Progressive Education: Teaching Facts is Out; Teaching THEIR Values is In

     Sometimes the Left is so self-assured of their power that they let their mask slip.  Candidate for Toronto District School Board John Furr is one such example.

     Furr writes:

“However, I believe one of the greatest strength’s our educational system is its formal contribution to the enculturation of our children; the deliberate socialization process by which our children learn the obligations of Canadian culture and acquire the values and behaviours appropriate and necessary to broader Canadian society.

“While informal enculturation may have Canadians identifying closely with Molson’s ‘I am Canadian’ rant, hockey and Tim Hortons, it’s the formal enculturation through our educational system that have the majority of Canadians identifying closely with the higher ideals of multiculturalism, diversity, and equality. “

     Unsurprisingly, Furr is an advocate for public nudity.


     Hat Tip: Socialist Studies.

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