The Dialectical Material Split of Kimonos

     A White person who wears a kimono is engaging in Imperialism and colonization by “culturally appropriating” non-White cultures.

     Unsurprising, this idiocy is wrapped up pseudo-Hegelian dialectic (just as Marxism and fascism were):

     Because people imitate what they H8, right?

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2 Responses to The Dialectical Material Split of Kimonos

  1. avatar MAx says:

    Well I’m offended about them using the computers my people invented without asking my permission first.
    I yield to no culture in my ability to be butthurt

  2. avatar Anna Puma says:

    So Provoo, as he walked out of the tunnels of Corregidor in a kimono speaking Japanese, was practicing Cultural Imperialism as he became an American traitor.