Politically Correct Racist Gay Bashing

     Bullying someone who is both not Straight and not White would normally be considered doubleplusungood, especially if they are in a position of power such as student-body President at Dartmouth.  However, when said non-Straight and non-White person dare to express a statement or associate with the wrong-thinking individuals, said person loses all moral standing and falls to a position below that of Straight Whites.

     What was this man’s crime?  “Appropriating” the word “I can’t breathe” when the invite-only Kentucky Derby viewing party at a sorority he was at was besieged by (mostly pasty White) #BlackLivesMatter protesters, as seen in the video taken at the whine-fest.

     Not only was he called an “Uncle Tom,” but also a “f*ckboy” who was “shoe-shining coonery.”  A petition gathered the signatures of one-tenth of the student body calling for the ouster of this “shoe shining” “f*ckboy.”

     Unsurprisingly, the mob forced him to grovel and apologize.

     In the end, no matter how far you away from being  “Kyriarch,” your moral standing can be taken away for simple “appropriation”…

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