The Killdozer Right

     One of the most noticeable changes in politics has been the rise in emotionalism. Oh, there have always been passionate people in politics, on both sides. The Left and the Democratic party has certainly had their share, with plenty of examples from lunatic Gaia worshippers who hate mankind to the recent campus take-overs by Jew-hating “anti-colonialism” agitators and their useful tools.

     The Right, however, has not been immune to this. Rather than mere passion, there has been a rise in an intense emotional need of so many who got into politics in the last decade in the Republican party or assorted fringe groups. Politics, for them, have become less about having a passion to effect change but a personal psychological need amongst so many.

     Some simply finally saw through the thinning ablative armor of social norms to finally see the consequences of the Left’s long march through the institutions. Others simply refuse to take the long road and wish to bring it all down in the delusion that they not only will necessarily be the ones to rebuild society, but that they can themselves become intelligent designers of the immanentized eschaton—a rather Leftist belief that.

     It is many in that later group, particularly the ones who either that can conquer and impose, or have just given up and need to scratch that proverbial itch to achieve emotional catharsis, that is dangerous to America remaining a going concern. Yes, the Left have had such people en masse, and had them for longer than the Right in any appreciable numbers (or at least the political impact thereof), but the Left has learned to control and use this excess emotionalism to the ends of the more sober and strategic amongst them. The Right, being more new to this, have let the smaller fringe have full freedom to emote and range in all their sound and fury, while allowing them an outsized voice and impact.

     This need to say “screw it all” and and destroy your enemies and what your enemies have is very reminiscent of an event that happened twenty years ago this month: The Killdozer.

     There are plenty of documentaries, if you need you familiarize yourself dear reader, both sympathetic to Marvin Heemeyer, who built and ultimately died because of said Killdozer, as well as those more critical. To put it simply, there were zoning and seage disputes between Heemeyer and the local leadership of a little town, which drove Heemeyer to armor up a tractor and destroy the town hall and the mayor’s residence before Heemeyer killed himself. Some blamed him for losing it over things not going his way, while others sympathized because they felt the town leadership was simply going after him unfairly. Regardless of the truth, there are plenty on the Right who feel wronged by the “class” in charge and wish to take on those they believe have wronged them, with force or even violence if necessary.

     These are the “Killdozer Right”, and unlike Heemeyer, the objects of their emotional hatred are fare wider and affect up to most of the country.

     A little mood music…

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