News of the Week (October 11th, 2015)


News of the Week for October 11th, 2015


Obama Scandals


Menendez Rips Obama’s Cuba Policy, Explains How Tourists Will Fund Regime “Bonanza”
Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) lashed out at the Obama administration’s Cuba policy – which “has spared no generosity towards the dictatorship” – in a lengthy floor speech on Wednesday.

Europe: Obama Undoing Reagan’s Cold War Victory
Russia running highly effective campaign of subversion in Eastern Europe, disrupting NATO operations


Gun Rights


Australia’s 1996 Gun Confiscation Didn’t Work – And it Wouldn’t Work in America
Within hours of the gunfire falling silent on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Oregon Thursday, President Obama stepped up to a podium and declared that America should follow the path of our Anglosphere cousins to reduce gun violence.

The Mask Falls: Left Calling for “Gun-Free Society”
They had previously lied about their goals, claiming to be in favor of “sensible gun safety measures” or other rot.

Seattle Gun BuyBack Gets JACKED! Turns Into a Damn Gun Show! LOL
Police officers in Seattle, Washington held their first gun buyback program in 20 years this weekend, underneath interstate 5, and soon found that private gun collectors were working the large crowd as little makeshift gun shows began dotting the parking lot and sidewalks. Some even had “cash for guns” signs prominently displayed.

“We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer” And?
First, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, I’m sorry you lost your daughter. No one should have to endure that. You may want to stop reading now . . .

NICS System Now Has Classifications for Private Sales
An FFL friend noticed something new on the ATF’s NICS portal. Under the Purpose ID section, there are now a variety of classifications for private sales of firearms. And when he signs into the portal he gets the following message regarding transfers between “unlicensed individuals”: . . .

Forget Oregon’s Gunman. Remember the Hero Who Charged Straight at Him.
No amount of murder seems likely to result in gun control any time soon. So let’s do what we can to stop the lunacy—by reserving the limelight for the vet who rushed Thursday’s shooter.

12 Times Mass Shootings Were Stopped by Good Guys With Guns
Luke Woodham fatally stabbed his mother at home before opening fire at his high school, killing two students and injuring seven others. The attack was stopped when Assistant Principal Joel Myrick retrieved his .45 caliber handgun from his truck and confronted Woodham, detaining him until authorities could arrive.

Gun Control And The Unconstitutioned
The latest attempt to politicize a shooting has Hillary Clinton promising to impose new gun control provisions by unilateral executive action.

8th Grader sent home for patriotic shirt with gun image on it (#IStandWithAlan)
BONUS QUESTION: When does Alan get invited to the White House?

The Supreme Court may finally rule on “assault weapon” bans
In the next few days we may find out whether or not the Supreme Court will take up the appeal in Friedman vs. City of Highland Park. The Chicago area city passed a ban on so called “assault weapons” a few years ago and the law has been tied up in the courts since then.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Sen. Cruz Questions Sierra Club President Aaron Mair on Climate Change

“This Changes Everything” Proves Conservative Critics of Environmentalism Are Right
Naomi Klein’s new documentary on “environmentalism” is nothing more than a cover for centrally managed economies, wealth redistribution, and intrusive government regulations.

Enviros to Africa: Stay Poor and Die Early
Further to the point of Scott’s post earlier about the shallow-mindedness of environmentalists, I’ve recently obtained a leaked copy of a draft letter from the usual gang of pecksniffs (Oxfam, Sierra Club, etc) to U.S. Senate demanding changes to the Electrify Africa Act of 2015, and it is an even worse parody that the witness Sierra Club president before Sen. Cruz.

A Setback For the Administrative State
One of the Obama administration’s many instances of administrative overreach was the EPA’s “Clean Water rule,” which expanded the definition of “waters of the United States” as used in the Clean Water Act.

A Supreme Court justice and the scary plan to outlaw climate change
An imaginary problem could soon have real consequences in international law



Government in Healthcare


Fifth Obamacare Insurance Co-Op This Year Shuts Down
Kentucky Health Cooperative, an insurance co-op created by Obamacare, is closing its doors after massive losses. This is the fifth co-op to go under this year, following the failure of insurers in Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, and the largest co-op in the nation, New York.


War & Terror


300 Swedes have left to fight in Middle East
According to Säpo, the Swedish security service, 300 Swedes have joined extremist terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq over the last three years.

NATO: Russian Violations of Turkish Airspace Were Not Accidents
Russian warplanes have violated Turkish airspace at least twice during the Russian air campaign against Syrian rebels, and the Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, said these penetrations appear deliberate.

Nuclear black market seeks IS extremists
Over the pulsating beat at an exclusive nightclub, the arms smuggler made his pitch to a client: 2.5 million euros for enough radioactive cesium to contaminate several city blocks.

Pregnant Yazidi sex slaves were forced to undergo barbaric abortions which left them unable to walk or talk, reveals freed ISIS captive who was told: “Once ten of us rape you, you become Muslim”
Young Yazidi women reveal horrific experiences of rape and abuse by ISIS

Syrian gang rape victim who fled to Germany after her ordeal is stabbed to death “in honour killing ordered by her own mother because she was seen as unclean after her sex assault”
Victim, named only as Rokstan M, 20, found in a shallow grave on allotment

15 Year-Old Muslim Boy Picked Up Gun at Holy Mosque Before Assassinating Police Official
A fifteen year-old Muslim boy of Iraqi-Kurdish background went to mosque on Friday then shot an Aussie police employee in the back of the head.

US Navy Now Teaching Members about “Male Privilege;” Says Buying Truck is Example of Privilege
The US Navy’s Bureau of Medicine & Surgery is now teaching its members about the dangers of “male privilege,” giving examples of ways that men use such privilege to get what they want.

Syrian wives and mothers left behind condemn men who have fled the country, and ask: “Who will free us? Who will protect us? It is wrong to leave your country”
Women living in refugee camps in Syria asked about men fleeing to Europe

ISIS Slave Market Puts Women and Girls on Same List as Cattle
“I am thinking of religious fundamentalism and how many women have been raped in God’s name and how many massacred and murdered.”

U.S. officials conclude Iran deal violates federal law
Some senior U.S. officials involved in the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal have privately concluded that a key sanctions relief provision – a concession to Iran that will open the doors to tens of billions of dollars in U.S.-backed commerce with the Islamic regime – conflicts with existing federal statutes and cannot be implemented without violating those laws, Fox News has learned.

“Scores dead” in Ankara blasts
At least 86 people were killed on Saturday in twin explosions targeting a peace rally in the Turkish capital Ankara, the health minister said.

A Reagan Doctrine for the Twenty-First Century
Column: How to confront Vladimir Putin

It’s Time for the United States to Start Worrying About a Saudi Collapse
As if there weren’t already enough problems to worry about in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia might be headed for trouble. From plummeting oil prices to foreign-policy missteps to growing tensions with Iran, a confluence of recent events is mounting to pose some serious challenges for the Saudi regime. If not properly managed, these events could eventually coalesce into a perfect storm that significantly increases the risk of instability within the kingdom, with untold consequences for global oil markets and security in the Middle East.

Druze-Israeli Deputy Minister Says Yemen Jews Told to Leave or Convert to Islam
The government of Yemen recently issued a proclamation that all Jews in the country must leave or convert to Islam, Israeli Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation, Likud MK Ayoob Kara told The Algemeiner on Sunday.




Students warned: Bulging biceps, big guns advance unhealthy masculinity
“Being emotional is manly in my opinion”

Senator Goes on Twitter Rant About Next Speaker of the House, Endorses Non-Lawmaker Pick
A freshman Republican senator went on a Twitter rant Sunday about the state of the Speaker’s race in the lower chamber, offering his own solution for a candidate off Capitol Hill.

Obama saves himself by gunning down Democrats’ electoral chances
Talking about gun control keeps the spotlight off foreign policy failure and a sputtering U.S. employment engine.

Biden himself leaked word of his son’s dying wish
The vice president is mourning. He’s also calculating.

Hide the women and children, the Supreme Court is back in session
The Supreme Court is back in session, and the mainstream media has coalesced around the narrative that this term will see sweeping victories for conservatives. This theme is being peddled by the Washington Post, CNN, and NPR.

John Kasich Pushes More Severe “Green Energy” Mandates in Ohio
John Kasich, who bills himself as a “conservative” while campaigning for the 2016 GOP nomination, is pushing for more severe “green energy” mandates in his home state of Ohio.

FCC Commissioner: Free Content Might Violate Agency’s “Internet Conduct Standard”
Internet rules a solution that won’t work for “a problem that doesn’t exist.”

Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight “Extremism” In U.S.
On Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced at the United Nations that her office would be working in several American cities to form what she called the Strong Cities Network (SCN), a law enforcement initiative that would encompass the globe.

“It’s covering up some shady sh-t”: Clinton server employee
An employee of the computer company that maintained Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ­email server was questioned if he was part of a coverup, according to documents released Tuesday.

Better Sex Through Criminal Law: Proxy Crimes, Covert Negligence, and Other Difficulties of “Affirmative Consent” in the Ali’s Draft Sexual Assault Provisions
The American Law Institute’s draft amendments to the Model Penal Code’s sexual assault provisions address the problem of unwanted sex through the use of proxy crimes.

Supreme Court Justices Get More Liberal As They Get Older
There’s an old saw, often mistakenly attributed to Winston Churchill, that goes something like this: “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re 35, you have no brain.” A person should start left and drift right, and not the other way around, the adage suggests.

The model minority is losing patience
Asian-Americans are the United States’ most successful minority, but they are complaining ever more vigorously about discrimination, especially in academia

Why One Texas Hair Braider Became a Workers’-Rights Activist
The White House workers’ summit today is focusing on declining union membership. It ignores a much larger problem facing many workers: they need a government permission slip to work. Without one they can go to jail. This happened to Isis Brantley, a Dallas hair braider.

Trump: Eminent Domain “Wonderful”
In an interview with FOX News’ Bret Baier, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called the use of eminent domain “wonderful.”

FBI Seizes Four State Department Servers in Clinton Email Probe
Probe focusing on how classified information was sent to secretary of state

Tough new equal pay law threatens to accelerate California’s business exodus
California Gov. Jerry Brown’s signing Tuesday of what is billed as the nation’s toughest equal pay law drew loud applause but also alarm over the additional government regulation threatening to accelerate the state’s business exodus — with implications for Tinseltown too.

Confirmed – Third Grade event meant to create pro-Palestinian activists
Becoming “Freedom Fighters for Palestine” controversy not going away.

“Interrupting Whiteness”: National Education Conference to Blame White Teachers and Students for School Woes
Obama wanted “a national conversation on race.” This conference is what he meant: “interrupting whiteness” in American schools, “challenging white supremacy,” and eliminating the “white privilege” enjoyed by Caucasian students.

Why bans on roughhousing are bad for kids
No roughhousing. No superhero games. No turning your fingers – or your Pop-Tart – into a make-believe gun. No tag. And certainly no dodgeball.

McCarthy Withdraws From Speaker Race, Postpones ElectionShare article on Facebook
It’s a bombshell: Kevin McCarthy has taken himself out of the race for House speaker. That’s the word that emerged from inside the Republican conference meeting on Thursday, in which Republicans were supposed to elect him speaker designate.

ICE ON PLUTO: Now frozen water and BLUE SKY found on dwarf planet giving more hope of life
NASA has discovered frozen water and earth-like blue skies on Pluto in another historic development in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Blue skies on Pluto: NASA New Horizons probe spots “gorgeous” vistas on icy dwarf planet
Scientists shocked after discovering distant Pluto has skies and icecaps resembling our own

Hillary Clinton’s Problem With Men
Clinton is performing as poorly with men as Republicans do with Hispanics. She won’t win a general election unless she can close the gender gap.

It’s Chelsea vs Huma! The two competitive, power-hungry women vying to become Hillary Clinton’s official First LADY
Hillary has all but admitted that Bill Clinton will NOT be her First Man

The stealthy, Eric Schmidt-backed startup that’s working to put Hillary Clinton in the White House
An under-the-radar startup funded by billionaire Eric Schmidt has become a major technology vendor for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, underscoring the bonds between Silicon Valley and Democratic politics.

Clemson University apologizes for serving Mexican food
Clemson Dining issued an apology to ‘offended’ students after hosting a “Maximum Mexican” food day.

Government Bans Bacon on Federal Prison Menus, Adds Turkey Substitute
Inmate don’t like taste, feds say

Newt Gingrich Open to Returning to Speakership
The GOP has been looking for the perfect “unifying” candidate for speaker of the House. How does “Speaker Gingrich” sound?

Quinnipiac Poll Shows Senate Split in Swing States
A new swing state poll released by Quinnipiac is showing a split on U.S. Senate races, which doesn’t necessarily put the party at risk of losing the Senate, but does make things more difficult in a year where Republicans should be doing well across the board.

Million Man March Speaker Leads Chant of “Down, Down USA”
Crowds gathered at the Million Man March in Washington, D.C. were led in a “down, down USA” chant Saturday morning by a female speaker.

Map Of 340 Sanctuary Cities

High Schools to Teach Students How to Ask for Sex
Lawmakers say it’s all about teaching kids the importance of affirmative consent and healthy dating relationships.

China asks world to impose “code of conduct” on Internet
A Chinese official on Friday called on the United Nations to impose an international code of conduct on the Internet.

Is domain overlord ICANN the FIFA of the internet? We’ll know this weekend
Future master-of-the-web heading down dangerous path

Verizon to Track Users Through “Supercookies”
The wireless carrier announced the shift via an update on its website, according to The Verge. Unlike most cookies, which originate from an individual site or group of sites, Verizon’s identifier tracks subscribers as they move around the Internet for the sake of the company’s Relevant Mobile Advertising and Verizon Selects ad programs.

Making It All Up
The behavioral sciences scandal

Critics predict new California motor-voter law will flood rolls with non-citizens
A bill signed Saturday by California Gov. Jerry Brown aimed at improving voter turnout has critics predicting that it will ramp up voter fraud by making it easier for non-citizens to cast ballots.

More Republicans Join Speakership Race as Paul Ryan’s Nascent Campaign Falls Apart on the Runway
Several Republicans who aren’t as closely associated with outgoing House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) as House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) are considering running for Speaker as Ryan’s nascent campaign is crumbling before it even begins.

Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is A Manipulative Tool For Centralizing Power
A former intelligence analyst, Stella Morabito, who grew up in a left-wing family and calls herself a “realist,” is speaking out about mass manipulation, political correctness and the transgender agenda. Editor Temporarily Banned from Reddit
The executive editor of, Jason “David Wong” Pargin inadvertently made himself the victim of internet slapstick this week after he was temporarily “shadowbanned” on Reddit for breaking a rule just moments after he accused his critics of violating it themselves.

Gingrich Says He Would Have :”Moral Obligation” to Accept House Speaker Role if Asked
Newt Gingrich told Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow on Saturday that if he had the votes in congress to reclaim the Speaker of the House position, he would accept.

So why did federal prisons remove all pork from the menu?
We’re not buying the claim that inmates stopped loving bacon.

Two Independent Reviews: Shooting of Tamir Rice “Reasonable”
Retired FBI Agent and sitting Denver Deputy DA conclude OH officers were justified


Economy & Taxes


TPP leaked: Wikileaks releases intellectual property chapter of controversial internet and medicine-regulating trade agreement
Wikileaks has released the Intellectual Property Rights chapter of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, which they claim contains rules and regulations that would have “wide-ranging effects on internet services, medicines, publishers, civil liberties and biological patents.”

Feds Spend $60,000 for Play About First Gay President Who Fights Zombies in WH Basement
Also an “adulterous First Gentleman”




Homeless woman found dead at Hong Kong McDonald’s 24 hours after she sat down as unaware customers ate
Social welfare groups have raised concerns about the lack of support for people living on the fringes of society

Don’t microwave sausage rolls – it’ll upset other faiths! New guidelines on communal kitchen etiquette for the workplace are suggested
New guidelines on etiquette for communal kitchens at work suggested

Swedish Bishop Calls For Removing Cross From Church And Mark Direction Of Mecca To Make City More Inviting For Muslims…
In case you were wondering what cultural suicide looks like.

In UK, Student Diversity Officer Facing Criminal Charges for Tweeting “Kill All White Men””
Good. And I’ll explain why in a bit.

Reliving the 1930s In France?
In France, private sector unions are still strong and the law makes it difficult to fire or lay off employees. (Which, of course, also depresses hiring.) Air France has lost money for the last few years and has been trying to downsize; it recently announced that pilots, flight attendants and ground crews would be be laid off unless unions agreed to productivity improvements.

Decapitated toddler has head reattached by surgeons after car accident
Jaxon Taylor underwent six hours of surgery to reattach his head to his neck

China’s dizzying glass skywalk just cracked
Cracks have appeared on a U-shaped glass-bottomed skywalk built around a mountain cliff in China, sending tourists fleeing off the structure, Chinese media reported.

End this passive tolerance of hate: Our fear of causing offence means Islamic extremism is allowed to flourish, says Cameron
David Cameron spoke at Tory party conference in Manchester yesterday

In Britain, the Unholy Left Gets Ugly
At the Tory Party conference. What else is new?’

The African / Chinese Co-Prosperity Sphere Should Depopulate The Entire Continent of Wildlife in No-Time
They call her the Queen of Ivory — a 66-year-old Chinese woman who became famous for her role in Africa’s illegal wildlife trade. Over 15 years, she helped smuggle more than 700 elephant tusks out of Africa, officials said Thursday. But as authorities closed in, Yang Feng Glan managed to evade arrest.

Migrant Sex Traffickers Use Car Washes As Brothels
Migrants sex traffickers are using car washes as brothels, according to several reports made to local police forces in Wales, it has emerged. Police are investigating the complaints that customers attempting to get their cars washed are also being offered young girls who are believed to be trafficked into the UK and sold for sex.

Excavation of Mexican site reveals decapitation of conquistadors
Excavations at the site of one of the Spanish conquistadors’ worst defeats in Mexico are yielding new evidence about what happened when the two cultures clashed — and a native people, at least temporarily, was in control.

Unequal Justice: UK Favouring Muslims Over Non-Muslims In Court
There have been a couple of disturbing signs lately that the United Kingdom no longer aspires to have one law for all, that instead UK Muslims are entitled to preferential treatment. Both signs take the form of extending special privileges to Muslim women in judicial proceedings. The result may be to disadvantage non-Muslims vis-à-vis Muslims, while simultaneously institutionalizing the sexism of Sharia law against Muslim women.

Police banned from wearing Union Jack patch in tribute to PC David Phillips who was killed in line of duty in case it causes “offence”
High-ranking Met Police officer reportedly told staff not to wear the badge




Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich Are Confused by Economics. And Government. And Reality
Socialism is a failed ideology. It was the avant-garde approach to how to do government – in the Twentieth Century. The Soviet Union was the flagship petri dish. That conquered, infiltrated or ingratiated themselves with many other nations – to establish them as additional petri dishes (Hello, Cuba). We certainly now have a large enough, long enough sample set – and the results are in. The system is contaminated – Socialism does not work.

Fifty Years of Dangerous Immigration LegislationShare article on Facebook
Unlike other government decisions — say tax rates or defining the nature of marriage — those affecting immigration are both irreversible and profound. In that light, today marks a half-century since the passage of one of the least heralded but most significant pieces of legislation in American history.

Feminists Call The Cops When I Show Up. Here’s Why
I’m a slut, and I have been shamed. Yesterday I rocked up to the Amber Rose Slut Walk in downtown LA, alongside Rebel Media broadcaster and libertarian political candidate Lauren Southern. Event organisers called the police when they realised we didn’t buy into their barmy conspiracy theories about patriarchy and rape culture, and we were escorted from the event by the LAPD.

Anti-Asian Discrimination: The Hidden Secret of Elite Educational “Diversity”
In May this year Mr Wang joined a group of 64 Asian-American organisations that made a joint complaint to the Department of Education against Harvard, alleging racial discrimination.

Harvard Feminists Lie About Rape
No honest, decent or moral young person would ever want to go near Harvard University, a corrupt and decadent institution run by depraved perverts. Harvard women are particularly notorious for their shameless promiscuity — one Harvard girl boasted of her “freedom to have as many sexual partners as I want without being looked down on” — which is a major cause of sexually transmitted diseases in the Boston metro area.

The Democrats in NJ have picked a real doozy to try to replace Christie
Chris Christie’s presidential campaign may be stalled (to put it charitably) for the moment, but he’s surely thinking about his future. One thing that will not include, however, is another term as Governor. The Garden State limits candidates to two consecutive terms in office and Christie is already in the middle of his second one. (Just for the record, he could run again later, but he can’t be elected to three in a row.) Focusing on his prospects for a stay in the West Wing seems rather off topic at the moment since he’s still hovering at around 2% in the latest round of polling. So even if Jersey won’t lose their guy to Washington, D.C. in 2017, who will replace him?


Socialists and the dearth of babies
Several of my recent posts have focused on the American Left’s death cult, otherwise known as unlimited abortion. As I’ve stated repeatedly, the Left’s risible claim that abortion does not take a life, combined with its obsessive demands that the right to abortion be unfettered up to, including, and even after a viable baby is born has turned me from a fairly mindless, garden-variety, pro-Abortion, old-time Democrat into someone who is edging remarkably close to being pro-Life. Even though I can still accept situations in which an abortion is reasonable, I’m so disgusted by the Left’s death cult that I want to run as far away from it as possible.

Divided, They’ll Fall
The Democrats could be coming apart.

My Mom Just Died Of Brain Cancer. Here’s Why She Opposed Assisted Suicide
I’ll admit it, I’m an adrenaline junkie. And judging from the plethora of new TV shows like “Trauma: Life in the ER” or “Code Black,” most of America is too. Except that’s my life. I’m a Trauma Nurse. I eat, sleep, and breathe trauma.

Who’s Enthusiastic about a GOP Senate Majority in 2016?
Republicans in the Senate faced a brutal task in retaining the Senate majority in 2016 before the Democrats went to work recruiting candidates. Republicans will be defending seats in a bevy of blue and purple states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. The Democrats, on the other hand, are only defending two purple seats, both of which are in states that are trending blue: Colorado (where the Democrats have a relatively strong incumbent) and Nevada (where Reid’s hand-picked successor will run in his place).

Equality Fetishism – The Reason Democrats Truly Are Both Stupid And Destructive
A Religion Based Upon Resentment

Democrats: Party of the Rich Revisited
I’ve written before that Democrats have become the party of the rich, and how this would scandalize an earlier generation of liberals from Franklin Roosevelt to Hubert Humphrey. A few days ago Thomas Edsall wondered about this in the New York Times in “How Did Democrats Become Favorites of the Rich?”

Sex assault activists upset reality doesn’t conform to their beliefs
Activists on at least two college campuses are upset that their universities aren’t showing the “epidemic” levels of sexual assault the activists believe exist.

The Coming Danger of the “Throw the Bums Out” 2016 Election
Forget experience, policies, and ideology in the 2016 presidential primary fights, in both parties. Voters have less concern over those traditional priorities for candidates in exchange for another quality altogether – authenticity. While pundits bemoan the rise of political novices and demagogues who have enough of that currency to prosper, that shift comes from a rational reaction to American politics over the last generation, and both Democrats and Republicans alike share the blame for the shift.

“The Psychology of Female Objectification”
The :discourses of heterosexuality” described by French lesbian feminist Monique Wittig are probably not the catcalls described by Lily Calcagnini, but the underlying idea is the same: Male sexual attraction to women is inherently oppressive.

A Bizarre Blast From the Feminist Past
Researching radical feminism has led me to many strange sources, few of them stranger than For Lesbians Only: A Separatist Anthology, edited by Sarah Lucia Hoagland and Julia Penelope, a 596-page compendium of lunacy published in 1988. Weird ideas leap forth from every page, as if the inmates of a mental health facility had been issued typewriters instead of thorazine.

Feminist Tumblr and the “Tampon Tax”
Perhaps the young ladies of Feminist Tumblr don’t realize it, but some societies actually have a system that ensures that males provide for women’s special needs.

How the libertarian resurgence collapsed
Say… do you remember Rand Paul? No, not Ron. The other one with the Senate seat from Kentucky. Yeah, what ever happened to that guy?

How the Feminists’ “War against Boys” Paved the Way for Islam
Some commentators like to point out that many of the most passionate and bravest defenders of the West are women, citing Italian writer Oriana Fallaci and others as examples. But women like Ms. Fallaci, brave as they might be, are not representative of all Western women. If you look closely, you will notice that, on average, Western women are actually more supportive of Multiculturalism and massive immigration than are Western men.

Malthusian Monkeys Screech of Doom
When Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren, and John Harte wagered Julian Simon $10,000 that the cost of commodities and natural resources would always go higher — and never lower — Malthusian monkeys were riding high in public and academic opinion. And even though the doomer-monkeys lost the bet to economist Simon, the echo-choirs of Malthusian doom continue to ring a loud and cacophonous song of calamity.

Moving the Goalposts: What Feminist “Rape Culture” Discourse Is About
You probably have to read a lot of feminist theory (and I’ve been immersed in it for months) to understand that feminist rhetoric about a “campus rape epidemic” isn’t actually about rape. There has been no such “epidemic” on America’s university and college campuses, or anywhere else for that matter.

American Conservative Union Vote Analysis: Marsha Blackburn Best Viable Candidate for Speakership
Blackburn, who’s considering running for Speaker and will discuss her potential bid on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot on Sunday evening, would be the first female GOP Speaker of the House in U.S. history.

The State of Marriage
When I was a kid I was always highly amused by reading Agatha Christie characters refer to it as “The Marriage State” instead of just “being married.”

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