Hegel, Wokeness, and the Dialectical Faith of Leftism

     One of the rhetorical tricks of the dishonest Left is to make a statement and declare that is is correct because you, dear reader, can not spontaneously exude a Ph.D. level dissertation complete with a plethora of citations against the statement of the dishonest Leftist, particularly when it comes to the almost gnostic underpinings of the language and tenets of their belief.

     For example, a supporter of Critical Race Theory will simply say that is is a novel legal theory about correcting deficiencies in civil rights, or that it has nothing to do with Marxist thought, and rely on most people’s unfamiliarity with the writings, belief structure, and both tricks and intellectual deficiency of the Leftist’s belief.

     In a nearly four hour academic investigation, James Lindsey, of the New Discourses podcasts, explored the “Hegel, Wokeness, and the Dialectical Faith of Leftism”.

     It is a long listen, and your humble author hopes that this can one day be put into fully annotated book form in dry and measured tones.

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