2016, but its future prospects look bright

Clinton’s Disgraceful Three-Headed Crime Has Compromised the FBI
Hillary played fast and loose—with both her system and the law

Data mining: Dems leading in new-voter registrations in PA, FL
The 2016 cycle has had a deluge of polling to try to get a picture of the current status of the election. Much of that gets disputed by all sides, depending on methodology, sampling, and – let’s face it – outcomes.

Sen. Pat Toomey’s neighborhood vandalized with anti-GOP graffiti
Two houses located across the street from Senator Pat Toomey’s home in Zionsville, Pennsylvania were vandalized with anti-GOP messages, including one that mentioned Toomey by name.

Top Democrats Seem TERRIFIED Marco Rubio Will Win
If Harry Reid wants somebody to be taken out, you know that person is a thorn in the Democrats’ side. The soon-to-be-retiring senator and Florida donors are pressing Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to fight harder in Florida, but the DSCC has pulled its money out of the state.

GOP Candidates Change Ads, Run as a Check on Hillary
The strategy worked in 1996.

Project Veritas Shows Hillary Allies Accepting HUGE Illegal Donation…
The following takes place in the year 2016, despite what the color correcting would have you believe. Also the blatant mishandling of political power, which rivals that of Henry VIII.

Rigging the Election – Video IV: $20K Wire Transfer From Belize Returned
In the effort to prove the credibility of the undercover donor featured in the videos and to keep the investigation going, Project Veritas Action made the decision to donate twenty thousand dollars to Robert Creamer’s effort. Project Veritas Action had determined that the benefit of this investigation outweighed the cost. And it did. In an unexpected twist, AUFC president Brad Woodhouse, the recipient of the $20,000, heard that Project Veritas Action was releasing undercover videos exposing AUFC’s activities. He told a journalist that AUFC was going to return the twenty thousand dollars. He said it was because they were concerned that it might have been an illegal foreign donation. Project Veritas Action was pleased but wondered why that hadn’t been a problem for the month that they had the money.

The post-Trump GOP
Unlike Steve, I’m convinced that, unfortunately, Hillary Clinton will win this election. Assuming she does, and that the race isn’t very close, what will happen to Trumpism?

Frank Luntz: Rubio would be up eight points against Clinton right now, Kasich would be up 12
Oh please. Hillary may be deeply corrupt and have all the charm of fungus, but she’s well-funded, well-organized, performs well at debates, runs a ruthless oppo shop, and has the sort of ruling-class resume that many voters admire. She’d also be light years ahead of Rubio and Kasich in name recognition, no small thing in a national election.

Scott Foval Reveals Who Was Really Behind the Romney 47% Video
In this video, Scott Foval, the now former Field Director of Americans United For Change admits that the bartender who supposedly filmed Mitt Romney’s notorious 47% moment was not a bartender, but was a lawyer.

Tom Perez jokes about murdered girl at Clinton event
NTK News reports that U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez was interrupted at a Hillary Clinton event in North Carolina by phones going off due to an Amber Alert for a missing boy there. The boy was later found safe.

Inside the Trump Bunker, With 12 Days to Go
Win or lose, the Republican candidate and his inner circle have built a direct marketing operation that could power a TV network-or finish off the GOP.

New Republican ad for GOP Rep. Bob Dold: He denounced Trump ages ago, you know
Via NRO, this isn’t the first anti-Trump ad to run this year on behalf of a vulnerable House Republican. Mike Coffman of Colorado was way ahead of the curve, distancing himself from Trump in a spot in early August. It is, however, the first anti-Trump ad to be produced by the NRCC, an arm of the House Republican caucus. Why are they bailing on Trump now? Simple: Bob Dold’s district in Illinois is one of the bluest in the country to have a Republican representing it in Congress.

Bayh hammered over corruption, Senate record by … HuffPo and Buzzfeed
Will the Democratic effort to recruit Evan Bayh prove their undoing in the next session of Congress? Earlier I noted that the GOP still has opportunities to hold onto its Senate majority thanks to brighter-than-expected prospects in Nevada and New Hampshire. If they succeed, it might be because Democrats went out of their way to pull Bayh out of retirement.

Trump staffer on campaign’s private polling: “Nate Silver’s results have been similar to ours”
If you wanted to know why Kellyanne Conway admitted last weekend that Trump is behind, here you go. It’s because he is, according to the campaign’s own data.

Congress: Attorney General Lynch “Pleads Fifth” on Secret Iran “Ransom” Payments
Obama admin blocking congressional probe into cash payments to Iran

Voter Fraud In Minnesota
That’s a big topic, as Minnesota’s same-day registration scheme is notoriously subject to–in fact, invites–abuse. But a group called Minnesota Voters Alliance has brought to light another problem: substantial numbers of felons, among others, are illegally being allowed to vote, because Minnesota’s Secretary of State refuses to follow the law.

Trump: “We should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump”
Donald Trump suggested canceling the election Thursday and granting himself the presidency.

FBI Hillary investigation bombshell is why we should not have early voting
It’s too late for some people to change their minds.

Miami-Dade arrests 2 women in separate cases of election fraud
A 74-year-old woman tasked with opening envelopes sent by Miami-Dade County voters with their completed mail ballots was arrested Friday after co-workers caught her illegally marking ballots, resulting in an unknown — but small — number of fraudulent votes being cast for mayoral candidate Raquel Regalado.

Bill Clinton cheered 11th hour indictment that doomed Bush re-election
Whispers of “payback” are being directed at Hillary Clinton after she decried as “unprecedented” the surprise FBI revival of its probe of her email scandal.

Anthony Weiner cooperating with FBI on email probe
Former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner is cooperating with authorities in the FBI investigation of his laptop that contains emails that prompted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to reopen its probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized email server.

GOP braces for turmoil after Election Day
Donald Trump’s path of destruction has pushed the Republican Party to the cusp of a historic reckoning, an existential crisis that has left half of America’s political establishment in desperate need of new leaders, a new message, and even a common orthodoxy.

FBI throws curveball into race for Senate
The battle for the Senate is running down to the wire. While Democrats hold a narrow edge heading into the final week of the election campaign, races in battleground states remain too close to call.


Obama Scandals


How Obama’s Post-Presidency Could Affect Your State Legislature
During his final State of the Union address, President Barack Obama insisted that one means of ending the nation’s polarized political environment is changing how the states draw congressional and state legislative districts.

Department of Justice BUSTED; The Fix Was In
As part of the series of leaked emails from Clinton operative John Podesta’s account comes the revelation that Podesta had a very cozy relationship with one of the top officials at the Justice Department charged with investigating Hillary’s corruption.

Federal Judge Asks Why Obama Administration Isn’t Admitting Christian Syrian Refugees
In an otherwise unremarkable opinion over the federal Freedom of Information Act, a federal appellate court judge has issued a sharp rejoinder to the Obama administration over an issue that has been discussed in the news—the almost complete lack of Syrian Christian refugees being brought over to the U.S.

Congress: Cuba to Share Critical U.S. Intel With Iranian Spies
Intel sharing with Cuba endangers America, lawmakers warn


Gun Rights


North Carolina High School Opens Gun Range – Liberals Lose Their Minds
Smithfield-Selma High has opened up a gun range on campus and it is sparking much debate. Liberals always talk about how they only want well trained people to operate guns, but when they get their wish, they still are complaining.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Forget solar panels, optical “rectenna” converts light directly to electricity
From Georgia Tech, a news release that we missed when it first came out, but still well worth talking about.

How a London university pocketed millions by faking global warming studies
This story takes place across the pond but it shines a light on some of the current state of “research” in the climate studies field. The Daily Caller has a fascinating report on the University of London and the expensive process they engaged in when commissioning research papers and scholarly work on global warming. The university’s Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) was tasked by the government with providing such educational material for use by Parliament and they delivered it at a hefty price tag to the taxpayers. The only problem is that a lot of the research in question wasn’t even done by them.



Government in Healthcare


Insurers use California’s assisted-suicide law to deny treatment for terminal patients
“As soon as this law was passed… patients fighting for a longer life end up getting denied treatment…”

Obama health plan hit by double-digit premium hikes
Premiums will go up sharply next year under President Barack Obama’s health care law, and many consumers will be down to just one insurer, the administration confirmed Monday. That’s sure to stoke another “Obamacare” controversy days before a presidential election.

Sex trafficking victims: Planned Parenthood “didn’t ask questions”
There are more people living in slavery today than at any other point in the history of mankind. In the United States alone, 400,000 are enslaved, but the people and organizations with the ability to save these individuals choose not to. Instead, they choose to turn a blind eye so they can collect money for forced abortions.


War & Terror


Family of ISIS bomber who hanged himself seeks compensation, sues German government
Brother of the Islamic Terrorist questions police version, says “suicide is forbidden in Islam”




Tom Hayden, prominent anti-war activist, dies at 76
Tom Hayden, the famed 1960s anti-war activist who moved beyond his notoriety as a Chicago 8 defendant to become a California legislator, author and lecturer, has died. He was 76.

Collaborated with North Vietnamese Communists during the Vietnam War

How Cornell fails its students
A noticeable lack of political diversity pervades college campuses such as Cornell.

University of Florida has hotline on offensive Halloween costumes
The University of Florida has a hotline for people who see offensive Halloween costumes. UF sent out the alert earlier this month saying how important it was to have an “inclusive definition of diversity.”

EXCLUSIVE: Sociology textbook claims capitalism perpetuates poverty
A sociology textbook in use at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne teaches that American exceptionalism has “racist overtones” and that capitalism is to blame for “the persistence of poverty.”

Campus police to probe “offensive” Halloween costumes, students told
Members of Tufts University’s Greek system have been told they could face “serious disciplinary sanctions” – including a possible investigation by the campus police — for wearing Halloween costumes that offend peers or make the campus community “feel threatened or unsafe.”

Public university allows “viewpoint-based” discrimination for unpopular speech, group claims
Letting police decide what “solicitation” means in any given situation

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Alan Sokal, Call Your Office
Our weekly feature about academic absurdities is drawn usually from the social sciences and humanities, because that’s where you find the most politicized work and the most tolerance for complete gibberish and nonsense. This would never happen in the hard sciences, right? Right?

“Quem Deus Vult Perdere, Prius Dementat”
Boston Latin School, founded in 1635, is the oldest public school in America. For more than three centuries, BLS was “a bastion for educating the sons of the Boston ‘Brahmin’ elite,” and this prestigious all-male school did not admit its first female student until 1972. Feminists are now determined to destroy Boston Latin School.

Is Black Lives Matter Backfiring?
If Colin Kaepernick’s protest strategy is working, it hasn’t showed up yet in public opinion polling. Respect for local law enforcement soared over the last year to its highest level since 1968.

Berkeley students barricade bridge, force whites to cross creek
Students at the University of California, Berkeley held a violent protest on campus Friday to demand additional segregated “spaces of color” for non-white students.

“Jeopardy!” Trudges into Neo-Feminism, Features “Mansplaining”
Et tu, Trebek?

Closing in on a Giant Ghost Planet
Scientists have shrunk the hunting ground for the mysterious Planet Nine by half

New York City Tap Water Contains 11% Molly and 6% Oxycontin
A new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report has determined that the average glass of New York City tap water contains 11% Molly and 6% Percocet (Oxycodone).

Pro-abortion CSULA prof freaks out at Star Parker event
Conservative activist Star Parker provoked a pro-abortion professor into hysterics at a recent lecture at CSULA, simply by comparing the moral case against abortion to the arguments against slavery.

17 Things on Clarence Thomas’ Mind During Rare Public Remarks
It is important for the Supreme Court not only to base its decisions on the Constitution but to issue opinions that address the questions of everyday Americans, a relaxed Clarence Thomas said Wednesday night as an honored guest speaker at The Heritage Foundation.

Subsidized housing for Los Angeles teachers a bust – they make too much money
An experiment designed to keep teachers teaching in the Los Angeles Unified School District has turned out to be a fiasco, as educators’ salaries proved to be too high for the necessary subsidies.

LGBT special interests are planning ahead for a Clinton administration
The LGBT community is getting ready to swarm the White House in the event of a Clinton victory. As always, the focus isn’t on the individual (i.e., a black economist who happens to be gay) but is, instead, on sexual orientation first (i.e., a gay black man who happens to be an economist). To this end, a leading LGBT activist who had a high position in the Obama administration is leading a coalition of 30 LGBT organizations to gather resumes with which to deluge the Clinton White House.

Chaffetz: “We’ve got two years worth of” Hillary investigations to come
Chaffetz won’t stop until he gets answers.

Berkeley student protesters blockade whites, yet Obama admin silent
Obama’s Double Standard About Racial Harassment on Campus

Bundy brothers found not guilty of conspiracy in Oregon militia standoff
The high-profile trial over the takeover of the Malheur wildlife refuge sparked a national debate about the public land rights of ranchers in the American west

Public university bans students from talking about their faith in several classes
“Are you really following what Jesus wants you to do?”

Content restrictions placed on university’s free speech wall
University of Denver student leaders have placed restrictions on what can be written on a campus free speech wall — and have also installed a camera to monitor who writes what – after some of the messages scrawled on the wall upset students of color.

YouTube Just Censored A Video Criticizing Censorship
YouTube just censored another one of Prager University’s educational videos, and this time YouTube went after one criticizing censorship.

Trans Activist: Using Pronouns That Align With Biology Is Just Like Saying The N-Word
ThinkProgress’s Zack Ford thinks using pronouns that align with a trans person’s biological sex is like calling an African-American the n-word.

Study: Google searches favor left-wing content
Many conservatives suspect that Google, along with Facebook and other new media giants, are biased in favor of the left. The suspicion is logical. The class that operates these outlets can be viewed as a younger version of the class that operates the liberal mainstream media. Why expect different from it?

Partially-nude female clown charged with chasing cars
A woman was arrested Thursday after numerous witnesses called 911 to report that a partially nude woman wearing clown makeup was chasing cars and jumping in and out of traffic on a country road in Cunningham.

Ancient burials suggest a history of blood feuds, brutality and revenge
Skeletons can tell stories. In the Sonoran Desert, a body laid gently on its side, its arms crossed, its knees bent toward its chest, tells the story of someone who was loved and respected, whose community mourned her once she was gone.

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Transgender School Bathrooms Case
The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether a federal order requiring public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity is lawful.

What will UN Islamists think of Wonder Woman’s comic book reboot as a lesbian?
Wonder Woman was recently named the United Nations’ honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. But don’t tell anyone from any of the Islamic countries about her comic book reboot. It might not go over all that well.

UC Irvine students demand “Rally for America” be canceled
UC Irvine students furious over an upcoming “Rally for America” event to be hosted by Milo Yiannopoulos and the UCI College Republicans on Oct. 30 are supporting a petition calling for it to be canceled, saying the event will be :filled with hate and rooted in exploitation of non-white bodies.:

“Uncle-Dad” Introduced on Season Premiere of CBS’s “Life in Pieces”
The season opener of CBS’s Life in Pieces introduces an odd new couple to an already odd family in the episode “Annulled Roommate Pill Shower.” Season Two brings us the “Uncle-Dad” from a brother and sister relationship.

Three U.S. colleges swept by hand, foot, and mouth disease
Outbreak noteworthy for the number of infected students.

Berkeley Now Requiring “Consent Talks” at the Door During Frat Parties
“create a safe party culture”


Economy & Taxes


Consumer sentiment hits 87.2 in October vs. 88.2 estimate
The Index of Consumer Sentiment hit 87.2 in October, according to the University of Michigan on Friday, the lowest level since October 2014.




Venezuela’s congress vows to put socialist President Maduro on trial
Venezuela’s National Assembly vowed Sunday to put socialist President Maduro on trial after his government indefinitely put off an attempt to gather signatures for a recall referendum.

Rotherham Council helped four Asian men win lifelong ANONYMITY despite fears they were grooming a white teenage girl
Teenager was found in hotel with man with booze, drugs and condoms

Fury as German primary school “forces” children to chant “Allahu Akbar” in Muslim prayer
PUPILS at a primary school were forced to chant “Allahu Akhbar” and “there is no God but Allah”, an appalled father has claimed.

Venezuela lawmakers approve criminal trial for Maduro as crisis deepens
The vote came one day after Maduro’s regime surprised many by agreeing to hold crisis talks with political opponents.

Germany: Non-Muslim Elementary Schoolchildren Forced to Chant “Allahu Akhbar”
They also had to chant “there is no God but Allah”

“Hope Is Not Enough”: Ukrainian University Students Prepare for War
The young man never told anyone he was going to war. The 20-year-old student at Kyiv’s Taras Shevchenko National University slipped away in June 2014 to join a civilian paramilitary group fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Interview that will chill every parent: Social workers accuse Christian family of “emotional abuse and homophobia” because they refuse to let their teenage daughter undergo a sex change at 14
Peter and Kate Wilson’s daughter was a 14-year-old wanting to be a doctor

Christian priest pelted with stones by children shouting “Allahu Akhbar”
A CHRISTIAN priest was pelted with stones by Muslim children shouting “Allahu Akhbar” in Germany.

Stealing from a child
This is what happened to the book that many have now called the manifesto for the ‘no campaign’ to ‘same-sex’ marriage (SSM). Commercial printer, Opus Group, made the decision to stop printing Stealing from a child “due to its subject matter and content”. They made the call two days out from the book launch despite having received the manuscript three weeks prior.




How To Stop The Feds From Micromanaging The Country
A proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution would give states the authority to repeal a federal rule or regulation by a two-thirds majority.

News Flash: Feminists Hate Men
Sunday, I took notice of a controversy at Columbia University, where feminists tore down posters announcing a scheduled Nov. 1 speech by Christina Hoff Sommers. In researching this incident, I discovered that Columbia senior Roya Hegdahl had incited hatred against Dr. Sommers by labeling her a “rape culture denier.”

Welcome to 2016: “When the Insane Are Normal, the Normal Are Insane”
In case you haven’t noticed, the world has gone crazy. We now live in some kind of alternative universe dreamed up by a science-fiction writer, and it’s comforting to know we’re not alone in feeling this way.

Has the GOP Screwed Itself for 2018, Too?
Yesterday morning, the Cook Political report explained why it is a very real possibility that the GOP loses the Senate in this election cycle. At this point, it’s not pessimistic to think that the Republican Party’s best case scenario is a 50/50 split with the Democrats (giving the Democrats the Senate because the Vice President is the deciding vote). However, 2018 holds some good possibilities for the GOP, as several weak purple/red state Democrats are up for re-election then.

Stacy McCain gets last laugh at Twitter
In February, Twitter banned conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain, leaving his 90,000 followers in the lurch. Then gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos. Then Glenn Reynolds, whom they reinstated and who decided not to use Twitter for anything but free promotion of his blog.

The Clichés of Third-Wave Feminism
Today I was working on a long piece about academic feminism while babysitting my youngest grandson, and during my grandson’s nap, I checked my file over at Medium – an innovative platform, by the way – and noticed a response to something I had written.

The Last Crusade: Spain 1936
WHEN THE HEROICS of the Spanish Civil War come up – Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia, Hemingway’s fictions or the effusions of various poets – there is a very large and usually unremarked elephant in the room: Orwell, who actually fought, and Hemingway who wrote about fighting, were on the wrong side.

Why Are You Willing To Be An Idiot?
Rasmussen is one of the worst pollsters to exist in the United States. That’s not my opinion. That is objective fact given Rasmussen’s polling over the last several years. In 2012, Republicans hung their hat on Rasmussen polling only to watch Mitt Romney lose and Scott Rasmussen get booted from his company. Without Scott there, Rasmussen has descended beneath credibility.

Queer Feminism at Marquette University
Marquette University is allegedly Catholic, and also has one of the worst records for suppressing free speech of any campus in the country. Marquette has a “red light” rating from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), meaning that the university’s policy “clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech” and “unambiguously infringes on what is or should be protected expression.”

“For almost a quarter of a century… the Nobel committee acted as if American literature did not exist – and now an American is acting as if the Nobel committee doesn’t exist.”
“Giving the award to Mr. Dylan was an insult to all the great American novelists and poets who are frequently proposed as candidates for the prize. The all-but-explicit message was that American literature, as traditionally defined, was simply not good enough. This is an absurd notion, but one that the Swedes have embraced: In 2008, the Academy’s permanent secretary, Horace Engdahl, declared that American writers ‘don’t really participate in the big dialogue of literature’ and are limited by that ‘ignorance.'”

A Conservative’s Guide For Talking About Rape, Religion, And Abortion
Pro-life advocates should ask themselves whether they can adopt a modest shift in public policy that would allow more Americans to enter their camp.

WikiLeaks Dumps Mean Hillary’s Presidency Would Be Tainted from Day One
Evidence of her corruption would aid America’s adversaries.

Suggestion For What To Do With Hillary
When you’re on active duty in the military, much hay is made about the concept of a “lawful order”. You’re to obey all orders, per General Order Number 6. While you retain the absolute right of self defense, you also had better not violate International Law (e.g. Geneva Conventions), Civil Law, or engage in “conduct unbecoming”. The last is pretty much a blank check to burn anyone.

Feminism and the Cult of the True Self
Once upon a time, psychology was about helping people cope with the difficulties of life, to become “well-adjusted” to adulthood. Within my own lifetime — and I could cite my personal experience — practitioners of psychology sought to locate the “root cause” of behavioral problems in order to help people understand why they had the problems they had. This was the justification for what used to be called the “couch trip” of mid-20th century psychoanalysis. In his memoir New York in the Fifties, Dan Wakefield recounts how it seemed that everyone in his circle of young intellectuals was being treated by an analyst.

Dying For The Right To Say It
What do we talk about when we talk about free speech?

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