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News of the Week for October 16th, 2016


Election 2016


Clinton up by double digits after Trump tape’s release
Hillary Clinton has opened up a double-digit lead on Donald Trump in a new poll conducted entirely after the release of video in which the Republican nominee talks about groping women without their consent.

If there was one resonant moment, it was Anderson Cooper getting Trump to say he had never acted on the behavior he described on The Tape.
“Thank you for providing the tape we’ll run after the next allegation.”

Trumped-Up Outrage
The Left condemns the GOP candidate even as it celebrates crudity and sexual exhibitionism throughout the culture.

Trump’s truest believers start to worry: “You could easily lose this election”
The morning after the vice-presidential debate, Cathy Frasca woke at 5 a.m. and hand-wrote a four-page letter to Donald Trump that said: “It is obvious that you could easily lose this election.”

2016’s Black Swans Have Arrived With A Warning To Americans
Our nation has reached a critical juncture in our body politic. There is no escaping the message of the black swans

Re-elect Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson’s victory over Russ Feingold in 2010 was probably the highlight of that election night for me. Unlike in Illinois, the victorious Republican was a strong conservative. Unlike in Pennsylvania, the Republican defeated an entrenched incumbent and one of the most left-wing members of the Senate.

Trump bounces back, but back to where?
My view is that Donald Trump won tonight’s debate. He dominated the stage and landed shot after shot on Hillary Clinton. Hillary, meanwhile, struggled to say much that will connect with voters except perhaps Muslim-Americans.

Panicky GOP Leaders Should Come Home after Trump Wins Debate #2
I was disturbed so many Republican leaders deserted Donald Trump within hours of the publication of the now infamous 2005 video, though I wasn’t surprised. Most politicians are cowards, prone to panic. But they didn’t stop to think.

Leaked Emails Show Facebook Exec Shared Research With Clinton Campaign
Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg shared research with key members of the Clinton campaign, newly released emails show.

NYC election official claims voter fraud in minority neighborhoods in new James O’Keefe video
Quite a score for Project Veritas. The difficulty in creating an effective sting video, I’d guess, is that the prominence of the target and their willingness to speak candidly to strangers are usually inversely proportional.

DNC Chief Donna Brazile Leaked Sanders Info to Clinton Campaign
WikiLeaks hack reveals DNC’s favoritism as Clinton staff in damage control over Hillary’s support for DOMA

Hillary In Leaked Email: Saudi Arabia And Qatar Are Funding ISIS
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sent an email to her campaign chairman John Podesta in 2014, who was then-counselor to President Barack Obama, that said Saudi Arabia and Qatar are both giving financial and logistical support to the Islamic State and other extremist Sunni groups, according to a recent Wikileaks release.

Brazile denies giving Clinton camp advance notice on CNN town hall question
Interim Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile sent information to a top Clinton campaign official about an upcoming a question she got “in advance” one day before a very similar question was asked at a CNN Town Hall, according to hacked emails published by WikiLeaks.

James O’Keefe vows to release “a new hidden camera video every single day until the election”
Undercover video activist and the head of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, came on last night’s show to talk about his latest blockbuster expose: catching the New York City Democratic Election Commissioner on tape admitting, “They bus people around to vote.”

Clinton Opens 9-Point Lead in Ohio as Early Voting Starts
Early voting in Ohio opened Wednesday morning, and at the same time, a poll taken after the release of Trump’s 2005 comments and after the second presidential debate showed Hillary Clinton wiping the floor with Donald Trump.

Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – a PEOPLE Writer’s Own Harrowing Story
In December 2005, PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff went to Mar-a-Lago to interview Donald and Melania Trump. What she says happened next left her badly shaken. Reached for comment, a spokeswoman for Trump said, :This never happened. There is no merit or veracity to this fabricated story.: What follows is Stoynoff’s account.

Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately
Donald J. Trump was emphatic in the second presidential debate: Yes, he had boasted about kissing women without permission and grabbing their genitals. But he had never actually done those things, he said.

Trump lawyers given court date over lawsuit alleging rape of 13-year-old
Counsel for Jeffrey Epstein, associate of Prince Andrew convicted of underage sex crimes in Florida in 2008, also ordered to appear for December civil hearing

James O’Keefe Blocked From His Twitter Account for Videos About Electoral Corruption
After releasing two viral videos over the last two days, Project Veritas Founder and President James O’Keefe is no longer allowed to access his Twitter account. According to Twitter, he is blocked from accessing his account for twelve hours, at which point they reserve the right to make him pass additional hurdles to access his account.

Podesta e-mails: Conservative Catholicism an “an amazing bastardization of the faith”
The Wikileaks hack of the e-mail system of Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta has produced plenty of strange moments, but perhaps none stranger than a 2011 discussion of Catholicism in which Podesta himself played no part. The brief exchange between Jennifer Palmieri, now Hillary’s comms director but at the time working at the Center for American Progress, and CAP fellow John Halpin sounds so bitter and offers such silly arguments about Catholicism that it looks fake. If legit, these hacked e-mails provide a rather disturbing look into the minds of Hillary’s brain trust when it comes to Catholics, especially conservative Catholics.

Will Hillary explain her dream of “open borders”?
Just as America was tossed — or did we eagerly jump — into the sexual political gutter with Bill and Hillary and Donald, there was other news breaking.

FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insider
The decision to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information has roiled the FBI and Department of Justice, with one person closely involved in the year-long probe telling that career agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged.

Footage surfaces of Trump making questionable remark about 10-year old girl
Newly surfaced footage from 1992 obtained by CBS News shows Donald Trump directing a suggestive remark at a 10-year-old girl.

Video Showing Bill Clinton Rape Of 13-Year-Old Girl Will Plunge Presidential Race Into Chaos
original source at

White Whale: How Pennsylvania Explains Republicans’ Predicament
For almost a decade, Brandon Finnigan, a conservative blogger and elections data enthusiast, had obsessed about Republican failures in Pennsylvania in presidential races. The state had been a white whale of sorts for the G.O.P., and capturing it would mean a way back to the White House.

BuzzFeed Will Team Up With Twitter On Election Night
Editor-in-chief Ben Smith hopes to reach political junkies and bring transparency to the “mystical” process of declaring election winners.

Voter Fraud Is Real. Here’s The Proof
Data suggests millions of voter registrations are fraudulent or invalid. That’s enough to tip an election, easily.

5 women claim they were sexually assaulted by Donald Trump
A deluge of sexual misconduct allegations hit Donald Trump on Wednesday as five women came forward with claims that he groped, kissed or leered at them.

Are the next 26 days the last act in an American tragedy?
You know what those of us who are not opera fans really hate about opera? We hate the fact that, after the heroine has been dealt the fatal blow, it still takes her another half hour of frantic soprano singing before she dies. I suspect that the attenuated operatic death scene will be an apt metaphor for the last 27 days of America’s 2016 election cycle. Trump and his supporters are still singing as loudly and as strongly as they can, but the death-blow has already been dealt.

Could absentee ballots spell trouble for Donald Trump in North Carolina?
Believe it or not, North Carolina residents have been voting for a month already.

How Evan McMullin Could Win Utah And The Presidency
It’s unlikely, but far from impossible

Ron Johnson rallies in Wisconsin
Ron Johnson is a conservative hero. He’s also one of Power Line’s “picks” in this year’s congressional elections.

Trump bouncing back in New Hampshire?
Has the tide turned yet again in the volatile presidential race? In New Hampshire, even before the cascade of October surprises that have battered the Donald Trump campaign, Hillary Clinton appeared well on her way to an easy win in the WBUR poll series. Today, though, the four-way race has gone back to a near-virtual tie, thanks in part to a bleedout from Gary Johnson to Trump

How The Clown Hysteria Explains Our Psychotic Presidential Election
The recent sighting of demented clowns across the country is a sign of something deeper that’s amiss in American society—something only clowns can show us.

EXPOSED: SCANDAL OF DOUBLE VOTERS 46,000 registered to vote in city & Fla.
Voting twice in an election is punishable by up to five years in prison. Some 46,000 New Yorkers are registered to vote in both the city and Florida, a shocking finding that exposes both states to potential abuses that could alter the outcome of elections, a Daily News investigation shows.

Jill Stein: Trump Less Dangerous Than Hillary Who Would Start War With Russia
“it is actually Hillary’s policies which are much scarier”

Undercover Video: Russ Feingold says Hillary Might Issue Executive Order on Guns
Hillary donor: “Hillary wants to shut it down,” “get guns away from everyone in this country”

How a true conservative debates (in case you have forgotten)
No bluster or self-aggrandizement, and a focus on limiting the power of government.

Trump’s scorched earth becomes new worry for Clinton World
The scorched-earth playbook employed by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is stirring alarm among allies of Hillary Clinton, with some fearing the negativity will depress turnout on Election Day.

Senate Update: Clinton Is Surging, But Down-Ballot Democrats Are Losing Ground
In recent elections, more and more voters have been choosing candidates from the same party for president and Senate.

WikiLeaks: Podesta Asks Clinton’s Lawyer, “Think We Should Hold Emails To and From (Obama)?”
In a March 4, 2015 email to Hillary Clinton’s lawyer Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s eventual campaign chairman John Podesta asks if they should withhold email exchanges between Clinton and President Obama that were sent over Clinton’s private server.

Marquette poll shows WI Senate race back to virtual tie
Get ready for a photo finish in Wisconsin. Incumbent Ron Johnson had trailed by significant margins in his attempt to defeat Russ Feingold in a rematch of their 2010 Senate race, at times by double digits. Suddenly, though, the race has reverted to an inside-the-margin nailbiter, according to the gold standard of Wisconsin polling.

Analysis: Dems unlikely to retake House even if Trump polling collapses further
There are varying levels of horrible results for conservatives in the upcoming election.

Respectfully, Trump Prophecy Pushers: STOP IT
Romans 11:34 NLT – “For who can know the LORD’s thoughts? Who knows enough to give him advice?” Since this sham of an election cycle began, many a self-proclaimed prophet has sought to know God’s will for our nation.

Clinton Operatives Brag They “Scared Off” Chief Justice
In one of the more remarkable Wikileaks exchanges, Clinton operatives Neera Tanden and Jennifer Palmieri took credit for “scaring off” Chief Justice John Roberts by threatening to make the Supreme Court’s decision in the first Obamacare case, NFIB v. Sebelius, a campaign issue. These are the players on the email thread

Have Senate Republicans Already Avoided a Worst-Case Scenario?
GOP is confident of wins in Ohio, Florida, and Arizona despite Trump


Obama Scandals


Obama Administration Coordinated to Handle Fallout From Clinton Email Scandal
Top Obama administration officials coordinated with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2015 to handle the fallout from the discovery of Clinton’s private email server use while she was secretary of state.


Gun Rights


Gun Sales Hit Record High in September 2016
1,992,219 background checks processed.

The Coming National Gun Ban – and How the States Can Resist
The law of averages predicts that at some time in the future, perhaps as soon as 2017, the Democratic Party will once again control the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress. When that happens, the next Democratic president — be it Hillary Clinton or someone else — will sign into law a sweeping, foreign-style gun ban.

#2A victory: Bushmaster granted immunity in Sandy Hook case
Back in April I wrote about the ongoing lawsuit against Bushmaster which looked to hold the company accountable for the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The judge in that case, Barbara Bellis, had heard a motion from the defendants to have the suit dismissed because it would have violated the protections given to gun manufacturers under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


30 peer reviewed studies show no connection between climate change and hurricanes
This list is useful for refuting those misguided people that insist that there was a climate component to hurricane Mathew. There’s also my earlier refutation titled: Why trying to link hurricane Matthew to “climate change” is just political hype.

New Research Shows Wind Energy Fields Fatal to Golden Eagles and Migratory Birds
According to the study published in the journal Conservation Biology, a team of researchers from Purdue University has discovered that wind energy fields could kill birds not local to the area including large species including endangered golden eagles.



Government in Healthcare


Planned Parenthood Partners Charged for Illegal Body Part Profits
Companies “set prices … without any attempt to comply with the law”

Coming next in ObamaCare: Insurance rationing?
For Minnesotans, coming next is meant literally. In order to keep insurers from fleeing the Mnsure ObamaCare exchange, Commerce Commissioner Mark Rothman and Governor Mark Dayton had to agree to massive rate increases across the board, which have garnered most of the headlines and discussion in this state and around the nation. Another less-discussed concession, though, might have even worse portents for the unaffordable Affordable Care Act. Rothman and Dayton have allowed insurers to cap enrollments in order to limit their losses – an act of rationing that may set precedent for negotiations in other states.

The ObamaTax vs Your Salary
FoIB, and clinical psychologist, Dana Beezley-Smith has written a rather interesting take on how the ACA has impacted employees’ wages.


War & Terror


Exclusive: Turkey purges NATO military envoys after failed coup
Turkey has fired hundreds of senior military staff serving at NATO in Europe and the United States following July’s coup attempt, documents show, broadening a purge to include some of the armed forces’ best-trained officials.

As offensive nears, Islamic State rigs Mosul with bombs
Islamic State militants have placed booby traps across the city of Mosul, dug tunnels and recruited children as spies in anticipation of an offensive to dislodge the jihadists from their Iraqi stronghold, Iraqis and U.S. officials said.

ISIS beheads seven civilians in Mosul on charges of spying
ISIS terrorists beheaded on Thursday seven civilians in the city of Mosul, after accusing them of spying for the Iraqi Army.

SAS hero kills ISIS thug with AXE in violent raid to rescue Jihadi brides
AN SAS hero killed an Isis terrorist with an axe while freeing young girls held as sex slaves.




Gender-neutral housing goes largely unnoticed at Pitt
A recent report shows that most students living in the University of Pittsburgh’s new gender-neutral dorm did not actually request the special accommodation.

Student attacked by enraged peers upset at his “racist white cis male” free speech campaign
Tufts University students spew vulgarity and profanity-laced messages at student, tell him to leave campus

Residents debate Hispanic neighborhood changing street signs into Spanish
When Hispanic residents of downtown Allentown want to grab a bite, get their hair cut or shop for groceries, they often head to Seventh Street — but they don’t call it that. To them, it’s Calle Siete.

Chemist’s “man tax” sparks outrage
A NEW York pharmacy has introduced a 7 per cent “man tax” to raise awareness of gender pricing discrimination, sparking fierce debate online.

Columbia faculty consider freedom of expression statement to block Title IX probes
“We never dreamed in a million years” that anonymous complaints could threaten careers

Students Perform Mock Abortions at (Catholic) Loyola U. Chicago
“This procedure is very similar to sucking the seeds out of a papaya!”

Man killed in controversial cop shooting had PCP in his system
Oklahoma’s medical examiner says an unarmed man shot dead by a Tulsa police officer last month had the hallucinogenic drug PCP in his system when he died.

Improper Recycling Could Land You in Jail: How Overcriminalization Threatens Everyone
Criminal laws and regulations in the United States have increased to absurd proportions in the past few decades, posing a growing threat to our constitutional liberties.

Foreign Muslim student charged with forcing abortion on girlfriend with a “shishkebab skewer”
A University of Colorado-Colorado Springs student on a student visa from Saudi Arabia has been charged with “unlawful termination of a pregnancy and sexual assault”.

Soybean nitrogen breakthrough could help feed the world
Washington State University biologist Mechthild Tegeder has developed a way to dramatically increase the yield and quality of soybeans.

University that relocated “harmful” historic paintings showcases photo of naked woman
University of Wisconsin-Stout leaders recently relocated two historical paintings they deemed “harmful” to “controlled access” rooms – but administrators have not placed the same restrictions on a large photo of a naked woman openly displayed on campus.

Nobel prize in literature won by Bob Dylan
Singer-songwriter takes the award for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”

Conservative students of color called “coons,” “f*cking retarded” for Star Parker anti-abortion talk
A conservative student group at Cal State LA made up mostly of black, Latino and Asian students was targeted Thursday by verbal assaults and vandalism protesting the club’s plans to host a conservative black female speaker on campus.

Student blasts gay dating app over alleged racism
The physical preferences of Grindr’s users constitute :bedside racism,: Berkeley student Chris Cox writes.

Mizzou considers quizzing profs on social justice bona fides
A preliminary proposal released as part of a system-wide “diversity audit” includes a suggestion that professors be evaluated on their “commitment to diversity and inclusion” when being considered for tenure.

Why former AIG CEO remembers precise date he visited Europe over 70 yrs ago
And it’s being used against him

Now YouTube Has Restricted Christina Hoff Sommers’ Videos
Silencing the opposition.

Meet The Americans Revitalizing Freedom, One Child At A Time
Americans are losing their capacity for self-government. These patriots are doing something about it: opening excellent, America-affirming public schools.

Tuberculosis comes to Minnesota
Whatever happened to tuberculosis? I remember being tested for it in grade school in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. I remember reading about it in The Magic Mountain in college. It’s been a long time since I worried about it.

College Democrats Celebrate Vandalism of Pro-Life Display at Marquette U.
“My body, my freedom.


Economy & Taxes


Unions Ask Court to Rule Against Math
Pension hawks celebrated in August when a California appeals court upheld a state law limiting the ability of public employees to spike their pensions late in their careers. But with the case possibly headed to the state’s Supreme Court, the battle isn’t over yet.




Venezuelan regime runs out of other people’s money
Though every eye in the country is focused on the election, Americans should take a moment to look at the socialist disaster unfolding in Venezuela. Domestic economic anxiety is legitimate, but we should be thankful we’re so much better off than those subjected to the economic nostrums of the far Left.

Trolls could face jail under new legal guidelines
Social media is to be more stringently policed under new rules on offences for which online users can face criminal charges.

Ordensschwester: “Europa hat Wölfe reingelassen”
Die syrisch-orthodoxe Klosterschwester Hatune Dogan kümmert sich seit Jahrzehnten um Bedürftige auf der ganzen Welt und scheut sich auch nicht, öffentlich aufzutreten und auf das Schicksal dieser Menschen hinzuweisen.

Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become “too Westernised” living in Norway
The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home

Holland: Immigrant-Muslim Party Wants “Racism Police” to go after Free Speech
Dutch Party wants 1,000-men strong political police, list offenders in nationwide “Racism Register”

Dutch government plans to legalise assisted suicide for those who feel they have “completed life” but are not necessarily terminally ill in controversial move
Netherlands was first country to legalise euthanasia in 2002 but only for patients considered to be suffering unbearable pain with no hope of a cure

Scotland to publish independence referendum consultation bill next week
Scotland will publish a fresh independence referendum Bill for consultation next week, part of a strategy to ensure that Scotland’s voice is heard in the negotiations to take Britain out of the European Union, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on Thursday.

Man dressed as Batman chases “killer clowns” in Cumbria ?share
A “killer clown” craze is sweeping Britain, with police warning people against dressing as clowns in order to intimidate or harm people.

Islamist girls’ school which taught that gay people could be killed and men could beat women faces closure two years after pupil exposed its sharia-style regime
Islamist girls’ boarding school Jamia Al Hudaa in Nottingham faces closure

UCT student upsets Newton’s apple cart with her demand that #ScienceMustFall
A so-called “fallist” has asked students at the University of Cape Town’s science faculty to consider scrapping science as a whole if it is ever to be decolonised.

Creepy Clowns in Sweden: Threats to Children, Man Stabbed
Creepy clowns sighted in the Netherlands, too




Our Post-Christian Culture Often Replaces Faith with Nonsense
The science of human thought and behavior often has no firm evidence to back it up.

“My Inherent Feminine Wisdom”: Witchcraft and Academic Feminism
In 1977, Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis named Laurie Cabot the “Official Witch of Salem.”

What does Ben & Jerry’s and the East Germany Stasi have in common?
#BenAndJerrysNewFlavor Stasi flavor! #NichtEgal

Trumped-Up Outrage
The Left condemns the GOP candidate even as it celebrates crudity and sexual exhibitionism throughout the culture.

Having Transgender Parents Will Hurt Kids Like It Hurt Me
The children of transgender people will have to struggle with the knowledge that their mother is also their father, or vice versa. It hurts them. I know, because I was that child, too.

Never Trust a “Male Feminist” (And Relevant Thoughts About @JayaSaxena)
You probably never heard of Devin Faraci, who blogs about movies, and perhaps you never would have heard of him had it not been for the fact that Devin Faraci is (a) liberal and (b) stupid, but I repeat myself.

Meet Caroline Contillo (@spacecrone), the “Buddhist Witch” Who Destroyed @devincf
Film critic Devin Faraci’s career was destroyed when the “male feminist” was accused of sexual assault on Twitter by @spacecrone, who turns out to be New York-based Buddhist writer/teacher Caroline Contillo.

Professor explains the rise of “precious snowflakes” – cites narcissism, over-nurturing
“People now experience the entire world as a form of bullying”

Why Is YouTube Censoring 21 Educational Videos From PragerU?
YouTube is apparently censoring Prager University’s videos for reasons that don’t quite add up. The conservative, nonprofit educational organization that also goes by PragerU produces short, educational videos. It released a statement Tuesday decrying YouTube’s decision to put 21 of its videos on “restricted mode.”

WikiLeaks Exposes Workings of an American “Nomenklatura”
The nomenklatura (literally “name list”) was one of the indispensable components of the former Soviet Union. It was indeed a literal list of those—almost always devout Communist Party loyalists—who would receive the favors of the state while the proletariat, those supposed “dictators” of the new paradise, lived in squalor and waited in bread lines.

Racism at the Yale Bowl? Hardly
Dartmouth and Yale have been playing football against one another for a long time. Last Saturday, when they played at the Yale Bowl, was the 100th meeting of the teams. (Yale broke a four-game losing streak with a 21-13 victory.) Given that long history, someone at Yale thought it would be fun to produce a program that featured a collection of vintage programs from past years.

A Field Guide To Wild Social Justice Warriors
Social justice warriors are easily identified, possessing highly sensitive sensory organs, and an enormous mouth that hangs open in order to emit noise at the slightest provocation.

High-Priced Humiliation
Annual tuition at Claremont College is $50,945 and room and board cost $15,740, and the question is why any parent would pay $66,685 a year to send their son to such an avowedly anti-male institution.

Why I oppose gay marriage.
Australian parliament is consumed with the agonizing decision of whether or not they should hold a national plebiscite on gay marriage. The left is resoundingly against a plebiscite because it will cost money to do so, which is somewhat surprising when you consider that they normally spend other people’s money like a drunken sailor in a bar with hookers. The real reason they are against a plebiscite is because they are unsure of the result, particularly as the dirt people have been making surprising moves this year such as voting for things like Brexit.

The selective moral outrage of the left
As millions continue to express anger over Donald Trump’s leaked audio comments, I cannot help but notice the selectivity of their moral outrage.

4 Times Conservatives Lost a Major Supreme Court Case by a Single Vote
Sunday night’s second presidential debate underscored the importance of the next Supreme Court justice, as the candidates and questioners alike recognized that the fate of the federal courts rests in the next president’s hands.

Science is becoming increasingly unscientific
Researchers are increasingly seeking grants and tenure at the expense of sound science, argues Patrick J. Michaels in Investors Business Daily.

Feminist @samanthapfield Wants to Remind You: Pat Robertson Was Right
She is 29 years old, so we cannot dismiss Samantha Field’s advocacy of witchcraft as a “youthful indiscretion.” She has now publicly dedicated herself to feminism, abortion, bisexuality, BDSM. socialism, and witchcraft, “the sin of rebellion.” Gosh, this sounds familiar . . .

The Norman Conquest was a disaster for England. We should celebrate Naseby, not Hastings
The Norman Conquest was a cataclysm for the English people. After 1066, the country was clenched in a mailed fist. Castles, until then a rarity, sprang up everywhere. Many still stand, handsome and crenelated, their geographical situation advertising their grim purpose. For these were not defences against a foreign foe, but instruments of internal repression, from whose arrow-slits new proprietors peered out at a beaten people.

The Tocsin is Sounding
I’m not in a good mood. This happens. Partly this is because I was caught by a cold in the middle of a downward spiral (downward spirals happen. They’re fairly normal, I know how to correct for them, and most people can’t tell I’m in one. It’s just human interaction becomes a little more difficult and I become more of an hermit. Also, at a party, you might notice me in a corner, more. I’ve been dealing with this since I was seven or eight. I manage it so that chemicals don’t need to manage it for me. In this case it was responsible for my catching a cold, because I’ve been so isolated from human contact going to a diner made me catch a cold.)

Creepy Clowns
I’m getting really tired of the creepy clowns.

Don’t Oppress My People With Your White Devil Science
In the video below, filmed at the University of Cape Town, members of the science faculty meet with student protestors who wish to “decolonise” the university and not pay their bills. During the meeting, one of the staff, one of the “science people,” points out that, contrary to claims being made by a student protestor, witchcraft doesn’t in fact allow Africans to throw lightning at their enemies.

A quick science lesson for the #ScienceMustFall idiots
Some #FeesMustFall student leaders are calling for the scrapping of “Western science”, and to “restart science from an African perspective” – here are the facts.

Never change (to the metric system), Linc Chafee, never change
Now admits that his proposal to convert to metric system turned candidacy “into more of a joke about metric”

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