News of the Week (November 8th, 2015)


News of the Week for November 8st, 2015


Obama Scandals


Under Obama Espionage Becomes a Misdemeanor
Two years ago, a Chinese national named Bo Jiang was allowed access to NASA facilities as part of a special program. One of the conditions of that access was supposed to be that he was not allowed access to classified or non-export information or technology. As it turned out, he was allowed free rein to everything. In fact, they allowed him to make copy of the hard drive of one of the NASA computers.

Defense Contractors Used Russian Coders For Classified Projects
At least two major Defense contractors outsourced the writing of code for communications applications to Russians, working for Russian companies and located in Russia.


Gun Rights


Gun-control push falls flat in Virginia as GOP locks in legislative control
The governor’s race in Kentucky may have given the GOP its most satisfying victory of Election Night 2015, but the maintenance of the status quo in Virginia may be the most meaningful. Outside groups poured into the Commonwealth in an attempt to gain Democratic governor Terry McAuliffe more leverage, including the SEIU and Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control activists, who spent more than $2 million on statehouse races.

$100 tax on every gun: Congresswoman introducing anti-violence bill
A new bill would tax gun owners at a rate of $100 per firearm with proceeds going towards anti-violence and mental health programs.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


U.N. planning court to judge U.S. for “climate justice”
Stealth agenda to issue rulings on debt, finance, tech transfers

Antarctica is actually gaining ice, says NASA. Is global warming over?
Not quite, scientists say. But new study results show the fallibility of current climate change measuring tools and challenges current theories about the causes of sea level rise.

Back To The Dark Ages: Top French Meteorologist Who Questioned ‘Global Warming’ Fired
A popular weatherman announced Saturday evening he has been sacked by leading French news channel France Télévisions for publishing a book which accused top climate change experts of misleading the world about the threat of global warming.

Climate change: Women more vulnerable to dangers of global warming than men, say leading academics
Sexual inequality in poor countries means natural disasters will lead to more female victims

Bernie Sanders launches new climate plan to curb US fossil fuel extraction
Keep it in the Ground Act would ban all new fossil fuel leases on public lands and waters, something activists view as a big gap in Obama’s climate plan

UK Energy Subsidy Fail
A cautionary tale out of the UK: after shoveling billions in subsidies for renewable energy and encouraging the closing of baseload coal-fired and nuclear power plants, the UK is now preparing to spend several hundred million pounds to subsidize electricity from . . . backup diesel generators.

France to reinstate border controls for UN climate meeting
France will reinstate controls on its borders — normally open to other countries in Europe’s free-travel zone — for the period around a major U.N. climate conference in Paris, the interior minister said Friday.

Exxon Mobil Investigated for Possible Climate Change Lies by New York Attorney General
The New York attorney general has begun an investigation of Exxon Mobil to determine whether the company lied to the public about the risks of climate change or to investors about how such risks might hurt the oil business.

Great news: the EPA’s new smog rules will only cost 40 times as much as they said
We recently discovered that EPA chief Gina McCarthy is coming for your air conditioners because she’s pretty worried about ozone. (We’ll leave aside for now the fact that the chemicals used in modern air conditioners don’t affect that particular issue.) It’s still on her mind and the agency already put forward some new rules to cut down on smog. This is an expensive proposition for American businesses and consumers and the agency admitted up front that the new rules would probably wind up costing us roughly one and a half billion a year.

The surprisingly close connection between Roman theories about elephants’ knees and today’s climate change warriors
I got a hysterical message in today’s email from the DNC. It shrilled that Donald Trump is a terrible threat, in significant part because he thinks climate change is a hoax. As you know, I too think that the notion of apocalyptic anthropogenic climate change is a hoax, based upon some very specific reasons.

National Grid uses “last resort” measures to keep UK lights on
Coal plant breakdowns and low wind power output force National Grid to pay dozens of businesses to reduce their energy usage



Government in Healthcare


Obamacare Premiums To Soar 3 Times Faster Than Feds Claim
Obamacare premium costs will soar 20.3 percent on average in 2016 instead of the 7.5 percent increase claimed by federal officials, according to an analysis by The Daily Caller News Foundation.


War & Terror


Beijing’s covert radio network airs China-friendly news across Washington, and the world
The Chinese government controls much of the content broadcast on a station that is blanketing the U.S. capital with pro-Beijing programming. WCRW is part of an expanding global web of 33 stations in which China’s involvement is obscured.

“Gay” rape in military underreported by Pentagon
Far more military men are being raped by other men than is reported by the Pentagon because of the stigma attached to such sexual assaults, says a new study by the American Psychological Association.

Chinese Submarine Stalked U.S. Aircraft Carrier
Attack submarine sailed near USS Reagan south of Japan

“Thousands” of Polish soldiers receive mysterious call from Russian number
The number of people receiving the mysterious calls could be as high as 10,000, according to reports

WEAPONS CACHE Found Hidden at Swedish Migrant Center
Security officials in Krokum Sweden found a large weapons cache concealed in the heating room at the migrant center.

UC Merced attacker’s manifesto PRAISED ALLAH, cops say terrorism NOT A MOTIVATION!!
Apparently the police who are handling the case of the knife attack at UC Merced are blind, deaf and impervious to common sense, because they’re upset that anyone would insinuate that terrorism is a factor in the attack despite the fact that Faisal Mohammed praised Allah in a manifesto recently discovered.

Why Did Obama Just Give the South China Sea to the Chinese Communist Regime?
Not content to diminish American power on his watch, Barack Obama seems dead set on a course of action to ensure that he locks in that sadly reduced America for his successor.

Report: United States Increasingly Vulnerable to Potentially Catastrophic EMP Attack
Previous estimates have found that an EMP event “could kill 9 of 10 Americans”




Former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson dies at 73
Fred Thompson, a former U.S. senator from Tennessee, GOP presidential candidate, Watergate attorney and actor who starred on the television drama “Law and Order,” died on Sunday in Nashville. He was 73.

This illness makes people think they’re dead
On Nov. 5, 2013, Esmé Weijun Wang came to the remarkable conclusion that she was dead.

South Park Shows How to Defeat the Social-Justice Warriors
A soul-crushing society, led by a click-happy media and finger-wagging president, that has demanded our country and culture change everything from its football-team names to its campus speech policies, has gone largely unchecked for the past seven or so years.

Marco Rubio To Jorge Ramos: I Will Keep Obama’s First Executive Amnesty In Place Until Legislative Amnesty Enacted
In a little-noticed interview earlier this year with Univision’s Jorge Ramos, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) declared that, as President, he would keep Barack Obama’s executive amnesty for DREAMers in place until it was permanently codified through legislation

House plans huge break during summer 2016
The House won’t be here for much of the summer of 2016, according to a new legislative calendar released by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

Administrators literally shred Constitution after reporter calls it “oppressive” and “triggering”
A reporter from Project Veritas covertly filmed administrators at Vassar College agreeing to shred the Constitution.

Clinton faces challenge in winning over young women
Laura Shadle likes Hillary Clinton. But the 23-year-old Penn State senior is more inspired by Bernie Sanders.

Cumlative Trauma law can crush small employers – lawsuits growing
Personally in this day and age, I’d never start a business in California — certainly not one that hired many employees. The risk/reward ratio is TERRIBLE. One gets FAR better odds at a casino.

Every job is a “public service”
Two students borrow to earn nursing degrees. The one who works at a public hospital can pay an “affordable” percentage of his income for 10 years, then erase the rest of the debt under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF). The other works as a nurse at a private hospital. That’s not considered public service, so the debt has to be repaid in full.

More than 350 languages spoken in U.S.; 54 percent of Los Angeles shuns English at home
More than 350 languages are spoken at home in the U.S., the Census Bureau reported Tuesday, and residents in the country’s biggest cities are drifting away from speaking English at home.

Father, Adopted Son Seek Right To Marry Each Other
If you asked Nino Esposito and his partner five years ago when they thought same-sex marriage would be legal, they’d say the day would never come.

Lawmaker: Trey Gowdy to leave the House after 2016
Rep. John Fleming, R-La., said Wednesday morning that Tea Party favorite Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., won’t run for a fourth term, and instead plans to retire at the end of the current Congress to return to his home state.

Hennessy defeats scandal-plagued Mirkarimi in S.F. sheriff race
Former Chief Deputy Sheriff Vicki Hennessy won her bid Tuesday to unseat Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, who cast himself as an innovator in the hidebound law enforcement community but was dragged down by a series of personal and professional controversies.

Latino Kids Blast Donald Trump: “F*ck you, racist f*ck!”
Amnesty activists opposed to Donald Trump and his immigration policies have gone beyond piñatas and have launched a new video featuring children yelling obscene profanities at the Republican frontrunner.

Kentucky’s New GOP Lt. Gov. Is Black Tea-Party Activist
Matt Bevin’s 53 percent to 44 percent victory tonight marks only the second time in 48 years that Republicans have won the Kentucky governor’s race. But Republicans also made history in another way. Bevin’s lieutenant governor running-mate, Jenean Hampton, is now the first African American elected to statewide office ever in the state’s history. gives $2.35 million to groups fighting for racial justice is giving $2.35 million in grants to community organizations on the forefront of the racial justice movement that has seized the nation’s attention.

5 stabbed on California university campus, suspect fatally shot
Five people were stabbed Wednesday at the University of California, Merced, the school announced via Twitter.

Proposal would allow DC 16-year-olds to vote for president in 2016
When Americans go to the polls to vote in 2016, there’s a chance that 16-year-olds in Washington, D.C. could also be casting their ballots. On Tuesday, three D.C. City Council members proposed lowering the federal voting age in D.C. from 18 to 16.

Female student pens scathing review of “rape culture” for college course
A pre-med student attending college in California has penned a scathing review of the current climate surrounding sexual assault on college campuses.

Study: Menu Calorie Counts Do Not Lead to Healthier Food Choices
Starting in December of 2016, all restaurants, stores and businesses that serve prepared food will be forced to display the calorie counts on their menus. The purpose of this government-mandated shaming exercise, straight from the mouth of the FDA.

UWM offers “voice feminization therapy” to help students “live their gender identities”
As part of the university’s “Transitioning at UWM” resource, the university encourages students to utilize “voice feminization therapy for male-to-female transgender clients.”

Yale, Cornell, and Syracuse administrators destroy “oppressive” Constitution
Administrators at Yale, Cornell, and Syracuse Universities join their colleagues from Vassar in ripping up the Constitution in response to a fake student’s complaints.

Juvenile Delinquents Are Now “Justice-Involved Youth”
The new term is “justice-involved youth,” a non-disparaging, government-speak phrase that fits with the Obama administration’s recent push to give people with criminal convictions a second chance to become productive citizens.

Jerry Brown’s Oil Scandal is an Impeachable Offense
California Gov. Jerry Brown appears to have committed an impeachable offense in using state experts to study the potential for oil development on his private property, as uncovered by the Associated Press on Thursday.

Heroic Boy Sacrifices Himself to Save His Little Sister
In South Carolina, La’Darious Wylie, 11, pushed his sister out of the way of an oncoming car, which then struck and killed him.

From kafkatrap to honeytrap
I received a disturbing warning today from a source I trust.

Nancy Pelosi’s vineyard makes her fourth-richest Californian in Congress
It can be an odd thing having Nancy Pelosi as your next-door neighbor. Especially when the House minority leader and her husband open up their bucolic Northern California estate and vineyard on the banks of the Napa River to the likes of Google’s Eric Schmidt, wealthy environmental activist Tom Steyer and Gov. Jerry Brown.

Burrito shop Illegal Pete’s once again under fire from Latino groups for controversial name
As a controversial Mexican restaurant chain is in the midst of opening a new location in Arizona, it is once again under fire for its name — Illegal Pete’s.

Defeated Louisiana Republican endorses Democrat for governor over David Vitter
Jay Dardenne, a defeated candidate for governor of Louisiana, has endorsed a Democratic rival for the job over fellow Republican David Vitter. In a news conference this morning at Louisiana State University, Dardenne called Democrat John Bel Edwards a “pro-life, pro-gun” candidate, as apt for the job as Vitter was unthinkable.

Law Students Wrote This Unconstitutional, Ungrammatical Speech Code: “Do Not Comment Despairingly on Others”
University of Missouri School of Law students told to self-censor on social media.

Paglia: “Transgender Mania” is a Symptom of West’s Cultural Collapse
Best-selling feminist author, social critic and self-described “transgender being” Camille Paglia said in an interview last month that the rise of transgenderism in the West is a symptom of decadence and cultural collapse.

Native American offended by Redskins wore blackface
A Native American leader at the forefront of efforts to ban the “racist” Washington Redskins team name dressed up in blackface for Halloween, according to a report.

Native American Comes to DC to Protest “Racist” Redskins, But Check Out What He Wore…
Every year, photos of Halloween revelers donning blackface trickle out to the daylight of the internet. But they rarely feature people like Terry Rambler, chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in Arizona.

Professor fired for being white: “Black Power” administrator costs university $4.8 million
A historically black college in St. Louis, Mo., has been forced to cough up $4.85 million to a fire professor when a court found the woman was fired for being white.

Manspreading, Transgender, And Shaming: Words Of The Year Results Shows How Left Wing Control Language
The announcement of the Collins English Dictionary “words of the year” reveals a lot about where we are as a society – and it isn’t good news.

Christian Daycare Workers Fired for Refusing to Call a Little Girl a Boy
Two daycare workers have been fired for refusing to go along with the center’s transgender agenda. Madeline Kirksey, one of the workers who is an author of a Christian book, says her religious liberty rights have been violated. The two were fired after refusing to call a little girl a boy.

Dorms for Grownups: A Solution for Lonely Millennials?
In a new model of living, residents will have their own “microunits” built around a shared living space for cooking, eating and hanging out.

How the GOP gained control of air quality board
A concerted, back-channels effort by Republican leaders has succeeded in gaining a board majority at the South Coast Air Quality Management District, which oversee the regulation and compliance of everything from power plants to gas stations.

Travis County judge Julie Kocurek shot outside home, officials confirm
State District Judge Julie Kocurek, the presiding felony judge for Travis County, was shot in the driveway of her West Austin home late Friday, authorities said. Police said the injury is not considered life threatening.

Is John McCain in trouble from Kelli Ward next year?
I remember people talking about running a primary challenge against John McCain since at least his 2008 presidential run. That came to pass in 2010, but J.D. Hayworth wound up being beaten like a rug to the tune of more than a twenty point spread. Next year it’s time for McCain to face the voters again and he’s already drawn a challenger for his party’s nomination.


Economy & Taxes


Bill Gates says that capitalism cannot save us from climate change
The world’s richest man, Bill Gates, has said that the private sector is too selfish and inefficient to produce effective energy alternatives to fossil fuels.

Is Tesla Doomed?
Bob Lutz thinks the writing is on the wall for the EV maker.

TPP Trade Deal Hits 5,544 Pages, Longer Than Obamacare PLUS Rubio’s “Gang Of Eight” Cheap-Labor Amnesty Bill
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free-trade deal is 5,544 pages long – that’s longer than both Obamacare and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) failed “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

5 companies grab 70% of your online dollars
The Internet was supposed to democratize and open up information, commerce and communication. But so far, the spoils are going to a relative few.




MUSLIM Tricks German Kids Into Reciting Islamic Oath for Trick-or-Treat
He tricked the German kids into saying Islam is greatest.

Migrant crisis pushing Germany towards “anarchy and civil war”
Germany now is somewhere at the edge of anarchy and sliding towards civil war, or to become a “banana republic without any government,” says Hansjoerg Mueller of the Alternative for Germany party.

Turkey targets supporters of Erdogan foe in police raids
Turkish police detained dozens of people including senior police officers and bureaucrats allegedly linked to President Tayyip Erdogan’s foe Fethullah Gulen on Tuesday, widening a campaign against the exiled Muslim cleric after Sunday’s election.

Ancient warrior’s tomb and huge treasure hoard found in Greece
US archaeologists in Greece have uncovered the skeleton of an ancient warrior that has lain undisturbed for more than 3,500 years along with a huge hoard of treasure, the Greek culture ministry announced Monday.

Sweden facing “collapse” because of refugees, foreign minister says
Other EU members need to increase their share of the burden, she said.

A New Sexual Revolt Is Underway at British Universities
Could this be the start of an uprising?

Guinness Tweaks 256-Year-Old Recipe —to Appease Vegans
Goodbye isinglass, a gelatin made from fish bladders used to filter yeast particles

Chinese And Taiwanese Leaders Meet for the First Time in Over 65 Years
Leaders of the two nations will sit down face to face for the first time since the Chinese civil war in 1949.

German Officials Propose Forcing Youth to Service Muslim Migrant Invaders
German lawmaker for the CDU, Eckhard Rehberg, has proposed legislation that will force college graduates to either join the military or serve the millions of new Muslim migrant invaders.

Japan’s dainty geishas in secret fast-food raids
A craving for fast food presents few obstacles to most people, but for Japan’s dainty, doll-like geishas, it calls for a daring undercover operation — and a cunning disguise.

Outside the neighbourhood Hitler store…
Gaza mannequins display the latest must-have fashion accessory for Palestinian youngsters – knives

Denmark rejects Sweden’s refugee appeal
After Sweden appeals to other European nations to take some of its refugees, the Danish foreign minister made it clear on Thursday that the only thing Denmark will offer is inspiration from its more hard-line approach.

Germany still paying pensions to Spain’s Nazi volunteers during Second World War
More than 40 veterans who were wounded while fighting for the Nazis receive payments from Angela Merkel’s government

Man “with terminal cancer marries sex doll so he doesn’t leave a grieving widow”
Now his surprisingly tasteful wedding pictures have become a viral sensation

Brazil: How could so much go so wrong?
It would be bad enough if Brazil’s embattled president, Dilma Rousseff, just had a recession and a plummeting currency to deal with. But in a perfect storm, she also has two corruption investigations, a fractious Congress and impeachment threats on her plate.

The headmaster explained away tafsningarna: “Boys will be boys” – then raped Ali his classmate on the playground
Examination. The school management refused to intervene when an African student molested girls in middle school with sexual advances and tafsningar. In the end the student raped a Swedish girl in a bush in the schoolyard, but despite the protests of parents, the school management has decided that he will have to go left at the school. – We get spit in the face because we are Swedes, says a parent of Free Times.

Swedish Newspaper Works with Far-Left Group to “Out” Right-Wing Commenters
Journalists from one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers have used information fed to them by a far-left group to identify the email addresses and names of anonymous right-wing online commenters in a disturbing public “outing.”




She Is 23 and “So F–king Exhausted”
Feminism makes women unemployable.

Sorry, Social Justice Warriors: Political Correctness Has Peaked
If you’re Social Justice Warrior, you’re a liar. You actively spread absurd falsehoods about the nature of men, women, sex, and culture that can’t withstand even the slightest scrutiny. You change history and conceal facts to fit preferred narratives, even when it costs human lives. You claim the best of intentions yet achieve the worst of outcomes. And through it all, you hate the very nation and political system that have granted you the liberties you so grotesquely abuse.

Compulsory Voting: A Bad Idea Whose Time Should Never Come
On the satanic Left, everything that is not forbidden is compulsory.

Salon: Fascism Is Always Descending On America
But somehow it always lands in the Democratic Party.

What We’re Buying With $1 Trillion in Student Loans
College is expensive, and getting more so every year. Since most families don’t have tens of thousands of dollars lying around, the government has responded with ever-more-generous student loan programs.

The Rape of Sweden

Feminism: How a Privileged Elite Can Claim Permanent Victimhood
No matter how rich her parents are, no matter what the tuition was at her prestigious private prep school or how elite the university she attends, a feminist always believes she is a victim of male supremacy. She’s got a trust fund, a luxury car and spends her holidays at the family vacation home, but she knows she is oppressed by patriarchy, and that guy over there? The poor slob sweating his life away for an hourly wage? He is a beneficiary of male privilege, who oppresses her by his mere existence. Quod erat demonstrandum.

White Progressives Are The New Racial Purity Police
Brian Beutler smears Ben Carson as a “token” black Republican.

The Progressive Story Hits a Snag < According to adherents of historical materialism, the story of humanity can flow in only one direction. That makes progressive politics not only feasible but mandatory. The one-way nature of history means milestones once passed are in the rearview mirror forever. Barack Obama could think of no greater put-down than to accuse Mitt Romney of questioning the certainty of progress.

Republican Victories Highlight 2016 Stakes
Last night was a banner night for conservatives, who defeated a number of measures in liberal strongholds, including a transgender bathroom ordinance in Houston, a $15 minimum wage ordinance in Portland, Maine, and a proposed law restricting AirBnB rentals in San Francisco. But the most consequential GOP victory came in Kentucky—a deep red state in presidential elections that has nonetheless had Democratic governors for 40 out of the last 44 years—where the conservative-populist insurgent Matt Bevin won the statehouse for Republicans by an almost nine point margin.

How Marco Rubio Shuts Down A Gotcha Question And What It Means
For me the highlight of this election season is the GOP having a handful of candidates who can duke it out with the media… and win… on a regular basis. While Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Lindsey Graham get that stunned-mullet-deer-in-the-headlights-hog-staring-at-a-wristwatch look, many of the others don’t.

Reasons to Home School Your Kids
Are you a homophobe? I mean, do you sit around all day seething in rage, waiting for nightfall, so you can go out and terrorize some homosexuals? Of course not. You are not a hater and you have no irrational “phobia.”

Whistling Past The Graveyard
You know, it will never cease to amaze me how people — and by people, I mean most people, right, left or center — continue to swallow “surveys” and “statistics” that say what is plainly not the truth, and then entire business plans, governmental courses, elections, are decided on the basis of what amounts to the media following a pre-scripted narrative that makes them happy.

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