Texas vs. DEI In Higher Education

     Texas has seen bills introduced to stop Critical Gender Theory and Critical Race Theory. Now, a bill has been introduced to stop the state colleges and universities engaging in the praxis of “Diversity”, “Inclusion”, and “Equity” (AKA “DEI”, or more accurately the “DIE” agenda). HB 1006 (2023) states, in part:

(f) Each institution of higher education shall adopt a policy detailing students’ rights and responsibilities regarding expressive activities at the institution. The policy must:

(1) demonstrate a commitment to intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity;

(2) prohibit:

(A) the funding, promotion, sponsorship, or support of:

(i) any office of diversity, equity, and inclusion; and

(ii) any office that funds, promotes, sponsors, or supports an initiative or formulation of diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond what is necessary to uphold the equalprotection of the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution; and

(B) the endorsement or dissuasion of, or  interference with, any lifestyle, race, sex, religion, or culture.

     You can’t censor those who call for “DEI”, but you can make sure that they can’t censor or punish you for dissent.

     The full bill can be read here, or below:

Texas HB 1006 (2023) by ThePoliticalHat

     Hat Tip: Christopher Rufo.

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