Who Teaches The Teachers?

     Children at younger and younger ages are taught the bigoted and hateful ways of wokeness. But whence does it come? One does not need a Stonecutter-level conspirasy. There are plenty of non-profit think tanks and “charitable” organizations that not only contribute directly to this miseducation, but strengthen such ideology in the law, businesses, and entertainment. However, before all that, the root lies with those who teach such things at increasingly more vulnerable ages, which begs the question: Who teaches the teachers?

     The Pedagogy that aspiring teaching much blindly follow (or somehow pretend to successfully), is a result of higher education, but specifically the pseudo-scienes and proctors of pedagogy. As an example, aspiring teachers, in some cases, must explicitly argue that “whiteness is a construct of privilege”.

“Students studying to become teachers at Texas State University who take the course ‘Public Education in a Multicultural Society’ are required to complete a series of assignments on ‘whiteness.’

“The class, Culture and Instruction 3310: Public Education in a Multicultural Society, is ‘designed to give students an overview of public schooling in America in terms of multicultural, historical, legal and political contexts,’ according to the course description.

“‘Prospective teachers will examine the concepts of professionalism, effective teaching, educational philosophy, curriculum, school organization and legal issues of teaching in a culturally diverse world.’

“According to the course syllabus, the online class is taught by senior lecturer Julia Meritt and features three graded assignments centered on whiteness and privilege.

“The College Fix obtained screenshots of two of the assignments, which instructs students to ‘analyze the construct of whiteness and its relationship to privilege and equity for students.’”

     But this is hardly a surprise, as any reader of your humble author could attest.

     University after university have required diversity statements from faculty who must pledge themselves to this dishonestly named ideology.

     All this is reinforced with struggle sessions conferences wherein the correctness of Far Left ideology is drilled into the teachers of teachers.

     To truly fight back, we must win back academia and the mantle of expertiese. But it will be far harder to take back then it was for them to take, for we cherish true tolerance and diversity, while they know better.

     And no, becoming what we most hate will not stop them, and certainly will preclude any victory for those who oppose it.

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